They’ve been putting something powerfully sedative in my marijuana. It don’t smell like weed. An it ain’t that it’s bunk weed either. I’m smoked Rollins before plenty of times. It’s a sativa. No sleep. I hit I hit what was my first spliff yesterday after 10pm, I think it was. I started feeling woozy right away. I got up to go to bed and I felt real woozy, like I was going to fall over. I went and laid on the couch for a bed, and then went to sleep in my bead. I still feel woozy from that today. My wallet was stolen from my apartment again last night, this time while I was asleep, drugged, and/or electrocuted a lot. My tap water now tastes like diapers now too. When did that start? Again, I never said it was ok to poison me, steal from me, and all their favorite things to do – by choice, with privilege.

That’s one of their things/their thing, the testing of certain groups with and against ours. They like a mix of people I’ve met and celebrities. We’re supposed to realize the collaborative power of working with fascists and slavers and torturers, to them. They want to convince us that raping is a quality of a quality of life for us and for all. This was never agreed to either. Of course. That’s one of their things too – doing things without permission from those involved.

This most recent torture game with the “clueless” females, along with us, started from what I hear, around August 8, 9, 12, 15. I have been seeing the females around, in my head, all around this house, and nowhere else. I’ve had females on my mind, and by my side, a long time that are still involved with the game. There are plenty of women on our team and there that can just live a normal life and not hate on someone else. There’s no reason for them to be bringing in their queen-whore-dumbass-cunt-fake-pharoah-cunts.

I just started getting back into writing more heavily about my life, and my dreams, lately. This picked up significantly after I finished at the Census on 11/27. When I was at the Census, I had people asking me multiple times if I’d moved in already to my new place. The original time I started writing about all this kinda stuff was Cliff G: DOG (taken down 2017?). My writings have been posted to the site since 2012. I have been publishing art, science, tech, media, military plans, farming ideas, business outlines, since I was an infant.

Check anyone that ever said/says something like “Cliff/God/He should remember/know/think that”. None of their business and organization is legitimate. We are the working class, and more.

I’m still in a lot of pains so far this month. The drinking, eating, seeing, smelling, nose, septum, tasting, drinking, sitting, walking, standing, headache, penis, testicles, vas deferens, bones, elbows, shoulders, rotator cuffs, cuff, backs of shoulders, along the scapulas, along the backbone, knees, eyes, behind the eyes, vision, teeth, molars, front 2 teeth, hair follicles, scalp, fingers and toes (cold, look white).

I was feeling bad about how I treated my ex’s in 2013-14. I called Leah and she said something like, “Cliff, do you know how many guys I’ve been with since you? It’s a lot. Why are you even calling me?” After this call, I didn’t really feel like calling any the rest of them hos. That was enough. I tried my favorite, or so I thought, and she was a total bitch, dude. I think I had been hitting a few AA meetings around this time, and I knew this was one of the things the program tells you do to recover from your pain. It didn’t work but I only did it with her, really.

I should have all my money and no one else. No one else has the legal right to be collecting my money at all. There are some who have tried to send and drop off but that hasn’t worked. Thank you.

Donnie Boy was DG the sorority? I wanna know who was Pi Phi and Gamma Phi, if any of those Greek Orgs. Them two were hitting. And who was non-faggot Fiji. I don’t know if they’re robots or know how to smile. Or they do it wrong, or something. Look at older photos of that person and how they smiled.They’re trying to make think, as God in this body of Cliff, created the whole universe. This woulda been after 1980 at some point.They’re obsessed with kid stuff. Any adult conversation ends in them whining, bitching, changing topics, moaning, complaining, insulting, degrading. They’re the most infantile two humans, that are considered adults by age, that I’ve ever met in my life. Theyre probably the most, with Quincy and team, immature, uneducated, unskilled, unqualified, lazy, boring, unoriginal, stalking, rapist, genocidal, randomly violent, unscientific, unsexual, unfriendly, inhuman, group of human beings to ever live anywhere in existence. If anyone ever should be killed dead, now, yesterday, it’s them. Dead and dead forever. No returning ever. And there is no time travel to the past. There is no only now and future.I’m curious what they say when I’m not there with them. They should’ve told me that, this, of otherwise published it online, publically, a long time ago. At latest 2017. Now it’s 3 human years later from that. Faggots.

Apparently Don discovered an alien and alien spaceship in the desert of Nevada. He was going out west to fuck a bunch of gay boys and start a bunch of “Forest Fires”. Don was the one who started that forest fire in Black River Falls too. That wasn’t Forest, Weston or myself, as far as I know. As I’ve said before, either Forest or Weston was down with Don by the lake when it happened. This started a destructive canopy fire. Apparently he found the alien, told the feds, and they brought him in since the beginning. Don drank the aliens blood and got superstrenth and energy. He has never been energetic or strong as long as I’ve known/known of him. All he really ever did was yell at me when he first got home from “work” at 5-6pm-ish, drink all night outside, yell at me again before bed, and apparently also rape me all the time, and scam me. I’m not sure that he’s ever once talked about the smokejumping job or related incident in which “his entire team burned in front of him” – according to Weston.

I never said it was ok for Don or Chris, “Mom” or “Dad”, mother or father, considering themselves my parents, or whatever keywords those losers and the other losers need to go away forever with no life sense of time or space, to spy on me or us in any way at all. They have never brought up a single time that they were spying on me. Not one time ever. They’ve never told me that they’re watching, looking after, or anything like that, explaining that they’re doing anything related to this game, bloodsport, torture, and all that.

The redistributed money goes through us. Governments and people and places don’t get my money. It’s mine. Those faggot retards Don and Chris shouldn’t have gotten anything of mine, ever, before, now, after, etc. No other person should have money. I should possess all of it, where I want in my living property, where I want it not on my living property, in banks, on other planets, on ships, harddrives, wallets, chambers, lock and key, guarded 24/7, physical and digital protection at each location.

No one is required or even encouraged to be attracted to me romantically or sexually. That’s up to you, as yourself, using your life as reference. Sure, if I’m dropping bars. That’s great. If you’re into me, that’s great. I’m not saying at all in the tiniest big I’m going to be into you, though. Dumbass. Just cause I check you out or it seems like I did, it doesn’t either. Doesn’t matter at all, really. Even if we talk, or date, or fuck, that don’t mean shit. I love women and men. I only like physically being with women. No males or children. I wouldn’t try touching me at all right now unless you ask permission first. Should’ve always been like that.

I have walked around my place naked. Barely a few times ever that I walked in front of an open window naked with dick and/or ass showing.

They really want me to be Donny and Chrissy, a faggot, closeted, insecure, woose, weakling, idiot, lazy, pathetic, cultureless, a prostitute and a pornographic movie star. I’ve never been either in my life.

Still never been told I’m God, or Jesus, descendant of either, anything important, having significant ancestors. Still haven’t made a check larger than 800something dollars – which I got for doing 50+ hours of work at the moving company Two Men and a Truck. Kill/end circuit/freeze destroy/melt/RIP to shreds/butcher of everyone else, including Chris, Don, Forest, Corey, Martin, all them I mentioned before, and the rest.

Doesn’t matter if multiple concepts are I one note or piece, song, video, walk, or whatever. Doesn’t matter. It’s all my life. Not yours. Not theirs. Not ours. Mine. Or death.

They being in the of whores, with my old neighbor faggy Paul, and other faggies too, and then when it’s supposed to be just me and Rachel Starr or something, then it’s more just us, and then they file in faggots to die.

My building, underground, my floor, upstairs, all the hidden compartments, bunkers, pipelines, teleports, mirrors, and all the fag shit.

We don’t need to be autopsying every single body for the cybernetic skinsack stuff. Just for verifying diseases, and implants, and sludge.

They also change your screen to affect you. Makes vision blurry. Makes the phone more epilepsy-inducing. Maybe even affects your speech and diet and skin. From what I hear, they shoot a full screen of laserbeams from our screens at us.

Faggots use anytime I critique or joke with the female gender, anyone female, female topics I guess, or if I insult a female. They use these as excuses to whine their way back into my living area. The faggots and whores and retards and cunts seem to be fighting it out to see who can get paid to sit around or not sit around, and protect me from not-difficult attackers, and to offer conversation, logging, sharing, and complimenting. They want my defense team, especially in my own house and facility and its grounds nearby and air grounds above and water below, and whatever the fag fascists of their team need us slaves to do in order to pedal on to the next area that is more free than this. One without the bubble island thing. We don’t want a yoshi either or a dick ship or any of that fag shit. No fag rainbow road either. No fag females either. So many more faggoty females than I thought. Wow. Faggy. Pathetic. Who didn’t fuck you right? Probably a longsword or sumn ike yat.

I heard the faggoty fagger fags of fagdom have suicide bombers. The fags have been trying to kill us with nukes at least since I was born. They tried to put me in a microwave and pop me. That was daddy. Daddy put me on a chopping block and started hacking away. He’s was a “Smokejumper” in Utah until he studied IT and became a Computer Networker at Great Lakes Higher Education somewhere around when I was considered 0. I’m not sure if he got that job before or after we moved from the trailer park on the Northside of Madison to Hagen Hill on the Northside of Madison.

Looking at me and touching me will hurt you more than it helps, if that’s your goal, and you haven’t gotten my permission, and especially if you haven’t been on the team for over a decade.

I have received nice words from people, who I see as being on our side, as giving me nice words on Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram, and of course Basement Made, since 2017. After all that “Cliff, die, you’re poor, you have no friends, kill yourself, jump off a cliff, jump into the water and swim like a fish, Cliff you’re a nigger, you’re a white boy, you’re a faggot, you’re a loser, a scumbag, an idiot, a sociopath”.

I hear that billions of lifeforms understand my music from that “jibberish” phase. Yeeeeeeeeeeee!

You can rub the nodes aka “knots” out.

They’ve been trying to convince me, mentally, since that fall of 2019, that I’m not an adult. They say I’m not of age. Just now around 4:45 PM CT, they said something like I’m only 2 years old. Or “this” has only been going for 2 years or whatever.