The first time anyone in my life asked me to wear Blackface was in 2016 Los Angeles, California on the set of a Black TV show called Dear White People. Nope, it wasn’t at the fraternity that was kicked off the UW campus, partly due to this “Fiji Islander” party. I learned about this party in my first ever college class “Intercultural Dialogues” by one of the lead activists to speak out against the racism at the time against – a story that we were not told about at all as a part of recruitment. We were told the chapter was kicked off campus due to a “party” that got out of hand. That’s it. They said there was too much drinking and rambunctiousness.
The guy who recruited me was one of the best people I knew at the time. I knew him from before college, we played soccer together, ran track, partied, snowboarded, went to an actuarial science seminar together, talked life, and eventually wound up working on the same side business for a while. The others impressed me too. I noticed right away that most of them were from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. This was not at all the impression I had before about fraternities.
Where I’m from, frats are something we see in a movie. None of us ever thought we were the type of person they recruited in fraternities, and we were right. We figured you had to be a Chad and wear the Brad outfits, move like Tad and speak like Thad, with the money of Dad. Also, Greek Life at UW is a small percentage (14%) of the large student body that has a huge extracurricular option list. Really, the people that get hyperactive about frat and sorority stuff are the frat and sorority people, and their allies/friends. They’re just privileged, loud and pretty, or whatever, so it’s more noticeable sometimes. Others outside the system, or GDIs (Goddamn Independents) as they’re sometimes called, don’t care too much for all that stuff. That was me, if anyone, before I was invited into the Secret Society.
The other fraternities and sororities sat at about no diversity whatsoever, and/so of course, they aimed for the anti-diversity model that has been popularized for the length of my life. They were essentially from anywhere but Wisconsin, including coastal land, Chicagoland, and Jewish/Catholic Wisconsin, and had almost work experience, if any. Pretty much every single one of em talked with that privilege accent we’ve all come to know so well. Easier for me to notice what was going on in our house, though. One ting dat stood out was that we had tall people in our ranks, which was and still is rare in America. At 6’4″, this made me feel welcomed. They like em short or else it’s something fishy. You ever notice how short rich people and celebrities are? It’s like they have a requirement of below 6’0″ for men.
At our fraternity, there were folks from all the way up north in Wisconsin down to the southern border. The racists and classists don’t like the people from one or the other, or both. Ethnically, I remember there being German, English, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Black, Argentinian, Pakistani, Indian, Jewish, Lutheran, Catholic, Agnostic and Atheist people from the start. Almost all acted straight (and said they were), but there was at least one guy who openly addressed his attraction to men. We stood out as the new group on campus – especially with the house. Most of my experiences with the guys there are positive, especially those in my freshman and sophomore years.
If you want to know if I heard any overt racism being spoken, the answer is yes, because that happens everywhere you have morons. These were the covert kind though – the “educated” type – so I had to be trusted by the racists before they exposed themselves. Just saying the word “Nigger” or “Nigga”, “Nig”, or what not, is not racist in itself if used contextually. Speaking against that is fascist. I did hear the accompanying anti-Black rhetoric used on multiple occasions by one person from Minnesota, one from Illinois, and one from Indiana. It was rare in comparison to everything they said overall, and of course, some of them just said “Nigger” when they knew I was listening to try and get a reaction outta me, and others were just ignorant informationally. Some anti-immigration stuff and ewww gross Mexicans and Muslim from the normies, or sumn like at, but there was no kind of not-behind-closed-doors message of anti-ethnic anything from our fraternity as far as I experienced. It was on a case-to-case basis and perpetuated within the echo chamber.
I didn’t go through any hazing as far as I know. We didn’t have to do any of that get naked and run around with a hotdog in your ass or whatever their faggot-producing culture does. There was no chugging water or alcohol until you can’t no more. No name calling or ass spanking with a paddle. Nothing. I tell this to people and they look disappointed, like they want the slavewhipping faggot shit. I’m sure they do. They and their allies that want that most likely deserve to be executed for what they’ve said and done in life but what can we do but educate them, rehabilitate the expendables and hope they get it together before the robots tell us they gotta go before we run outta food and sun. That being said, hazing is never good in any amount, and if you expected me to back it up in some way – you deserve hard prison time more than whoever you make up an excuse in the name of next.
Actually, we raised more money for ethnic people than any of the other houses, including the “Multicultural” orgs. The others had their one “Philanthropy” of the year, if that. Their one event of the year, if that, had already been planned out by previous chapters and came with a preexisting clientele too. I helped orchestrate original and enormous parties for Haiti and Chili, specifically, as well as several others that required actual legwork. We threw parties there a lot. I am 100% certain that I personally brought more locals, ethnic people, minorities, and Black people into that house than anyone else in its history. I probably brought more folks of low-income status into that house than everyone else combined in the history of Mu Chapter Madison. The real ones know I am a Motherfucking Greek God.
We brought the “Fiji Islander” party back in 2012, I believe it was (Gorilla Zoe performed in 2013). To clarify, Fiji is just the pronunciation of Phi-G, as a part of Phi-Gamma, as a part of Phi-Gamma-Delta. The “Phi” is spoken in the American English or Greek way. Like, it’s not normal to say Phi Gamma Delta with “Fee” at the beginning in place of “Fiy”. The other most common abbreviation for Phi Gamma Delta is Phi Gam with the “Fiy” pronunciation. The individual organization will say their name uniformly its entirety. This party was started, as far as I know, as a play on the name. I don’t know if that’s the case for sure but I do know, for ours, there was a bunch of sand, fake palm trees, swimsuits, and everything else that typically goes along with a “Hawaiian Party” or something like a “Polynesian Mixer”.
Are these parties right or wrong? Should those not of a particular culture be allowed to wear certain clothes? Who can say that and who can’t? Am I allowed to do this or that? These questions get messy when racially powered words and caricatures are involved. I would advise to learn why this might be the case in your area, study your history, get to know yourself the best you can, be honest, and keep it locked to Basement Made. If nothing else, just try to listen, absorb and put forth effort into critical thought. If you really care about being true to yourself and not treading on others, these recommendations will help you feel better. And it’s never too late to capture this feeling.
So I pulled up to set one day when I was doing background in LA. Twas a normal day til they said we all had to get Blackface to work. I did not move from my spot. I was going to wait until they were calling for the last people and then have to take a long bathroom break. To my surprise though, and it was a surprise, really, people started filing straight over to the makeup tent and got started. The PAs (Production Assistants) brought upon an “ah-hah” zeitgeist with seemingly passionate cries of, “This is acting!”. No one got a SAG-AFTRA voucher for this “acting” as far as I know. I also heard if the Director gives you personal direction you’re supposed to get one, and that happened a lot in my case, so who knows. Alls I know is it was demeaning. I didn’t even hear of the “Bump” until later. Usually, if you get your face painted on Hollywood set, you’re supposed to get a little bump of some money. I still wasn’t going for that either way. They were also painting people for the “Indian Party” side of the shoot though too, and they caught me after a while.
Sociologically, this day was a hard/soft science goldmine. I was told to “improvise” during the Indian Party shots and do some screaming to better play the part out. Later on, I was informed to change outfits and enter the fefe as a “Pimp” (featured photo). All the other “Pimps” at this party were in Blackface except for myself. On top of that, I was directly on camera as part of that longer, extended scene – a disappointed Frat Bro! Working on Dear White People was one of my favorites. Same with Telenovela
My personal beliefs on the “Theme Party” and “Halloween Costume” drama are “Out There” of course. I’ve been thrown to the wolves in more way than one. I don’t think it’s wrong for a whitie to wear a blackie outfit the same as a blackie wearing a whitie one (provided they’re not doing it maliciously). They’re all idiots. We’re all idiots at this party, look at us, you see? That’s what makes the Midwest different though too. We’re ok making a fool of ourselves. It shows confidence and security in whatever one is wearing. But the aristocrats and closet racists are everywhere, trying to blend in and take our fun in a different direction, take our work and put their name on it – taking whatever they can in the name of anywhere but here is awesome. Simply put, they ruin everything.
The Midwest has more fun. Wisconsin has the most fun. Educated Americans know this. They don’t know culture and they don’t know fun, and then they come around telling us about our own widely renowned reputation for fun. The problem is when the people not from here, not raised here, not worked for many years here, not invested here – come around and employ their imperialism. And as far as imperialism goes, how bout them t-shirts and blue jeans – historically slave-owning European country fashionista? The “American Style” is just “Western Europe Style” with propaganda attached. So if you wanna be real, or whatever, go around and tell all non-English people to stop wearing tennis shoes and polos forever or they’re culturally appropriating Ethnic English Culture.
That being said, you’ll wanna avoid the certain words, phrases, visual representations and outfits of certain cultures in certain areas during certain times to avoid all potential conflict (in America). It depends on what you look like and sound like as to which these are but your parents probably told you some part of it. Listen to your family and friends, and enemies. A safe bet is to dress and talk like a lookalike racial stereotype that you’ve seen on American TV. Be a yes man, get real fake and passive aggressive, and laugh at others’ misfortunes. Many Americans have become hundred-thousandaires and millionaires by doing this alone.
As I’ve written in my bio, I was kicked out of the frat without the trial that the bylaws call for. I wasn’t allowed my rights from the organization I helped found and establish (lived in the house, served on committees, paid monetary dues every semester), as all the others I witnessed up to that point. Technically, I was never officially “banned” from the house in any capacity, though when I returned to meet with some people there in early 2013, fresh out, right after they locked me up with the felony scam at Lake Street, the former president said, “You have balls for coming back here.” I asked about coming by in 2015 and the president at the time – prior kid’s brother – said it was fine for me to come by.
Obviously, I have bigger balls than everyone I’ve ever come across. My balls are highly sought after. They’ve been trying to castrate my people for thousands of years, at every turn, with every tool and trick of the non-trade. Jealousy might be the #1 roadblock in my way of success today and I know it’s been this way for some time. I know insecurity is up there for them alongside jealousy, with emptiness, fear, and of course inferiority. These are their driving reasons for torturing and enslaving others, and unfortunately, we can only do so much. I hope you guys forgive me for being an incredible person for my entire life. I’ve never worn Blackface. That was clickbait. Lynch yourselves for the greater good, haters.

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