I’ve been having these vivid dreams in the last few years that these people I’ve met before and other characters from games, TV, movies, history and religion have been going around Earth and/or into space. I’m sorry I’m crazy but this is my outlet. I see images of Ninja Turtles, General Ackbar from Star Wars, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jr., Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager, Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek Enterprise, Kevin James, Jackie Chan, Froggy’s from Star Fox, Dragons, me as Luigi from Super Mario Bros, Yoshi’s from Mario Bros, Godzilla’s, Elon Musk, William Shatner, Geordi La Forge, Tim Alien’s, Gremlins, Tim Allen, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Jamie Walker (descendant of one of Jesus’ Disciples from The Bible), Tony Lazzeretti handling intergalactic cryptocurrency and coin, Dancing Dragon, John Snow, Khaleesi and Dragons from Game of Thrones, Alien’s (Spider-Monkeys from Jupiter, Saturn or Venus), Mars Monkeys, Matt Damon, The Black Queen of Death (of Africa), Cleopatra, Catherine O’Hara, Po’s from Kung Fu Panda, Panserbjørn’s, Gargoyles, me as The Grim Reaper, Edgar the Bug from Men in Black, Little Aliens from inside Harvester shells in Independence Day, Pedro Alvarez, Ricky Gervais, General Roth’h’ar Sarris and Fatu-Kre from Galaxy Quest, Mountain Giants from Warcraft III, Frigg and Freya, Pharaohs, Chinese Dragons, Fake God Quincy Harrison (Q) from Zooniversity and Fiji, Light-brown-and-slightly-curly-and-short-haired skinny white hipster-boy toys that look like previously mentioned Q, The Devil (fake and dead since 2019, was composed of ancient human(s) fake God(s) who enslaved God in different human forms for a long time, drugging and farming the body of original human God without permission, enslaving him or her without permission, and then his and her descendants without permission, to stay alive for so long without permission, stealing tech people and non-people invent without permission, and it seems like this might’ve started around Year 0 or Ancient Egypt at some point, which was thousands of years ago according to our calendars, texts, artifacts, paleontology, etc), Fake God-Fake Father Donald Grefe (as Donny Boy, who has to drive everywhere, except for the Cancún 2008 vacation with the Federales jail scam, might’ve woken up the next day, in bed). They went to Cozumel and said I couldn’t come), Fake God-Fake Mother Christine Grefe (as Christ/Chrissy), Paul Fass and Eric Contos from Phi Gamma Delta, Tom Beste as Dexter, cast of Friends, Giant Robots like this Red Dragon Robot from atop a Chinese-looking building, King K. Rule Robot from Donkey Kong, Yoshi Robot, Human-like Robots like in Terminator and Cyborgs and Clones (Sludgesacks and Skinsacks), members of the Resad family (descendants of rulers of ancient Azerbaijan area kingdom), Neighbors from The Avenue apartment complex’s on East Wash, T-Rex’s, Treebeard and Ents from Lord of the Rings, Jesus Christ from The Bible, various colors of Stars, me as Super Saiyan Goku from Dragonball Z, Hiawatha, Tom Kirkland and Tad Garrelts in Hermes shoes, Cyclops, J.K Anonymous on a Flying Carpet, Corey Faherty (sneaking onto alien aircraft in alien’s corpse, purposely messing up the U.S. news, starting the Bible game with Christine mentioned prior, having majority control over patents, trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property processed through the U.S. federal government in the DMV area), frat rapists, girls that I’m not attracted to rapists, lots of male rapists especially from DeForest schools when I was going to school there and from Phi Gamma Delta and Celebrities, robot rapists, panel controlling hidden camera watching fat nerd torturers in dark rooms many times in basements or below basements in other secret tunnel entrance from the surface torture control rooms and maybe they look like Wayne Knight from Jurassic Park, police rapists, “Bro” rapists, “Daddy” rapists, SawHills Have Eyes-Wrong Turn like torturers including Fake Grandfather “Buffalo Bill” William Brown), the other 3 possibly fake Grandparents, Gunslinging Brown Ladies, , Ferengi, fake brother-adopted brother Forest Grefe as “The Accountant” and Wolverine, me as Professor X from X-Men, Holsteins in alternate form in tactical gear, Dark Angels, SAMCRO from Sons of Anarchy, Terracotta Army, “Rap God” Eminem, Tim Benson and Alan Ritchson and Erik Schmitt (descendants of Thor), Brendan Faherty “The Librarian” (possible descendant of Jesus Disciple), Martin Lawrence “The Safecracker”, my biological father Will Smith, my biological mother Marilyn Monroe, Bovinada Olson Women, Rapper Don Olson, fake brother-adopted brother-rapper-bodyguard Weston “Crane” Grefe, Rapper-IT Cyn, Rapper Dirk, Rapper Dope, The Crew, OFED, Rapper JMill, Doctors Resad, Becky Eakins knowing the scoring and level system and related numbers for “The Game”, Dustin Wichmann as a sniper with the rainbow pen gun, me as Bowser, me as an eagle, me as a wolf, me flying naturally, me unlocking my superpowers, Laroy Washington (as Chief of Madison Police Department), Lil Durk as Madison Police Department Captain, Orlando Jones (USGS correspondent) and Orlando Bloom as perimeter security detail, Kjell Bakke and Skylar Skalitzky as cooks, mechanics and axe brothers (possible descendants of Thor), Drake as me and falsely representing heterosexual orientation and hitman and founder of “The Crew” officially in an under the table deal with Sam Hope which stole (some of) our OFED identities and entertainment rights and others connected to us), Big Sean as stealing my identity and those connected to me and has been working with Quincy and Kevin Meister, Rappers and Artists and Pop Culture FIgures and Politicians and Scientists and Soldiers and Actors and Writers and Workers based off my style, Lookalikes, Girlfriend Set Ups, “Wife” and “Girlfriend” and “Boyfriend” and “Husband” scammers-secret prostitutes including Esther Sussman, Brooke Rayford, Leah Weipert (reformed), Britney Klaetsch (reformed), and Nicole Samra (reformed), Marley Austin in between the walls in Ratatouille and human form, Megan Diaz as a hitwoman and Michelle Rodriguez is either her mom, sister or cousin and they have hooked up and hung out as friends and she has ran my name through the mud with everyone possible, Briana Nava and Eric Einhaus and Drew Simmons and others as Fake Partners and slander-gossip queens, Paul Bunyan, Lief Erikson, Erik The Red (related to redhead sociology teacher from UW around 2011-12ish), Ray Romano the Italian Gangster, Bullet Rush the genius Russian-sorta guitar-playing laser beam gun operator and machinist and scientist and escaped slave from The Game which occured within current Russian boundaries, and so many more. I love these dreams. They’re really fun and they make me happy. I hope all of you enjoy your dreams too. Dreams are one of the best, most sacred blessings – that living beings can experience. Our dreams all belong to each of us, individually. There is no figuring out dreams. It is also important to figure out the difference between a sleeping dream, a daydream, and conscious attention to something active. This is not difficult for adults. This is more for kids. Children usually figure it out pretty quick, though. I did at a young age as well. Under 10, for sure. I’m 31 now. That’s what it says on my ID at least. I feel much younger than that but I think much older. I act a little bit. You can check out my Youtube channel if you want. Thank you.