One of the strongest overarching messages of generations X, Y and Z is “You Really Need To Quit”. They passionately love that phrase and the ease at which it takes wind. So do their parents. It’s an American past time to try and ruin another person’s life out of jealousy or fear. The hashtag lifestyle makes hopping on the hate train even easier. Hating to hate, basking in another’s pain, ganging up on others from a place of privilege and status quo, citing some kind of “I can say this because…” type shit.

I’ve never bought into that. My goal in the way of professional competition has always been to do my own thing and innovate beyond them, elevate my situation and help those around me along the way if possible. I’ve never tried to convince anyone to quit working hard or creating art. Without this deep seated insecurity bothering me, I now have more flows and melodies, first hand stories, a more diversified skill set, larger vocabulary and range of topics than most if not all lyricists from America.

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