I was able to predict what hip hop songs would hit radio by age 18. This was after slinging mixtapes out of my backpack, growing up, really backpack trapping the music and other merch. Others noticed and promoted my skills too. I’d say I was seen ascall a hip hop musical expert by the most around 2011-2012. On top of Zooniversity, I was also a Bartender at Nitty Gritty, DJ and Producer at 93.1 JAMZ – “Madtown’s #1 for Hip Hop”. This is how working class people work, and build resumes, while also learning, and also doing independent work, while finding time to have fun and relax. It was specifically my idea to bring Big Sean to Taste of Madison 2011. I also set up the interview with Kid Ink at the station, when I produced our show in 2013. Several other areas my peers can’t compete with at all on an independent scale, yet they get the work because they were born into it.

Of course, after the Zooniversity, the Lake Street and Phi Gamma Delta scams erupted in 2011-2012, I was dismissed by everyone including every single family member and friend. Anyone that says otherwise is probably a fraud and should be questioned for legal purposes. I’m measuring this mostly based on who would interact with me in person, on social media or the phone, who contacted me at all and what “old friends” and “relatives” would bring up, and how my hit ratio was with applications for jobs. Obviously, me trying to contact anyone else was and is still largely pointless, but also obviously, I should keep trying because otherwise I’ve given up completely for anarchy – and I’ve never been a “quitter” or promoted a “burn it all to the ground” agenda. They all owe me money for spreading all of the lies I just debunked. Same with all em throughout this jawn but don’t worry I’ll remind ja.

There’s also this “Wisconsin wasn’t ready” thought that has kept coming back since 2016ish. No one has ever said this to my face. This or some other thoughts of mine that have kept coming back over the years. That anti-Wisconsin claim is not true, of course, and not a legitimate complaint, like all their others, of course, but it seems like when I hear things in this way – someone or some group is spreading this shit extra messy. Wisconsin is more capable than possibly any current U.S. State for major industries outside work they don’t want to do, and also for the work in the industries they don’t want to do. We’re smarter, more skilled, tougher, more proven, better leaders, and multicultural over multiracial. There are few excuses for why a Hollywood, Wall Street and/or Capitol Hill don’t exist in Wisconsin. We are business and culture. We are the working class. They are replaceable.

“Bury me now and I only get bigger,
That’s word to my nigga”

– Drake on “Gyalchester”, a song off his 2017 album More Life

My family was a mix of Democrats and Republicans the last time I saw them together around 2012ish, as I’m sure you wanted to know, because your people boil everything down to libs and cons in life. Note that “lib” is also an abbreviation for library and “con” is short for convict. Also, while “Dems” sounds a lot like “dumb”, “Pubs” is another way of saying “bars” or “clubs”. They like to get you in these habits so you don’t realize or forget these little things are going on. The less descriptive you can be the better. The less synonyms and ways you have of talking about something the better. And what do they do? They give us as little airtime as possible and censor our words whenever they can. Listen. This is a fascist country. Somebody told you that you were a good guy and you believed them because you’re not a good person at all and it made you feel like you had a purpose in life. I’ve never been the guy to down remedial, dyslexic, slow, disabled, retarded, alternative, special ed, short bus, wheelchair, walker, muscular dystrophy, Tourettes, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Amputees, blind, deaf, “No Child Left Behind”, or anyone considered weird, goofy, funny, der ta der, or whatever. I don’t seek out and destroy struggling people. I enjoy defending those with vulnerabilities. It’s not legitimate business otherwise with this type of fascist and immature behavior happening all around. Merit can’t be achieved. I have never made fun of those with disabilities. No one other than myself, I guess. Not as far as I can remember.

Obviously it’s different when I’m going at the self-retarded, or retards and tards, as I’ve been calling them in recent years. I started flipping and using these banned terms in 2017ish. Before that, I stayed away from them, and fought against those using them in the classic stereotypical pejorative sense. That period lasted from about 2000 til that time around 2017. When I was 0-10ish years old, I do recall using the racial, sexual and other discriminatory terms much more as general insulting epithets. I was never going around calling gays fags, blacks niggers, females cunts, so on and so forth. That’s in public and private, because remember, I’m an authentic, not a fraudulent, person. They all owe me money/cash/currency/dollars for saying otherwise regarding this topic as well. Now, I’ve redefined these terms with my own definitions, that can be found throughout this website, and I’m finding them effective against the enemy and the idiots. Those that care to do a little research will see what I’m doing with the offcolor words. I’m drawing connections using complex language but writing it in working class speak, illuminating fundamental issues with society and offering up innovative ideas that will take us as the independent hardworking people to a better place.

The self-retarded isn’t referring to drug “abusers” or “addicts” either. That’s, again, how fascists talk. Their people. Your people. Not mine. That said, the self-retarded do often indulge in heavy recreational drug use and claim it’s for medical purposes. This allows them something to bitch about. So they’re lonely right, cause they don’t know how to handle being alone for normal periods of time, so they pop pills n what not. Now they’re tripping off some shit and all in their feelings. With their privilege and socioeconomic status, they can jump over the adversity that comes between their situation and dire need for system wide change in their favor, and live this emotionless, zapped lifestyle that is seen as culture because overcompensated, underdeserving people do it. But anyway, again, I love those who are considered disabled. I think you were all disabled, whatever that may mean, by unnatural powers out of your and my control. That’s not to say you’re not perfect. I if anyone know you are flawless. What I’m saying is that this prototypical American that they advertise is not necessarily what our best people look like.

Our best people often look strange in comparison to their neighbors and competition. That’s why they’re always trying to make me out to be ugly, untrustworthy, dirty, seedy and broken all the time. This is what they’ve done for millennia. My people and I have studied slavery intensely too. We are not who should be called crazy in a dark light. Now, I’m happy to say that this strategy of theirs might get them popped in the 2020s. Go ahead and call me ugly retarded one more time. I hope the bullet hits you once going in and once going out, my so called “Bro” or “Nigga” or “Fellow American”, in your words but not actions. Now I’m not saying vigilante or militia justice is necessarily better than the piggie pig piglets, but at least it’s something. The “anti-bullying” campaigns can be good, but again, those people are super invested in the word bully itself, not synonyms. They’re not allowing people including myself to speak on the unspeakable torture that we did go through but they don’t want to recognize and deal with. They want the easy ones like tall vs. small, black vs. white, girl vs. boy, German vs. Jew, fat vs. skinny, longhair vs. buzzhead, straight vs. gay, good grades vs. bad grades, and other elementary school level and below understandings of the world.

Oh, and you know they started actually using privilege and pre-existing advantages as excuses after we dropped “The Coastie Song”. No cap. This one coastie bitch wrote an article about my song around 2010 or so and I remember a quote of hers pretty well to this day. She said something like, “I’m tired of being told to check my privilege.” It was a Badger Herald article I believe. If ya find it, shoot it my way. Thanks boss. Either way, I know the “I’m not really privileged” thing with the Jews is very common when I’m not looking, or when they’re hiding in their ivory towers behind keyboards. They like to say we aren’t being fair to them because being non-Jewish of European descent makes life automatically easier for us in their eyes, even though quite the opposite is the truth based on science and history. Also, and conversely, sometimes when the other doesn’t work out, they say being poor makes you more motivated to succeed. On God, bro. I have heard this argument used seriously more times than I can remember, and I almost always remember best. This is in person. Those times have all or almost all been with females – a “white chick” of sorts.

The girl has often been, and you knew this was coming, Jewish. Well, they’re Jewish or they talk Jewish, they’re coasties, metrosexual, come from white collar families of less far north and south ancestry and heritage. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a guy argue this fascist point in person – Jewish, coastal, or not. Maybe the females are just saying what the males don’t have the balls to? Could be. I’ve heard of these ball-less Jew Males before that do apparently have testicles. I really love loudmouth Jew women that can have serious debates with me. They can be incredible to hang out with. It’s rare, but it happens. The Fake Jews though, like the ones just using the one drop claim for affirmative action, trust funds, birthright, media approval, something to whine about, racial supremacy, pushy religious evangelism, and so forth, yea, they can swiftly go to hell. You don’t believe in hell? L. O. L. Let me show you The North then. You will die. You will literally die or die and be reborn as a person. You are nothing and your diaspora of hate owes me a fortune. Remember how I made a love song for Jews and then they called me a Nazi for it? Yea, burn those faggots at the stake for justice. Ay, shout out all you filthy, nasty, grimy Jews out there too. I love ya and we got ya forever fam. We sure have some real assholes of family though don’t we? Got. Damn!

Watch too as they love to use my entire life as a teaching point to direct their zombie herds. Their compartmentalizing me as this lab rat social experiment on social media sorta guy has gone up in recent years too. Again, no one has said this to my face but I know it was and is being said according to the accurate telepathic predictors in my head. This has been a newish one since around 2018, like I’m donating my body and mind to public hip hop science or some other fascist slaver type claim. Depends on what they can get away with. Assets and snapshots, please. Thank you. Anything is much appreciated. If it may “look like” my profile, face, body, or “sound like” me, or even “seem like” me, I need to know. Remember that they do that photo editing shit more than anyone. They are known for doctoring photos. I am not.

The worst I do is really airbrushing too much or dropping in some outside graphic. Both are fine as long as you admit it. And obviously, if you have the money to pay royalties to those you’re wearing or repping by name or known look in some way, you pay them. Or you’re a bum, like rappers and most Americans. One of the easiest things you can do is recognize them until you can pay them. For the photographer cunts that just popped into my head regarding this, fuck off and die ASAP for the betterment of Earth. Or, message people you know are using your photos and ask them to attribute credit to you. Try to be an adult, small child of adult age. Also remember, your struggles are non-issues to mine and you almost certainly owe me money for misappropriating my name. Wouldn’t it be great if gossiping too much triggered this saw bot that would just zoom around the corner real fast and decapitate all those criminals. Those fake whores would get so scared when they heard the “zzzzzz” coming zooming their way. Maybe in a more just world. Different kinda “Z” there boa. Different kinda “running in a zig zag pattern” there folk. Gotta get some head collector and burger maker bots to follow around the saws then too then I spose. Logistics.

I don’t like being an actual slave. People who are actually being enslaved in some way are not happy to be in that situation. You have been completely gone and removed from reality if you’ve ever said otherwise. Welcome back. I know it can be confusing because they get off on pretending to be slaves and advertise that I’m one of them, but I don’t want that and never have once in my life. Apologies and sorries mean nothing unless they come with public visibility to those same people and more from when you were scamming, and cold hard cash in my hand. I also take non-blood non-synthetic diamonds and other precious natural stones, pure gold bars, us cash, and bitcoin. Liquidate all your other supposed valuable assets to pay in this format or be liquified like the sludge you are. Side bar: I want to note that I’m also interested in other forms of hard and fiat currencies in the form of large working class societies like Mexico and China that use the peso and yuan, as well as more slaver oriented country currencies like the pound, euro, yen, rupee, and shekel that come from England, Japan, India and Israel. I love land. Real estate would be a great way to help those in need and make some money too. I pick out my vehicles. I want zero trials, discount offers and store credit bullshit. A chair or a share means nothing from you people. Liquify it like I do your wife/partner/significant other.

Again though, liquidate all the properties all other bullshit/investments you made, and covert it to the gold, diamond, cash and crypto model mentioned above. If it’s just land, I’ll take that as well – at the level of prices your people gave the natives. I will happily accept ownership, and I should have have ownership. Some man made things I might think about accepting as payment: Renewable Green Energy Operations. Again, liquificate all that is your heart and soul of profits, and translate that over to this side as cash. I will sit on your board, sure, and maybe. When? Fuck you. All those shares need to be liquibriated, doe. I don’t want the fake clout or deserve the adverse effects from any of the mess you made. Melt it down into raw materials and recycle what you can. Cash, to me. This has more or less how I’ve preferred my payment over the years. I had a much higher preference for U.S. Dollars when I was younger but I’ve never been a “cash” this and “guap” that guy either. That’s coming from the working class. And we know very well most working class people aren’t running around flaunting monetarily expensive things and obscene amounts of cash. That’s generally for low-effort, low-culture, low-innovation, people of privilege.

Now let’s talk about emails. There is definitely something with the emails. This I know for certain. I was just looking combinations of my name and Basement Made up in Google and found a few taken that surprised me. Some not so much but I still want to take this time to clarify what emails I’ve used over the years. I’ve had this strong feeling that someone has been operating different emails in my name and sending out crazy shit to people that I know and business associates – even just connections on social media. This feeling that I have regarding the mass scam emailing started around 2010. Here is a list of Gmails (my service of choice since switching from BeefyGrefe@Hotmail.com in 2008ish) that I have never owned or used, that are in use. If you have received emails from any of them at any point in time it would be good for me to know. That’s especially in situations where they’re using my name or likeness.

Babycliff Beefygrief Cliffyg
Basement Beefyzoo Clifton
Basementbeef Beefzoo Clifton Robert
Basementmade Cliff Cliftonbeef
Basementzoo Cliff Robert Cliftonbob
Beef Cliffbeefy Cliftong
Beefg Cliffbob Cliftonzoo
Beefgod Cliffdog Crgrefe
Beefgravy Cliffg Thebasement
Beefgrief Cliffsbasement Zebrabeef
Beefy Cliffybob Zoobeef
Beefyg Cliffydog Zooclifton

The CliftonG, CliffG, and CliffsBasement Gmails were taken. So were CliftonGod and CliffGod. BeefyG and BeefyGravy? Those surprised me a little. The basement and TheBasement names were taken too. I could see why the more general and common names might get taken but just know I wasn’t ever sending from those either. I’ve really just been using the Management, Beef and CliftonBeef emails for Basement Made for a while now. For others, I’ve tried to get away from my UWAlumni email and more towards using a general Gmail for those matters. That started in 2015-16. I haven’t really been sending from any other variation of my name through Gmail or Basement Made though, so if you have something like that, please send it my way so I can check it out. Thank you! I would do the same for anyone seeking justice.

There are a few cases I want to talk about directly. I don’t think I ever had the CliftonBeef@gmail. There was a Clifton Meats and maybe a Clifton Beef store and I think they might have it. Those are different enough companies too, of course. If the product or service is distant enough and explicable, it’s fine. Maybe not the best for business, but ay, it happens all the time. Rappers are known for keeping names with other people’s shit in it like Gucci Mane (Gucci clothing), Waka Flocka (Fozzie Bear from The Muppets), Rick Ross (Freeway Ricky Ross), Noreaga (Manuel Noriega), Capone (Al Capone), Scarface (Scarface), French Montana (Tony Montana), Yo Gotti (John Gotti), Machine Gun Kelly (Machine Gun Kelly), Daz Dillinger (John Dillinger), Snoop Dogg (Snoopy), Eminem (M&M), and 50 Cent (50 Cent Kelvin Martin). All those “real hip hop” East Coasties. Ha. I’ve never done anything like that. Another one that gets me everytime I see her name is Bad Bhabie. Her stage name is close enough to “Bad Barbie” to warrant some sort of recognition by Mattel. An “r” is part of the letter “h”, and those changing letters only move one spot between the two words. You can still spell baby weird in the singular form and spell it “babie”. The “h” also makes me want to pronounce it more like “Bambi”, which is a Disney character.

As it has said in my bio for years, I was kicked out and locked out of what should’ve been the mutually shared accounts, including CoastieSong@gmail.com, and then also the one we had for Zooniversity. I know Zooniversity the wildlife refuge in Dallas, TX might’ve had the Zooniversity one, because they were around first, but we had ZooniversityMusic I think it was. That’s why we added “Music” to our name, cause it was easier to differentiate us from their business. But like I’ve said many times, I started getting kicked out of the email and social media by my “partner” around 2010 and I didn’t have any access to our communications after that except for one Facebook page, which I closed when I deleted my Facebook in 2017. I’d be comfortable showing you all the messages if it came to that. Whatever it takes for justice.

Maybe the one that shocked me the most was CliftonRGrefe@gmail.com. There is another Clifton R. Grefe? Of course not. I can’t do much about it without the help of non-scamming Americans though, after following the Google Account Recovery process to no avail. As you can see, the recovery email starts with “ade” and is followed by 8 characters (ade_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ @aol.com). The phone number ends in 05. I don’t think I’ve ever had an AOL account. I used Hotmail for my AOL IM account during the early 2000s and stopped using that email when I got my UW email around 2008.

I think I started creating Gmail accounts in 2010 or so. I wanted to stop using my Grefe@wisc.edu for everything. One of my first was CliftonBeefy. That was soon lost because apparently I set the recovery password to CoastieSong@gmail.com and that was supposedly lost around that same time. This is why I couldn’t go back into the account I dropped the “Red & White” remix on. I dropped that remix about a month out from when we dropped “Teach Me How To Bucky”. I had to start my personal profile over using CliftonBeefyOfficial. Lost my first Twitter Clifton_Beefy that same way. Took me until, what was it, like 2018, to get that taken down finally, after they refused to let me in for years. Also, now that I think of it, my hard drive crashed for the first time at that time as well. Each of these were extremely harmful to my career and out of my control. They all happened to coincide with the months leading up to TMHTB as well. Note that I dropped the “Red & White” remix before both TMHTB and Lil Wayne’s “Green & Yellow” remix in 2011. I was the one rocking both the TMHTB shirt, and non-UW ones – UW, Phi Gamma Delta, Madison, Milwaukee and Wisconsin – because I was the one repping the culture and the working class, not an elitist college faggot fascist cunt slaver racist lifestyle. Again, who were y’all calling the “real” one this whole time? Time to pay up or string up, bitch.

Another one I probably looked up before, and sorta expected might be taken, was BasementMade. I’m not sure, though. Other Basement Made companies have popped up since mine. There has been a gym in New Jersey for a few years now using my company’s name, a production company in Ohio, and there’s also this group that has my full legal name and partial bio listed in their music’s description, and that’s linked to iTunes, and God knows what else. There’s a Made In Basement channel on YT. Now that comes up befoere anything Basement Made. I repeat, the exact, original, trademarked name match does not come up before less applicable name matches. Mass scam. My site doesn’t even come up for “Basement Made Shop” or “Basement Made Store”. Literal fascism/capitalism/slavery. My store is at basementmade.com/shop. Ask someone that knows SEO. They know I’m getting fucked. I’m owed all the money from stolen and lost sales from this as well, plus damages. I need lawyers, like, a long time ago. Going against labels, though? And these other big companies? So many people…

Then the last Gmail that I might’ve once had contact with is BeefyGrefe. The recovery email for this one starts with “be” and then has 5 characters after that (be_ _ _ _ _ @hotmail.com). The phone number ends in 58. I have never had a number that ended in 05 like the recovery line for CliftonRGrefe, and I have never had a phone that ended in 58, like the recovery is set to for BeefyGrefe. I’m not sure if this BeefyGrefe Gmail was one I ever used. I might’ve made it just to have it and then never touched it. I definitely don’t remember using it for any accounts or correspondence. Remember I said BeefyGrefe@hotmail.com used to be something I used. So maybe I made the BeefyGrefe right as I was transitioning and just so happened to “forget” that password too and “forget” to set my account recovery email to Grefe@wisc.edu. Either way, we know ain’t nobody else going by Beefy Grefe, unless they stole it from me. Also, I never set those recovery emails. Those don’t look familiar at all. That top one I don’t know but maybe the “be” one is BeefGod or beef-something. Either way, I clearly don’t have it. Send me whatever you have. They clearly have some kind of Gmail-Hotmail-AOL multitude of accounts across different services.

I might’ve heard Meek Mill spit a bar on Dreamchasers and got inspired to go with “it all started in the basement” as a slogan but that was how I would begin describing my artistic beginnings too. I can’t say for sure but how much Meek’s line played into my slogan but shouldn’t matter as long as I recognize that. I’ve explained this to many people but I don’t know that I’ve ever posted an explanation to the BM site. Also, as a precursor, he’s had millions of dollars and opportunities out the ass, and words that general aren’t trademarked unless they took just that phrase and marketed it somehow. They didn’t do that either. Not then at least. I did, though. I’m the realest there is. I never denied that I listed to “Dreamchasers”. That single off the project was one of my favorites alongside “House Party”. I never denied any of this. I wrote about it on socials and shared it with a lot of people in a positive light. All that said, I’m just realizing now that I might’ve had “it all started in the basement…” in the description for “The Basement” record, which I dropped on April 2, 2011. I can’t remember if that was originally there or not. I’ll have to see if I have an exact date for when I first published the phrase publicly somewhere. But this would be well before Mr. Philly’s August 11, 2011 tape too. He very well could’ve stolen that line from me, just going off the trend here.

I utilized this phrase when I did my quick college rundown to other people. When they asked me when I started rapping, I would go back to before I was rapping, in the basement, talk about that, connect it to when I started recording in basements later on, and tell the story that way. That’s was one way to pitch my “story”, I guess, which helped me develop the idea for the company later. They’re always asking for “your story”. They want to steal your culture. This is why. I was outside a lot as a kid but the basement was like our studio, because we didn’t and still don’t have industry media… stuff – around here. Also, uptight people would cringe when I said basement. Like they thought it had to be something perverted or macabre all the time, with side eyes and/or a smirk. Like we’re all circle jerking each other off with knives to each others’ throats or something ultra faggoty that their culture is known for. The Basement is a culture in the Midwest and the way I told my story was unique. I personally brought “The Basement” back to American Culture more than any other individual. Zero other people on Earth can make that claim.

For those that don’t know, you automatically legally own your masters when you make the files, unless you contractually commit elsewhere. I also own my trademarks and copyrights, again, automatically and legally, as soon as I touch pen to paper in any form. Patents are different, apparently, but I should still have rights when it comes to my original designs. This is all without having the LLC or otherwise Incorporated status. You don’t need that either for legal precedent. That stuff is really just for tax purposes if you’re making a living wage off your art. Like, if you’re paying your rent and bills with your sales and such, it’s might be worth it for you to submit for the official U.S. government paperwork n all that. Otherwise, you’re just going deeper into the hole. You can’t just swoop in and legally steal someone’s whole brand because they forgot to renew, don’t have a paper, or whatever, either. You don’t think someone thought of that childish shit? So tiny and dumb. I swear to God that last little bit there was one of those repeating thoughts in my head too, like there are tards out there that think you can steal whatever you want from anyone, legally, by snatching their companies out of their hands when they’re not looking. Some for real na-na-boo-boo shit in what they consider to be “the real world” and “the working world”.

How have you never met anyone operating with a janky license, if you’re really out here and there? Cause you’re a fraud. Business owners know fags will be fags, as always. These fucking infantile adults are everywhere, always. These Americans. These dildos and blobs. They really live by the “you got got” and “gotcha” type “peek-a-boo” business. Below-elementary school level adults, operating as “bosses” and “kings” and “real artists” or whatever. Doesn’t matter “what else they do” if they’re a fundamental liar of a person, and they’re a fascist, like Adolf Hitler, who you don’t like, right? Is Hitler a hero of yours for racist genocide, or nah, fascist. Should you be executed for being willfully ignorant or for emulating Hitler? Either way, you definitely deserve it and are better off to this universe – gone forever. Slavers like these need some hard labor and discipline. Some character. These people should also all be euthanized as well for the betterment of Earth. That’s in a quick, efficient society, though, calculated and mean. The plan, ideally, is to rehab everyone without jailing people at all in cement and iron blue-grey cages. If they say otherwise, they’re scammers, fascists, slavers, etc., and have certainly earned an impending death, if they’re worried about their meal ticket. Also, I have never, verbally or in written form, given my consent to Quincy or anyone else to own Zooniversity Music, Basement Made or any form of my government/legal/given/Christian/slave or nickname/stage name/moniker/alter ego/pen name above me, manage me, own my productions, handle my business, or anything like that at all whatsoever. Zero times ever. All scams. I never said it was ok to sample, repurpose or straight jack or otherwise use anything I’ve ever done and use it for profit without my explicit consent. Zero times ever. I’m the quality businessman, remember? Your people are the dying fascists.

I don’t know if Basement Made has ever come up in a search for “it all started in the basement”. Maybe it did briefly but not for many years. Meek Mill’s verse was the only thing I could find for a while, even with my slogan right on the main page of basementmade.com in those 2012-2014 years. Then it was Big Sean. This Sean character rapped “I started from the basement, made it to skyscrapers” on his February 2015 Dark Paradise album. That went above my brand too. So then you had Meek Mill and Big Sean several years later, and still no BM (abbreviation for Basement Made) presence, even though the “it all started in the basement…” was used from the launch of the site in August of 2012. Notice how he put “basement, made” with the comma in the middle. RobGotBeats made the beat. Those lyrics were going over “Basement Made” in a search too. Sean replaced Meek in that sense. On “Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)” he said:

“I started rapping Biggie Smalls in the basement,
And now we headed to the tallest skyscrapers”

My homie Sam Hope played more Biggie and Pac than I did. He showed me a lot of their songs. We were chilling out in his basement most times during that 2006-08 time frame too when I heard those songs. We were also going in over an almost exclusive collection of late ’90s – early ’00s industry beats, when I “started rapping”. Sam was a big part of my commitment to rapping. He kept me going at it, even when things were real bad at home. I’d shoot over there and we’d record something. It was fun, therapeutic, challenging, and productive! Only fascists, racists and classists will hate that. They are 100% guaranteed fascist, racist and/or classist if they disagree with any part of this paragraph, or this overall piece. Keep that in mind as you read it together and then collectively post about it subliminally at the same time.

Travis Scott and his lines are the most recent of the 3. He dropped his song in September of 2015, saying:

“It all started in the basement,
Was an attic but we called that shit a basement”

This “I Can Tell” record is off the Platinum-selling Rodeo album. The story is Travis used to record out of an attic studio that he called a basement? Quincy and I had our second studio at the Phi Gamma Delta house in the upstairs of the house, which had the attic-like ceilings. We might’ve said we recorded upstairs in an interview or more than an. I remember getting shit when I first launched Basement Made because I wasn’t recording in the basement of that house. But just to take extra stupid steps here to avoid any sorts of false advertisement claims, I originally worked out of a basement, have worked out of basements before and after I started using the name, and often found myself in improvised and ground floor work spaces in between. Also, I’ve been thorough in explaining the meaning behind the name. My mission statement for Basement Made has been striaghtforward, and either front page or easy to find, since around the time I launched the company and site over 8 years ago. There’s no excuse for making me write all this out so meticulously, like I’m privileged enough to be a fucking law student or lawyer, or know any. They just know lawyers and shit like that’s normal. I come from the hood, ya know, the real hood, not the cool hood that you see on TV, in rap music and “save a child” campaigns or whatever. I’m from the Northside of Mad City, Wisconsin, not Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Canada, or Iowa, you softie whores. Definitely not a coastie either. Soft as ice cream, your people. We make the delicious ice cream and enjoy the tasty ice cream. We’re not soft like ice cream, though. That’s your people. You idiots are always confusing your lives with mine.

Other people that are for some reason considered more legitimate to my own company’s name and my own company’s slogan than myself and my company:

This Israel Defense article, which I’ve never seen until now, was allegedly posted April 25, 2012. The title: “It All Started in the Basement”.

MGK has a freestyle from 2013 and someone posted that and titles it “Started from the basement”. That comes up before Basement Made.

Some artist made a mixtape called It All Started In The Basement in 2014. That comes up ahead of anything Basement Made.

This person G. Grand posted a video with “it all started in the basement” in the title in 2015. That comes up.

Logic just happened to visit his old basement studio on October 29, 2015 too. That comes up.

So does a drum makers video from 2017 with the title “Where it all started – Grandma’s Basement”. Keep going and you’ll see man more people with videos that have titles containing “it all started” and “basement”.

A clip labeled “Duck Down Music” pops up in 2018 with this video. Click on the Facebook video and it’s Adam22 interviewing Action Bronson about his basement come up. They have “🙏 it all started in the basement” in the title of the No Jumper podcast. They’re all the same, guys. Some have lots of tattoos, or whatever, and some don’t. Some wear suits, some wear tees. Same.

This guy RioHipHop posted something earlier this year in 2020 with “It all started in the basement” as the first line. As you can see, I have been blocked from representing my own self and my own brand! MASS SCAM LIKE I SAID. MASS CONSPIRACY LIKE I SAID. MASS TORTURE LIKE I SAID. All that have knowingly said otherwise owe me cash currency, now.

Remember, they were calling artists, including myself, unworthy of anything for recording in the basement. This was pre-Basement Made. All of you were probably against it and me until one of these “real niggas” or whatever started talking about “The Basement“. Then you were just against me and my business, still, as always. That’s April 2, 2011 for “The Basement” song and August 15, 2012 for the Basement Made website. Try to find that song in a search too. Good luck. You’re all trying to save some straight shithead from being cancelled and I’m here like, “Hey, I’m more deserving of justice than anyone you could possibly think of right now, how bout that?” And you’re like, “Ewww, gross, Cliff is mean, and bald, and skinny, an male, and heterosexual, I consider him white, and don’t ever call him Beef either.”

When I launched The Basement and Basement Made, there was one site that talked about hip hop and had basement in the name. It was called Rap Basement. I’ve submitted to them many times, and like almost all the others, I got no response at all. Definitely no post. Still a site I used before though, and I never denied that. I remember watching the Rap CityBasement Freestyles” too. They cut Rap City in ’08. Those came to mind of course but obviously what I’ve been pushing has much more of a Midwestern, urban and rural mix, multicultural flavor. Basements, in general, are also much more common here than the coast, because we’re not so close to sea level. More here than the south and west too. It’s literally scientific fact that the Midwest is more Basement. It’s also scientific fact that Midwesterners rely less on racial hierarchies and archetypes, and use the more accurate ethnicity measure of heritage.

Basement Made was never just going to be about rap or hip hop either. Not for one split second. They all owe me money for all the false representation. Ok, you “invented hip hop” or whatever in New York. Now fuck off and die off. All you’ve really ever done is stand in the way of freedom for working people, and brag a lot about being privileged. Little in the realm of revolutionary. No one but me was repping “The Basement” so hard in 2011 with background and culture behind it. I was the first to use Basement Made and I was the first to use “it all started in the basement” as a slogan. There is no “debate” to have. Pay up, and die. That’s it. Game over. Or make it worse on yourself with every nanosecond that ticks by without me having huge blocks of Joker money piled up in random warehouses. Isn’t it just a little weird I grew up in the neighborhood on the Most Northern Point of Madison Proper? All this is so… strange. I feel like I’m in a simulation with a bunch of robots. They’re all useless when it comes to understanding life and how its complexities work.

Let’s be perfectly transparent here. This article should shoot to the top of Google, and other searches, and now be the number one listing for “it all started in the basement”. That’s how SEO is supposed to work, by calculating the site that has been posting about that for the longest, from the same site (this is same basementmade.com as it was in 2012), with the most original content. Shouldn’t matter if I put the ellipses on the end or not. Changing “Got Beef?” to “Got Beef.” ain’t good enough to warrant a new trademark. The title for this project is exactly the slogan in words, without the dots, and being sent from the site basementmade.com. If it don’t rocket to the top, you will know 100% in the near future that there’s scamming going on. This will show you that, as will everything else I’ve gone through. Remember, it helps if ya don’t pursue being a lazy, petty, ignorant whiny whore like you usually are.

But what about Beefy? Sup Beefy! I hope you’re alright. This artist, government name Keith A. Moore, is a Washington rapper who dropped his first project in 2006. That’s around when I started dropping music with the name Beefy Grefe, or for short, Beefy or Beef. Mine didn’t make it online though, unfortunately, and I don’t know if that will ever happen. The emcee identifies with this “Nerdcore” genre of hip hop. I’ve checked it out and I enjoyed it each time. He’s got a lot better too. Beefy raps about video games, computers and fantasy with loads of wild imaginative storylines. Seems like an interesting guy, and it’s funny because I’ve spent serious time doing unforgivably nerdy shit like reading dictionaries, memorizing maps, cataloging bugs, hard coding, and playing in Magic The Gathering Friday Night Tournaments. I was already rapping about “school is cool” type subjects when I found out he existed. There are about 2,000 miles between us and he has a noticeably different legal name than myself. We are both rappers though, and we have both gone by Beefy. I do not come up under the Beefy rapper search.

Have you heard of this Spanish rapper Yung Beef? I by no means own the word beef but I go by Beef and rap mostly in English, but I also speak Spanish. He goes by “Yung Beef” in English and raps in mostly Spanish? It’s weird. And we’re the same age. Then there are two rappers, within 10 years of me, with strong connections to neighboring Minnesota that have made up names right around my legally given last name and it’s common mispronunciations: Grieves and Gravy. Yung Gravy is from Rochester, MN, went to UW, and got signed to Republic. Grieves is on Rhymesayers Ent. I’ve never met or seen any of em but I know they’re all the same person. The family pronounces the last name “Grief”. None of you know what that’s like in and of itself. To be named Cliff Rob Grief? Nah you don’t know anything about that child. I was also diagnosed with a felony and chronic depression about 15 years ago. That was before it was cool to do both. On top of that, my life has always been filled with perilous calamity, even when not including situations relating to my last name or so called mental illness, and not of my doing. They’re insane for making me write like this for basic rights. I’ve been called “Gravy” probably the 2nd most after grief. Then “Grave” is probably next. I don’t know, though. The “Grievy” and “Greff” fit in there too. I was using the line “A Cup Fulla Gravy” from around 2011-2013. To have not one but two rappers in the neighboring state going by names commonly misconstrued as my last name? And remember I was going by Beefy Grefe before Beef and Beefy. Many folks can attest to that if they tell the truth. Same with the “Cup Fulla Gravy” saying.

They steal our identities, make up a character, split us like tree niggers (more on that later and not nearly the most important part of this piece), and grow a beanstalk. This is how they do the fascist dance, guys. Been this way for a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, time. You want another excuse they make for keeping me a slave? They say I exaggerate and lie, so I can’t be trusted at all. And no, I don’t mean they say “yea, right” or whatever, with that trailing “ea” and “igh” to insinuate disbelief but also leave you a space to expand if you have more to say on it. No, I mean they deny facts and literal events that have happened. They will flat say that something didn’t happen to me, or I didn’t experience x,y,z, and more people will believe them than myself – the one relaying the truth. And then they’ll often call me privileged on top of that. I once rapped in a featured verse:

“By 25 I’ma be high rise living,
With a milli in the tilly and my name in the sky”

Obviously I haven’t ever been close to being even a hundred thousandaire, much less a millionaire, as often as I get ripped off – from the bottom of society. I aim high sometimes. I know this. I have overshot estimates before like every single human ever has also done. People that do significant things in life do the same. We shoot for the stars. I don’t purposely make false predictions, lie or exaggerate. Plus, I was actually also talking about the viewcount for my music on my own channel. I guess if I include the views to my music without all the firewalls, and all the money I’m owed, I did have a milli in both those tillies by 25. I don’t feel bad about the line or really about monetary goals like that. Or for lying to protect my own safety and those around me. I’ve lied about where I live a lot and undoubtedly avoided problems that way. Rappers get killed all the time too. Remember? These lies are meant to be adjusted with time to get closer to the truth. Adults get this. They’re not white lies. They’re more like black lies, really, because Black people need to do this all the time to advance in life, facing such harsh adversity from systematic inequalities and racists. I do the rapper lies, for sure. I’m not telling you which ones though, and you really shouldn’t push us to do that. That’s not a good idea at all, for all good people. Find other lines to talk about, that definitely exist, and definitely are just as interesting to at least as many people. And remember, me, do more and better, no shot and ripped off. Them, do close to nothing, steal from cultured people, all the opportunity in the world.

I was living in my parents’ basement at this time too, having just got banned from my high rise apartment during the Lake St Scam. It was motivational. And I know I don’t need to explain but there’s just been this repeated thing in my head over the years to address that and it’s really annoying. Posting it here always helps, so here we go. Listen silly gooses. I’m allowed to do that no matter what in art but especially as a person born into the class I was born into, who has spent his entire life in the working class without opportunity to escape manual and service labor, even with applicable education and skillsets, who has survived repeated unprovoked attacks from huge numbers of varying groups over the course of 3 decades, who does not know what safety looks like for extended periods of time. I know you use any reason at all to keep me down, since birth, and that’s your peoples’ thing, but try to grow up before your people are wiped out forever and never brought back for any reason. I’ve had this thought in the back of my mind to speak to that line specifically for years now. Has someone or a group been torturing me using that line somehow? Lmk bc I think probably yes. Thanks. They owe me many monies and I would love to compensate you and everyone for the snapshots, messages and such. Of course they’ll say “it’s too late”, just like they say I’m “too young” strategically. I’m always “too old” or “it’s too soon” to them, like I’m supposed to keep moving around, trying different jobs, or doing the jobs they want and/or need me to do, and grinding my head into the ground until I’m all used up. Sounds like their people. I know I can give recognition at least. For me to start begging and offering up numbers for my freedom, though? Nah. I’ve done the Nazi Nigger Goofball dance before. I face widespread daily adversity and suffering. This is not a slave auction game as much as you want it to be.

I’m also allowed to make mistakes, if you’d believe it. Even though I personally am held to a higher standard than any rapper in the history of hip hop and any lyricist in the history of music, I should still be allowed to lie if I want. Y’all know your favorite rappers, or whatever, are frauds, right? Follow along. When the hip hop and mainstream American people say someone is “fake”, they usually mean something like they’re not as rich as they say, not fucking all the bitches, running their city, or whatever. No, no, no. When I say someone is fake, I mean they have a truly fake, made up personality, and life. And/or if materialism, mainline religion and stereotypical family life compose the pinnacle of their intellectual power. They completely fabricate personal stories and interest in supporters. That’s fake. And also the purely elitist, privileged, seemingly random and careless money throwing at the same bad boy leather jacket ripped jean’s vice crap from the ’80s greaser movies n such that their “conservative” or “republican” made up enemies seek all the same but through different industries. If “that’s the American dream” then y’all dreams are boring, simple, and wasteful. Money, things, my babies, and belief in an invisible higher power, or whatever, and that’s it? Fake. Also lazy. They don’t believe what they’re saying and don’t care what you have to say. They don’t fucking know what they’re saying or what the bigger purpose is. They just flip words around n shit, fuck bitches with old fascist slave money, use a lot of vocal effects, and steal stories from myself and other people that do things in life for culture points. Maybe they make some shirts or what not.

Also, they have a lot of writers that put words in their mouths and run their accounts – for them being so “independent” or whatever they lie about. They’re habitual liars, most of em at least. I can be a jerk, sure. But to say I’m fake? You are backwards. You can literally “call me on my cell phone”, like Drake says but doesn’t mean at all, retard. I won’t answer if I don’t have your number, and I won’t respond if you don’t leave a message, but that’s normal adult behavior and I shouldn’t have to explain that either. For some reason I feel like some waste of air has called up my line before and I didn’t answer, then they used that as ammunition to say I’m “not really grinding” or whatever. All of those people would be shot in the temple of the head if we wanted to quick make the world a better place. That’s bloody, though. They would be cancelled if America was serious, about merit, brainpower, consistency, skill, adaptation, or survival. They’d be paying up too. If they’re torturing someone on purpose and continue to torture them for an extended period of time, giving the victim no chance at redeeming themselves, they owe big fat money. My name is a unique name and should be easy to track. I am the greatest rapper alive. Figure it out. Also, it might be good for folks to know that I changed my 608-333-2440 personal line, and the 323 LA business number, back in summer ’17ish.

I’ll talk more about the people in my head but yo there are some that have just been incredibly motivating over these past few years. I’d say the last 5 or so. One of them is Kevin Meister. He won’t stay out of my head, dude. This was one of the guys I chopped it up with most about music, outside Quincy, from the 16 Langdon Fraternity House. It seems to be mostly kind words coming from this voice and face. This image is considerate too. I haven’t talked to him since maybe 2012 at the Kid Ink show. Oh yea, you know they blocked this video too. Google owes me a retarded amount of money. But Kevin said this one simple line that stuck with me. He said something like, “Don’t ever stop rapping.” I’ve thought about giving up and quitting too many times to count, and that one for some reason kept popping up. Then there’s Kevin’s face with those kind words. My brain is weird as fuck. I also think these type of connections are real, because they are so overwhelmingly positive. I like the Kevin ones. There are other good ones too and I’ll get into that in another piece. For now, I would implore Kevin to think about what he has been saying about me behind my back and see if that matches up at all with what I’m saying. Have you been one of the few looking out for me? Really, all you would’ve needed to do was try to tell the truth, avoid insulting me and my character based on presumptions, and try to remember the good I did. Very simple. Just don’t slander me or plot against me as part of this mass scam, essentially.

But just so you know Kevin, I appreciate those words very much either way and you have been the key to my happiness on many many occasions. You’re also in Rockford, I think. You might be one of the physically closest people from that era of my life that is not scheming against me in this secret slavery society. Well, ok, one more just for fun. Another one of these faces belongs to Jackie Hoffman. She was the girl I had a crush on for my entire run of school from elementary through high school. Jackie was the hottest person ever to me. I don’t know if I ever even called her pretty. She was everything I wanted in a person though. From what I remember, Jackie was as badass as Wisconsin Girls could get. I also have these highly strange memories of us, together, in some other life in my head. Those aside for now, I have a weird thing in my head for this one part of a Destiny’s Child song. Something about that being our song, and whenever I’m lonely to sing, “Say my name, say my name, if no one is around you, say baby I love you.” Everytime I do that, I start to hear all these different voices say “Cliff” this and that in my head, and I start crying uncontrollably. It’s very strange, dude. With Jackie, it’s more the song and just memories of us hanging out as friends, which wasn’t often. Anyway, Kevin and Jackie, both of you made a positive impression on me, and clearly my brain.

Eric Einhaus as well. He’s been a great friend and business associate over the years. Thanks again for helping me get my shit back from California, taking the photos, contributing the write up, and doing all the promo. With you Eric, I still get the positivity in my head for the most part, but also this “Cliff is not God” type of thing. It’s a toxic, immature, ignorant, uneducated, obsessive “Cliff is not God” thing. It’s not progressive, or alternative, or grimy, or whatever. No. It’s just annoying and bitchy. Again, not sure how much of this is accurate, since I haven’t had a back and forth conversation with Eric since he dropped me at the homeless shelter in 2017, but either way I appreciate all the support and commitment, I haven’t forgotten, and I hope you’re still as cool as before, man. Much love. And I’m sorry for not mentioning all you’ve done more. Please let me know if you’d like to do a feature or have me write a letter of recommendation for you. I don’t have much money to offer, of course, but I can offer time, which is more valuable coming from me anyway. The plan has always been to pay workers with cash, though. Or crypto, as may be best now.

These mental puzzles racked the hell outta my brain in 2017. I had so much popping off up there all at once. I’m not surprised I didn’t kill myself, and I could definitely see everyone else would’ve. There’s no easy way to explain thousands of voices appearing in your head at once, and your body all of a sudden becoming self-aware in all parts. It was maybe the strangest feeling I’ve ever had. Thank God I threw out that bag of pills when I did too. Another fucking setup. That dude gave me a full ziplock of percs and pain pills for free. He just said, here, take it. I took the one blue one and that’s how I lost my front teeth and gained a piece of tooth in my lip. Then I threw the rest out.

One of the biggest questions I have is Drake. This Drake character said on this song “Two Birds, One Stone”, which he dropped on October 29, 2016, not long after I used a spoken word using the same idiom for my Fiverr account. A stretch to connect us, sure, you all say that, but I hadn’t heard any people other than myself use that reference in music lately. In the song, he said, “Ever since the blue basement, I found god and lost patience.” I haven’t told too many people but the basement from the start of my origin story was a blue one. It was blue and white all around. I’ve seen other blue basements… maybe. Ours was definitely blue and it’s absolutely the one from my “it all started in the basement” story. This was in the following couple months after I broke up with my girlfriend at the time too, so I was thinking a lot about who were the “Two Birds” and what was the “One Stone”. Also, can we count how many times Drake said “God” in his music before 2016 and after? Cause I don’t think he was really saying it at all until I got to LA. Then all of a sudden he’s God this and that. So Drake “found God” in a “basement”? And I’m the basement, so… Do these people really think I’m this Fake God Alien Thing or something? And what is this all out ignore Wisconsin and the best it has to offer shit? What I gotta do for a Klondike Bar, Mr. Drizzy Drake Suh? Please suh.

Big Sean has a song called “Bigger Than Me” on the 2017 I Decided album. I dropped a song called “Bigger Than Me” on the day I launched the Basement Made site – August 15, 2012. Again, I brought him here for Taste of Madison, was introduced to Big Sean and shook his hand the year before that. We took a photo. Mr. Biggie Sean Suh? Please suh.

“This life feels so surreal
But all my people so for real
All my people got love for me
That’s why this shit is bigger than me
It’s bigger than me… bigger than me
It’s bigger than me… bigger than me
I’m never gon stop til we succeed
That’s why this life is bigger than me”

Look at how he goes into the hook after the first verse on his version of the song with the exact same name, same key, similar tempo, same song concept.

“That’s when I realized this shit was bigger than me

Bigger than me
When the whole town on their feet
And they all just waiting on you to speak
That’s when you realize that this is bigger than me
All I wanna do is make the city proud, yeah
Wishing all the OGs could see me now, now yeah
Ohhh ya ya yeah
Ohhh ya ya yeah
You gon’ realize that this was bigger than me”

He dropped this on February 3, 2017. I freaked out and left LA in late March. Do you even understand how out in the open this happened? Every single last one of you would’ve been worse off than myself. I am stronger than anyone that could ever read this or understand it. Mass scam. Mass torture. Slavery 2020. More on the story soon. You New York faggots don’t know shit about The Real Beef either. Acting all Hollywood, Jersey over there in Silicon Valley, Capitol Hill, down by South Beach, Oil Country, over yonder in the Big Apple, Dixie, USA. U Suck Ass. Haha. Seriously though. For real. Real question: How many of you licked, sniffed, touched, fucked, kissed, tossed, ate, caressed, or otherwise came in close contact with a human anus as a precursor to getting a job? And then follow up question. Seriously. How far did you take it, optionally? And finally the third part. It’s a 3-parter. Was that the only time? How many of you pathetic cunts are even allowed to say my name? It’s not even that you don’t want to speak my name to give me free promo or whatever fascists say. You’re not contractually permitted to speak to me are you? Or you lose a lot of money or something if you do? What’s the game here fraudulent wealth holders and leaders? Go ahead and make another one up. Your entire way of life will be extinct forever soon. You know what’s crazy? The amount of money I’m owed from “real people”.

Part of their strategy/business plan/sales approach for the last 10 years has been to cut all ties to me and reduce my career to a point where people look at me and say, “He doesn’t ever do anything and he doesn’t deserve anything.” They’ve been pushing the “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” thing hard, of course. Duh. That’s what they always do with multi-talented polymaths. They get insecure and try to write them off entirely as a person. You have no idea how incredible I am at this war stuff, guys. I can tell my ancestors were leaders too. I feel it in my blood. They tried to turn me into a ghost, because I just wouldn’t die. Now I’m still going and still refuse to roll over for them. They’d call that “torture” or something, right? Like, “Oh, it’s such torture what Cliff is doing to us by not dying at a convenient time for my career that was built on the backs of slaves.” One of the more recent developments: Quincy deleting his Instagram and J.T. Roach re-launching his in 2017. I asked him if he worked on Sean’s I Decided album but he said he couldn’t tell me even if he was because of the NDA he may have signed. Did he post one of Drake’s More Life too? I’ve tried to talk to that fraud Quincy directly about our business together, easily over 100 times, trying to get him tell the truth, but he is a religious liar. He might be a quality producer and engineer if he wasn’t, but he is, so he’s a total sham. That’s how business works in a functioning society morons. It’s like part of the self-retardation process is believing in the glory of all those Rootin Tootin Wild West Stories, and channeling that idea of American Capitalist Theft Clout through whatever non-banking, non-corporate store, non-jeweler industry they’re in to rip people off that have a clear total value to the economy of over zero. I was never even “in it for the clout”. They go over the line, draw a new one, then tell us it’s the same as before and we’re hallucinating.

Clearly, they pulled a quick switcheroo, and put J.T. Roach in my place, pretending like he was me the whole time. Of course the Illinois video guy Logan Cascia got a job at ESPN and has collected many Emmy Awards, and every single Wisconsin contributor to “Teach Me How To Bucky” was ripped off and set up in a felony scam by either Quincy or someone else in Phi Gamma Delta. Also, they made a point to work with people I knew of in the “Static” video. This included cinematographer Justin Clough who we had planned to shoot a video for Zooniversity, and also lead female Edwarda Desouza, who I was talking to for months, and also smooshing heavily for a period in that 2011-12 range. Quincy started pursuing several different girls I had just got done fucking or dating in some way on a few occasions at least. I never did the reciprocal once as far as I know. Anyway, the other bitch’s name was Alexandra Offerdahl (Netflix) and we were in love briefly. She was awesome until she completely changed after we jammed. I met her through J.T., and they, with Quincy, all hung out as a group for years after Alex and I were done. I was not allowed to joint this group or any of the others. I was incredibly nice and considerate with these bitches when I was with them and they know that. Dumb ass bitches. All of em. Least as far as I know. And the sex is important. I have clearly affected a lot of females in crazy ways that they were not used to, and they wound up forming teams deadset on destroying me. I’m great in bed and this is important. It’s like they got mad at me for being sweet, funny and interesting. And for fucking super good. One of these thoughts in my mind is that a lot of them got mad at me for not plowing them. For not “choosing” them like a Pokemon. Again, I love women, and the ladies, females and all that. Bitches can even be straight. The girls (females over 18 less mature than average 18 year olds across Earth, without significant hindrance), hos and the cunts, though? Nah, not for me. I might fuck a girl (18 or over), ho or cunt, but that’s all we gone do. Or she can top me off. I’m not eating no cunt pussy, though. Not on purpose.

I like woman pussy. That’s my fav. That woman pussy tastes like the best dessert. I tell ya. It’s like syrup pouring out of these bitches on Saturday mornin. Dick in good pussy is even better and hard to beat as far as feelings on the dick skin and in the balls go. I might like being in love more, though. We’ll have to see. Being in love, with the sex? I hear that’s impossible. I disagree. It don’t have to be intercourse either. I just know physical touch is critical to peace and happiness, and I only get that one feeling when a woman I like touches me. I’m not being perverted or saying I’m melting these hos. I get a warm flush of energy when women that I care about come in close contact to me. It can get hard to breath sometimes. It can be like a burgeoning burst of energy too. My brain has told me to jump on women a lot. But are these hos trying to bring that on too? The natural positive feeling is not necessarily sexual, like relating to sexual relations. I think it’s sexual, for me, like I Yin and Yang her, and she I. This flush feeling can be easily misconstrued as sexual energy, like the jump energy I was just speaking to. For me, I interpret the tantalizing sizzle of our proximity as a positive form of female energy. It’s just pure comfortability in being near that person, a warmth, and maybe some tingling. I’m not saying I’m “getting goosebumps”, no, I know what that is stupid. This is not with all females either. Or those I consider physically impressive enough specimens on the outside. I’m talking about a natural physiological connection that I have studied for decades.

I haven’t lost hope in the females I’ve met over the years and connected with but I haven’t seen or heard from many of them either, unless they’re complaining to me about something I posted and/or wrote. I guess I didn’t call them as much as I could’ve, I guess, or whatever. I love women and spending years on end dating the same person. Understand me when I say I LOVE PUSSY. I absolutely adore the female body, mind, and the whole thing. I just really love the pussy, though. Bitches know. It has gotten me in a lot of trouble. These relationships, sexual or not, fulfill my life in a way that males never could. I’ve been dying in the love area for about a decade now. Took a pretty steep dive there around 2011. It was been great most of the time. Unless it wasn’t. I put the effort in but clearly I’ve been targeted by just about everyone I’ve ever come across, so what the fuck do I know about who was stealing my jizz, spreading sex rumors, body shaming, slut shaming, trying to ruin my sexy time. They did take my pussy power away. You best believe they did. I want to love women as a unit again but this decade has been rough. Just female humans in general have been awful. Way worse than guys. Just straight cunts, the lot of em. Like I said though, I hope I’ve met some winners. I feel like I have and I feel like I have great taste in who I have romantic relationships with. My ex girlfriends and lady friends, bitches and cunts, are extremely attractive on the outside. Y’all don’t get it. They’re like supermodels, some of em. Fuck em all though if they’re just conniving whores. You can be as physically attractive as you want hos, you still just pointless hos doe. More on this “Ex Cliff Clique” phenomenon in another time and piece.

I’ve also been getting these thoughts for about as long as the cunt photographer ones from 2017. Thoughts of people making Basement Made into some sort of porn company? Something about my being in porn or my company filming pornos. Obviously, I’m not in the porn industry. I can’t say for sure for my ex, or those before her, but no Clifton Beefy and all variants, and his Basement Made, are not and have not been producing porn. I’ve written about porn and posted some softcore scenes from Playboy model Gia Ramey-Gay who I met briefly in LA but that’s not hardcore porn as I’m seeing it in my head. I’m not against porn or anything either. I think there could’ve been some extremely helpful changes and perspectives that could’ve seen light decades ago but I feel a similar way about other dirty industries like property management, insurance sales, loan companies, banks, colleges, corporate offices, politics, media, tech, pharma, criminal justice, cops, courts, jails and prisons, hospitals, rehab, and big business fart sniffing faggots. There are at least as many disgusting diseased douchebags in porn as there are in news media or the criminal justice system – on the good side, or whatever you people call the noticably more fascist side.

My ideas are magic. My words are magic. My brain is magic. My charisma is magic. My dick is magic. I played Magic. So much magic in one man but maybe not enough Magic Mike? By the way, I have seen that movie, I enjoyed it, and I have always been a heterosexual. I think Channing Tatum and Matthew Mcconaughey are fantastic as far as actors go. And while I’m at it, same with Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Idris Elba, and a lot of other big men. More on y’all faggot fascism in another article as well. They definitely expect me to do more than anyone in order to be permitted the right to make a living writing and rapping. Now they’ll say that’s not a right, it’s a privilege, and some other made up and/or subjective criteria, and excuses after excuses for why keep slave(s) – as always. I’ve already explained their whole complex regarding me getting employment that is not service or manual labor. They’re certainly not going to allow me to make a living running Basement Made. Not at the moment at least. I’m always hopeful for that day when I start writing and keep going until forever.

Eventually, perpetually, they want me to “have mercy” on them like I’m fucking Jesus or something, dude. Dead. Ass. What power do I even have? I’m disabled, according to your doctors. You’ve all been dragging this disabled mentally retarded person through the mud for your economic benefit. They are trying to compare me to Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior, while also condemning me as a retarded criminal trashboy. I swear to God. Just to clarify again though, I’m not Jesus. I’m not God. I’m certainly not your God. I’m not Abrahamic Religion God or God of any religion. Duh. And you know my name, fucktard. I bleed and cry and all that. You love it when I do those things, remember? And when I’m sad and lonely? Those are your favs too. If I was God right now, I would not just be the God of you less-than-bug-quality-life-forms. You are less useful than bugs to me. Straight up. You’re much less reliable, adaptable and strong, than bugs. You people are not on the level of microscopic organisms. Those lil guys can be counted on. You can not. The world would be better off without all of you, scientifically speaking. If I were God, I would be God of everything-everywhere and make extra sure to not be so tied to other humans’ jealousy. I wouldn’t be all-powerful in organic form but I would be the boss (even if I didn’t fill a boss’s role). My role would be to create, help, teach, guide, and if need be – lead to a more harmonious existence filled with prosperity. I hate slavery. I hate abuse. I hate evil people with a passion. I have done plenty wrong, and learned the hard way, but that negative total is nothing compared to the right I’ve brought to myself and this world. I know this.

My inferiors, or superiors as they call them, love using that part in parenthesis to justify my torture and slavery. Like I’m naturally inferior. Really. Or like I want to assist someone else. Or be a subordinate troublemaker. They think I need to go through these trials, or some shit, like they read too far into fantasy, considering fiction or the non-present rooted in society more than the here and now, forcing their political artistic views on others operating in paradigms of more present and applicable realities. They’ve tried to put me through The Bible to the point I think I should re-read it to find everything. I know that book is a useful tool for navigating this journey through the most corrupt people on Earth. Some of these stories are right outta some ancient pseudo religious bloodsport literature collection. I don’t know how to treat these images exactly. I like to catalogue them, though. If you’re still wondering, yes, I do know the difference in time and place for memories, who and what was there, and the difference between what’s out loud and what’s in my head, what’s distant and what’s near, etc. In my head, I know where the visual thoughts sit and how to access them, how to turn them off to an extent, and direct them. I think they are based on proximity, who I’m thinking about, and then whatever else. They’re vivid. When it’s a person and a one on one conversation, it’s like I’m in first person looking at them from a few feet away. I don’t see them out loud. I have an editic memory, as some have said before myself. Shout out to the before myself people. I also see dead people in this way. It’s sad but they’re right there whenever I want to tap in. Anyway, all that kinda stuff is really beside the main points of this piece.

I’m definitely ok talking about all this, so don’t you worry you lil cuties. I’ve obviously never been completely safe but I’ve been close enough so far. I’m actually happy to be getting this out, though. I feel a lot of weight come off my shoulders when I press something to the platform here and send it out. I have all the newly discovered voices and senses in check now, so I can limit myself down to normal to below average human capabilities again, and relate to you all. I can “just act normal” if I choose this. Yes, I’m “back to normal” you could say. No pills. No booze. No therapist. Off papers. Happier than I’ve been in years. And no I am not Kanye West or another Midwest rapper talking about their “Depression” since I launched Basement Made the site. They’ll try to sum me up as a person as “troubling” and “concerning” and “he needs help”, and all that they’ve been saying for thousands of years. Of course. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone I truly care about – who are trying in/putting effort into/committing to life and taking work seriously. You might know who you are. Maybe not. Thanks again. I know I can be a jackass, a dick, a fucker. But if that’s what they like to call me, they need to pay up and rehabilitate. Same with the others for each of their crimes that have existed in U.S. Law. We’ll get to the others when we can, of course. I know it’s been a long time or not at all for some of us too. Hopefully soon. For now, stay safe, keep your distance when possible, get tested, eat, drink water, exercise, educate yourself, get better at something, grow, and let’s work. We can do this. We have to do this. I have always believed in an us. Sometimes it was just me and G, but we figured it out. I still believe in an us. We should work toward finding us, whoever that is when the dust settles from “all this”. For now, I’m making this about me, because I need my recognition and pay for that to happen.


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