Happy New Year folks! I finally landed a permanent office job at Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association last year. I’m about to start my third semester in the Web & Digital Media Design program at Madison College. The freelance work is coming in. I’m up to episode 8 with my recently launched podcast Mentally Enabled. My physical and mental health are top tier. I’m eating better and haven’t drank since 9/4/21. The best part: I reunited with my family!

Reconnecting with my bloodline has been a gradual drip from the IV but I was finally able to connect with everyone in my immediate family over these past couple years. I just went out to a family get together and visited with my mom’s side for the first time in over 5 years. My cousin invited me to come out to the east coast and now I’m planning a trip out to visit over spring break. The food was deliciously nostalgic at the party, inspiring flashbacks to the many heartwarming times that I’ve shared with my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Sharing food, stories, and laughs with family helped fill the seemingly endless pit in my stomach that grew larger with each of these painful passing years I spent alone. 

There was no way Winter Storm Elliott was going to scare me from seeing the family. It was a must needed check in with those that make eye contact, listen, and don’t cut me off. Coming of age, my plan was to make it and then take my family with me wherever we wanted to go. I thought the love was mutual for many years. I’m still inspired by loved ones but I’m not attached to family anymore if they’re shit people. Regardless, I’ve done my best – since blowing up – to keep my family members’ names and photos private. There are many dangerous people in this area. And in hip hop. My past is unfortunately filled with herds of fanatics will find any reason to attack me.

I felt the warmth this holiday season – not worried about the storm around us. Here’s to many more and a million bucks.

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