The Lake Street Scam occurred at 515 N. Lake St. (Police Report says 500) in Madison, WI. It is not on campus but it is right across the street from campus. The people a UW-Madison, of course, considered this an incident on campus anyway, because they’re fascists, so they could put me on non-academic probation at UW. I met with the Dean of Students and the situation as sorted out so I could continue my education, much to their slaver allies’ despair. The lady I met with seemed to listen to my side of the story, though. She listened and seemed to be trying to understand. I explained that Tim Fram (the “victim”) and myself come from very different backgrounds, he attacked my character repeatedly, spread gossip about me to my “friends”, disrespected my music and work, even telling me “When are you going to grow up?” once. Then he started messing with my physical property. Yes, he’s extremely Jewish, but that had absolutely nothing to do with it. You’re insulting my family, and day job, and then you go and start fucking with my personal belongings? Is anybody else out there from a non-fascist background and belief system? God I hope so. The Dean and others have showed support. I don’t know what else they’ve not shown me that’s not support but I can’t do much about that from where I’m sitting. What I can do is “explain my side of the story” for the umpteenth time in yet another form and flow.

We fight where I’m from. Let me take ya down memory lane. We started punching and kicking each other, and wresting, when we were little kids. That stopped around the time I got into college, exactly. We’d wrestle on the floor, on the bed, grass, probably gravel, shit, wherever it started. Arm punching was every day for a while. Simple stuff like Snakebites and Titty Twisters. There’s Gut Punches, Rib Shots. How many times did Cody Smith and I punch each other? How about Brenton Wolter or Erik Schmitt? How many wrestling matches Corey Faherty? It may never be known. Then ya got the Kidney Shots. The Headbutting. Of course, you can Machine Gun it and hit em with a Chest Combo. Maybe a Blind Slap that knocks them blind for a second or a few minutes. You have the Slap Contests, of course. Tripping people was hilarious to some. For the perverted, the Ball Taps and Ass Slaps. I remember Martin Binning and I used to go back and forth punching each other in the face bare knuckle, standing arms length away, still, increasing in strength, until one of us gave up. I played Bloody Knuckles a few ways. One way, you can drop quarter, and both punch it at the same time. In another, you smash your knuckles on theirs. Does Arm Wrestling count? Or Thumb Wars?

Sometimes, it’s just, “You Wanna Fight?” And then there’s a fight. Others, it’s “Let’s Go Then.” Of course, you have the “Hit Me” Invitation. This paragraph is aside from Bullying, excluding the next sentence and a few other parts throughout this paragraph, and the previous, but possibly including Drama. Certain things like Kicking in the Balls or Cheap Shots called for the receiver of the Torture to Hit Them Back. I have been kicked and punched in the balls by people, unprovoked, more times than I remember. You don’t want to be a “Pussy” or “Bitch” either. Then you’re in for The Long Game. People were getting Choked Out and Knocked Out all the time. We’d Lash each other with Switches, Throw Balls, Toys, Pinecones, Sticks, Rocks and Icicles at each other, and attack each other with things that aren’t quite disabling or deadly weapons but they might be right on the edge of painful and highly painful. Might’ve started on The Playground or out in The Yard. We had fights in The Basement. We had fights in The Backyard. We had fights in The Street and at the Bus Stop. We went Bare Knuckle, with Wraps, or Gloves. Sometimes just Sock Em Boppers, ya know? A lot of that was in good fun. I have no idea how many fights I was in before college.

Quincy and I had talked about living together after moving out of the fraternity house, but of course like most other things, he went ahead and signed for a one bedroom for himself instead. The younger guys got houses and apartments together too. This left me tying to find other people to share an apartment with and not much time to do it. I couldn’t afford to rent a studio or one bedroom either, obviously. I have to work for a living. So I asked some non-UW friends of mine but they weren’t interested. Tom Beste and I were looking for the place but we couldn’t get a third or fourth, so we asked him and signed at The Collegiate – which was already expensive as a building in general. Tim Fram was never a top choice and I waited to ask him at the last possible chance. Others told me not to live with him but I didn’t really have an option at this point. Or options were extremely limited, I should say. Us three signed for an apartment on the 7th floor, I think it was. I could check. Might’ve been 7E, or something. It was partially on the northern side of the building, because we looked straight at Langdon Hall Apartments from our balcony.

Anyway, I had just dropped the “Travel Light” video. That’s another one of those good luck finding that in a search projects. The “Wake Up” single was doing well too. Remember when all those people started saying “Wake Up” all of a sudden in the summer-fall of 2011? And then when they “discovered” me when I “launched” Basement Made in summer-fall 2015? How bout when I “lost it” in early 2017? Probably not. What they’re doing with this passive/active fascism is telling me that “Wake Up” hits them in some type of way. They won’t admit I affected them, because they’re useless as humans, but they are good at telling me how useless people are. Maybe they’re not useless either. We’ll see. I originally planned to drop my debut solo album/mixtape/LP Chapter 1: The Sun & Moon on October 12, 2011. There were still some changes I wanted to make before releasing the project though, so I re-set the re-lease date for October 31. It was massively popular, but of course “the numbers don’t show that”. That’s one of their tricks, remember? Again, good luck finding that project too. I’ve been pushing it too. It’s not like I’m hiding my work or anything like that. I’m definitely doing the opposite of that a lot, but not, I’m not “shy” or whatever they say about my work. I’m not a “timid” or “scared” person, retards. You’re part of that pathetic group that hides whenever possible from non-dangers, remember? Watch them parrot this “remember?” thing and try to look slick. Just watch, dude. Or have they started already?

The jealousy from others was growing to new heights at this time. Most of them didn’t know my whole life didn’t boil down to pop music about college, women, clothes, dancing and food. I never gave off that impression, if you followed me on my channels, but in the Zooniversity Music songs, I had to compromise on certain things to get any music out at all. Our goals were different with Zooniversity too. That was at least partially branded as college content, so it could really only last as long as I was in college. I suppose if we built on the “Zoo” aspect of the name, we could’ve had all sorts of different “environments” for other creatures, but we didn’t get there. Anyhow, it was partially about college, also pop culture, pop music, but also hip hop, and Wisconsin. Part of being hip hop, Wisconsin, Midwest, and an individual, is being multidimensional. Musicians move around in groups all the time. So do rappers. Maybe even especially rappers. There was a sudden change in support that I noticed right away though, after Zooniversity split up, and then with the new material, like for some reason what I was saying on Chapter 1 had to be fake if Zooniversity was real, and/or vice versa. They have this idea in their head of who I literally am and then force that perspective on me in mass, even though there’s more evidence to the contrary than anyone else vying for an entry level job and/or enough pay to cover living expenses in his or her career field. Americans will look back and what they’ve done to me and say, “Never again.” And they will use that tag in the double edged way that they always have for as many tags as possible in order to maintain undeserved, appropriated, and redundant, self-proclaimed privilege power that they have abused maliciously and will again as long as they keep me/us slave(s).

My ex Megan Diaz loved attacking me on Twitter. I remember she Tweeted something once like, “You’re not real, you’re not hood, and you’re from DeForest!” At least she Tweeted that retarded shit so other people could see how dumb and desperate she was. I almost respected her for that. Then she, like the others, gradually got more subliminal. She subdissed me on Twitter right after I dropped, saying something like, “Really? You wanna be real now? You’re about as real as acrylic fingernails.” Unless this was directed at someone else, in which case, you’re probably lying, and who? This was the general feeling they had. It was the bitch gossiper Megan, or the cracker fed manchild Quincy, or the insecure inside hater Tim. Most of them fell into these 3 groups. Then there were the “what?” and the “huh?” and the “wait…..”. That’s more of what a neutral take sounds like regarding something that appears out of wack, as long as they don’t ever revert back to that initial cluelessness ever again. Ask one of those (legitimate) lawyers of yours. Best to not jump to conclusions to be sure of factual information and the truth, and to protect yourself in case you’re being a scam artist snake whore as usual. Might as well just call myself a lawyer anyway, right? So much representing myself and doing most of the work for my representation, eluding their fascist crackdowns and stalking, excessive punishments, unprovoked assaults, scams, lies, treason, and perjury, and I’m not in jail right now! I’m one of the best lawyers out here! For real. The system of law here is just… shattered. Or it never worked. Not sure. Hasn’t worked for my entire life (1989-2020). Neither has the economy. I wonder how many felonies have been committed against me in Facebook Chat alone. I have a feeling it’s a gargantuan number.

So as I’ve explained before, Tim was running his mouth all day and night about me to everybody and their mama. This was shortly after he moved in. I was there first. Then I think it was Tom. Then Tim. I had been working and recording all summer, so I had people coming through to work, and hang out. He clearly didn’t like that I was bringing over more “friends” than him. Like some playground baby wah-wah stuff. Tim was a clout/jersey chaser/gold digger in the Greek system and at UW. He didn’t like that I was bring so many Black people over either. He and the large Jewish population in the Greek community at UW was extremely racist and classist. The worst on campus. Not just the Jews, surely. It was those in the Greek system. It was also a lot of the people who appropriated the Jewish accent, came from large metropolitan, coastal and highly Jewish areas, that came from stupid old white money and non-work. This description is essentially what “Coastie” means. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being born rich and privileged. You’re still a “Coastie”, though. Sumn like how I’ll always be a “Cheesehead”. I definitely encourage coasties to embrace the name. Listen to the words of the song, retard.

This has always been how I’ve felt about the fascist Cliff-bashing from that song and ensuing conversations about Jews in the sense of culture, economics, society, and so forth. I did not know Jews were so insanely privileged growing up. We were constantly drilled that Jews had the hardest lives in the history of the world and we should all feel bad for them, give them our jobs, and listen to everything they have to say with blind obedience. We were not allowed to even say the word “Jew” post-2000ish. To critique or criticize anything Jewish? It is well known by Mr. Germany-Florida-Los Angeles Daniel Tosh and educated people that means “career suicide”. I was befriending these privileged Jews, collaborating on art, working together in class and on the job, making the sex. I love Jews enough. Anyone who has said otherwise, ya know, all those Nazi-Praisers and proud Jesus-Crucifiers? Who’s in the most movies again? Oh, ya, Jesus and Hitler.

You know Jesus is perceived by most Americans as a hero of the people, right? Like Hitler was to his Nazis? Only one of them has lasted in stories for thousands of years, though. There’s a lot… off with the propaganda circulating throughout America today. These Earth Destroyers, regardless of who they are, Jewish or not, should be stapled to a cross and fed into a gas chamber through a wood chipper. Tough Jews love me, dude. Smart Jews, of course. Sexy Jews are all about Beef. There’s something special about Hardworking Jews. They all think I’m the most entertaining writer ever. Purposely Weak and Inferior Jews hate me with a passion. It pretty much comes down to that difference there when it comes to the Stereotypical American Jews. For most Americans too. And ethnics, minorities, etc. I’ve been looking for the exceptional ones. That’s a top priority of mine, actually. Has been since I started meeting Openly Jewish People in numbers, and learned how privileged Jews are, when privilege is calculated by legitimate science.

He’s mad I’m bringing people over. Tim also said his family worked harder than mine and that’s why his family was richer. If you don’t know, work in America is not tied to currency on a relative basis. He insulted my little brother for getting in trouble with the law. This faggot also said I “wasn’t working hard” or something like that when it came to my schoolwork, day job, and music. He said I was not a hardworking person. Also, Tiny Tim, the faggotiest of the kikiest of them all, said something along the lines of my friends weren’t “real friends”. Every time I’d bring over a girl I was closer friends with, or dating, he’d go straight to them and start whispering gossip about me like a schoolgirl ho. This is months of this until December. He moved in, like college students at UW do, around the August 15, 2011 date. The police report, as you can clearly read, says 12/21/2011. Side note: they love to button mash and refresh the incident report page to make it shoot up in Google. They all owe me money for that too. And public apologies. Don’t worry, we’ll find you too. You can’t hide forever losers.

Then he started tampering with my personal property without my permission. That’s called vandalizing. So the criminal vandalizer and slanderer, and probable libeler, at least, went to the control unit for my surround sound and unplugged certain cords. I’m sure he wanted to make it seem it was an accident. Or I’d turn it on, see it not working right, think it was broken, and maybe throw it out. No matter the reason, I came home and saw this was the case. My roommate Tom was there and I explained to him my frustrations. He knows Tim was harassing/torturing me too. If he told the truth, that would’ve come out during the investigation. I don’t know if it did or didn’t. I wasn’t ever supplied a copy of the police report. I wasn’t given a chance to explain myself to the arresting officer, and I wasn’t read my rights. All they said when they showed up was something like, “Is your name Clifton Grefe”. I responded yes, of course, and then they asked something along the lines of, “Did you punch Timothy Fram in the face?” I said yes, they told me “You’re under arrest” and “Turn around”, they put the cuffs on, and took me to jail. I might’ve been allowed to grab a couple things from my room first. They hit me with the Felony Assault & Battery and two counts of Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. was quick to post mine and leave it up since. Took them years to update it with the “CASE CLOSED-EARLY TERMINATION OF PROBATION”. Damages for that and the raising of the police report in Google, by Google, too. There are at least thousands of articles, posts, photos, songs and videos with my name in them, that I released, about me and my life, that are not this particular situation. I haven’t seen any sort of significant cycling, or anything like that, to give those other parts of my life a chance in that space. That is fascism to the m.

I did not “sucker punch” Tim but of course the mass scammers and proud slavewhippers have lied and said that. After I found my expensive audio equipment ($300+) tampered with, Tom asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and blow off some steam, to talk about it. I said yes. We walked around and he said to make sure and not hit him unless he continued to lie about his gossiping and messing with my property. This friend did say he would approve if I hit the liar, provided he kept denying his disgusting behavior. I made a point to stick to that. We get back and eventually Tim shows up. I get in his face right away about his inappropriate transgressions, and by get in his face, I mean I started yelling at him from a distance that people normally talk at. I think he actually admitted to vandalizing my property, but either way, he thew down his backpack and raised his fists to strike me. I did not instigate the physical fight. He took it from verbal to physical. So I popped him right away, because I hit hard and fast. He was looking straight at me with his arms up. Anyone that says otherwise should be lynched for the betterment of the American Justice System. Obviously, Quincy, who had been treating me like shit for a while before this happened, called me shortly after and said I “sucker punched” Tim and that I “need help”. That’s him in the photo there at a party at my apartment at 515 Lake St. in the Fall-Winter of 2011. Going left to right, next to him is J.T. Roach, then Will Delano (met him at UW in International Business class), and myself. In front, it’s “Happy Face” Kevin Meister. String em all up for freedom. They earned that. Or not. Fun to think about a better Earth, though. I look at the faces of people I once “knew” and I hope it all turns out for the best. I pray for love and friendship. Have been since I was a little boy.

So I pop him in the chin one time. I repeat, one time. Then he starts screaming about how I’m “crazy” and how he’s “bleeding” his own blood, like that funny Jew joked in that movie. I think he rode a moped too, actually. So he touches the cut and sees he’s bleeding, and looks at it like he’s never bled before in his life, and then looks back to me and charges again. Tom got between us right after I hit Tim and tried to keep us apart. He was definitely trying to do that the best he could. But Tim did sneak a punch past Tom and hit me in the chin too. I remember I had a bruise for a bit after that. It wasn’t a visible bruise, but it was a little tender under the surface. I repeat, Tim Fram struck me in the face as well. He started crying at some point, bawling tears. This is the same person I saw put Yahya Altaf in a headlock multiple times, unprovoked, and refuse to stop. The same person that didn’t have a job the whole time I was associating with him, which was several years, and got an office job straight out of college. Anyway, after he decided we weren’t fighting anymore, he ran to his room and got his pepper spray. He came out of his room then, with this weapon in hand, pointed directly at my face, with his finger on the trigger. He said something like, “I’m going to the hospital and I’m going to tell the police everything you did.” I remember I threatened him and said “I’ll throw you off the balcony” or something. I made no attempt to do so, of course. He was flying if I wanted him to. Then he leaves, unblocked by myself or Tom, goes to the hospital and tells them whatever lies he decided were the truth. Did he say I was a Nazi as well? More money for that too, thanks.

Nazeem & Spencer Joles dropped this song in 2017, right after I published The Coastie Privilege and started on Cliff G: DOG, which had details about the Lake Street Scam. I think I enjoyed it when it dropped. It made life seem more normal, like someone else somewhere understood adversity to some degree at all. The song still often plays back in my head, making me think of this song. Like I’m an idiot unless I mention this on Basement Made or something. Like if I don’t address this widespread fraud scam slavery, and start going at all the people individually, then I’m not “real” or the “chosen one” or whatever the fuck you doomed fags think you’re doing with this and all future lives of your consciousness. If it were up to me, you’re “spirit” would be done, permanently, after you’re done in this existence. All you would see is eternal darkness, void of light, with no sense of time or space. That is what I, if I were God, would do to every last fascist, slaver, racist, classist, murderer, torturer, rapist and scammer to ever live. That’s if they were doing wrong on purpose, of course. For the others, they would have a chance to work their way out of “hell” and get back to “reality” with some level of choice as to what they will be doing.

Continuing on this topic, those that are not those nasty things, and especially those that make extra efforts to put good, happiness, smarts, opportunity, health and truth out there, would have top choice! They would be able to hang out in the dead world as long as they want, floating around the universe and doing non-intrusive ghost stuff with living people. When the top talent is ready, if they are again, they can choose a type of life form to try out. So, you can pick whichever one you want, if you’re at the top – anywhere – but it has to be in the present, now, and you will be constrained to the physical limitations of that organism as it appears naturally. Hell would not be torture. Hell would be hard labor and boring education. Deadass, man. You’re going to have to learn all the important stuff you avoided because you were lazy. Then you’ll be tested, like in school. Not tested, like in The Bible, or whatever. Faggots. No, not the 9 Circles of Hell or some kinda Batman hole, but in the sense of needed to work your way out in some way, yes. Some people would be down there for thousands of years. Some people are very behind in their education. It’s a lot of “smart” and “successful” people, the remedial learners, actually. Not nearly as many “hate groups” or whatever. Those that I see struggling to make it in this system, which is also constantly going in my mind also, are not who you might expect. Same goes for America.

This is how the chorus goes:

“Slip from the landlord, say I got to pack up

When we go to move them boxes, [I’m gon rip my back up]

Letter from my doctor say that I’m gon need some surgery

I’m gon take that herbal remedy, they ain’t gon murder me”

The video starts with one of them boxing someone as this is playing. This is one of those songs I obviously related to heavily in 2017. I covered a couple more in the previously published scientific journal. That line in brackets could also be “I’m gon bring my bag up” or something like that. Regardless, all those lines directly describe that time period and incident from my life. Tim got a restraining order as well, which forced me to be something like 50 feet from him at all times, and there wasn’t enough room in the apartment for that, so I had to move out as required by law. Wanna know what else your fascist country and citizens of it did to me at this juncture? Sure ya don’t. Anyway, your people also forced me to pay out the rent for the remainder of the months I was on contract there. So that was an additional $800 or so a month. This was at the same time they had me doing anger management, drinking and drug management, and paying Timmy Boy’s restitution. All of you would’ve quit everything and killed yourselves. Every single one. Zero doubt in my mind. I then had to move back to the basement of my “parents house” and finish out my senior year of college there. I’m not opposed to living from home and saving money that way, if home is a safe place for whoever this is in this hypothetical situation, but this was not that at all. At least they let me stay there, though. And they picked me up from jail. I guess there’s that. So thanks for picking me up from jail and letting me stay in the basement of your home, if you’re not people that earned a death by a thousand cuts from all the horrible things you’ve done.

So, in these lines, we got the landlord, the packing up, possibly a back getting ripped up, a doctor saying that I need surgery, and the herbal remedy (I’m known for smoking a lot of weed and drinking a lot of green tea). Keep in mind, I really do come from a shitty life with no opportunity, so I’m not used to other people making songs about me. I’m used to me making songs about other people. I wasn’t paying attention to anyone unless they were saying my name. It’s just more time efficient to live life that way too. Especially as a famous person. For the retards, yes, I am very famous. I don’t have the “like fame” like I used to though, so I’m in a completely new and strange place for music, hip hop, journalism, business, the internet, and much more. They don’t understand that I’m the one they’re really after. They’re like these little offshoots and tangents of me. Like they take a layer of me, and an outfit, an accent, and then give that to someone else as a career that leads to wealth. Who are these guys? I don’t know I’ve never met em. They’re from Minnesota and I know I’m famous there maybe 2nd most after Wisconsin. Illinois could be higher but they really put a wall up on the Northside of Chicago that is not supposed to let me connect with Working Class, Ethnic and Black Chicago. There are folks on the Northside there, sure, but the numbers ain’t comparable at all to the other parts of town or Illinois as a whole. That’s how fascism works between Wisconsin and Illinois. It starts with that division. Same with Minnesota and the Twin Cities. But do I like the song? Maybe. Doesn’t matter though, does it? I’m a ghost, out of my mind, whiny, and “making everything up”, right? I did like it at the time, obviously. I love a shout out and/or something relatable. I do not like all those people that would spend many years in hell working their way out. Need my muse royalties as well, ya know, protection over my intellectual informaion? No FEAR or DMCA or OSHA or SSI for me, specifically? The only AA I’ve seen benefits from takes passages from The Big Book.

Basically, the highest percentage of the faggot retard cunts in the area live closer to Wisconsin, but right across the border. The burbs of Milwaukee operate in a similar way. Those people are often the same exact people as those in that fascist gap. Same with Madison, more and more, though the worst are noticeably from the opposite side of town as myself. I know this, probably, because I’m from here, but also because I’ve studied Madison extensively. I know the burbs on the Southside of Milwaukee host a higher percentage of fag cracker whitie cunts, and the Northside of the city is the Blackest part. No shit they’re always shouting out Southside for everything Black and Northside for everything White. It keeps us from developing a Multicultural Working Class in the heart of the Working Class. The biggest kike spick cracker oil slicks are from the west and south sides. The west side takes credit for all of educated and sophisticated Madison, and the south side is attributed to all the hard work and Blackness/Diversity/Adversity/Lower Class Culture/Ethnicity. This is how they sell it at least. It’s nothing like the truth. The North and East parts of Madison are by far in another dimension of Working Class. Not even from the same city at all, it seems. Same goes for the burbs. The further you go west and south in Madison, the more racist, classist and just straight annoying and whiny – people get. The Northside is the last part of Madison to be developed – specifically – exactly where I’m from on the Northeast side. I’m from the most scientifically calculated hood side of Madison, based on discrimination, relative effort to advancement in career (economic mobility), presence in the media, investment, entertainment venues, corporations, incorporation status, city services, etc, and told I’m from the most privileged part. You’re all frauds. Remember? We are the Northside. Not that faggot Canada Drake. I hung out mostly around the North and East side of Madison, coming up, and in Token Creek, Burke, Windsor, Sun Prairie, and DeForest.

Drew Simmons showed up after the altercation was over. He was coming by to hang out. All he would’ve been able to see was Tim leaving the building. They did ask him to testify, though. He and Tom, and of course Tim. I don’t know what he said to the police, like I don’t know what any of them said. That’s a big part of the problem in our criminal justice system. They believe fascists over non-fascists, and often do it blindly without researching at all. And then they don’t give us all the information that we need to explain which parts they were telling the truth about and which parts were lies. Drew was also at the DeForest Scam held at a graduation party. I showed up to the party, was greeting people, went upstairs to get a drink, and I was going to step out with someone else quick. Once I stepped out though, whoever that was shut the door behind me, locked it, and left me alone out there with the police walking towards the house. The cops said something like, “Hey, stop, come here, I want to talk to you!” I did not do that because I wasn’t doing anything wrong, obviously. I stepped off the porch and started walking towards to back of the house, when they started chasing towards me.

They said some shit like, “Stop or we’re going to tase you. We’re going to tase you.” They shot at me twice, at least. I dodged both times, zigging and zagging. I remember hearing them go “Shit!” or something when they missed. I saw one of the projectiles land in the grass right next to me. Then I cut up through the neighbors yard, and by a swingset. I couldn’t see this jut out metal part on the swingset, so I hit my ankle on that, hard, as I was running by. This caused me permanent nerve damage in that ankle. My foot goes to sleep completely if I walk or run to much on it. I’m 18 at this time. I had also torn my hamstring terribly as the result of a hurdling injury, so I couldn’t run normally at all to begin with. Otherwise, I was gone. I am fast, agile, and used to running from pigs. There were like 4 of them too. Eventually, after all that, I got around another house and one of them finally caught up and tackled me from the side. They got me down and continued beating me. This group hit me with everything they had. It was multiple people beating on me with a combination of arms, legs and weapons. They hit me in the back of the head too, which, as we know, can easily kill someone, knock them out, and/or cause memory loss and mental disability. They should all be drawn and quartered for the best of us. Same with any cop that uses excessive force. Put em all on a spit. Or leave everything as it is and find no middle ground like you always do, while I continue, as always, offering solutions to some of life’s most difficult questions. Drew was at that party too. Definitely worth noting.

He’s one of those people that turn a hard left turn at some point for the fascist Harrison-Slavery gravy train. He was there for me a few times after this bullshit set in and the old “friends” and “family” wouldn’t even talk to me. That was nice, I think. Maybe not though, when we look at the full picture here. It is worth noting that both Quincy and Drew tried to hook up with me as well. I don’t like bringing in the sexuality or personal details if it’s unrelated, but in this case, it is. Quincy once said to me when we were in the upstairs studio of Phi Gamma Delta alone, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we both just took our big dicks out and showed them all our big dicks?” He said it like that because we were discussing what to do next for the “Zooday Tuesday” web series. After this, Quincy started replacing my nickname “Beef” with other beef-related names and products like “Beef Stick”, “Beef Jerky”, “Beef Cake”, and “Beef Gravy”. I realized he was being a new kind of petty bitch but I didn’t realize he was being a psychotic faggot until later. Strong rapist signals there too. He made more jokes about roofying people than anyone I’ve ever met. I realized he started at a certain point but I couldn’t remember when that was. This was it. Drew texted me one night after we went out in late 2014ish and said, “Are you sure you’re not gay, or bi? We should mess around.” He wouldn’t talk to me after I turned him down. That was until I got more famous again when I started the HipHopDX gig in 2015 LA. It’s like I said guys, these faggot fascists are male and female, “straight”, “bi” and “gay”, or whatever, and they’re all the same.

Next, I went over to the fraternity house (also not on campus) to meet up with a friend and hang out, to blow off some steam. But when I got to the door, I was met by a gang of maybe 4-6 frat guys in the age range of 20-21ish. This “younger” group of douchebags took it upon themselves to deliver some fascist vigilante justice to myself. They stood in my way and said I was “not welcome here” and “you can’t take all of us”. They also said something along the lines of, “Fiji has changed Cliff, it’s younger now, and we don’t care about any of that stuff the founding fathers set up anymore.” Greg Troutman was out front. I lightly dapped him on the cheek. He probably didn’t even bruise from that. I am sorry to Greg though, if I took out all these fucked up issues on him unfairly. He seemed to care about me being able to pursue music, at least. He wasn’t one to always down me for being local, or a rapper, or having a day job, or things like that. It didn’t seem so at least. Greg also didn’t rat. Thank you so much for that, man. At least you can take a little punch. Seriously. You guys were being some extra douchebag with cunt sauce that night too. You guys were on some super duper fag elitist coastie slaver of the century shit that night. So, anyway, Greg if you haven’t been in on this mass scam and torture, and “I took out my frustrations on you”, or whatever, I am sorry. If you have been in on the scam, then I’m not sorry and you should have your throat slit.

I left the fraternity house that night by my own will. I didn’t charge the group or try sneaking in elsewhere. Then I got an email from Martin Uraga, who was the President of the Mu Chapter at the time. It went something like, “It’s really sad what you did. I personally am sad to see you go. Bye.” I respond with something like, “So am I just supposed to write an email, or what?” They never responded. They didn’t even let me write an outgoing email, much less have a crack at a fair trial – which all should’ve be granted according to the bylaws of Phi Gamma Delta. They blatantly broke the bylaws of the organization, making an exception for my case. I am a founding father of the organization and I payed my dues through to the end. I also lived in the house for 2 years. They illegally booted me from the organization I helped build and develop for punching a couple fascists in the face. Have you seen all this “Punching Nazi” hype lately? Yea, I was doing that before it was cool, and I wasn’t just calling whoever I wanted a Nazi and overemphasizing Baldness, German and/or Norse ancestry when it comes to white supremacy organizations (and paradigms) to manifest reasons for they and others to attack people without reason. Ya know, like real heroes do? You probably don’t.

Where I’m from, if you do what Tim did, it’s hands wayyy before December. And remember, I put up with his slavewhipping for months before he snapped and I took the blame for his insecurities, inferiority, and non-emotional control. This is society, circa years 0-2020. Year zero is millions of years after human year zero but that’s what we’re sticking with. Ok, dude. And that has nothing to do with slavery? Jesus Christ, for real, dude. Anyway, this piece isn’t really about Abrahamic religions, and I have something planned for that, so we’ll save the convo for another time. Yo, but even if I was a Nazi, or exhibited qualities enough to justify calling me a Nazi, I still shouldn’t be attacked for it in accordance with their law. If I was a non-violent Nazi, they law says that I should be able to say whatever the fuck I want and be safe from physical harm. Ya know how they say “we need to protect __________ at all costs” and it’ll be some completely replaceable zombie? This is what “Freedom of Speech” is to them, a partial, slanted, rigged and censored system built for people that want to “express themselves” and find their “safe space” and “play the game” or whatever, so they can force fascism on as many people as possible from an out-of-reach out-of-touch position in society for working people. I was the one punching the Nazi. The Jew Nazi. These Jew Nazis are very, very common in my generation (millennial). The vast majority of American Jews I’ve met personally (hundreds on the very low end, probably thousands) are blatant fascists, proud classists, trendy racists and phobes of anything Independent, Midwest, Wisconsin, and Clifton Grefe aka Beef.

We gotta cut the fucking lean fat off this sandwich. They look healthy, sometimes, but oh my dear lord are they straight decaying and moldy on the inside. I feel fantastic on the inside. I’m filled with positivity and happy thoughts. That’s just me as a person. I’m the guy that says “hey, how’s it goin” and means it. I’m the guy that really helps out the old lady and holds the door for the next guy. Kids love me and I love teaching them things. The way I go about life makes me proud of myself. I am fulfilled on the inside because I am an incredible person and I know this, truly. Again, I’m not virtue signaling or forcing anyone into a situation of torture or slavery. I’m not murdering people, stalking women, stealing kids, or any of that shit. That’s your people, remember? My people are like myself in this genuine way of being. We are comfortable with ourselves and we take pride in doing the best we can. We can handle lazy people but we don’t want to and shouldn’t report to them or listen to their advice. We are the Working Class, and we are rooted in The Midwest. I am rooted in Madison, Wisconsin. None of us think or go about our lives the same. We fight for freedom and independence. I am one leader but not the leader. Every single person ever is a “natural born leader”. Same with possibly every single other non-human life form to ever live. Now grow the fuck up. This was almost 10 years ago.