There is never just one aspect to an artist that makes them popular. For Raine Stern, the list goes on. She has a strong indie girl voice, which can make her sound like many others, but she sings with a lovely voice nonetheless. Among other things, I appreciate how she can naturally ride a beat. She has a developed sense of rhythm that typically only comes from years of practice. I could put my headphones in and put some mileage under my feet listening to her music. Typically I listen to hard hip hop and rock music when I’m putting in a good workout but if I listen to anything soft and poppy it’s gotta be from a motivating woman.

The young Wisconsin artist has had the chance to travel the world and perform on huge stages, giving her music global reach. Many know her from season 20 of “The Voice” where she performed on Team Nick Jonas. Raine also performed with her band in Madison, with the Clyde Stubblefield All-Stars, at the Overture Center as a part of their Rising Stars talent search, and “Summerfest”. Here she goes at the well known NPR “Tiny Desk Concert” series. 

The blues oriented singer-songwriter shreds the guitar across the world but apparently also speaks out on LGBTQ+ and environmental issues. The United Nations brought the musician to Europe recently to talk at their Climate Change Conference. Like most artists that preach environmental justice publicly, the New Glarus native doesn’t showcase these thoughts in the lyrical department, but even platitudes make a difference when it comes to progress.

Raine has some cool progressions on this instrumental joint. I appreciate how she started taking lessons and then picked up the rest watching Youtube videos. Takes a committed person to learn without a teacher. Looks like she’s not afraid to do guerrilla style videos either, which we always appreciate. No need for anything but talent as far as skilled artists are concerned.

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