I have had many non-elective surgeries throughout my life. Quite troubling. Bring your big boy pants cause you might piss your bed tonight. My back has hurt since I apparently hurt it lifting heavy objects, up and down a 30 foot ladder over cement in the backroom of Target, when I got my first job that showed on paper for some in 2006. I was the only person under 18 doing this job. The rest were then allowed to use lift equipment. Electronic. I was not allowed to use those machines at all.

As far as schools, I remember going to Playhaven on the Northside as a lil chilomine, and then transferring to WI United Methodist Foundation because I was blamed for pushing Chance Sanford off the top of the jungle gym. I didn’t. He jumped. He was an idiot and I was never mad at him more than he was mad at himself. Chance was/is maybe my 2nd oldest best friend, not including my 2 brothers Forest and Weston. Cody Smith would’ve been first. Mr. Smith liked to rape me too with his ancient robot fingers, like Don, Forest and friends, including Logan Schneider, Keith Prohaska, Stephan Spraetz, and Jeff Maly. Thoughts of Cody Johnson trying to stick his finger in my butt while slapping my ass for his sexual pleasure, his daddy Barry, and their daddy Dan “Claus Boss” Clausen’s fake father that looked like Nicholas Cage-Brendan Frasier-Mike Meyers. Colton Haas tried to stick his finger up my butt and rape me “over the pants/shorts” in passing. So did Brenton Wolter. Sounds like also a finger rapist in this way.

Then, Erik Schmitt (ancient rapist who put his testicles on my face when I was passed out drunk during our UP snowboarding trip, two others from “The Crew” were in the room watching as he did it, he has no powers, he’s colorblind, has no penis, he cut it off himself), Ryan Cynkar (vision of him almost sticking fingers in my butt for rape but then decided no), Sedat (refused to even consider butt fingering rape), and all all their team. Quincy loved to rape people using the dildo of death. He and Don, Jamie Walker (Two Men and a Truck) and Eric Einhaus (Basement Made affiliate since 2011ish, also involved in 3-some rape scam in LA with Jacob Weisenberger) teamed up and raped people together with the device. Faggy lightskin bj rapist from W. Lakelawn St., Jay Wolters (met through Megan Diaz), and Tim Benson (from The Crew), and Ryan Cynkar (The Crew), an all the above, are the rapists from the 2 Langdon St. location. They should all have their heads severed and hearts removed, and brain squished to mush already.

That was preschool. Then on to Kindergarten? Holum Education Center was for 4-year-olds? According to the DeForest Area High School, there are only 1,011 students now.

Christy (Chrissy Peenis?) and the heterosexual rapist whores vs. Donnie (Donnie McGregor?) and the bisexual and/or homosexual rapist whores and/or robot rapists and/or cyborg rapists. Both deserving of exact same fate the best we can get it. Same fate as Quincy (fake Quincy JonesWilliam Henry Harrison?), Paul, Eric, Jamie (fake Brother Ali-Scott Walker?), Sam, Ryan, Sedat, Travis, and Peter.

Two more devices they use to torture: “Boomba Stick” and “Sword of Justice”. These are, of course, used in a double edged/two way/polarizing/conflicting way, as they enjoy doing on a regular basis all throughout human society. The boomba stick is a spiked stick or pole used to shove into the asshole of bovine animals, lions, elephants, humans, and any animal they can “rape for love”. They’ve used them on me. The “Jump Block” in the basement of the buildings I’m living in is invisible and hidden from me, taken away, adaptive cloaked, and the same they do with anything else that looks way out of place here in my place, if you’re still spying. The sticks they use are like broomstick length and can just be spears they shove up your ass from the basement. Can be the size of a Totem Pole, and have spiked sides. They have handheld versions of the boomba sticks that they use directly after you’re passed out from their torture. They create an image of them punching a jump block at the same time to make it seem like whoever is down there is playing a game. The “Sword of Justice” is used in a similar way. It is a large sword they use to shove up your ass. A third is the kaleidoscope, which can be used to heal or spy on butthole poop colors while either healing or damaging.

In contrast, not that there are two other definitions of boomba stick, as far as I’ve read. The first defines an instrument with a 5 footish pole, and percussion instruments all along it. The second definition involves a weapon. This is an ancient weapon of the Black Queen of Death and other Africans. It’s a pole, maybe longer than 5 feet, that has a whip on it. Many times it’s a chain whip. These poles can be split in 2 to dual wield. They can also have electricity that flows through the chains, depending on who’s using, as always with ancient weapons. Note the similarity in the word to “Goomba” from Super Mario Bros. Goomba the word has roots meaning Italian gangster.

They have hidden chambers throughout flats, even. Breaking the mirrors is easiest and fastest. Don’t break your windows but know there may be a thin layer of silver in those too. Depolarize with magnets. Use magma rocks next to planes to charge with different energy.

You’ve all had free will for almost your entire lives. I personally have never made you do anything. You’re dumb and pathetic.

“Holum Education Center

Holum Education Center

Site for one 4-year-old kindergarten class (lower level) and
District Administrative Center (upper level)
520 E. Holum Street
DeForest, WI 53532

Hours:  8:30 – 11:00 a.m. and 12:15-3:00 pm
Building opened in 1957″

“Windsor Elementary School

Windsor Elementary School

4352 Windsor Road
Windsor, WI 53598

Kindergarten through 4th grade
Enrollment:  625
Principal: Valerie Crowl; Assistant Principal: Bill Huebsch
Hours: 7:40 am – 2:40 pm (with doors opening at 7:30 am)
Building opened in 1912; renovated in 1954, 1974, 1991, 1993 and 1997; renovated and new addition 2017″

“DeForest Area High School

DeForest Area High School

815 Jefferson Street
DeForest, WI 53532

9th through 12th grades
Enrollment:  1,011
(includes alternative program at 520 E. Holum Street)
Principals: Machell Schwarz, Matt Bauer, Doug Crowley
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 3:25 p.m.
Building opened in 1969; addition and remodeling project completed in June 2003; STEAM (Technology Education and Agriculture) renovation and addition completed in September 2016″

Part of the writing in this article has been sampled from the DeForest Area High School website. Sometimes I sample and forget to give credit/reference/name. I’m not sorry and none of you deserve it.

Michael Jackson was shipped to Antarctica in a box to die with many other celebrities that America and their people didn’t like because of whatever they were feeling one day.