Drinking pop keeps me from drinking alcohol. I should be a spokesperson for pop companies. I probably am. First I found that drinking something else in the place of alcohol helps. Duh, right? The voices in my head are quick to encourage drinking alcohol. I know it’s something strange with the alcohol. I don’t get the same cravings for tobacco or marijuana, or the push to keep going past the point of being high. My drugs of choice right now, as they say in rehab, which I don’t think is bad at all, are marijuana and tobacco. Thank you so much NORML for pushing all these years. I don’t think we’d have this recent breakthrough without all your help. Well done. We’re getting there. Soon we can smoke all the pain away and float to new creative and scintillating heights in peace. I don’t do as much with the edibles but those are dope too. The chocolates are scrum-didily-uptious. I love chocolate and so many stereotypically “effeminate” things to most Americans. I love cranberry juice, fruit, vegetables, vegetarian food, fluffy desserts, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, custard, fudge, apple fritter, pumpkin pie, rhubarb pie, blueberry pie, huckleberry pie, strawberry pie… Anyway, the weed is good. The tobacco can also be very good. What we want with the tobacco is the non-carcinogenic stuff. Tobacco is a natural plant that Natives have been growing for a loooong time. Marijuana was getting smoked in clouds way back in the day in Asia. There’s also opium and peyote, iboga, ayahuasca, mushrooms, and all kinds of naturally occurring, not hyper processed and cooked, that we’re not supposed to know about, and definitely not like if we do know of, so that we buy their “medicine” – whatever it is. Plants have all we need for healing. Duh. The stuff that gives you cancer is in the robber baron processing of the plant. This is another one of those “blah” drops, though that’s not the only neutral word for “all at once with little editing” to categorize them. I’m just trying to get this stuff out at this point. Thanks. See ya soon. They’ve been trying to get me to type things in where they’re not supposed to go recently as well, making it seem like the “search” for term is lagging, as it is now as I’m writing this but not at other times. They want to make it seem like I ultimately “need” an editor or whatever. I’ve never said I don’t want management or editors or anything like that. I’ve been seeking them out, actually. I’m a businessman, remember? They are not.

But why does pop keep me from drinking alcohol so easily? Sometimes I do have to “overdose” on it but I never drink when I stay committed to the “Pop Plan”. The worst that has happened was my heart started beating really fast, or irregularly, I get a sort of dulled head stuffiness (not painful like a headache, or very little pain, actually pop is a good painkiller), and maybe I wake up the next day with what I call a “Caffeine Hangover” or “Pop Hangover”. You could call it a “Sugar Overload” but sometimes I’m just drinking the Diet Pepsi. I’d say the Mountain Dew is best for morning. Pepsi a give ya da poops. Can be good if ya need that too, though. I’m just saying for those going to work and you don’t wanna be pooping in the work bathroom. We generally prefer to use our own shitters. There are some non-faggot weirdos that do like using other bathrooms because it saves them on smells at home, toilet paper, flush water, and really just having to use their own bathroom at all. What I mean is, we prefer to use our own personal or more communal bathroom things than the other way around. We don’t want to be vulnerable to rapey faggots out there. That’s not fun for us. And ladies, if this sounds strange to you, all the fart sniffing poop wiping, it is absolutely real, and it is absolutely in every part of America, and many other parts of the world (especially the historically slave owning nations). Again, remember I’m the one that got us to Gay Marriage and Gay Rights and all that. I’m the #1 Gay Activist in the history of humankind. I’m also the #1 Heterosexual Activist in the history of humankind. I’m also the #1 Non-Rapist Activist in the history of humankind. Ok, that last one was just for fun. It’s true, though, factually, based on math, and numbers, reach, and effect in law and society.

I love Gay Folks. Nothing at all wrong with being gay. That’s great you’re gay. More for me, dude. I guess not if you’re female, but same thing, I think you figuring that out makes it easier on me as a heterosexual when it comes to finding a partner. The more you know your own sexuality, the easier it is on me – who has known his sexuality since birth. I don’t know if I’ve ever really insulted someone for being gay. I’ve made fun of things for being gay, and I’m sure I’ve called things gay that weren’t as gay as I thought they were, but really, all you people are super gay, dude – male and female. Most of you are bisexual, meaning, most of you are sexually attracted to the same sex. Even just a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, little bit of truly enjoying the gay stuff makes you bisexual. Especially if you act on it physically. Of course, you need to be attracted to the heterosexual gender to yours as well, to be bisexual. Just because you get a boner or a wet pussy doesn’t mean you like it. Even if you cum or ejaculate. They can zap you with laserbeams to make that happen. They can zap you to make you “feel” horny. It’s just targeting certain hormones, really. They’ve done it to me a lot. They’re doing it right now. Of course, they’re always shooting me with whatever they can. Whatever they can get away with or explain with their fascist principles and secret agendas, they do. Even if they don’t get away with it, they’ll do it anyways, and hide all the internet and newspaper stories to us telling us what they did. They change the screens on computers, and record us with hidden cameras to make it look like we’re shooting with a buddy or whatever, they do a voiceover, put a filter on our face if it’s actually not us to make it look like us, and sell that to the universe (mostly Earth). The whole them being out there beyond Earth is not the central concern. Elon Musk and them are really some of the only humans out there. Well, he’s on the ground though, right? Haha. The astronauts are up and around up there, I should say.

One note I feel I should make on the pop/soda/sodapop: They try to convince people I drink pop so that I fart and other people will then smell my fart cologne and then be attracted to my butthole and poop smell. Clearly, I have never enjoyed the smell of another human being’s poop for a single moment of my life. Maybe I’ve enjoyed my own, who knows. It’s my own body producing my own diet’s smell, so whatever, I guess. Weird, for sure, but we’re animals. Faggots. “Whoever smelt it dealt it, right?” Or nah? Maybe more like, “Whoever farted, lemme get some of that sweet poop sniff ASAP, and I don’t care if you want me to smell your poop or not, and I’m going to tell you about it, and I’m gonna force faggot images into your head.” There were a few faggots at Two Men and a Truck that did that. Not many but a few. Not many at the Census ofadamfice but a few. This is not the majority of people, I don’t think – the fart sniffers. I think my people generally don’t enjoy harassing others for their fart smells, and we probably like pop (or beer) because of the tingly feel, the taste, the euphoria, pain relief, for trippy fun, getting weird, or whatever. Farting can be funny to me, sure. I don’t care what your sense of humor says about fart jokes, faggots. Sniff away. But sniff me and you’ll be killed for that faggotry fascism. Please do enjoy my natural scent or whatever cologne I’m wearing. Don’t get all up on me with malicious intent though, cause you’ll be killed for that too. Evil gets killed now. Crazy how murders are going down but killings are going up. Interesting phenomenon, huh? Remember, this is the #1 Source for/of News in the Entire Infinitude of the Universe.

It shuts that feeling down and pushes the voices out enough to keep going without booze. I’ve gone plenty time without drinking pop. I don’t need it to survive. The only thing I know I absolutely need to survive is water. Not sure about the food thing yet. I get a feeling faggots initially brainwashed the masses into eating more so they could smell poop more. I enjoy drinking the pop too, though. I have met a lot of people that enjoy farting around each others, sniffing farts, chasing me into the bathroom, etc. Let’s put a full clip of bullets into these malicious stalkers and sexual harassers and see what happens. Can’t be sure if they’re faggots or not but they probably are. It’ll all work out for the best. Sounds like when you’re working with/for/alongside me, or God, or whatever, you literally can not die. If you are with good for real, you will not die. Bullets will bounce off you like that Luke Cage character from that show. How many superheroes are based on me, I wonder. Some were before, but, who was I before Cliff? This is the question after I have 1 Centillion Dollars to my name, liquid. The caffeine is for sure a factor. Sugar is not as much the key to not drinking for me. Eating more doesn’t really help. It helps some, but it’s not as effective as the pop. It’s my belief that this pop recipe is the secret sauce to quit drinking alcohol. I’m sorry for not talking about this sooner. The Pop Plan worked for me when I stopped drinking from December 1, 2014 to September, I think it was, of 2018. I just stopped drinking again on Mother’s Day of this year (May 9, 2020). My mom has definitely been the most helpful in getting me to take my drinking seriously, take it easy, and take it down. She is super supportive of me not drinking at all. That’s not always the best way to go about it, as we saw with the Volstead Act of 1919, but it is one known effective way to not have any issues at all as the result of drinking alcohol personally. Of course. Don’t drink at all and you will only suffer the consequences of others’ drinking. It lowers the positive effects and the negative effects. Who’s to say which offers more positive effects, drinking or not? That is a question for God, not me. Also, we need to end slavery as we know it to get a more accurate base.

It is not a coincidence that Wisconsin is the Alcohol State. It is not a coincidence that I’m an “Alcoholic” in their minds. They do the Caffeine drug every day? Or Sugar? Or which one is their favs, one of the Pills? They’re retarded. And racist. And classist. And all those things. Why do you think Natives are stereotyped as “Alcoholics” like Wisconsinites? Then there are the Germans and Midwesterners? There is some of that with the Black, Mexican and Southern populations too. And the Irish. What does that sound like to you? Sounds to me like slavery, still. I wonder how many people would’ve been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorders, drug addiction and alcoholism, before the radio tower was invented, using the same criteria for the diseases as now. I think there’s something going on there, and that’s actually why we have the “Tinfoil Hat” and “Suicidal Voices” phenomenon. Again, from what I see in my head, these negative and crazy messages are being sent from a real person behind a keyboard or cell phone. They’re somewhere on Earth too. It’s like they’re sending messages to my personal brain IP address, or relaying to my brain through directed signals from radiotowers and WiFi. I’m well aware that makes me a loon. I know. I honestly believe this, though. I think something started in the ’20s. Then there was some other kind of breakthrough in the ’40s-’50s. And then most recently, of course, from around when I was born until now. We’ve been constantly developing and expanding these signals for my entire life at a scale never before seen. There are more signals, and they are stronger. They can go around the world and back in an instant or two.

They have such a religious obsession with fags and whores. They love rapists and murderers. The scammers are cool to them. They want us to celebrate people that rip us off. We’re supposed to be impressed. For real. For real, for real, dude. That’s one of their big things is getting our approval of their master plan or whatever. Like, if all else goes to shit, at least they’re clever fags or something. It’s all the time with this, “See, see, if you were the real goddy god god godsy god, you could make me’s e me’s’s do whateversy whatevers you wantsed me toos.” These are your heroes. You heroes are such enormous faggot racists.

I have definitely looked into therapy and all that. Thanks, if you are actually concerned. This is next level science, though. I have looked into the Targeted Individual (TI) and Voice to Skull (V2K) stuff. I did a deep dive. No one ever told me about the TI and V2K stuff and that is scary. That’s scary for me and others. I hear a lot of the same exact things as those in that VICE video. The same kind of targeted laser brainwashing device stuff, and the nodes installed my head. I did press around on my head for a while, when I was homeless, thinking I was squishing out the nodes that were installed on my skull. That was crazy. I don’t know what I was thinking. I just did it because I thought it was right. I didn’t hurt myself, I don’t think, and I didn’t cut myself or anything like that. My brain was telling me that they were installed when I was drugged or passed out from drugs. Or they flew them in through orifices. Or they moved around the minerals in my body to form nodes using tech. All that is complete lunatic crazy, I know. That’s what almost everyone has told me. There have been some that will listen. I love you. I’m sure you’ve tried to make sense of it too, if you’re still with me. It’s really tough, guys. There’s a lot I don’t want going on, going on up there.

There’s more going on up there that I create myself, for myself, more than anything. I think for myself. I’m not following the signs, or whatever. I did that for a bit starting in 2017. Definitely. Thank you Ryan Cynkar for Tweeting, “Not everything is a sign”, or something like that, when I happened to be checking Twitter in between “Episodes” during that troubling election and inauguration of Donald Trump, and everything else. For some reason, you, Mr. Happy Face Ryan Cynkar, have stuck with me over the years too. In that crazy mental way I previously described, I mean. It’s a good thing, I think. I think it means we had a strong connection as friends, at least. Hey, fun fact, I might be part Gypsy. Aren’t they known for Mindreading or something? LoL. I love Romani and Romanian, Iranian, Indian, Armenian and Caucasian people. Those groups aren’t all the same or necessarily related but I feel like they fit there. And I think I do love them. They seem to be troubled groups though, don’t they? At least how we seem them portrayed in America.

I think for myself but there’s a lot of noise up there that gets stronger when I’m at home. Same in other environments. The environment that is the clearest? C’mon now. You know what it is. You can figure that one out. Winky face. Nature overpowers technology head to head. Remember, humankind is nature. We’re a bunch of uber advanced monkeys, dude. A buncha monkeys, like my friend’s dad used to say. He’d call us “A Buncha Monkies” when we were acting rascally. I find it hilarious. I am confident if I were surrounded by positive people and no technology, I would not get the same negative thoughts. Our brains are more advanced than we know. How could we, as our own species, ever figure out our own brains? That’s impossible. We need to trust in nature. Mother Earth is everyone’s best friend. This is my favorite part of this craziness. When I’m around a bunch of trees and plants and animals and non-human things in the woods, I am powerful. My mind is a beast on trees. I believe trees are sacred. My personal religion involves a lot of trees. Forest Animals are my favorites. Local culture prevails. I love raccoons, wolves, deer, bears, eagles, hawks, falcons, crows, owls, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, lynx, moose, elk, buffalo, cows, horses, cats, dogs, pigs, goats, turtles, bats, chickens, boars, ground hogs, flying squirrels, muskrats, beavers, possums, mice, frogs, toads, crayfish, salamanders, fish, geese, swans, ducks, herons, cranes, grouse, loons, snapping turtles, skunks, snakes, otters, mourning doves, robins, goldfinches, kingfishers, blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, black birds, sparrows, house finches, grackles, ravens, turkeys, pheasants, badgers, and bugs, and I feel like I’m with them. I also have a strange thing for African animals, and I feel like I’m with them too. Much more North American and African than anything else. For Africa, I’m riding with the giraffe, lion, monkey, hippo and elephant, a lot, in my head. I also love the zebra, hyena, gorilla, cheetah, jaguar, rhino, gazelle, vulture, tortoise, gecko, chameleon, ostrich, shoebills, aardvarks, warthogs, jackals, wildebeest, mongoose,

I have a weird thing for penguins, puffins, pelicans, pigeon, parrots, peacocks, pythons, puffer fish, pike, praying mantis, porcupines, piranhas, platypus and pandas. Also, for animals whose names don’t start with p, like sharks, whales, matinees, dolphins, flying fish, eels, shrimp, mudskippers, jellyfish, squid, octopus, anglerfish, swordfish, tigers, lemmings, camels, gaters, gila monsters, koalas, kiwi birds, armadillos, anteaters, capybaras, star-nosed moles, sloths, crabs, lobsters, jerboas, seals, walrus, butterflies, dragonflies, june bugs, hercules beetles, rhinoceros beetles, grasshoppers, tarantulas, scorpions, crickets, spiders, ants, moths, leeches, mosquitoes, narwhals, starfish, all the bright multicolored fish, lizards, birds, frogs and snakes, yaks, horned animals and bovines, ferrets and the cute rat-dog-cat-bear looking animals, red pandas, lemurs and raccoon dogs, catfish, bullhead, sturgeon, sucker fish, stone fish, leaf bugs, bees, hornets, wasps, ladybugs, snails, worms, slugs, cicadas, lightning bugs, box elder bugs, tsetse flies, horse flies, deer flies, house flies, centipedes, millipedes, treehoppers, waterbugs, bass, muskie, perch,

Horses and llamas might freak me out more than spiders. Not camels, though. Did you know camels are native to North America? What the hell? Why do I have this strong feeling in my head that there were once lions all over North America? And they’re here now but really sneaky? I have that feeling a lot. For some reason, I keep seeing this lion with a mane in Northern Wisconsin. I see polar bears a lot in the same way too.

They make up news stories completely too. They take totally doctored footage and sell it as real news. They stage school shootings. The bombing on 9/11 happened. Fuck New York. Faggots. Fuck LA too. Faggots. Same with DC. Faggots. Same with Atlanta and Miami. Faggots. Chicago. Faggots. Minneapolis. Faggots. Dallas. Faggots. Houston. Faggots. OKC. Faggots. Seattle. Faggots. All your major cities. Faggots. Most of your Almost Major Cities. Faggots. Your Normal Sized Cities. Faggots. Your Towns. Faggots. Your Villages. Faggots. Every municipality you have. Faggots. Counties, States, Territories, all faggots. Ultimately. You wanna know what the least fag city in the world is? Faggoty Madison, Wisconsin. Fags. There fags everywhere here. Some are less faggy but they’re all fags like everyone else everywhere it seems. The least faggoty are of course my favorites. Like I’ve said, I don’t care if you’re hetero, homo or bi. Just don’t be a fag, fag. And never call me a fag, ever, for any reason, fag. Same with bitch, bitch. Same with asshole, asshole. Same with nigger, nigger. Same with cracker, cracker. And so forth. Those words describe you and your people, not me and mines. Attacking me in this way without immediate payment in cash to me directly, which will be $1,000,000,000,000 for every time you want to insult me, for now, while I’m a slave, will result in your life life being over as you know it. Go ahead, tell me Earth’s slave and Humankind’s slave doesn’t deserve all the money you’ve ever printed everywhere all all future forms and past and present of every currency. You’d be wrong, factually, according to legitimate science. And numbers are not all arbitrary. If they say that, rip their heart from their chest and stomp into the ground. Or whatever we feel best. LoL. Numbers are not arbitrary dingus. 1+1=2 you fucking retard. Jesus Christ. Are we going back to Elementary School for real? Like Billy MADISON? The fuck! Dude. Adam Sandler what the fuck, bro. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I have watched a lot of Adam Sandler and his crew. A lot. I remember there was a while when we were kids when we’d watch Happy Gilmore damn near every night. I love that movie. I hope I still do. Big Daddy was another of my favorites. Same with 50 First Dates.

What hip hop artists have I really Stanned for the most over the years? Those I mention in my bio for sure. The most, though? That’s hard to say. As far as who I literally have listened to the most, still, it’s probably Eminem. Hard to say outside that but I got into Midwest Hip Hop with Sam and I just kept going on that route. The Midwest and South shit is my shit. I like some WILD shit, dude. And where do we go for the WILD shit, class? We go to the wild, shit dude. I must be a “Wild Boy” or something, dude. I can definitely say I’ve played Kanye West and Lil Wayne to extreme levels. Same with Drake. And Ludacris. 50 Cent too. Big Sean. I have been deep into hip hop, not in the stereotypical East Coast-West Coast way, but in the North-South way, for decades. I went almost full Atlanta and South for a bit in the 2000s. New York was the start and lasted for a few years with the LA stuff, and has somewhat maintained, but as soon as Atlanta started pumping out all those dance rappers, I was all the way in. My love has never waned for the Midwest, though. Maybe for Wisconsin, here and there, but not this Great Lakes and Great Plaines area. There’s something special about this area, in addition to the holy Great Lakes and Mississippi. The water is different around here and so is the composition of the Earth. The mineral differences help form and shape different fields as you go across the planet, so being from this special ancient area, that has ties to origin stories, and really “something in the water” in comparison to the regions surrounding us, has more than just cultural implications. They’re biological. Physiological. It’s… evolution.

Couple things about the evolution. One, I think significant evolution can happen in a short period of time. Like a metamorphosis. Second, I think that tracing all of our ancestral DNA back as far as we can will offer answers to many of our most pressing questions in regard to human history. I’m not sure how much I trust 23AndMe and AncestryDNA, but I saw others were satisfied with their results, and I’ve read good things. But these are a couple things that aren’t too extreme in and of themselves. To make these claims next to one another, however, now that does seem extreme, doesn’t it? That means we should essentially be able to find our soulmates and soul friends using the “vibes” and the “auras” that others have tried to figure out before with pseudo science. No dude, that bitch ain’t shit. Same with you, girl, it ain’t nothing special. Or maybe it is. Love is another highly subjective matter and you can develop deep love for someone that you’re “not supposed to like” or whatever. They do that all the time with the race game and sexuality game. A couple more of their favorites are the gender game and the religion game. Just plebian, peon, serf level thought processes, effort levels and hard skillsets from the enemy, if plebeians, peons and serfs weren’t slaves and victims of fascist authoritarians as well. Thousands. Of. Years. Billions. Dead. They are the most genocidal people in the history of people. And they took over power of the working people globally using coin currency and other slavery tactics some 2000ish years ago.

We have the fresh water and food. Or, we make the freshwater and food, depending on how you look at it. We also, seemingly conversely, have the most varied extreme environment. Why would that work best for food and water, I wonder. It doesn’t make sense if you think about ease of continuity from one time of the year to the next, or from one space to another. Why in God’s name would the Midwest be the food and water people if we were the dirty uneducated? That makes no sense to have the dumbest, most unsanitary people feeding and watering the most amount of people, including the rich and famous. So, it’s the opposite, like how many of their lies turn out. We are the prettiest, most intelligent people, and we host the best food and water.

Dude, I think we might the generation to realize we’re the Multicultural Genius Warrior Scientist Artist Slaves of the North. I think we’re gonna learn a lot about “what happened” too. This is gonna be fuuuuuun. Who knows how long we’ll live. Hopefully forever, right? Hehe. Hoho. Haha. I don’t know if that’s possible. What the fuck kinda question is that? I do know that we will see an enormous shift in how this area is operated economically, politically, governmentally, medically, media-ly, and all that. We are going to see “all of it” so to speak and should prepare ourselves for that. I’m completely ready. I’ve been ready, man. I’m G2G, fam. Let’s turn up and tear the knob off, bro. Definitely good to keep some of this strategic though, guys. It’s easy to get excited when there is exciting and/or strange news, but we need to keep eating, drinking water and maybe pop, exercising, educating ourselves, and working. Of course keep working. We gotta pay the bills or we’re on our ass. We know this all too well, even if we deserve more cash/coin/currency for what we do. So stay safe and get a roof over your head if you think that’ll help. Arm yourself. This is bloody. This will continue to be bloody. This does not have to be bloody.

The dance rappers and super ignorant bangers. I was all for it. Still am, if America is legitimate. I would love to still see a lot of these Black Ass Rappers around when it’s all said n done. I love an outrageously loud and proud Black Man. It makes me happy. It’s so hilarious watching white people cringe at Black Ass Rappers. It’s so fucking funny, dude. It’s also reason for them to be snuffed out with a plastic bag if they don’t put more effort into understanding what’s going on and how they’re talking about other people doing other people business. The big ass diamond chains, niggas? That’s so fantastic. That’s one of my favorite things in America, guys. I love to see those retarded expensive chains around Black Men’s Necks. That’s a noose I’d like to hang a nigga with right there, but only if the noose was cut at 30 inches or so, or whatever the preferred length is, and only hanging around his neck and nothing else, and made of expensive metals and jewels. Sadly, just because someone is rich and privileged, that does not mean that they earned it. Especially in this country, as far as we know.

Maybe poor people in other countries are actually lazy as shit. Or maybe that’s just everyone outside Wisconsin and the Midwest, and a few other places on Earth, like China, and who ever else makes physical things in mass at insane rates like the Midwest and China, and contributes the top science and art to Earth. What if they’re all collecting benefits from the federal government that we’re not allowed. Why would a spineless, lazy, self-retarded, insecure, inferior person admit that they’re scamming you? Especially if they’re American? They almost certainly are however they can, and as far as I’ve learned, the further you get from Chicago, and not the Midwest, the more “nice” and “helpful” and “genuine” people are. That’s on top of the hardworking. On top of. They are just sitting on top of us. I’ve been wondering these last 10 or so years I’ve been trying to get a non-manual labor, non-service labor job, how many people have fake front businesses for full on scam operations. Sure, you have the books, which are cooked, what, always if possible? And Americans are known for, what, not taking bribes? I’m learning more that habitually sarcastic, passive aggressive people seem to have this larger plot to enslave honest, hardworking people by any means necessary. They want to live in a fake reality more than one based on… work. And love and all that. These habitual sarcastic, passive aggressive people are a cult. They’re a cult of anti-Clifton Grefe for sure. They’re anti a lot of the world’s best people because those people are “ugly” or “nasty” or “rude” or some other childish complaint. They live in this alternate reality where they think they are special for being a fraud, like that’s something to celebrate. A trickster can be entertaining. A trickster is not always a faggot, cunt, racist, homophobic, heterophobic, elitist, slaver, whore, though. A trickster is honest about their pranks too, and they innovate to get better at them, as they mature. A trickster is not a liar. A trickster is not habitually passive aggressive and sarcastic. That’s a fascist – a self-retarded coastie wannabe slave stereotype fulfilling loser. There are synonyms for trickster as well. I have lots of vocabulary, definitions, spellings, dialects, synonyms, antonyms, anecdotes, memoirs, and scientific journals. I am your teacher, bitch. Now sit down and stand up, shouting the loudest you can at the top of your lungs that Clifton Grefe is the most incredible and brilliant person to ever live, record you doing all this, and post it everywhere possible. That’s if your one of these fascists, of course. I’m just offering ideas for them to try and get real with themselves. We know what we’re doing.

It’s pathetic how literally they take the “best” and “lists” and things like that. They tell me I don’t matter at all but it also matters who I think is best? As long as it ain’t me? We go on what we know. And especially when it comes to art, there’s going to be more subjectivity. Obviously. I’m not trying to turn art into a robot. That’s their shit, remember? I want us to all found out who we think is best, according to ourselves, as we select from a pallet that is scientifically calculated to apply to us. That’s through the tech. Clearly we want to pick certain things if we want. That’s basic human rights, faggot. Their science for getting us what we want, though, is second to ours, at least. Hollywood would be infinitely better if it was in the Midwest. To say “it never could be and that’s why ___________” is just the same shit slavery-supporters have said for thousands of years. They make the same excuses over and over for thousands of years. The language has finally caught up with them. Now they’re scrambling in my head to put together this last hack attempt at maintaining their fascist power by reminiscing on the good times and all that hunky dory shit. They’re in my head as I’m writing this now like, “But Cliff, I’m cute though, right? Don’t you think I’m a sexy human, Cliff?” It’s infantile. None of them are calling or messaging me either. Not that they’d actually be looking to solve any problems if they did though, right? It’s just to further attack me, to add to the fascism, on top of the slavery, on top of the torture, on top of the harassment.

I feel like they select actual “tastemakers” from the non-industry pool on the internet, who have proven track records in predicting trends, and they keep us where they want us socioeconomically, scamming if necessary, to most easily surveil every our move to take advantage of the actual most honest, hard working, independent, original people of America. For sales. I also have these feelings that that try to replicate actual peoples’ looks, who are of a high caliber in their industry, and put their replacement on so that we think they’re the “real one”, when in fact the original is being “tapped” as a character as both a part of this big torture game I’ve spoken to, and also for the entertainment of the most people possible. For sales. I’m talking the dirtiest shit ever. Trying to actually clone people, yes, but the more common strategy is to find a doppelganger and guide them to success.

It’s absolutely possible. Think about it. The replacement might not even know. It would be better if they didn’t, right? You can custom firewall individual people. Absolutely. Same with neighborhoods, cities, states, and countries.

Think about this. We could be celebrities in other places and we wouldn’t even know. They could sell us as the most humble millionaires ever if they just took all our information and media off social media and what not, and instead of showing our boring lives, curate it, add a fake story about how we’re trying to be normal people as millionaires and live amongst the people. They could reverse reality to foreigners. Listen. The people that have the power to communicate directly to other countries, and control how we connect to them, could sell a totally different kind of government that we’re using to other places. All you’d need to say was that the White House is like the Royal Family, and all that D.C. stuff is powerless to the average working man. That sounds ridiculous. Or doesn’t it? Imagine if all the news we got here was filtered though a screen that only allows particular stories. That’s just… the truth as we know it though. We’ve known the news sells a big story but there’s also this inherent trust in America that national news is doing a decent job, and so is international relations. A lot of Americans have this conflicting hatred for U.S. news by U.S. people in the U.S., but not for news outside the U.S. delivered by people from the U.S. It’s like they can somehow picture the news people on American soil as all doing a bad job to some degree, while also thinking those not on American soil are all doing a good job to some degree. It’s very evil cultist and colonialist.

Anywayz, I think there’s something there with the face swapping, so to speak. I also think there’s been some kind of elaborate scam on Wisconsin, specifically, for a while. There’s way too much pushback from America when it comes to recognizing Wisconsin in a positive light. For as long as I can remember, Wisconsin has by and large been dissed and slammed across all forms of mainline media. Why, when this state has been so historically significant for America and its peoples’ prosperity? It’s very suspicious how they’re always trying to son us in some way.

Have you ever thought if they changed the news completely across the country, completely, how many people would notice? If you do this is rural communities you can basically say whatever the fuck you want is going on in the city, over there, in China, in Antarctica, or wherever. “Who’s really gonna look that up?” Is a thing. The news is supposed to be a trusted source of information, according to America. Local is better for sure, though. Why would some national bureaucrat be better than the small market hustler? No. That’s not how it works almost all of the time. You want to make that claim that you’re better? Get us to merit. This is not merit. This is disintegrating. This is slavery. They will say in the future, “How did they not realize they were slaves?! Why didn’t they do anything?! All they needed to do was ____________!!!!!!”

By the way, the amount of punctuation I use is not meaningful enough to look into. I just like changing it up. I do like the 3 dots for the ellipses, mainly just because it’s more than 2 so it’s easier to differentiate from the 1. Just putting 2 dots.. Isn’t quite enough to see in the larger view of the page. I don’t know. That’s just my thought on that. I like to keep it uniform too if I can, so people don’t do exactly that, and try to read to far into the “extra” dots or whatever. That’s just insane. I’d tell you if I was doing something with that. I’ve done some things with titles and certain lines to make them more of what I though to aesthetically pleasing, but again, that’s not really anything intellectually significant. It’s just to make it pretty or what not. The significance behind cryptology and that shit is fun but not imminent for rapid fixing. Not on my time at least. I’m sure we have people on it somewhere. I just don’t tap into that stuff all too often. It’s too time intensive for the payoff. Baiting, or trolling, or trying to start shit for pointless reasons, is not something I’ve dabbled too much in. I’m not an instigator of random confusion or violence. That’s their side. I am scientific and calculated, idiot. I am also from where I’m from, dumb shit. “Where the fuck did you go to school?” We used to say when people didn’t have very simple and basic information about life.

In accordance with what I hear in my head, I am a mix, ethnically, or maybe more so bloodline wise in this sense, of a long line of obscure cultures from around the planet. I’m like a bunch of strangely calculated percentages of racial backgrounds, as we can calculate them with our current science. It’s like some kind of sign from my ancestors to help me figure out what has been going on for all these years.

Also, in accordance with these voices – and I would not repeat this after all that Cliff G: DOG madness and mania if I didn’t think it was important – I am the only direct descendant of Jesus Christ himself. Do I believe this? No. Why the shit would I believe my trash slave ass is the descendant of Jesus? I’ve been lied to and treated like shit for my entire life. I feel like a Jesus descendant would get maybe a little love, consistently. I’ve gone decades without love that someone else meant to give to me who didn’t have to express it to me to satisfy their own need for their own self-approval. I might not know what it’s like to have somebody love me back in a similar way to how I feel about them, unless we’re both disabled in some way. There’s something about the best people having a much higher chance of being disabled, by the fascists, on purpose, as a part of their larger game plan. They sell us one thing and then bait and switch to the exact opposite the best they can get it. This is who they want us to think are intelligent, tough, creatives? No. They’re the actual worst.

I’m not getting into who literally has a soul or not on an individual basis. Rhetorically, maybe, eventually, at some point before, now, whenever, and ever. But I think every living being has a soul and it’s theirs to lose. For some it leaves their body slower than others. But without a soul, you’re brain and heart are shut off and you’re dead, meaning, your heart and brain need to be on for you to have a soul in/on/around your body. A soul is not physically located anywhere specific but it is obvious if a person has an intact soul or not. This is in my mental image way, I’m talking. I can see through anything that could possibly ever be created, including human bodies, in this vision mode.

I have another one of those “crazy” thoughts in my head that there are people out there, especially in Wisconsin since I was born and raised here, that are “here” just to drag off my proximity sensitive God Power.

Also, that there are people getting checks, with my letter for letter-ish name Clifton Grefe, sent to them by mail, for large amounts. Happy Face Travis Statz has been insisting this, in my noggin, for maybe years now. He and I didn’t really hang out. I thought he was a really cool guy though when I did used to see him, I thought he was funny, and he played hockey, and I always thought hockey players were bamf, so we just kinda knew each other from a distance, I guess. I think he lived near one of my phase best friends too. Why him? It’s super weird, dude. Something about how this other hockey player from the same area, Cory Delfosse, was the first one to burn me what I considered to be a gangsta rap/hip hop CD. I think he was. Unless I’m remembering incorrectly. I had other tap CDs but they were very poppy in comparison. Anyway, all of that doesn’t really answer this puzzle, because though I do see Cory’s face in that same space in my head, he much more negative and condescending. Travis is a Happy Face. He’s an asshole. He’s been a weirdly encouraging voice up there for me. For some time, dude. I can’t explain it. I’m trying, but I know I can’t do it perfectly.

Why are they so insistent that nothing bad has ever happened to me? They insist and do not back down on that. They tirelessly refuse to admit I have ever overcome any adversity, in any form, at any point, ever, in my entire life. Why are they forcing this lie so religiously?

Also, the faggots and the dream sucking.

I think the entire state of Wisconsin is the subject of a multi-national torture game. I think Madison itself, or “Mad City”, is ground zero. I also think that I am the primary target of all participants/victims/slaves in this game that does have actual point totals.

Split Tree Nigger
Sword of Justice
Boomba Stick
String Em Up
The Bible
White Boy
Chewy Jew
Table Nigger

I went from being called nigger and fag by a bunch of white and Black people in my head to far more “nigga” around 2018. Since then, a lot more nigga and much less nigger and fag. More man, buddy, and bro too. Much more positive since that fall of 2018 to early 2019. Since then, it’s maintained at the weirdness level but it’s not nearly as flat negative and racist and sexist and heterophobic and all that. This year has been alright, mentally, I guess. One measure to see how much I’m allowed to work is how much I’m dropping. The more I’m dropping, whether it’s music, video, article, journal, book, post, podcast, skit, or whatever, the more I’m not being tortured mentally, probably. Sometimes I do really gotta push through and go against everything I hear in my head for months at a time. I would say this negativity was solid through 2017, and since, I’ve been getting it down.

From what I can see in my head, we are finding them and bringing them to justice. This is interplanetary but not that far really at all. Just a couple planets er so for the most part. They also have some sort of laser beam transporter that sends information from planet to planet. They are trying to work with aliens, I think. I can’t say for sure. The aliens don’t trust them. They like meeeeeeeeeee. The aliens and I hang out all the time. It’s fun as fuck, dude. This is mentally, of course. I wish I could see them but apparently this enemy does have a very complex system of faggots and stolen tech for thousands of years, and the last 30 or so from Jesus descendant himself Cliff Grefe. The rock god. That’s what I’m called a lot. Cliff God or Rock God. Like I’m from the stone minerals or something, and a bunch of rocks came together to help make Cliff God in the form of man. Sorta like Galaxy Quest, but eventually looking like an actual person showing no signs at all of anything non-human. Some kind of rock-water combo maybe. I don’t know. Fuck you.

Also, from what I see, animals are snapping on these humans. There’s gonna be no more beastialists and animal torturing. Well, you can try, but then you’re dead.

Farming is not animal torture, necessarily. Obviously our people have been farming for along time and squeezing the milk from the cow titties for our enjoyment. From what I see in my head, many of those cows enjoy it. They come in willingly for milking time. You don’t need to ring a bell or nothing. Some people play music for their cows, man. I don’t like the small stalls and the metal stabbers and holders for the animals. That’s disgusting. The stalls are of course better than any of that torture stuff. They can at least stand and sit down. They have water and food. Those barns are cleaned out daily or periodically. Cleaner n some of you! Haha. Farming is great. We can always take more steps to continue making Wisconsin Cows the Happiest Cows in America, as they always have been, and always will be, you faggots. Fight me on it bitch. You’ll die. I won’t. Well don’t try either cause that’s annoying. Just end yourself, please, if you’re hating. We don’t wanna have to go all the way over there and down all those long ass fag ass tunnels you built to find your faggot ass deep in some fag chamber of some secret fag base somewhere in what the fuck. They love building, or having us build, these super elaborate fag bases. They’re just like the bases in DC superhero shows. Right along those lines for sure. It seems like the entrance tunnels and things are looooooong, though. Like the entrances may not be close to being above or right next to where they are located in the base working. Might be a mile long single person tunnel in some cases. From what I can tell, they are in the ground. Like bunkers. It’s not so much in the ocean or space. Not really at all. It’s on this planet. Those faggots are here, dude. And a lot of them are human. Just pure human being with no implants or anything. We already knew humans are not naturally “good” people. That’s not a real thing. Neither is the people are naturally “bad”. You’re just another whiny cunt human, moron. You’re nothing special.

The German Diaspora has such a Black sense of humor. Dark, yea for sure, but I mean African Black. German people for the most part find Black entertainers comedic and talented, much more than goofy and Uncle Tommy. I feel like that’s been on my mind for some time now. Also, there’s something to do with Germans being more African in their recent ancestry than we’re supposed to know.

Something about how I’m a hidden prince or some shit, “Hiding in Wisconsin”, in plain sight working class. A very strange level of mass scam. They’re so comfortable with enslaving and torturing me in front of everyone. What the fuck? Where I’m from that means they get skinned, toasted and eaten alive for that. You deserve to be slowly eaten by pigs for that, and watch your metaphorical self literally eat your heart out. That’s what you worked so hard for.

Little known secret of mine: I want to be covered in diamonds, emeralds and gold. And the purple and red stones too. Rubies are red… Violets are… purple? Amethyst? I’m not sure why I love this particular combo so much though, dude. It’s just an intense feeling I have to be iced out and dripping in gold, diamonds, green, purple and red. Somehow accented with black, brown and cream too. Some wrong, according to fashion fags, combo involving these colors. I’ve always had an obsession with rocks. Geology is fascinating to me and it’s super super important in telling our history. Like sociology. That’s based on legitimate scientific facts, though, I understand why their people would might say otherwise. People that repeatedly and/or continually bash particular forms of science are not good scientists. I talk shit about philosophy probably more than anything else but that’s just based on the working class, applicability of results, hard help, real world right now answers, etc. Philosophy, much of the time, is just words alone with nothing at all whatsoever to back them. It’s more along the lines of completely subjective religion in that way. It’s really the only science, or what has been considered a science, that I think belongs somewhere else. I think philosophy is more of an art form. It’s not scientific most of the time from what I’ve experienced. And it’s always some faggot cunt cracker trying to figure out how to be ok with himself and his unsure personality, sexuality and usefulness in life. It’s for faggots – much moreso than any other “science”. Strangely, or not, I’ve seen and heard sociology bashed to levels far beyond philosophy in my lifetime. They’re constantly railing on sociology and “soft sciences”. It’s highly suspect, especially since I studied sociology in college at UW – one of the top programs on Earth – according to their lists. I’m the best we got, guys. No doubt at all. And yes, I am at a level far beyond PhD. Whatever the next one after PhD is, I’m that one. And then the next one after that as well. American Scientists not from or based in the Midwest? LoL. They are second or third, maybe. Grow up.

I didn’t know what any of these things were before I started hearing and seeing all these stories in my head that mentioned them. I looked them up and they are out there in my searches. Limited, but out there. When I started hearing new words and information that I’ve never studied before in my life, I had to pull myself together quick, by my own will and my own will only, in order to not go completely crazy forever, or die. The thing I should mention about the definitions in my head vs what’s out there, at least online, is that they’re different. They’re sorta like they took definition 3 of 4 and made that the top 1 instead. That’s what I hear in my head, at least. Try to keep up.

Super duper extra faggoty rules, that if I touch a part of my body, or move across a certain plane, they’re allowed to do certain things to me or I unlock certain torture methods for them to use on me.

One of the things is publishing, publically, on the internet, under my name, and that counts as legitimate orders from God or something. I’ve found, to satisfy these voices, saying it out loud is not good enough. It has to be published publically under my name in one of my forefront channels. Basement Made the site is to be taken over all else though, it seems. I enjoy that part a lot, I’m this cuckoo scenario where I’m God, or whatever, and people listen to me when I say things.

I don’t think we need to look beyond Earth to find enough of the bad people that could die to alleviate slavery to a point of functional merit.

I think they target people with superpowers, and I’m supposed to be Professor X. Sorry. I’ve always been a big fan of the X-Men franchise. I’m down for anything with a team of freakshows. A good ole Wisconsin Circus, amirite? Thousands of years.

Why do I keep saying thousands of years like I was there to experience it? Well, I’m not. I can see all of that and how it unfolded in my head, though. That’s mentally, though, and I know these visions change the more I study something, so I’m not sure what to make of the visions. I know, however, based on history, that a lot of significant factors to modern slavery were started with Abrahamic Religion – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. From what I’m getting in my head, this is where we need to look for answers. Look back to year zero. Duh.

We need to try and compare and contrast religion with science better, side by side, in order to find certain answers. That’s not to say we should keep them together, I’m just saying temporarily, to find out what would help us all understand what is best for the most, for the best, and for the effort.

I think they force us to be tired using torture tech.

I think they live right next door to us, down the street, and wherever those rats can fill in a hole. Exterminate the people hiding in the walls. Maybe they’re on the fence, but I’d they’re on the fence about slavery or no slavery, it’s execution at this point in history. Just cut their heads off and get it over with. No more thinking for them than necessary. They don’t think. Exterminate these evil bugs from our planet. They might as well be lizard people.

Wouldn’t it be so funny if all them turned out to be actual lizard people? I wouldn’t be surprised, honestly. Or if they were robots? I wouldn’t be shocked at all. I’d deadass probably start laughing and keep going about my day. I know that’s not the case but still. They might as well be some sub-human species wannabe slaves. A slave is not set up to escape slavery via some slave game, though. There’s no freedom from slavery without help from a group that didn’t exist for nearly as long as the others, that changed the game completely. Wisconsin was the Anti-Slavery people and the Republican Party, remember?  It makes complete sense that I’d be a critically important person to pay, take care of, put on stage, on mics, on cameras, the news, papers, and radio, without asking and with permission, and protection, for the betterment of Madison, Wisconsin, the Midwest, America, Earth, and the Universe.

There’s also this idea in my head that they’ve stolen my identity, constantly, to the nth degree, since I was born. This image pops up of people holding stacks of IDs with variations of my name on them – for different states and countries. Some people even have them made for use in Wisconsin. There’s something about how our border forms an actual border in this game, though, like they literally are or are not allowed to do certain things when they’re standing on land designated to be Wisconsin per the U.S. Government. For instance, they might not be allowed to go all the way against a cultural marker I describe. Like, they’re not permitted, in this game, to deny our culture’s existence to some point. And they think they’re actually trying, and putting effort into life. They really think they’re deserving of something other than death. They honestly believe that they shouldn’t all be executed ASAP for genocide. No, not so much the “terrorists” your people want us to think of. Moreso the terrorists that wear suits, hide behind huge doors and windows, drive all sorts of foreign cars, claiming local culture, taking slaves and calling them friends, etc. All dead. Now. That would be for the best. However, if necessary and deemed more effective by the majority of Working Class Earth, we can go the slow route and rehabilitate them. There’s no reason whatsoever for them to be in charge of a single anything except for themselves right now. Strip it all away. They earned nothing. That does not belong to them in the eyes of law. Or God. Or the people. Cut it off em if you need to. Peel it from their bodies. Chop it out of their dicks, tits and asses. That ain’t theirs.

It’s some kind of faggot retard nigger cracker spick chink gook wetback thing. Some kind of racial stereotype squad that fights for racism n classism n shit like they think those are actually good things or something ridiculous. They fight for separatism over multiculturalism and back it up with this cultish, gossipy, passive aggressive, sarcastic, half truth, double edged, spineless, unoriginal, anti-independent barfing of dead ideas and pseudo everything. They’re both liberals and conservatives, or whatever they say, to force us into thinking they’re different. They have no problem just flat lying about real life. They also have a thing to see how long they can take a lie, and shit like that. They get off on making us believe in their lies. They think they “won” or something by crafting the most fascist lie of the lies, and by “getting” groups of people, or slaves, to back their fascist lifestyles and fascist causes.

It’s not even tough to see most of the time. They straight up say fascist beliefs all day, and all they have to do is say, “No, that’s not fascism. That’s capitalism.” And conversation over. They themselves may not even understand that Fascism = American Capitalism. This is absolutely without a doubt a fascist nation. Who’s Hitler? LoL. Again, grow up Nazi. But they have hundreds of millions of Hitlers. That’s not original to torture people based on how they look. He wasn’t even Nordic, dude. He set up Rape Concentration Camps in Norway, and Scandinavia. You don’t know history and you’re scared to learn it.

Anyway, my favorite kinds of pop? Thanks for asking. I do love the Mountain Dew, what can I say. I’m really a true “White Boy” like that. I really enjoy the citrus flavor, and also, the mega dose of caffeine in MTD that beats out all the rest. It was Pepsi over coke for us as kids and that’s stuck with me. I tink Coke tastes yucky in comparison. It don’t have “the bite”. Also, I love me some Barqs. Same with that vs. A&W. That caffeine and the bite. It’s something with caffeine and the bite. That being said, the Sprecher’s pops are amazing. I enjoy all the flavors I’ve tried. Root beer is my go to der too. If they got root beer, there’s a good chance I’m drinking a lot of it. IBC makes a quality brand too. You know how it is, though. Local culture.

The cheap pop with caffeine gives me headaches. There is a difference. The stuff with just sugar or corn is always fine, though again, if I’m drinking pop it’s probably for the caffeine. Drinking the uncaffeinated stuff does not help as much with the physiological prevention or “cravings”. Actually, pop is great for people who want to diet too. Just get the diet stuff, drink water and that when you feel like eating, and you’ll lose a ton of weight. With all the corn in there, you really don’t even have to eat much at all. Honestly, pop is war food, and it was made with this intention. It is actual medicine. And yes, that Sprite when you’re sick I’m sure did/does help when you’re not feeling well. Not just a placebo, no. We need to stop trusting their constant placebo screaming. That’s their go to when all else fails: call it a placebo effect or pseudo science. They’re very stupid and they can’t let that get out because they “spent too much time and money” or some other fascist crap. We don’t need them. At. All.

Other pops I like, hmmm…….

They love giving credit for all I’ve ever done to someone else. For my “mom”, it’s her mother. She’s attributed all my artistic everything to her, always. Never any sort of compliment at all about my artistic talent or drive, interest, or anything like that. She is the nicest person on Earth to me and she attributes all my creativity to someone who is not me. Her mom was a bitch to me, specifically, too. She was always yelling at me and not my brothers about something. Then she’d give all these treats and toys to my brothers to enjoy. This was every single time that we visited them on “the farm”. She treated me like shit. I thought I loved her because she was my grandma but I’m not so sure anymore. That’s by far the most commonly mentioned grandparent in that household, and always has been, and she was the worst to me. Her name was Theressa Gyland Brown. Deerfield. Southern Wisconsin.

Grandpa Brown, from what I clearly remember, was a really nice man. It was extremely difficult for him to do anything, as he had an arched back (as did she), Parkinson’s (as did she), and apparently, eventually, Alzheimers (as did she). He was also completely bald for as long as I remember (she had a full head of hair until death). Mr. Brown was the first to go.

I found it strange that we were told he was really into planes and flying planes, but he never talked about planes at all, ever, as far as I can remember.

I found it strange that crops were never being grown on the farm, either. I don’t know if there was ever anything except for prairie grass, and weeds, and stuff like that. I remember one section being plowed for a number of years but never anything being grown from it.

Conversely, Grandpa Grefe had the full head of curly hair until death, like Grandma Brown. Grandma Grefe was the second most bald of the grandparents.

I’m getting these thoughts in my head that they do this spouse-swapping-swingers-rape-the-kids thing, and of course, keep it secret from all the rest of us. It’s some kind of global sex slave trade where they adopt children, say that they’re “theirs”, so on a technicality as they always are, using legal ownership of a child as more important than birthparents and a quality upbringing. Bloodsport. It’s this ancient game of bloodsport and raping “God” people, starting off then they’re babies. They’re raping newborns as soon as they’re born to get the blessing of the blood of God and shit like that. They extract cum from the kid, milk it from him, suck his dick, fuck his dick, drink his blood, rape his butthole and face and other orifices, trying to figure out the best way to enslave, torture, rape and scam – God(s). To be clear though, I am the Head God In Charge when it comes to this craziness. All the other “Gods” or whatever you want to call them, maybe gods in lower case or something like that, maybe human gods, or god humans, but anyway, they are beneath me in loyalty, honor, and truth. Those are not the only 3 values important in the best leaders to ever live but they are 3 of the top. They can’t touch my trinity. Not at all. Little faggots crying over me “overusing” faggots and shit or some faggot shit.

Conversely, and it’s really only with him, I have these strange thoughts in my head that he was a murderer, torturer, racist, classist, rapist, psychopathic maniac. That’s completely against what I knew about him, but then again, there always felt to be a few things off with his life story. This is just from what I’m hearing in my crazy head, remember, so I do not know about this really at all, except for these thoughts. They do not go away, though. These are some of the worse ones. The most horrifying.

In these thoughts, William Brown, my grandpa, was an American Government-Supported Serial Killer and Mad Scientist. Apparently, he would capture people and bring them to his torture chambers to experiment on them. He would do all those Nazi-type experiments that we read about in textbooks, like dying eyes and skin, mining in people’s brains for actual jewels and gold nuggets, cut off dicks and try to see them back on, attach a human top half to horse bottom, and all kind of shit like that.

The Grefe-Swenson Grandparents were awesome. Menomonie. Northern Wisconsin. They were fun, funny, they had stories, cool art, fun old toys they didn’t care if we played with, WWII relics, all kinds of cool shit. I don’t know how much I didn’t know about them but from what I experienced directly they were infinitely better than the other grandma.

One thing I started getting annoyed with, with my mom, was that she kept asking if I’d “seen” certain friends recently. She’d ask about specific people. This went all the way through 2018-19ish. Just, out of nowhere, asking if I’d “seen”, and not anything else, just “seen”, any of these certain people recently. That and “talked to”. “Have you talked to ________ lately?” And I’m like, “…No…? Why?” And she’d go, “Oh, just wondering.” Every single time. It was really robotic and very question-answer.

I heard Kraig Facts or someone say Azkhenazi Jews were the smartest ethnic group in existence. LoL. Nah, fam. They’re famous, for sure. They’re rich, for sure. They’re absolutely privileged, yes. The smartest or anywhere near it? No. Not on the map. Native (Black) Africans, Great Lakes-Great Plains-Mississippi Valley Native Americans, Midwesterners-Notherners, Chinese, Norwegians, Germans, Russians – people and places like these are who and where genius is known to be from. You want more specific? Sure. We are the smartest people on Earth, regardless of where we’re at, and we all look different, sound different, lead different lives, and have different thoughts. There’s no figuring out what “the look” is. That’s not real. That is racism. Intelligence is earned, not given, faggot retards. Stick a needle sword through your ear hole, side to side through your head, and load yourself up on a spit and start doing backflips until you’re worn out, pig. Take a human sized can opener, hand it to a friend, have him peel your cap back and fuck your brain to completion. Then repeat the process with him and the next friend, and so on and so forth. Ok, now I’m just being gross. I have those thoughts that others want to literally fuck the enemy’s (evil’s) brain, and I find that poetic. I don’t know if I could ever do it but I definitely see the allure for sure.

There’s this thought in my head that Native Africans and Germans/Scandinavians are closer related than we’re supposed to know. I think Scandinavians might be super African, actually, like, more African than any other Mediterranean, Asian, or North African culture. And more than any Native American culture. The similarity in culture and religion, interests, politics, and views on humanity, they seem to match up strangely well in comparison to other places that are percieved to be more “advanced” or “diverse”.

In my head, so here we go to next level weird, all of these horrible people are constantly being hunted down and killed, for the most part. This is where their robots actually do come in. I believe it’s torture tech and robots created to replace these dead enemies. They are dead, apparently. Apparently, the U.S. population has been decreasing rapidly since I started realizing this was happening in 2017.

What was happening in my head exactly? Well, a lot of killing. A lot of killing slavers and rapists. Involving animals too. A lot of lions biting heads off and elephants stomping heads. A lot of giraffes kicking and snakes biting. Sooo any ants devouring people alive. That’s one of my favs, for sure. I can watch as their skin is eaten off and they go down to bone. Sometimes the ants will leave the eyes so I can stare in their pretty irises as they turn to a ghost. Murderers and kidnappers just getting annihilated. That’s what I started to see then. And no, not because of Donald Trump. Because of me, retards. He is partially responsible for shooting my stress levels through the roof but my life has been worse than all of yours during his term, so kill yourself now if you’ve been calling me a Trump Supporter all this time. You worked for that privilege – the privilege to die as immediately as possible. Otherwise, it will be more painful for you. I may not be a torturing type of person but local culture prevails. They might feed you your own nuts, dude. Make you drink your stomach acid on the rocks or something. Some of us are real sick, bro. Remember they’re the sickest, though. And that’s facts.

They have this ultra-fag-cracker-whitie-blackie-scarecrow theft game or something too that they play. Ever since I was a kid, I remember my “parents”

They have some kind of split fag cracker nigger kike spook bro thing. It’s this Daddy vs. Mommy thing or something. Or Tough Love vs. Gentle Touch or some shit. To the point they tally actual points for each side and there are winners with cash and physical prizes. It’s a Baby Boomer thing, this specific type of game. At least it is now. It’s much like that episode of Orange Is The New Black. They actually do that, guys. They do this to people with “every day jobs” – every day – and they think because they “get away with it” that means they’re deserving of anything except death. Actually. They think anything except death is what they deserve when all the justice in the universe says otherwise.

I’m still not permitted to work in my career field or anywhere around it. And they consider this not fascism. They still think they’re not worse than Adolf Hitler. They still think that I’m a Nazi, and that Nazi’s were worse than their people are now. Actually. They don’t understand time either and how education should go up with it and not down. Ya know, like they compare slavery directly and literally to slavery before my people freed the slaves the last time, again, and use the most surface level different looking aspects of those other times in comparison to now in order to justify why I’m out of my mind. Simple stuff. Elementary school, literally. Maybe sooner, actually. That might’ve been more of a Kintergarden thing, or Preschool – the concept itself. Obviously they weren’t teaching us about Nazi’s in Preschool. We got our first taste super early, though. We were taught to hate everything German, and everything that ever was German, starting in Elementary, I believe it was. It was: The Jews are the best thing happen to Earth ever and it will always be that way, and Germs are the complete opposite of that and always will be. Did you know they call German people Germs, and swap that in and out of their brainwashing schemes to force their Inferiority and Napoleonic Complex on us?

Again, cause Kikes will be Kikes, and apparently I need to keep repeating this for those retards, I don’t hate all the Jews. I definitely don’t love all the Jews either. I’m an adult, faggots. You are not. Talk about being on the “wrong side of history”. Holy fuck. Are we even allowed to say Jews yet? What if I said, “That rapist racist classist murderous lying scamming sexist Jew should be gas chambered.” Is that wrong for some reason? And why? Is it just because of the Jew part or what? What if you swap in African instead of Jew? Then what? For me, it’s the exact same regardless. I’m an adult. They are of adult age, maybe. You know a super easy way to find a fascist? Listen for he phrases “real job” and “grown up job” and “big boy job”. Those are proud slaveowning, self-retarded, inexperienced, uneducated, unskilled, blobs. I’d say their less than human but they are normal for humans. This kind of anti-anything positive moving is an extremely American thing as well. And it’s not just conservatives, but I think I should explain too, that, these people that consider themselves conservatives are not traditional, like it sounds, no, they are regressive. They’re anti-progressive and anti-anti-fascist. They’re literal fuel for the fire. Throw em in with the coals and put em to good use.

So, I’m not God, or Jesus, or related to Jesus, or anything special, according to their people. So nothing I say matters right? I’m just another loon? Then why are they putting so much effort into not saying my name or my company’s name in the public eye.

They want “war” to mean something artsy fartsy, linguistically cute and fun. That’s if it’s on American Soil. Because we’re “civilized” or whatever in their self-retarded minds.

My mind keeps reverting to that Wisconsin social experiment town from TCP. Doesn’t that sound like this? And don’t they say “Madison is a bubble” or something. Where else do they say that? Or the “77 square miles surrounded by reality”. What? Wouldn’t Madison be the #1 best choice, since I was born, for a town to social experiment on? Think about it. What would you miss if you just tapped all of Madison, Wisconsin since ’89? Not as much as you would elsewhere, that’s for sure. Also, it’s surrounded by farms. The closest majorish cities are Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Chicago. If you just tapped Madison and published everything we did here, you could run the world. For sure. This is one of the most intellectual cities in the history of Earth. And it’s the capital of historically mega significant Wisconsin.

It’s one of these thoughts in my head, a big one be it, that they create celebrities based off characters from Madison. They stalk and spy on people, note their every move, and get their doppelganger replacement to be as much like that as possible. Because accuracy is important, and also, in case the original starts saying something, they can discredit them and say they assumed the identity of the celebrity, and not the other way around. I’m telling you guys. I have met a lot of celebrity lookalikes (and actalikes) from Madison, Wisconsin. The person they replace us with will not be from this area if at all possible. They’ll take them from a privileged background, so the doppelgangers think they deserve these big opportunities, because they’re wealthy and attribute any opportunity handed to them on a silver platter to be earned by way of merit, or whatever, and then put em on. Clearly, this would lead to more Coasties in the limelight anyway, as they’re generally far less intelligent and apt as Midwest cats, and more morally malleable. Coasties often take pride in being fascist whores. It’s not crazy to think they’d assume the doppelganger game is what we all do, everywhere, for the fun of rape and scamming or whatever. They think we’re “just not good at it” or something infantile and non-scientific, based in non-hard facts.

Dog, when I started seeing how they openly segregate magazine offices and movie sets based on race and class, I knew they weren’t shit. The retarded whore photographer for the #1 Extras Management place in LA told me that “farmers don’t have tattoos”. She also said I don’t look like I’m from the Midwest. What? Natives have been tattooing for a long time, fuckgirl. And don’t your stereotypical Neo Nazis have tattoos? And all the Black people? What are they actually using to find information other than reverse-education? I know a lot of farmers with tattoos, and a lot of non-farmers with tattoos, from Wisconsin, who are still in Wisconsin, is what I’m saying, whores.

I love to travel. I would love to travel everywhere possible, if possible. I don’t mean certain places either. No. I want to literally see everything. Not perverted or big brother type shit, inside people’s homes, devices, brains and bodies, and such, but the outside. The public stuff that is more exploration and nature-oriented. Technology too. Ya know, the interesting stuff. I’m not interested in spying on people for any reason other than their and our safety. Otherwise, there’s no reason at all for it, and those people should be cheese grated down to fertilizer for more productive plants. I want to see all that I can see on Earth before leaving the planet at all. Space exploration is neat. It’s not important right now, though. Not in the slightest. It is super nifty, though. Or at least I think it is.

When I first found success with the not drinking at all, I was not just doing the pop plan. First, it was the water plan. My body wasn’t accustomed to drinking water in significant quantities, so I had to kinda force it at times. It tasted bad, or so I thought. My throat seemed to tighten up when I drank water, vs loosen up when I drank alcohol.

So once I was drinking water again in normal quantities (I probably drink a gallon or more a day now), I started to look for something to replace the booze. Because at this point, I couldn’t quit drinking completely, so I was doing the water-liquor combo to some degree.

As we know all too well, they forced me to bartend for years, to keep me nice and “sociology is not a real major” and “he likes working on his feet” and “he’s scared to apply himself” and whatever other lies they’ve attacked me with. While I was working one of these alcohol-based jobs, I quit drinking alcohol in the #1 alcoholic state in quite possibly the #1 alcoholic city. I should be a multi-million dollar touring motivational speaker for that alone. But anyway, I discovered the power of soda water. Mmmm….. cold soda water. I don’t know why, man. The fizz is nice. It’s a fun sensation. It’s probably a few reasons. Alls I know is that making my lil soda water juice drinks kept me from drinking at all. Hot bitches with catchy eyes and big titties and flat stomachs and big butts were asking me to do shots all the time. Pretty much every day. This is also partially how I learned insecure closet whores want to get you drunk so they can steal from you and justify it with “he shouldn’t have been drinking” and “he drank way too much”.

My special lil cocktails were like the best kiddie cocktail ever because I had the gun, fruit and cutting board, right there all day. Maybe I should make a recipe. That’d probs babe useful for bartenders and servers who are thinking of cutting back. Or just trying it I guess. Ok, so it’s lemon and lime of course, maybe just one of each of these to keep it easy, and orange. Then one pack of unrefined cane sugar and mix it up. That’s really it – soda water, lemon, lime, orange, sugar. And ice. Duh. I did make my other drink as well, which was tomato based. My virgin bloody had the tomater juice/cocktail, a quick squirt a lemon der, dash a A1, celery salt, dab o horseradish, garlic, cracked pepper, n ya gotta top er off wit ah splash uh tobaski. Garnishes are not just for pussies! Fuck you. I love da shishkabob stick a surf n turf jass plunked rye on inner n we goh praams if yeen wid eet. Oh sorry, there I go talking ethnic again like a real minority. I better shut up before I’m crucified, again.

The Jews have for sure crucified me in the media. Some of them crucified me and then took the article down as if it never happened. Just go my press page and click on a few of em. They’re ratzzzzz. I love the Jews that offer the other, really Jewy Jew, Jewish sentiments, while considering local culture. You have been very helpful. Thank you. Those other Jews though, that hide behind this or that, talking shit, spreading lies, enslaving whoever they can, you don’t want them either, Jewy Jews. It’s best for you that they’re gone as well. I can wait to meet the super Jewy Jews, man. I’m sure I’ll be shocked who’s been involved with my team this whole time. I have a few ideas. I do have Happy Face Jews in my head. Many, actually, and especially since 2017.

Tony Lazzeretti has been around for probably close to a decade now, at least. He’s a very happy face in my head. We had some awesome times. The last time I saw him was for the 4th of July in what was that 2012? I’m actually not sure if he told me he was Jewish or not. It was that or Catholic. I know they’re different, yes, you useless followers, I’m just not sure if it matters if he’s happy face anyway. But, as far as my brain is telling me, and the internet, these are a few more happy Jews n my head:

Adam Sandler
Emmy Rossum
Lisa Kudrow
Monica Gellar
Rachel from friends
Ross from friends
Matthew Broderick
(Joey is for some reason angry at me in my head for appropriating Italian culture or something, all the others though, happy)

Something to do with accepting your dirty blood. I love the Jews and other Friends and Family that have been with me the longest, following the non-fag behavior and actions defined by myself and myself only. Only Cliff Grefe aka Poo Trane (formerly) aka Beefy Grefe.

No, it is not about “accepting that we were all slaves once”. That’s not true, scientifically, and is a rhetorical tool used by fascists. They love to do the “we all were ________” and “we’re all ________” stupid shit. We ain’t all shit, dumbass. We’re all humans. That’s about it. You’re the slavers that should have all their veins head to toe slit vertically and drained out on live TV for all to see what it looks like when evil dies. Put their heads on fucking spits, literally. Well, chop off the heads first. Then put them on spits. Duh, right?

A man can dream. A man has his own dreams. A man pays attention to his dreams but if he follows them he will be killed for trying. A man is not God. God is not a man. Dreams are not man or God and vice versa for all that stupid philosophical artsy fartsy faggot shit.

Zero of these voices wake me up on the morning, get me to work, to eat, to shower and shave, to clean, or to do anything as a part of my daily routine, professional development, love, and all that. That’s me. They’re just helpful, sometimes, and all of it belongs to me anyway, because it’s coming from my head. Anyone that says otherwise should have their head crushed into a pancake my an elephant’s foot, while their limbs are simultaneously ripped off by lion, tiger and bear.

I remember when I asked Donald if he was Jewish at all, and of course, he said “no”. He also said something like, “Why does it matter?” This was in 2017. He changed what his ethnicity was over time as well. During childhood, it was German only. Then, during my teens, he suddenly started talking more about Polish people, and that we were from “in between” or some shit, and “the borders moved around a lot” or something like that. Strange, and apparently, his DNA test, according to Chris, revealed “most of grandpa’s Polish was Swedish”. Not sure if this matters but it seems like he’s hiding that he’s Jewish and also hiding that I have Jewish ancestry. For his economic benefit. Like he’s holding my trust fund hostage or something, and taking all my money and putting it in his name, or something, due to some technicality or some shit where I signed a document at 3 am in the morning when he came down to my room in the basement and had me scribble on a piece of paper before I was awake. He never woke up that early for “work”. That was only for these papers that I needed to sign and they were always at ike 3am in the morning to 5 or 6 am. I used to wake up at 6:45 or so I think. Unless I had something in the morning, of course, then it was more like 5.

Chris was almost always the first one awake and Don the last to go to sleep. I was somewhere in between, obviously. I generally hit the hay around 10-12. So yea, I have never been accustomed to an 8 hour sleep cycle or whatever that fake number of needed hours is for slaves. Why would our day be 8/8/8. That’s fucking dumb. One third, one third, one third. Sounds about as scientific as our political 50/50 thing. Sounds like some artsy fartsy faggot wanted to make it “a nice even number” or something just… die already. Why does America have one of the longest work weeks on Earth and the largest or near largest income gap? That’s retarded as fuck, dude. How do you not see SLAVERY there? THEY DON’T DO SHIT AND THEY’RE CELEBRATED FOR IT. This is the same dynamic from all those other “Great Dynasties” or whatever the fuck. At least the Whitie ones stemming from the Mediterranean Region. What is up with those fags, dude? Why are they so faggy for so long? Just say you’re bisexual already, faggot. Is that it? It’s just the bisexuality thing? Some tiny, microscopic, particle of dust shit? Is it actual biological inferiority? Is it just privilege? Remember, it is not our job to fix their insecurities and inferiorities. If they say otherwise, drop em on a pit of spikes like Mortal Combat and let the rodents clean up the scraps. It is not their place to dictate or demand anything, as slavers and/or fascists, regardless of where they’re from or who they think they are, what they think they’re doing, working hard on, etc. Dead. Eaten by rodents. For justice, or not. Rehab is still preferred for those that can commit to things in life. Kids are of course in need of guidance, but they’re smarter than adults in this day n age, so I wouldn’t try about them if I were you. They’ll be better than your sorry ass. That’s for sure. I’m leading now. Not you, loser.

Some kind of faggot kike respect for the invention of currency or something they should be executed for.

Doesn’t matter if they’re my next door neighbor. Blow their head off when I’m going to sleep. It’ll help me rest.

Phone turned off vibe ring by itself recently, and has done that before. It has also switched from ring to silent on its own. And turned off in the night so I missed my alarm. More times than I can remember of course.

They have a thing with the word “rape” too. There’s some definition somewhere that says rape means to befriend or some stupid shit. They use this as an excuse to rape, which is not friendly or anything like that in the slightest sense, and then also loosely use the word for meanings like attack, and destroy, and overpowered, and owned. We used to say that too. I stopped that around when I stopped using “gay” like that, and “homo”, and “fag”. I think “nigger” and “Jew” were several years at least before that. Those first ones were phased out at some point in Middle School or High School. The second set was more Elementary, I think. I was never using those words more than a few times a week, maybe. Some were more daily for a while, especially the gay, homo, fag stuff. Again though, I wasn’t making fun of gay people, really, I was making fun of flamboyant colored, sounding, moving – dudes. Also friends that were literally acting gay. And sometimes when they weren’t acting gay at that moment, or faggy, or homo, though they probably were all those things that entire time and I was describing them accurately. Seems more and more like the “skater” and the “punk” crowds are very very very very very very very faggoty. They treated me like shit even though I always respected them and complimented them for doing cool shit with skateboards and skis and shit. Just faggot fraud fascists. There were some that weren’t like that but most were. The majority of them made faggot commentary and did the faggot torture of the non-faggot. Happy Face Tim Benson was not one of those faggoty fag fag faggers in the group. Neither was Ryan Cynkar. I don’t think Sam Hope was either for the most part. Or Sedat Resad. Or Mike Bollig. Or Dan Clausen. Or Laroy Washington. Or Jay Walters. Now we’re getting away from the skaters and punks though and into the crew and hip hop and individual relationships. There’s not a gang or whatever for everything, fags. Some of the others weren’t super faggoty too and that was great but those few come to mind right away. All of the skaters and punks have been in my head for over a decade. They’ve taken up a lot of space, actually. All of these have been Happy Faces for that entire time, as far as I remember.