UPDATE (12/1 10:28AM): I’m just gonna leave this article here like this. Don’t really feel like putting any more time into talking about that faggot. Just know he is a problem and he has been a problem since the day I moved into this apartment on 7/15/20. Bitching, just so happening to catch me in the hallway to make some annoying cunt fag old fart insecure loser comment, and rape-esque commentary since day 1. And remember, UW-Madison employs this person and I can’t get an interview for anything related to my field. Been trying since 2013ish. Basically, since I finished up my internship with UW upon graduation.

UPDATE (12/1): I found my wallet. It was in the side compartment in my car, or in between that and the seat, on the driver’s side. I checked there multiple times last night, with the light on in the car. Everything that was in the wallet appears to be in there now. Thanks for the help.

UPDATE (11/30): I suddenly started feeling really tired and fatigued not long after I posted this. They use dead switches. I’ll finish this up tomorrow. Better take my medicine. Weed. Peace. Pretty sure he’s been taking some off the tops of my bags too.

Gonna go ahead n just post this for now in case this faggot tries breaking in here while I’m working on finishing up the story. Don’t worry, I’m “safe” or whatever you people say when it’s just me every single time. My doors and windows are locked, blinds drawn, weapon in hand, and all that shit.

Just my luck, right? I finally get a decent place and who’s my upstairs neighbor? This faggot Paul Penkalski (PP) apparently won’t stop stalking people at on the UW campus, and at Memorial Union. Do you really employ this faggot king, UW-Madison, and won’t give me a millisecond of your time? Speaking with him, he sends off very, very, very strong rapist vibes. Some of the strongest fascist and rape vibes I’ve ever felt. Not because he’s disgusting to look at on the outside, no, it’s what he’s actually saying to me in conversation, and what actions he is taking – it’s what’s on the inside for him. The vibes can be helpful but they interfere all the time with my thoughts so they’re not trustworthy all the time. Obviously. If they’ve said I do anything else, more money for me (and us of course), and less for the rapists and fascists. This dude has earned a beheading, most likely.

I just called the cops on someone. The cops have been horrible to me for about 99.9% of my entire life but I thought I’d give it a shot. The officer that took my call said his last name was Statz. I just wrote about a Statz last night on here. What is this fucking game, dude? Anyway, he seemed nice and listened to my entire story, which was new, and then said I should make sure and call him back in the morning. I do want to check my car and apartment again in the day. I don’t at all believe it’s here, though. All signs point to this faggot stealing it.

Listen to this shit. This faggot is like 70 years old, at least curmudgeonly, racist, annoying, petty, classist, ageist, heterophobic, whiny, bitchy, he’s a liar, passive aggressive, condescending, uneducated, uncultured, sheltered, lazy, and a lot of the qualities of the worst people in the history of Earth. This faggot cunt cracker retard probable rapist is suing people right and left for his wrongdoing. Look. At. This. Ridiculous. Shit. Sounds like them, exactly. Is this supposed to be some faggot lesson from the fascists, that I’m supposed to go sue UW for “all they did to him” or something retarded? More of their forced religion faggot shit. Look at this insane faggot on CCAP. I have no doubt in my mind they’re trying to compare me to this faggoty fagger faggot fag. By the way, not close at all, faggots. You’re horrible at “The Game” too. Worst game ever, faggots. You want to know some good games?

Good Games:

Field football, street football, field soccer, street soccer, street ball, hardwood ball, ice hockey, field hockey, foosball, gestures, pool, 9 ball, horse, pig, 21, 500, golf, mini putt, monopoly, euchre, spades, canasta, peek, cribbage, old maid, solitaire, double solitaire, spoons, forks, knives, swimming, water polo, lacrosse, bocce ball, shuffleboard, disc golf, frisbee golf, ultimate frisbee, croquet, kubb, settlers of katan, magic the gathering, star wars the trading card game, halo, pokemon, rummikub,

This criminal faggot is upstairs right now as I’m writing this, storming around the apartment, probably because he has some fag cameras set up or did some fag hacking on my devices. Fags do love the black hat shit, don’t they. Always gotta be one of those black hat hacker fags. They really think they’re impressive or something. String em up. Oh, and I wanna see some Purple and Blue Niggas doing the stringing too. Give them the spool, you cracker pussies. This quote is from one of his cases.

“The plaintiff’s petition for leave to proceed in forma pauperis indicates that the plaintiff, while unemployed, receives money for food and rent from his parents in the amount of $800. However, Penkalski’s monthly expenses leave him with minimal disposable income. The court can conclude that the plaintiff has met the poverty requirements of 28 U.S.C. § 1915.”

How long have you been letting this person stalk and/or rape people? Is he a serial rapist funded by UW?

So I just wrapped up at the Census job. This was Friday. Since then, I’ve been working from home. Clearly. I did go for a walk on Friday. Then I went and bought some pops to enjoy that night. So I had my wallet then. I get home and set it on my desk. This is Friday. It was on my desk all weekend.

I just left for the first time since then to go get some groceries at Pick N’ Save. At around 4:30, after I’d already waited in line, I discovered I forgot my wallet.

I live alone. Typically I had my wallet on me when I was working at the office. I needed it to drive, at least. Since I knew I wouldn’t be going out for a couple days, I decided to park in my parking spot behind the house for the first time. I think this was his first sign that this might be the time to go for it and steal my wallet. The next sign was that I left it on my desk. He is a complete psychopath, and circles the house, looking into my windows. I believe he also sprayed my plants with a poison of some kind through the screens. All of a sudden one day, they all had these dead spots all over them. They’ve healed since, don’t worry. I close the windows now. I’ve seen him walk around the house, checking for ways to break into my place, when I was at home. I popped up and showed him I was here and get got super spooked, mumbled something, and walked away. This faggot would be dead already in a just society. Jail would be better than this too. So would institutionalization. This is not a debate on mental health. This is ridding the world of these fascist faggots. All of you suck at your jobs. None of you deserve what you have, same as him and his people.

This has happened before. It started, as far as I could tell, around fall 2019 or so. I went to the Pick N’ Save but realized I forgot my wallet around 4:30pm tonight. So, I’m thinking “Fuck, well I guess I better go back home and get it.” All of a sudden, a woman – a white woman at that – comes out of nowhere and says, “Sir, sir, I can pay for your groceries.” No woman has ever offered to pay for my groceries as an adult. My “mom” has brought me food before and bought me groceries. That’s every once in a while though, not every day, week, or month. Have they been saying that I don’t shop for my own groceries? Or I don’t cook or something? More money for me for those lies. Plus damages. Dude, what is my total at now anyway, like 1 Centillion?

The idea popped in my head last year that we should make our own custom bitcoins with our faces on them. The idea behind crypto, obviously, is partially to remove the physical passing of coins, but at the same time, putting actual valuable materials in custom designed coins would value them more like their value in comparison to other fiat currencies. This Tony image keeps popping into my head with this custom designed crypto stuff, communications with aliens, and hip hop perspective. He’s really into these custom crypto coins, though. I think it’s a fun idea too, and maybe necessary to some extent, to establish the value of crypto in hard materials. The underlying idea that the coins can be melted down and used for advanced uses, makes them more usable than any dollar currency, and at least U.S. coins.

They’re really into sniffing each others poop. It’s one of their big things, forcing you to smell their poop. They literally take shit from their asshole and wipe it on their body like cologne. Yes, including the head, which I believe may be where the insults “Poopyhead” and “Shithead” come from. They use shit as cologne for their face to draw in other poop sniffing fags. People who have been to jail know what I’m talking about. People who have stayed in shelters know what I’m talking about. They are this gang of human feces sniffers. Like they get high off it or something, there’s good brands and bad ones, and all that shit. For real. They really do “sniff each others farts” and “jerk each other off” like our dads used to say to us. Were they being literal? How deep does this scam go? This perversion and rape, and spread your asshole open for me so I can put my face in it while you’re sleeping or passed out. It’s just… there’s no reason to fight for these people at all when you learn who they really are, man. They’re fucking fascist faggots! Bro, I swear. That’s the best way to say it sometimes. Just cunty, crackery, faggoty, insecure, losers! Bro! WTF! This person also put some poop in the vents tonight. He’s done this before too. This is another faggot thing to show their faggotness. They put some of their poop (or yours they stole) in the vent to spread their doodie pheromones to me and us in hopes that we’ll turn faggot all of a sudden because we smell a faggot dumping poop in the vents. This will all be in movies, remember this guys. This will be how they’re portrayed for the next thousands of years on Earth and all those after it. This will be the largest turning point for mankind since year 0-ish.

This faggot breaks into my apartment when I’m at Pick N’ Save and steals my wallet right off my desk. He probably saw it thought the window he’s always checking. That or he just came in and took a quick look around. It was sitting right on my desk, right in front of me, where I’m sitting right now. I checked all over my apartment, and twice more. I did my car several times over too. This wallet had my Driver’s License, Debit Card, Credit Card, BadgerCare Card, Foodshare Card, Pick N’ Save Rewards, Kwik Trip Rewards, and a couple other Rewards cards. I might’ve had a $20 tucked in there too. Remember, this is right as I finished up my job as a Federal Employee. That might be part of it as well.

My Social Security Card and All My Old Photo IDs, College IDs, and everything IDs, were stolen out of my apartment on East Washington Ave. So, if you’re keeping track, all I have now is my Birth Certificate and a few Credit Cards. And an Expired Passport. Remember? Slavery, 2020? Maybe not for you? For me, absolutely, since birth. Why would they not take my nice recording equipment, computer, drone, cash, and car keys? They left all that stuff, only taking the wallet by itself. Another setup.

This part of the game, as far as I’m hearing, is to “prove my identity” by going to DMV and all the places to get all my cards back. Now I’m hearing, “you don’t need any of that other stuff” – referring to my debit and credit cards, rewards cards, foodshare and health insurance.

Something to do with my being “for the world”, like the world is justly permitted to keep me a slave, whip me, chain me, rape me, torture me, scam me, and whatever else, because “Jesus was a slave”. And I’m Jesus to them, or close enough, or something. Obviously I’m not Jesus, moron. That was a long time ago, idiot. That’s if he was real, which, I think it’s safe to say now, he was, but we can’t say that to science cause “that’s crazy”. Y’all diagnosed a real god with mental disorders? LOL. What a fucking suicidal thing to do, dude. Have you not seen your own shitty ass movies? I’ve seen so many of those shitty ass movies. Y’all got no chance in hell. Wisconsin? Hip Hop? The Midwest? The Working Class? What the fuck do you think you’re gonna do?

That’s the main excuse, at least, because otherwise what’s the justification for every single person on Earth enslaving one person? As far as I’ve read and experienced, that’s not supposed to be a cool thing to do. I don’t know, though. I mean, is it? I don’t think it is. But clearly, what the fuck do I even know? Obviously I like all the dumb or insignificant shit or something in their minds. Who is possibly educating humankind more than Clifton Grefe? No one. I am Planet Earth’s #1 Teacher and The Universe’s Top Teacher. Remember, I can’t get a minimum wage job in my career field. Any of them. Just Manual Labor and Service Labor. Labor. Service. Like. Jesus. Unpaid Internships. Freelance. Part Time. Slavery.

They’re like, “We enslaved God! Yayyyyyyyyy! We’re the best everrrrrrr! He has to be proud of us! He’s definitely proud of us!” Or, “That’s not my God. C’mon God, make some money appear from your pocket. C’mon Jesus Boy who’s too ugly now to make it, make some of your magical God Money appear for us to see your true potential!” Please don’t save any for me. Go ahead and finish the whole plate. You’re taking too long. At least 15 or so years too long. That’s when I was first posting publicly on the internet, and in non-words, so, that’s when the fame could’ve started at the latest. That would’ve been about ’06 like Drake says all the fucking time. He says it for a couple reasons, as far as I’ve seen, and then think. First, I think he’s referencing his area code, and mine. That was one of the things that got me thinking deeper, Drake. I’ll go more into all that you’ve done for me later. I think I’m a big fan since about ’06. We’ll see. Madison’s area code is 608. Drake says “The 6” is Toronto but those area codes don’t start with 6. Madison, Wisconsin is The 6. Like I’ve said, Drake has helped but he’s also a fascist cunt. Just because you did some good does not mean you didn’t do far more bad, retard. Do you people think I give a fuck about these hollow, empty, soulless famous people and rich people and friends and family or whatever? I love who isn’t a slaver, fascist, rapist, racist, classist, and all of that, as always, and forever. There’s nothing at all to wait on. There’s no reason at all for me to not have 1 Centillion Dollars in my Summit Credit Union bank account right now. They have given me zero dollars, by the way. The “parents” clearly had this $600 monthly scam of some kind going there. Like that’s supposed to be a Basic Income test run or something? Even though that’s actually my money? They have some kind of direct my money to them scam. In some form, which is all that matters. This is only going to end in people getting humiliated on universal news the longer this takes. If it’s literally just me and aliens when this is over, I’m completely and absolutely excited and ecstatic for that. I would fucking love to hang out with alien freaks for the rest of existence. That would be awesome. You humans are about to die. Forever. All of you. All of your kids. All of your ancestors. Gone. Aliens hate you people. I’m literally the only reason you’re alive. Heard that last one in my head. Sometimes it just flows out, but of course, they’ll try to do whatever they can to file those terrorist complaints against me because I’m too much of a smart slave and a schizophrenic faggot retard bitch to do anything about it or something, right? So I gotta make sure to say “if” and “depending” and ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Die. Bad. Things.

He asked me multiple times “is anyone sleeping in there”, referring to the location where my bedroom is. I’ve never allowed him into my apartment once.

They have some faggot rape code that if you leave your door unlocked, it’s a “sign” that you want to be raped by them in the night. Even if you just forget, that means they’re justified in raping you, and also stealing your things. For real.

The Faggot Face is much different than the Happy Face. I have a few Happy Gay Faces in my head too. Don’t worry guys. One of them is AJ Blanchett. Gay J! I think I live you, bro! Just don’t make it weird, please, like you never have. Super gay. Super straight. I loved talking with AJ. He was upbeat, happy, he had interesting stories, he was always inviting me to party, and dance, and all kinds of just great times. I think AJ might be my favorite gay person ever, actually. He was doing interviews and running Plan B, doing the Gaymer site, and all kinds of great things. Even talking about going to school, but now, I don’t know how to feel about that. I think he got screwed too for some reason. I think we all did. I think we’re all really pissed off but able to contain ourselves and keep pushing until it’s feasible. Right now, it’s no good. I’ve tried too. People just do the same thing as always and “Oh, yea?” or “Woooow, that’s crazy man.” Nothing has really changed on their end at all. They’re holding out for sure. Everything that I’ve experienced in these last few years, and everything in my head, it all tells me they’re on their last thread. It’s a thread that’s hanging on but that bitch gon snap eventually, ya dig? It’s only a matter of time, right 3rd? I forget who quoted me on that. Thanks, man! I still believe that 100%. Took a lil vear there but we’re back on track now. I’m going to destroy slavery forever and it’s NEVER COMING BACK IN ANY FORM. I’m talkin dead, dead. Real dead, dead. Bullets to the face of a a corpse dead. Make sure that bitch double-triple dead-dead. Dead. Flatlined. Dead. No brain waves. No heartbeat. Dead. No head either in many cases. Or skin. Or junk. Or faces. Just dead. Forever dead. Nigga. God damn I didn’t realize I was such a fucking real nigga. Chaos, thank you for enlightening me. That interview we did in 2014…. that was a big piece. That was maybe an essential piece to move on to the next level. Thanks, bro. You’ve done a lot of good work and you’re maybe my favorite Madison Rapper, over myself. Just don’t tell anyone, right? Haha.

I think this was some kind of test to see if I’d kill him or call the cops. Or neither. But I definitely think this was the “Call The Cops” test as I avoid the opps and courts at all costs. It’s not something that feels natural to me at all.

The PP test has something to do with forcing me to think all Poles or Jews or Polish Jews are fags, or whatever. He and those like him have helped me with less than nothing. They have all – every single one of them – done more harm than good. None of them should be anywhere close to me – ever – for any reason at all.

Some kind of super faggot thing with bikes too. He’s asked me “Is my bike in your way?” probably 5 or more times now. He jams it off to the side, so why would it be in my way? Fag slang? Rape slang? What? A couple times when I was moving shit into my place, he popped out of his apartment and said, “Is my bike in your way?” or something. Some super faggoty shit with “Bike” too. I’ve had this feeling for a few years now too, that they try too faggify the bike. Obviously they’ve done that for many years, but I started to hear the more cult like commentary in the past few. It’s a faggot bike gang that rides around harassing and torturing people, forcing their sexuality upon whoever it is, raping, slandering, stealing, whatever they can get. Some kind of fag bike gang to try and compare to biker gangs, which are largely less faggy in general, though there have been some faggoty fagville ones too. Generally though, this is not the case with MCs. We have a lot of MCs around Wisconsin too. I know. This is Gangland.