I imagine all this hidden tech happening in the real world. I’m happy we’ve made such advances in technology, but if any of this does exist, we should all know about it, right? This is what transparency looks like. Or above table. We want to evit weakness and legitimize all business. This is not difficult. Those that we select to represent us should be completely honest with us if they want to claim legitimacy. Or merit. Hard work should pay off. Hiding and lying your way through life should not. Again, these are just thoughts of mine and things that barely exist on the internet. They haven’t received the proper attention, if nothing else. I’m always telling people about things I see in the news and they go, “Huh?” They often tell me it’s interesting but don’t really know what I’m talking about, so here are a few of those. Thanks.

  1. Mind Inception and erasing technology, editable in a HTML, CSS or Matrix-looking system.
  2. Nodes formed in peoples bodies in head and joints from minerals in diet and surrounding environment, moved around my electromagnetic fields.
  3. Hormone zapping.
  4. Remote semen and egg extraction, using “Wet Dreams”, wifi and electromagnetic fields, and remote control drone retrieval bots. They force ejaculation targeting hormones and glands with electrical currents. The tech was first developed for cows by Jamie. This invention was stolen from him for use at The Farm in Deerfield in my torture. It was used on me again at the East Washington apartments near the end of 2019, with Eric Einhaus. They also have some “Black Dildo” jizz-jam remote control torture device, that comes standard with the male model robots, that the robots themselves, or their pals, uncrew from their private part area, which is one of the weapons they use to assault and rape people in their sleep with. They try to justify this robot rape, with moral standings, logically. It has been used to torture me too. I got fucked by the robots, or so they say. A handheld remote control device is used to control this flying “Dildo of Death”. I’ve never had a black dildo like that, only a little white non-remote control one for my little butthole, They use it to stab and harm however possible. This dildo can also excrete fluids. I discovered a few times when I was at 6680, Dane County Jail, and other places, that I had a clear fluid coming out. It smells like plastic that is supposed to smell like cum or something. It’s liquid silicone. It’s to make you think you were raped by a human, cause you confusion, pain, and suffering, and also to attempt to steal your genetic code and (potential) offspring.
  5. They also made a giant black dildo spaceship, which they drugged and shipped me and others into, and then had us solve these fag circle games to power their giant phallic lifestyle around, first, the core of the Earth, and then, the Sun. They didn’t even ride along either. They thought that “was it” or something. Some of us from the East Wash unit went around the core of the Earth and the Sun in a giant black dildo spaceship that had pyramid-style sliding stone puzzle games inside it. So, a dildo, but with stereotypical Egyptian traps and pits and things that they think come naturally to the Black pyramid of death or whatever. Natural blonde hair comes from ancestors that went through the sun physically.
  6. Human cloning.
  7. Cybernetic implants and robots that allow people to hear what we hear, see what we see, smell what we smell, relaying some of what we think, and move, even in some relation to how we move.
  8. Cloaking devices and fields that that can cloak and affect large areas. Look like domes or bubbles (note Madison is known by those in Wisconsin as “living in a bubble” or something like that) with the right tech that can detect different types of fields and electrical currents.
  9. Personal cloaking devices. Their cloaks show streaks and blurs, so they’re not perfect. Ours are, without even thinking about it for more deen a smeenchent.
  10. Spaceships that can shrink down to the size of the room or expand to Independence Day size run by Independence Day little aliens that were inside those bigger aliens.
  11. Lifeforce detection tech that can measure someones mood based on color of their “aura”, detecting them using something of an IP address to the brain, or a remote binocular device from space that can filter to show the life force of life forms individually or as groups.
  12. Forcefields like in Star Wars: Episode 1 (yea, the “bad” one). They layer em up too so there could be many over one another. Seems like there is space between each layer and they have difficulty combining them into one shield layer.
  13. Live adapting digital music software that can adapt songs and audio to your own life. Remote adlib addition to someone’s live streaming audio, using regular usb mics and a computer app.
  14. Giant lasers that can transport information between planets.
  15. Giant lasers that can shoot people with seemingly invisible laserbeams and actual bullets. Guns that can do the same. Cloaked bullets and laser shot being a thing.
  16. Nanites/Nanodes that can fill spaces and create projections/holograms.
  17. Remote shock using electronic devices, shot to phones, headphones, metal including bedsprings, open ended cables and circuits, speakers, lasers from screens, speakers and possibly fluorescent bulbs. This tech(nology) can be used to harm or to heal. It can “charge you up” if it’s the right amount and frequency of electricity in the right type of field. Duh. With help from certain artificial drugs, they can shock your body into moving while you’re asleep. How much is difficult to tell. I have experienced and seen another “Sleepwalking” in this way. It’s really just walking around and maybe going to the bathroom. You might make some ghost like noises too, which is strange, and possibly the source for how “Ghosts” moan in certain media, and why zombies and ghosts sometimes have their hands up in the air forward like that, extended. That’s one of the only things they can make you do, is put your arms up or out and walk. You “come to” probably when they’re trying make you do something you wouldn’t normally do. Maybe that’s why you come out of it when you’re in front of the toilet or fridge. They torture people like this for laughs, even if all they’re forcing someone to do is walk around their own living quarters. They think they “won” or something if they can get you to a certain place or whatever. Just like a point A to point B thing. They shock the floors too. Wearing shoes with insulated bottoms helps. Like grandpa used to do. I always wondered why old people wore shoes inside their own place. It’s more comfortable for me, in general, to rock out with my cock out.
  18. Pipelines to other planets, possibly only man-made, for human transportation.
  19. Remotely raisable bridges made from metal that can go across large bodies of water including one from Florida to Africa. As a part of the craziness I see in this area, there are more islands in the Caribbean that we’re shown on maps here too. A lot of what is called the Caribbean sea is land. Atlantis is a city in this dream as an entertainment venue there but there is also another Atlantis like the deleted movie of a similar name underwater in the Bermuda Triangle area. There are fields cloaking this too. Electromagnetic fields are used to put people asleep over this part. Cloud coverage created by cloud seeding, which may include artificially made gasses. As far as land bridges go too, it’s wild, I also see a strip of land that goes along the western coast of North America that is not included on our maps. The Bearing Straight is connected still, I guess, in these dreams.
  20. Cloaking fields including one over a large hidden continent called “Clifton” or “Cliff’s Island” or something along those lines in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Bloodsport torture games are conducted on this island for slave torture like the movie The Most Dangerous Game and The Island in a way. Movable plots of land can be covered in cloaking tech, and moved through the Earth to another part of the planet (like the movie The Core) and placed in another location where these games are happening. There is a gerrymandering process to decide the borders for the locations involved in the game. People that live in the area or around the area that may not even know. Can be one building, a block, neighborhood, city, and maybe state size area. I see this hidden island as being involved, Madison, DeForest, Token Creek, Sun Prairie, north of East Wash after there’s a clear northernish route east of the lake, Morrisonville, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicago, Detroit, and Midwest U.S.A. inside Ohio River and Mississippi, Toronto, Canada, Cancún, Mexico, England, Ireland, Italy, maybe SouthCentral Russia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Gaza Strip, MidEast, Palestine, Israel, Madagascar, East Africa (Jakarta or Pygmy something), Arctic (Giant Laser/Satellite on Ice), Antarctic land that is green and white, and other places, including islands possibly throughout the Indo-Pacific, and other planets. Changing many cities to “Madison”, “Madtown”, or variations thereof. This is all humans and their robots doing this.
  21. Interplanetary, inter-species cryptocurrency.
  22. Stem cell use for cloning and pills, interplanetary transportation using human fore-skin composed pipelines to play games and record media productions and torture, and to cover the sun’s light, to cover Earth, and there may be female parts included as well, and other parts of the body with orifices like ears, fingers, toes, lips, and so on. These parts are taken from people when they are sedated and in regenerative states, so they don’t realize these parts were ever taken.
  23. Ancient intercontinental bloodsport sex slave trade torture games that go back a long ways. Possibly expanded beyond Earth since 1989, ’98, ’99, 2000, ’01, ’06, ’08, 2012, 2019, or another time. Advanced tech has been used in this process for a similar amount of time as the game itself, back to ancient Cairo and Palestine, and now involves cloaking, brainwashing, sexual, physical, psychological and whatever torture they can get away with by using religion, pop culture, trends, reads on groups of people, gossip, slavery, and fake work. This vision has involved a process known as “splitting a tree nigger” in order make a “split tree” or what they call a “faggot” out of a person. This faggot, in the definition they want it to hold, describes someone who is multidimensional, multitalented, multiethnic, or otherwise more than one stereotype – the best they can get it. The original definition before the “personality split” version involved them taking an actual axe to the forehead of an infant to see if they’d survive. They track down humans with regenerative superpowers, and others that don’t, to abuse them for pleasure. This term also doubles as “fascism”, when you pull in the original root word from Italian-Roman-Greek culture.
  24. Widespread fake news made by global fascists, which has affected other species throughout the universe adversely.
  25. Facial molding tech that uses magnetic fields to alter peoples’ faces and bodies. This tech can’t change a person’s physical face entirely, just bending and stretching, and holding in place, zapping hair follicles to cause baldness, etc.
  26. Skinsuits made of secret stem cell research cloned and not cloned human and non-human DNA for their people to try and appear as someone or something else like in Mission Impossible III. They can swap genders to a certain degree as well. I’m not talking about people that openly admit to undergoing an aesthetic or sexual operation of some kind. These skinsuit people are secret agents of destruction. Some people dress up to look like animals too in this storyline, wearing severed heads or attempted fusion of their DNA with other species to look like half-human-half-something else. Such weirdos.
  27. In this dream, I invented the internet from my own thoughts. My brainwaves were tracked, and details, points, directions were logged, and turned into the coding language CSS and HTML by evil people and robots. I also invented the humanoid robots and many other pieces of modern technology that have been stolen by the worst people to ever exist in the universe. The code is just a translation. I’m not needed for internet or radio or anything of that nature to operate. My own mind is stolen from me in this dream by way of mindtracking/coding technology stolen from my own thoughts, and then used against me, used to blame me for disasters, death, disease, and all the rest of the things that they are responsible for doing. All of the bad stuff – them. All of the good stuff – me. So, you’re welcome for all the good, whatever it is. I haven’t gotten a single thank you yet for keeping any of you around as God or whatever you perceive me to be. I am your slave, not the other way around. That is of your people’s doing. Your people caused you all of your pain. I have healed you more than anyone or anything in the history of life itself. This is “all in my head” of course, according to their people.
  28. Laserbeams from “Penis Towers” shot from the top of government buildings and religious structures, like capitols and churches, and others. These lasers were first shot from Northern Egyptian Pyramids with littler gold pyramids at the top, back in ancient times, thousands of years ago (around year 0) according to the most modern estimates. Controls were and still are operated in a room below, using light from the sun, and diamonds from Earth. It’s like a movie too. I forget which one at the moment of course. In this scene I’m seeing though, a concentrated white light comes into the room through openings in the top sides and collects onto some kind of stone table and/or receiving tech that then stores and/or directs the energy beam to shoot somewhere. This tech can be used as a weapon to destroy or as a transmitter beam for information. These lasers were first invented with legitimate science, by what we know as Black Native Africans. Then this tech was stolen by those awful people I’ve been thinking of, and were used from atop the same Northern African Pyramids to destroy the bulk of human life in that region, creating a string of deserts from the Sahara (Senegal to Eritrea and up) all the way to where the Arabian Desert is now and into Asia – Russia and China. Maybe some some with Canada and Greenland as well. And Australia. These lasers have been kept secret and used against us since, as torture weapons. Apparently, a pyramid, in Cairo, was connected with Jerusalem to communicate and torture back and forth. Those laserbeam weapons became the foundation of those settlements and much of what is their meal ticket has been since. Those two places became “Capitols” of those respective areas – economically and socially. In a way, this is how the game started, as a competition between White-Jerusalem-Middle East-Kike and Black-Cairo-Africa-Nigger. “Kike” actually translates much closer to “Queen” and “Nigger” to “King” than what we’re taught in America/The Game/Slavery. We’re taught to never say either no matter what, especially if you’re not Jewish or Black. Apparently “White Boy” originally meant the Exceptional Lightskinned Man of African descent. Sadly, this incredible laserbeam invention was quickly stolen by those who were deemed the proper rulers at the time, and were thus to be in charge of the others’ invention and technology. This scam has been operating under their control since. The privileged swiftly turned advancements in science to slavery and rape games, sex trading of children, torture, abuse, trying to change history to reflect their dynamic in understanding the world. Privilege has lead to where we’re at now as human beings. According to these dreams, you could say that Darkskinned Africans are some of the first scientists in the history of the world, and humankind. Hard to say for sure but the argument is certainly there. Black Power.
  29. Guns and ammo, weapons too, from all the movies and games, and, TV, shows, and reality, exist, and they have been in use by people and non-people alike. Non-people use them more responsibly, though.
  30. Thoughts tell me robots are acting as “artists” and “employees” and “workers” which takes jobs from humans. The bad bots are operated by the other side. They have been trying to replace humans with robots, and eliminate the female from the reproductive process, using remote controls and expensive toys.
  31. Seemingly invisible covers/filters/screens that stick right on the computer and phone screens, and other screens, that show one person one thing and can be adapted further to show the next person over – another. Certain environments can be achieved where the abusers of this technology can record you on camera. They use their cloaked nanites and bots that are looking at what you’re actually looking at on the screen, through the filter, or what they want to show you looking at. Filters on particular cameras and phones can reveal these fields. They help with reverse-engineering as well – for the good side. Sounds like the “Buddy System” is back. Again.
  32. Mirrors with “Silver Lining” used as portals to other mirrors. This transportation has to be within one of their fields to work.
  33. Hidden doors and cages set to keyword activation. They kidnap/human traffic people inside these boxes, that keep people in Cryogenic Stasis so to speak, and wait for me or us to come to a particular conclusion, or not, for it to unlock. Depends of their mood, as they say.
  34. Melanin zapping tech to make Black people darker and non-African related people lighter. Used to hair, skin, eyes, whatever they can get that plays into their racist mad scientist plan.
  35. Organ printers that load up with an individual’s stem cells and then print out organs of their correct blood type, RNA, DNA and MLA, for organ transplant, blood transfusions, bone marrow, bones, etc.
  36. Food and drink printers too. It’s crazy, dude.
  37. They make baddie tech to try and replace or overpower the fun and forward-moving progress with the ball of life. It may look and operate similar but it is not the same thing. It’s a battle between those that want to use tech for uplift or downfall.
  38. Their gang of thugs use skinsuits made of human, animal and artificial skin, to trap one or more living beings inside a filtered reality shell. Those trapped inside sometimes don’t know they’re in there, and/or are with anyone else inside the suit. The skinsuit needs to have holes poked in it or be opened somehow to the outside world. Often there is a zipper on the top of the head that goes down the back of the neck. Just pull er open and see what’s inside. These are real people often combined with lookalikes in these suits, some human and bot, different toys or different species’ (insult to Pygmies), otherwise removed by someone or something else to reveal who or what is in there packed in like sardines in a can. Dickskin robot toys. What is the point of this dream, I wonder, with the toys? Like a “big reveal” after we unlock the samurai or something, like in feudal china when they brought in the fag robots of some kind.
  39. Body harvesting shit.
  40. Cloaking and location chips installed into organic beings. Circuits attached to nerve endings directly to make connections function. Like an artificial neuron and real one connecting. Can be great tech. Again, used by them for torture since they stole it.
  41. They use a fake sun light source and try to replace the real one.
  42. Some of us have been miniaturized in little dome bubbles that look something like snowglobes. They really try to force some ideas home, though, even if it really butt butt. I’m not no dome boe. Been dackin den duh din die da dih dihl. You might be. I’m a big boy. Like 6’4″ er so right nah. They think raping people adds to your physical height. There is only one Sun, it is one star, and it is the light source in our solar system. There are other suns but not any like ours. Sun is the proper noun used to describe our particular sun. They also mix up terms a lot on purpose, including son and sun. Some people, possibly including myself, have been trapped in these miniature sized domes before. You’re perfectly fine either way but we’ll get you out and you’ll be back to your big old self again. This is all in my head apparently according to my doctors. They told me to write it out like this. The best therapy I’ve ever been prescribed by unqualified doctors.
  43. Inter-dimensional portals formed by ripping time and then continuing it somewhere else. Techy stuff. Syncing up our vibes elsewhere and then using superpowers or tech to szhooom. Tim Alien of the Gremlin species invented this tech, possibly, and knows how to use it best among non-me’s.
  44. Mailbox transporters. Work outgoing for me, just not incoming.
  45. HVAC systems used for heat and cooling, but not in my place, only heat, and that’s if the heat works to begin with, in Wisconsin. Also used to send poisons and other toxins into places of living, including “Laughing Gas”. Helium is laughing gas of a type. Helium is also used in these domes we may be in to make us float. We could hypothetically be inside a sort of hot air balloon that has a skinsack balloon – and that skinsack is used to cloak and otherwise affect us as we float around wherever we happen to go, which is like above an ocean somewhere on Earth or along the slave torture map track. The game, on the map, seems to follow a particular trajectory, like the lines that the platforms follow in Mario, which can change depending on which games the tract was used for, over time, and it does seem to have changed overtime, though there are plenty of consistencies between the different versions of the bloodsport trials set on the slaves. One part of this tract is a ferris wheel that goes in a circle like a ferris wheel north-south in Wisconsin about along Highway 51/39. Otherwise, it goes around the world.
  46. Personal cloaks are in use as también cuando schtikoros dinjo fangas de enemy and futodo es nuestro mio pero no. Tadajigi votiz for froggy in the ribbit. Bono zombi dans n franz i estugigis that schkoof da poop. Shtookadookie wida beebo chipo.