I’ve already talked about all the creatures that I see as having been buried in ground by their people. These creatures are all over the world. Many have been frozen underground in cryogenic stasis for a long time. I was buried as a baby next to some volcano. It seems like in my heat that this volcano was in Italy or China, maybe Japan. All I remember is crawling out of the ground, somebody coming towards me, and then I’m unconscious. They like to use a needle full of drugs. That’s one of their methods. Also bashing people on the head. They like doing it when you’re not looking so there’s no direct memory that can be pulled of them hitting you. They

We brought up Grassman last night. Soon after, we found other grassy people and rose them too. They had grass skirts, grass sleeves, black eye patches, and maybe some necklaces. This was when they first arose. The guy who helped, Peter, is part Cherokee.

Gegites are the same as the Samurai Warrior. They have these shiny all blue lightup eyes.

Druids are like these root-armed floating root creatures.

Leprechauns are real too, in my and our heads. They wear those green outfits. Many of them do have red hair. They’re fun and they’re mischievous. I remember feeling them and seeing their presence when I was at East Wash. I remember waking up one day after feeling them coming over me in my dream. I kept my eyes closed because it wasn’t hurting. It was just little footsteps running all over my body. It’s like they ran out of this portal in the wall and over my body into the room.

Bowser came about at East Wash as well. Much of this went down between September 2019 and February 2020. Got back into it November 2020. Bowser is a woman dragon, I guess. There’s also a male Bowser. There are males and females for all of em. Sometimes I’ve only seen one, though. Or it’s harder to tell for me. This is in my head, again, because I can’t see any of them at all in their true form or negative or whatever. I can not see dragons, ancients, spirits and so forth, “out loud” as I’ve been saying. I don’t see them in form. I don’t see their image. Sometimes, I catch a glance. This has been more common since this latest revelatory sequence began.

Gengar has popped in as well. Always laughing at em. Ghastly as well. I’m not sure about Haunter yet. I feel like I might’ve. Other Pokemon? Of course, fam. I’ve seen Dratini and Dragonair too. Not sure about Dragonite.