Most of these sexual abusers attacked me between the ages of 14-19 but some occurred outside of that age range. All of these criminal sexual predators committed far worse acts than nonconsensual butt slapping, and almost all assaulted me multiple times. And though butt slapping can be sexual assault, that list would take a long time to contemplate and compile, analyzing what was friendly butt slapping (which is an act of kindness amongst certain friend groups and cultures in America), and what was attack.

I know there are more to add to this list too and I have always been ready to know this information. Please let me know – with factual information only – if I forgot to add some. Also, let me know if you’re ready to expose some who attacked me in my sleep. That is at least as equally harmful and unlawful.

I’m absolutely never going to share detailed information on these attacks outside of court so don’t ask. I’m not inviting you to fantasize or spread rumors either. None of this has ever been entertaining and I’ve never once in my lifetime said otherwise. No need for further gaslighting either.

I have never a single time in my life invited or given anyone permission to sexually harass, assault, rape, torture or enslave me. I have never enjoyed being sexually attacked either. Being assaulted has never been fun or funny to me, and I’ve never been impressed at all by any one of my attackers. They’re not strong. Abusers are weak human beings.

None of these people have apologized, but again, that’s not what I’m after. I have never forgiven anyone and never will for their acts of sexual abuse but I’m still owed justice. I have never loved any abusers of any type and none of them have ever been legitimate friends of mine.

Save the fake concerned questions like “Is it too late?”, “Do you really think this is really going to help?”, and “Did you tell them to stop?”. I know it’s just more of your empty vessel, dead on the inside, immature exceptionalist American, strategically uneducated and uncultured, oppressor culture speak.

Convicted or not, these low quality male human beings are sex offenders. Many of those I’ve named held and/or maintain highly esteemed positions in American society. Some are married by law to female humans and some have human children as a result of reproducing with their female mates.

We all literally have fathers and mothers, and some of us siblings, but I have never asked for or needed a “daddy” or “bro”. Or a “mommy” for that matter. I have been a highly independent completely heterosexual person for all of my life and I have never – even for a split second – wanted to sexually experiment with male humans.

I’ve never desired to sexually abuse anyone either. I like pussy only, always have. Females exclusively. And though some women have sexually assaulted me, I have always been sexually attracted to women, so their crimes aren’t nearly as psychologically traumatizing. I need all of their names too, though.

In my personal opinion, sexual predators should be publicly exposed – regardless of age – and added to the sex offender registry list forever. I also believe that those who repeatedly commit these acts should be put to death for the betterment of humankind.

The people I’ve listed below above all owe me public admissions of guilt and monetary compensation for sexually assaulting me. And yes, you need to admit to exactly what you did in detail. No, I don’t mean step outside and give a confession “in public” (of course I feel like I need to clarify in this disgusting society). Also, I’m not doing some play on public/pubic (again, clarifying because Americans are trash as a whole). No, giving me 2¢ or whatever doesn’t count as fair “compensation” either.

A bit more on the demographic of those I know about so far:

  • They all self identified as “White” racially and ethnically.
  • All/almost all are from DeForest or Sun Prairie, WI.
  • All/almost all have pale skin, naturally light hair, light eyes, are 5’10” or shorter, not physically fit.
  • Almost none were capable of being accepted into UW-Madison out of high school.
  • I’ve seen almost none of them ever consistently hanging out with non-White looking and sounding people.
  • All attempted to converse with me about sex in depth or watch porn with me.
  • All were obsessed with calling me “gay” and “fag”.

Is this a traditional white culture custom passed on generation to generation? An Irish and Black game? Is it Biblical? Old American? These people hold some kind of racist, sexist, heterophobic, homophobic religion, where if you’re a male, and tagged as White, and a fag, your body is deemed property of the White race and White race culture, and you are also considered a willing offering, or sacrifice, or bait to the Black sexual abuser culture – that works as the flipside to the same coin in many ways.

I have had huge libido since puberty. I am way over average – my sex drive, body size, and physical fitness. I literally need to use more brainpower and physical body control to resist my primal urges than at least 99% of Americans based on height, weight, BMI, and size. And even though that datapoint is solely for perspective, the worthless life forms I’ve been speaking to, and their allies, will hone in on it and pervert it however they can.

They might even make the prototypical sexual abuser excuse that they’re sex addicts, and try to write me off as a step in their process of recovery. I expect they’ll use plenty of slanted or double-edged terminology with generational and cultural differences in definition and use – like deviant and weirdo – to blur the factual truth. Or they’ll interpolate a famous quote into their excuse. These people might even use rap lyrics in these situations, because of my history with hip hop and their obsession with this Black/White sexual abuser game. Their goal is to end their song with me (or my likeness) as the down note.

Or they’ll lie and say that they “Honestly don’t even remember that”. Of course there’s the classic “I didn’t know”. They’ll probably try to deflect all fault to some unreachable party, or deem all efforts to improve my situation pointless, because “Why would I do that if he’s just going to hate me anyway”.

And then obviously these religious abusers love the “I can’t say anything without offending him”. And “He’s over sensitive”. Lots of likes, shares, and widesweeping support for them, close to no support for me, no equality, no justice – same as usual. America has promoted and encouraged pedophile and rapist culture since its inception and business is flourishing in the 21st century. So is my mass torture.

None of the people I’ve listed have ever needed to face the consequences for what they’ve done. Exposing their names publicly like this is a step in the right direction but it is not justice or remedy enough to “Put it to rest”. What you people did to me will haunt me for the rest of my life. This is when they and those from their smallminded, low emotional control, intentionally pathetic culture say “Cringe” and “Personally, I would’ve ____”, “That’s not my problem you got hurt”, or “That’s not fair”, and “Moving on”, and “Why dont you just________”, and “Why would you_______ if ________”.

Or they’ll go “It’s sad”, alluding to me as an “It” and not a real person – dehumanizing me further, systematically enslaving me further, bringing in whoever they can to check the phenotype boxes for who they have as “allies”, or whatever the general public needs in order to follow their terroristic belief systems.

The child molestation advocates, sexual predator fans, rapist cliques, etc will threaten me further, because that’s what they do, not because I’ve ever encouraged it in any way. They’ll tell me to “Take it down”, say that I’m a “Rat” for “Tattling” on sexual abusers, “I should put this in the past or leave it there”, “You were just kids, we all do it”, “Suck it up and be a man”, “You need to take what you want in this world”, of course “You’re a punk”, “You’re a pussy”, “He’s a mark”, etc.

Then there’s the classic coverall, “He’s a lying retard sociopath narcissist egomaniac dreamer with delusions of grandeur having a mental episode”. And, crying laughing emoji. And, “Yuh huh, I said so”. And then, “Nuh uh, no way”. Then “That’s that”. Classic sexual abuser speak that likely goes back in their family bloodlines for generations, regardless of their color or gender (and they’ll also use genetics as an excuse for their behavior).

Their culture commonly acts like this to avoid facing consequences for their actions in life. America is stocked full of sexual abusers to the point I believe the majority of adult Americans are proud sexual assaulters and/or support sexual torture. Females too. I truly believe – based on my experiences, studies, and pop culture – that I’m in the super-minority in America for believing that child molestation, sexual assault, and rape are disgusting and wrong in every way. I also believe that I’m a part of a small minority in America for never finding rape jokes to be funny. Not the racist ones and not the jail rape jokes either.

The world would absolutely be a better place if all these people and their allies were executed.

Forest Grefe
Stephan Spraetz
Cody Smith
Erik Schmitt
Sam Hope
Colton Haas
Brenton Wolter
Travis Wiley
Dillon Onsager
Peter Konopacki
Adam Ney
Gavin Hallman

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