Like Quincy Harrison and Freddie Lynn Robbins II (and Yung Gravy), Maximos Nolan is another person that would be better off to myself and the world dead. This one is apparently a Computer Science and Business student of University of Michigan. He has used my name Clifton Beefy (and Clifton Grief) without my permission on Twitter, Twitch, and Reddit. This scammer was/is an officer in an official UM organization. The Big Ten seems to be full of colleges run by worthless slavers. Nolan doesn’t use my name on his LinkedIn profile, though. This is what lifetimes of privilege and ignorance does for these people. Again, I’ve never given this person permission to use my name and we’ve never been associated in any way. Of course, all of these scammers owe me money but America seems to be dead set on never allowing me justice or equality. Just more of the same.

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