Gwapo Chapo and Big Ju pull up with a street banger rich with a Milwaukee flow of cash, jewels, bitches, and a little bit of dancing on the “One of Them” record. Artists from Chapwaukee, Looneyconsin are known for coming up with popular flows over the years and never getting widespread attention for them. Gwapo Chapo hit it on this one.

One of the most popular is this wordplay filled rapping style that noticeably doesn’t hit to the kick that often – that runs into the next bar with a sort of add on sentiment to the previous line. It leaves you thinking back on what you just heard as the next line is already coming. The flow keeps a lot of people guessing that don’t know hip hop. Also, the distorted mixing that comes with it on slap beats. Like these two are saying, “One of Them” might feel like these emcees aren’t hitting to the beat, producing it right, or I’m not writing about it correctly, even though we’re all perfect. Visuals courtesy of the always working TeeGlazedIt – who now resides out west.

“Telling on your peoples, boy you one of them
On the internet beefing, you one of them”

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