Big Daws gets big laughs. For some reason, in America, civilians find it harder to laugh at a funny big man. It takes an extra level of effort. This is a big reason why almost all comedians and comedic actors are short. The phenomenon is based in an absurd level of Napoleon complexes in our country as well as the David and Goliath story. Daws is bold and not afraid to step out of his comfort zone but he’s clearly right in his element when it comes to wacky public social experiments, the rap, and hitting on women. Fans of comedy know very well Midwesterners have the best genuine senses of humor but this big man clearly stands out from the crowd.

Like another famous Youtuber from Kansas that goes by MrBeast, big Dawson Gurley puts on many expensive stunts and often gives away stacks of cash to random people off the street. He initially got my attention doing this video where he stands outside, asks pedestrians for money, and then gives them back 100x what they gifted him. That’s a beautiful concept to say the least, especially when we can see his videos are more authentic and not as Hollywood’d up as truTV and talk shows. When those people step outside their studios and pretend to be in the mix with the public, they look and sound like sociopathic zoo tour guides with delusions of grandeur on the hunt for a good laugh at the underclass.

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