New video up on a variety of big business conglomerates and how their people are generally moving now days. I touch on police and UW in this episode but I’m going in on redistricting, abortion, ranked choice voting, and AI – for the most part. Dropped the subtitles for this one too. I apologize to the deaf folks that have been wanting to check out my videos and I haven’t had the actual words up. I’ve been working on getting them up recently, especially for the more personally meaningful videos.

Here are a few other markers of the pointless human demographic that I’ve noticed recently. Remember, just because you use part or even a whole one of these phrases or scenarios, it doesn’t mean that’s generally who you are as a person. Obviously I’ve said or done some of these things in particular contexts over the years. But if you’re an oppressor by trade, the type that employs one of these habitually with malintent, which is typically how these are used, or more than one, you are a parasite to humankind and your ancestors probably were too. And no that’s not a valid excuse to be a waste of human life.

Some of these are actual wording, others are interpretations of what I’ve seen and heard. No, what you see and hear is not the same. You are most likely an idiot, and a liar, whoever you are. Not a single one of these is imagined. None of them from the “Abuser Speak” graphic are made up either. You are uneducated, uncultured, inexperienced, and out of touch, if you insist that they are.

No justice at all for any of the scams against me yet, federal, state, county, city, university, media, social media, police, hip hop, personal, or occupational, unless you count some improvements at the day job for the litany of abuses they’ve been hurling at me over the last couple years.

Abuser Speak Continued:

  1. Deflecting issues going on nearby to those occurring far away. Considering problems going on in the area less important than those going on across the country, across the world, or in a vastly different culture.
  2. “I should have the right to attack whoever I want behind closed doors, and it has no effect at all, and I should have opportunities available to me based on a fictional life story that I invented for myself.”
  3. Using children and/or marriage as crutches, as excuses. Almost every single person in America was having careless unprotected sex and got someone pregnant, or intentionally had a child by choice. Or had privilege of marriage. These people use agism and whatever kind of bigotry they can to attack those without children and/or marriage partner – the “you need to have kids to know the meaning of life and get married” culture.
  4. The “that’s none of my business” and “I’ve never even heard of that” and “that had nothing to do with me” fake alibi scams. None would pass a lie detector test and all would lie on the Bible under oath at the highest level of law on the stand in the Supreme Court. Fake neutral parties. Fake believers in equal rights, opportunity, and justice for all. Fake woke. Fake experienced. Fake skilled. Fake cultured. Fake survivors. Fake business. Fake beliefs. Fake independent mindedness. Fake standing by the law. Fake merit. Fake knowledge of history. Fake republican, fake democrat, fake politics. Fake creative. Fake productive. Fake innovative. Fake consistent. Fake not needing to stand on others to advance professionally. Fake numbers. Fake math. Fake science. Fake deductive. Fake observant. Fake considerate. Fake conclusive.
  5. “How about the highest possible support for rights and justice and opportunity for everyone around you, and the lowest possible support for you? That’s not literally slavery or whatever. And nuh uh cuz I saysy says so.”
  6. “I’m pretend good at expressing myself, ya know, because I’ve been a fraud for 96.4736% of the hours that compose my whole life.”
  7. “Wow, you really took the fun out of that. I need to abuse others to be happy/satisfied/funny/hardworking/whole, and I’ve ever worked a single moment in life.”
  8. “Sure or whatever I’m well read but can’t read well and can’t read certain people and can’t understand them and can’t make sense of them because I’m not well read, and I don’t know many kinds of people, and I don’t understand much about the world, and I am not a good critical thinker, and I am not cultured ethnically or linguistically, or interesting at all in the slightest. And like fags and cunts, though! And you can’t say that. You have to say douchebag, butthead, butthole, asshole, ass, dick, penis, boob, pussy, dingleberry, dingus, poopyhead, doodyhead, tit, butt, dickbreath, penishead, and posh cherrypicked dictionary words that you don’t use in conversations out loud, and obviously that’s what you meant by that word, or whatever, and also, something.”
  9. Complaining about what other people eat daily, weekly, yearly, etc, attacking especially the less fortunate, working class, people of value, those with ethics, ethnics, those with developed palate or palette, mentally and physically superior, mentally and physically disabled, those with skillsets beyond basic bitch chad bro who push to be the most bot like and/or parasite like humans possible.
  10. “But how would you know if you like licking the anus of a person where feces comes out, the one that smells like excrement, where the non nutrient dense sludge comes out after it passes through our digestive system, which is not sterile at all, unless you’ve tried it? And it should be with a male, obviously, since you are a heterosexual male. At least love putting your raw penis into a poopy butthole instead of vagina or wearing a condom. Love bootyhole and poopies or else.”
  11. Pretend business acumen, pretend experience, pretend professionalism, pretend opportunities, pretend earning their job/keep, pretend rule following, pretend street smarts, pretend law abiding, pretend independent mindedness.
  12. More lies and D&D-reality TV-sci fi epic fantasies-fiction novels about how I haven’t spoken up for myself when being scammed, posted my work for sale, or asked for contributions.
  13. “Omg did he seriously just call me physically attractive? Rapist. And gay. Should be enslaved and/or executed.”
  14. “Show some self-discipline that obviously you have had much more of than myself for our whole lives but nuh uh cuz I said so or whatever or something like you know what I mean.”
  15. “Nothing happens in Wisconsin.” – boring idiot bot clout chaser whore scam artist
  16. “If I was you.” – not me, coulda, shoulda, woulda worshiper, generalizing bigoted fallacy obsessed simpleton, unskilled, fake, uninteresting, uneducated, out of touch, privileged fraud scammer pretend hardworker with pretend life experience and pretend insight into my situation specifically
  17. Lots of dick, balls, and butthole grabbing and fondling from male Americans, over pants and under pants. Smelling fingers after. Making sure to make eye contact with me as long as possible. Asking if I want to smell. Typical for their white, black, brown, yellow, red, every color, fags.
  18. More lies about how literally not present and non-communicating non-action taking fraud punk gossip queen jealous loser boring office bro ________ was “there for me”.
  19. “It’s only fair that we pull the whole Jews crucify Jesus Christ the Almighty or whatever. Not even a Mediterranean pretty pretty olivey square hairline. Nazi. Christians are so annoying. Antisemite. Like seriously literally crucify him on a cross in public or on top of the Madison capitol or whatever. Poor. He’s such a Jew or whatever. Like wow all the Jews are like that. Just stop or whatever. Or something. Whiteboy slave. I’m not white, like, you know what I mean? But I am when it matters, you know what I mean? Or whatever. Or something.”
  20. “Actual literal heterosexual men have ‘it’ easiest in America.”
  21. “3.5 essay, Grammarly, pay your dues, pastiche, balking, smug, motif, abhorrent, rigid. I need a tax break.”
  22. “Why didn’t you have money that didn’t exist and study abroad or across the country or any internship in NYC or other non-working class non-elite elitist culture crap that I’m obsessed with thinking is available to everyone, or whatever.”
  23. “‘He’ has had a rough go of it. Lets continue scamming him en masse for the rest of our lives.”
  24. “There is a single better sociologist in the United States of America other than Dr. Cliff.”
  25. “More institutional discrimination. Join in on the axis of allies.”
  26. Journalists who have been privileged enough to have job in field for years suddenly coming forward with adversity and trade secrets. Rappers will start doing this more soon too.
  27. Recognizing the ‘real’ impact of mental slavery, school slavery, pseudo intelligent hipster dipster alt right simpleton liberal tears logic, anything but actual slavery.
  28. “Serves you right because ________. More fascism, slavery, scamming, pseudo intelligence, laziness, perversions, alternate storylines.”
  29. “We need more reasons to allow you basic rights that we allow all others. Keep em coming. Keep trying.”
  30. “If it’s hard to understand, it’s not real.” – classic fascist dumbass
  31. “You can only control your efforts and your attitude in life. All else is up to others. Other idiot life lessons to please oppressors.”
  32. “Illegally sharing Clifton Grefe’s personal information is firmly entrenched as part of our fascist society’s culture. Whip the slave however possible for his entire life. Take everything you can from him. Never allow him rights, justice, or opportunity at a comparable level to his professional peers, age group, or anyone alive. Just say he’s tripping or lying or whatever works to keep the lie and torture going. It’s really fun. You’ll see. Give it time.”
  33. “You know whats real, ‘dude’, or whatever ‘they’ call you? Stealing other peoples’ identity and work and not permitting them the same level of rights but say thats not true cuz you said though and that’s that. Anybody interesting out there? And by interesting, I mean a scammer who is uninteresting. Different culture low key tho, my culture praises pathetic excuses for life forms, and yours does not. We praise laziness and yours does not. We rep fakeness with pride and you do not. Seriously we not the same Joe. I’m a huge fag but sh nuh uh, and you’re like me cuz whatever reason I come up with.”
  34. “No of course Cliff had nothing to do with Wisconsin winning that last NFL championship, the NBA championship, and the Rose Bowl visits. No way dude. That was all me. I wore my lucky fraud human being gear on those days and I’m a whiny cunt whenever possible over the course of my entire life.”
  35. “But you don’t have the pure white snow eyes and skin tone of typical Norwegians so you’re not real and racism and what are you dirty with white boy you’re not white white boy you’re white tho? We need to do another round of Volstead and Bennett Acts.”
  36. “This is literally the same thing that Suge did to Vanilla Ice. Or what Quincy did to MJ. Something about a fake low skill indie rapper that’s had everything handed to them their entire life, and something about Canada or New England being ‘The North’ or whatever.”
  37. Wisconsin > Wyoming
  38. Adding 10-20 years to my age and saying that’s literally my age.
  39. Scammer excuses for why they ‘can’t’ act and must continue scamming.
  40. “Cliff tries to fuck everyone’s girlfriend/wife. He doesn’t literally do the exact opposite. And it’s not obvious. Also, he isn’t known among those that tell the truth in life for turning down females that any of his friends have dated.”
  41. Fake woke fake conscious fake street fake empathetic fake community supporters acting like they need to be cryptic and vague for their safety, hiding behind closed doors in their ivory tower castles, not to be seen in the streets, where I am almost every single day, and that’s also a problem ‘either way you look at it’.
  42. “So we all agree, right? Cliff, has done nothing ever in his life literally. Everyone around Cliff, has done everything in life literally.”
  43. “Gangster, you’re trying to be a gangster rapper but you’re just not a gangster. I’m sorry. It’s just not gangster. You need to be a real gangster OG to be a rapper. I just can’t understand why he thinks he’s a gangster. Aren’t all rappers gangsters? Or what do gangsters even do anyway? Stop trying to be gangster. Let me know when you’re a gangster and that would be super gangster. Gangster signing off. Gangster.”
  44. “Experiment on him like a lab rat when possible.”
  45. “Forge and frame him into a terrorist, as a longtime psychotic terrorist oppressor fake or any other type of person.”
  46. “Sure ya the identity thief Yung Gravy is actually paying homage to Grefe or whatever he just never said that.”
  47. “This is grown adult big boy big girl gossip. There is no such thing but yuh huh cuz we saidy said so.”
  48. “Some day ‘all this’ is going to bite him in the ass, eat his ass, lick his ass, punch his ass, fuck his ass, rape his ass, touch his ass, etc. And butthole, penis, boob, vagina.”
  49. “That’s why you don’t — insert dummie’s take take on anything here.”
  50. “But for realskies tho!!! Generic Chicago and Milwaukee and Madison and Twin Cities area units are the smartest in the world! So valuable! So much insight and hard fought achievement! War in the suburbs or battle of the sexes or something.”
  51. “He sounds like my _____ year old. I own him as a slave or like a slave and I mean to do the same with my child.”
  52. “But you’re only serious about anything in life if you have TikTok and you don’t use yours so you’re not serious about life. And Snapchat. And Threads.”
  53. “You had ‘your shot’ and other fantasy world paradigms that lazy dumb people use to make themselves feel better about being pathetic subpar uninteresting anti-accomplishment humans.”
  54. Oppression > Pressure
  55. “Play more white music you white. Stop playing that black music you black. And you’re not black. And you’re not white. And you’re an it like a transexual. You’re a transexual, and asexual, and intersex, and obviously gay or bi.”
  56. “You’re not doing ‘it’ right.”
  57. “Pushover.”
  58. “Nothing is going to happen unless you do something about it.”
  59. Mass reporting my content as soon as I drop out of idiocy, jealousy, and self-hatred, Google not allowing my results to show up in search.
  60. “I’m glad you brought up AI because I can’t wait for it to start killing people too because it will take out all the weak people first like the poor, homeless, retarded, bald, hipsters, sociology majors, fags, artists, skinny white boys, Indians, Blacks, tall idiots, wanksters, manual laborers, and cripples.”
  61. “I don’t care what some _______ has to say about ________.”
  62. Attacking someone for being scammed and attacked, while scamming them further, and then attacking them further for being scammed further.
  63. “Do any colored people want to speak at this rally? Any females? LGBTQ+? Old people? Jews? Crackers? Anyone with no life experience who saw something happen to someone else once, internalized their pain, did nothing to improve the other person’s life, and then made up a story about what they did in that scenario – to gain internet fame/what we call clout?”
  64. “We’re liberal, or whatever, and we’re leaders in progressive thought.”
  65. “But what if I copy what you do and try to steal your identity however possible? Is that legit?”
  66. “That’s why you’re single.”
  67. “Get a new car.”
  68. “You’re ugly.”
  69. “You’re broke.”
  70. “You’ve never had sex and you’ve stalked and assaulted and raped every female you’ve ever come across and I know you didn’t but you did because I said so and I’m more popular. And you catcall women from your car. And you stare at asses like a sitcom character from the ’80s. And you jerk off to anime, and you’ve had sex with a cow, and you walk gay. All men are gay or bisexual, and you’re a sex offender.”
  71. “He’s lost.”
  72. “You’re always so dark, gloomy, griefy, and sad, slave. More funny fun stuff! Tell me more about the fun fun stuffs!”
  73. “You smoke pot so you’re not sober. I drink alcohol because I’m mature.”
  74. “I can’t wait until he gets taken out so we can forget he ever existed.”
  75. “That’s not my son/brother/cousin/nephew/friend. Do whatever you want to him. I’ve never given a shit.”
  76. “Shave your disgusting ugly head, nigger-skinhead.”
  77. “You look like a cancer patient.”
  78. “You’re a pussy, dildo, and you look like a penis, buttbuddy.”
  79. “He’s stuck in the past.”
  80. “No tact.”
  81. “No panache.”
  82. “… soft skills” – said by serial fraud and/or abuser
  83. “No touch.”
  84. “You ‘missed your chance to blow’ like Eminem said not to do in that one song. Wow, talk about ironic, considering all you want to do is be Eminem.”
  85. “You’re like ___ from that show. You’re like ____ from that movie. You’re like _____ from social media. Cliff, you need to get out more, seriously.”
  86. “He’s tight. Ya know like they say in hip hop. No, I don’t mean uptight or tightass or something heterophobic-homophobic-rapist, no I really meant what I said.” – said by lifetime abuser.
  87. Alluding to scamming and slavery being essential parts of capitalism/free society/free market.
  88. Slavery jokes. Fake slavery stories.
  89. “Scammers work hard, or they are intelligent, or are in any way shape or form deserving of any level of currency or respect.”
  90. “I followed him home and ____.”
  91. “I hacked his _____ account and _____.”
  92. “I stole his ________.”
  93. “I told his boss _______.”
  94. “He’s just hearing things again.”
  95. Commodifying wholesomeness.
  96. “I took one look at or heard once or read one line or one paragraph or one page and understood everything about _______.”
  97. “He’s in pain. Make up more stories about him ASAP.”
  98. Pinpointing one part of this whole document and saying that’s ‘the whole point’. Religious anti-thinking, anti-logic, anti-truth, anti-merit, anti-effort, anti-integrity.
  99. “That’s not how money works.”
  100. “He didn’t actually graduate from UW.”
  101. “Awwww he’s like Eeyore. I just want pat him on the head like a donkey then pin his ass.”
  102. “Isn’t this you being passive aggressive? Seriously. Tell me. No wait, don’t. No, you are. Hold on. I decided. Shut up. I’m sane and you’re not. I want you to risk more of your life, and be less direct but more direct, at the same time, and lie but not lie at the same time.”
  103. “Doesn’t ‘all this’ make you want to do something fun, or record music, and those are mutually exclusive?”
  104. “Have you ever considered being happy with us scamming you for the rest of your life, like finding a way to appreciate us all ripping you off for millions of dollars in front of millions of people?”
  105. “_______ – fifty-thousand dollars.”
  106. “You sound like a robot.”
  107. “Who is even saying these things? It’s hard to believe.”
  108. “You have dyslexia.”
  109. “You have anxiety.”
  110. “You have Tourette’s.”
  111. “You have ADHD.”
  112. “You’re a schizo.”
  113. “You have AIDS. Back shots like Ricky.”
  114. “You have _______.”
  115. “He had Chat GPT write it for him.”
  116. “Ummm Madison is literally the #1 best place to live in America so ummm yea like ummm seriously ummm ok, boy. Go back to Goodwill or whatever and hang out with your culture there.”
  117. Believing racists, rapists, sexists, xenophobes, stalkers, bullies etc. are necessary for the world because “it keeps you humble” or some pseudo intelligent amalgamation of a devil’s advocate, devil worship, sarcasm, and suburban culture.
  118. “Bullying, sexual assault, and scamming have ever once a single time in human history been mutually agreed upon between the abuser and the victim of their attacks.”
  119. “But I only attacked, unprovoked, 401,623 people before I turned 18, and that doesn’t count anyway, and they were gross anyway, and it’s only been 1,477,090 since then! Seriously! And I work superdy duper hardsy hards! And I have a square hairline, and my skin is as soft as an infants foreskin! And I like to have my sex slaves shipped in from the midwest and opposite side of the world! Heteros should be sterilized. And no this attitude is not an obvious marker over history with other countries impending collapse that have tried to take over the world.”
  120. “You can’t even dance.” – fraud and/or someone that doesn’t have rhythm and has less than 100 different dance moves.
  121. “You can’t even rap.” – someone unfamiliar with what talented, skilled, intelligent, hardworking, unique, independent rappers sound like, uneducated on life and effort, inexperienced, fake, materialistic, two faced, scammer, whiner, etc.
  122. “A basic Google search proved that ____________. I’m not a basic bitch bot the world would be better without entirely.”
  123. Saying this list goes in order of importance or is organized in some progressive fashion even though I never said that.
  124. “Somebody chop this Germ’s dick off, literally, so we can eat it like a bratwurst, literally. Heil America and its near full capacity of crap sludge humans.”
  125. “That ‘it’ you speak of means ‘life’, you honkey. Lynch yourself Clifton Grefe the God even though you’re not even God the almighty. Like seriously, what a loser. Not even God the all powerful. Or a xenophobe. What an ugly boy, wow. Somebody paint him like a clown and make him do jokes for the aristocrats/autocrats/representatives/bureaucrats/educators/slavers/white collar people.”
  126. “You don’t even respect your own body, why don’t you just get right with God or whatever and jam the biggest figurine of Jesus Christ that you can find up your butthole. Or Saint Mary at least. I’m so over Christians. Ugh I have to go to church with my family again. They don’t even give me enough money for my fake personality and life story.”
  127. “But I’m a rat, snake, pig, ass, and you’re supposed to like animals or be holistic or whatever fag, so you’re a terrorist for hating me. And I hate you, unless you don’t hate me, or whatever. It’s all good, but maybe not? Idiot. No wait. Yea, idiot.”
  128. “But being as useless a human being as possible is seen as attractive in dusty musty stale cracker Anglo Saxon and Latin cultures, so……what’s wrong with you?”
  129. “Clift. Clif. Cliffy. Clifford. Clint? I know so many other Clifton’s, well literally zero, but I’m pretending to struggle with your name and that’s funny or strong of me.”
  130. “Just because my life hasn’t been terrible and afflicted like you or your people or whatever doesn’t mean I’m not an awesome person with a lot to offer.” – Someone with zero or below zero intrinsic value.
  131. “White girl power!!!! Put literally everyone else to death! And then rape their corpses! White women at any single moment in human history have been leaders in effort or thought!”
  132. “British and French and Spanish and Dutch and German and Portuguese and Irish and Italian and Jewish people, and all the coastie Greco-Roman Mediterranean cultures, are civilized, and America.” – lazy weak dumb unilateral genocidal fascist colonialist scammer fans.
  133. “But what about all the hacking and invasion of privacy and deep fakes and memes and thats all fun and we all do it. And fake dick pics and fake dick stories and fake pornos and, again, we all shouldn’t be executed for the betterment of Earth. My grandpa was in the war and hates Japs and my mom is a Karen and my hero.”
  134. “You don’t have any skills.” – religiously jealous unskilled fascist with fake value who’s been handed everything in life but nuh uh cuz they said so and their perspective is valid
  135. “You don’t like the right kind of women. You need to get more into the fake hair, fake eyes, fake lips, fake face, fake tits, fake ass, fake skin, fake life story, fake personality, fake work ethic, fake culture, fake knowledge. And seriously, like really tho, that’s more natural and real and organic and authentic than anything on this planet.”
  136. “That’s all Madison.”
  137. “He never learned his lesson and should be put in prison like the rest of ‘them’. It’s sad or he’s mad and I’m positive and kind.”
  138. Low skill, low effort, low intelligence, low insight, low originality rappers that didn’t come up with their own style or flow or lyrics or production, that did some unrespectable job for x amount of time, or a shitty day job for a few years or not at all, that waste millions of undeserved money after they are given what they didn’t earn. Add racism, classism, sexism, heterophobia, xenophobia for cracker perspective and fake leader allies.
  139. At all > et all
  140. “He thinks he’s/He has to be an expert at everything/He’s not an expert at anything.”
  141. Asking people to repeat themselves when they heard them the first time.
  142. Pretending that anything said about race or ethnicity is racist and uneducated. Also pretending to be an expert in race and ethnicity, multiculturalism, and sociology.
  143. Pretending I’m not part of the team, be it the U.S., Wisconsin, Madison, the place I work, even though I’ve historically completed a disproportionate amount of work for these teams with disproportionally few opportunities for a disproportionately low income.
  144. Proud racists “but it’s true racism, and its not bigotry, just racist racism, not racism, or racism”.
  145. Those that learned something in advanced or specialized education or in a unique once in a lifetime scenario, but expect others to completely understand with little to no explanation, and get mad at them for not knowing inherently regardless. And then gossip to others about them “didn’t even know” ing, flipping this scenario around to best fit their pointless life.
  146. “Why do you keep adding to this list the more we mass scam you? Let us mass scam you and you like it and shut up about it and die and we celebrate it because fascism, slavery, torture, lies, fraud, our culture, etc.”
  147. “I don’t know Spanish, but you do, and I’m Spanish but I don’t, and you do, so you don’t, and more racism and lying and abusing and that’s hilarious and I have ever worked hard a for a single moment of life.”
  148. “Never let em know your next move and by that I mean lie all the time especially for no reason.”
  149. “So vague yet somehow he’s the exact opposite of what I just said but oh well facts is facts. I make more than $0-7.25/hr.”
  150. “I’m just focusing on me now and have no time for anyone else’s drama.” – gossipy emptybrained jealous loser for their entire life that has never achieved anything on their own pr worked hard legitimately for a single moment but has had endless opportunities available to them for invalid reasons
  151. “Let’s be so privileged and entitled we mass quit from our overpaid white collar jobs and call it brave or worthy of praise.”
  152. “I remember it differently. I’m literally incorrect but nuh uh cuz I say it’s a matter of opinion whatever it is. Don’t you love philosophy and astrology you gipsy and extremist abrahamic religions and atheism you skinhead and availability heuristics and group thinks you sociopath commie basement gamer cockbreath?”
  153. “More make believe stories about ‘what you really want’ and how ‘I know’ because I’m a fake expert. More scamming. Owing you more money legally but nuh uh cuz you’re the criminal and meanie and brokie and drunkie and why don’t you go somewhere and not be owed millions of dollars by your country, its institutions, and individuals, from their specific actions toward you in this lifetime, and just like realize ‘it’s fair’ or whatever and we like all go through anything comparable or whatever or something cuz ya know or whatever.”
  154. “New England isn’t a parasite to the Midwest. Never ever. Chicago isn’t a parasite to Wisconsin either. Never no way. And never Minneapolis-St. Paul either. Madison isn’t a parasite to Wisconsin. Nuh uh. Milwaukee suburbs aren’t parasites to Milwaukee. That’s just crazy silly antifa BLM woke weed bald millennial bi schizo schlub putz schaboingboing klutz fag hick nazi thug nerd hipster terrorist mommas boy gimmick goofy trustfund baby homeless small beanpole type b anger issues loud quiet jackoff prude. Skam Klan 4ever. We smart. You slow.”
  155. “Hey I have another scam to anti-promote your music for a fee? I’ll work twice as hard to misrepresent and blacklist you if you don’t pay me. I’m hooking you up bro don’t be a pussy. You’re not even talented for real I asked my clique of fashionable fascists, clueless corporates, bubbly bumpkins, and daddy’s darlings, and they’re all saying. And we want to force you to release more hits for you to have rights and compensation for past international and countrywide hits. And more to add to the scam that you shouldn’t have gotten record deal offers and/or full time paid music industry opportunities starting in 2009 based on your success numerically and geographically alone, not to mention you were also submitting your music to those places and applying for those jobs. And we all scammed you together? Seriously, you really need to pay me more for less than nothing, like forever, if we’re being real.”
  156. “What cause should we pretend care about next? Our culture isn’t a sham. America has ever been great.”
  157. “Something designated as a white lie isn’t literally equally as harmful as something designated as a non-white lie. And it’s not a racist term. And it’s not archetypal slaver/fascist/colonialist/scammer/oligarchy/monarchy/totalitarian/authoritarian/tyranny/American/lazy dumb weak petty fake gross culture.”
  158. “I know why you’re bald and the Earth is flat and everyone has skeletons in their closet and I love the show COPS.”
  159. “Give us more numbers and exact dates like this and then more and then more and then more and then more and then more and then more and then we’ll pretend to think about ever allowing you a comparable level of rights to whites and blacks and browns and reds and yellows and purples and blues and pinks and grays and oranges and the whole racist colorwheel.”
  160. “We’re learning. I didn’t know. We’ve ever been generally intelligent, or observant, or cultured, or knowledgeable about the local or area cultures, or artistic, or musical, or creative, or original, or innovative, or independently made, or self taught, or inspirational, or authentic, or perseverant, or kind, or nice, or any positive variation of any of those concepts.”
  161. “There is any reason other than slavery, fascism, torture, abuse, discrimination, bigotry, for the story of this enormous multiple decade stretching scam to not be covered by the news to the same extend as were the ‘Coastie Song’ and ‘Teach Me How to Bucky’.”
  162. “The smaller a person is physically, the more they are superior to a tall person. Same goes for fat level, the higher ratio to muscle the better. The more implants, cosmetic injections, and fake attachments the better too. And vice versa.”
  163. “It’s not immigrant, it’s expat for whitie sludge. It’s not racist, it’s racíst for whitie sludge.”
  164. “You know gay people don’t do that, right?”
  165. “You’re not an adult because you don’t drink and have fought to survive in this world and I have not because I haven’t had to and would have died if I were you ‘but if I was you’ because I am entirely pathetic but nuh uh cuz I said so, and also you’re not an adult because we’ve all been scamming and attacking you from every angle possible for your entire life or close to entire life and also wow how could it be your entire life because sleep and baby and I’m so much smarter see. And this is what interpret as freedom of speech – fraud, scamming, stalking, lying, terrorism.”
  166. “He doesn’t read either. He taught himself how to read and the knowledge in his brain is greater than ours and he reads faster and his vocabulary and direct life experience is lifetimes beyond ours but nuh uh what about that hyphen grammar nazi cunt fascist fake elite elitists.”
  167. Directly comparing 1 to 1 a massively privileged conscious decision and life choice not made under duress or while going through any adverse circumstances throughout the entire course of life, to a decision made in as opposite of circumstances as possible.
  168. “Sorry, I’m going to use my hands when I talk. I come from pompous cunt fake elite regressive out of date out of touch backwards tone deaf clueless aloof posh bourgeoisie hipster fundamental traditional oppressive boring dry dust culture where that is seen as not classy enough for our caste in the historically slave and scam heavy United States of America.”
  169. “Let’s all try to ruin every relationship he’s ever formed too. Do whatever it takes, scam and torture him further when you can. Make sure to cancel out any of your pretend authenticity with more faking. Really, just be fake at anything. Doesn’t even matter. Just be fake and say you’re ever to be taken seriously for any reason.”
  170. “You’ve always been there for us and we’ve never been there for you. Understand? We are not individuals and are not self-made, and do not represent what propaganda America spits out, and pretend represent a community, and pretend support a community, and obviously we’ve all had to attack you in mass for as long as possible so that we make sure we’ve never earned or stood or anything.”
  171. “But seriously, if we’re comparing butthole smell to butthole smell, his butthole does not smell as good of butthole as that other persons butthole. Really, what is realer than butthole? Not a butthole, I say. Who’s being a butthole and how can we include butthole in this conversation whenever possible? And what about cocks and dicks and cum and boobies? And buttholes.”
  172. “Grammar Nazi and I have Black friends and we all tell White lies and I drive fun car so Megan Thee Stallion tongue and diamonds and slavery and shut up dissenter boy untouchable weed sinner devil ole truthteller comfortable in his own skin and has a soul fag.”
  173. “Oh that’s just how they are as a person you get used to it and some fake redeeming quality told by a different fake person.”
  174. “Grefe isn’t pronounced gravy nuh uh cuz I said so and not grief either and not griefy either. And you’re not real and we will continue with the felonious identity theft with Yung Gravy, and others, the mass abuse, and laundry list of various scams. We are going to scam you forever because whatever dude. Maybe when you die, we’ll pretend like we’ve ever been valid people and ever cared about the law, or civil rights, or the justice system, or fair representation, or anti-slavery, or worker’s rights, or merit, or anti-discrimination, or labor, or production, or quality, or numbers, or math, science, art, or individuality.”
  175. “But like how could it be since birth or your entire life like how do you remember when you were an infant because obviously that’s what you meant and I’m mature and intelligent and can understand context clues and think critically and I thought but didn’t you said to take literally everything you say literally and more scamming and lying and stalking and complaining. And more excuses over anything. More terrorist words and actions from me and us towards you. That’s real. And you did it to us actually and I’m a victim and you’re a Neo Nazi and bald and 30 something ew like IT worker fake artist complainer wow. Just murder yourself meth head with a dildo in your butthole like you like it with a letter that explains hoe you’re all a lie or whatever. That’s sad. CTFU”
  176. Scam > spam
  177. “I don’t like you and I’m a privileged fraud and/or a privileged abuser of a privileged individual for life, though. So, privilege or what, privilege?”
  178. “I don’t trust somebody that doesn’t trust obsessive liars. Gay. Or bisexual at least. Probably hermaphrodite.”
  179. “Pretend like ‘he never said anything’ about all this trauma and adversity or any statement remotely close to that, and flip around the past tense, present tense, and future tense, as needed, to conflate all of our scams and lies over the years into one concept that makes it seems like he is crazy and nonsense. Continue scamming according to plan.”
  180. Vague > Fag
  181. Some kind of adding 10-20 years to my age and saying that’s literally my age. More identity theft, false representation, libel, slander, agism, body shaming, xenophobia, etc.
  182. “Steal more of his identity and give it to the cunt teachers and fake positive influences in his life and not in his life. Again, never give him credit for anything. Always steal his identity and create fictional life stories for him. Give all credit to cunts, allies, and oppressors.”
  183. “American females face anywhere close in the very slightest faintest a comparable amount of adversity as males in America and that’s why their so pretty, and picky, and fake, and weak, and anti-empathetic, and anti-skill, and anti-intelligence, and anti-kindness.”
  184. “Technically I’m disabled because I have glasses and so I totally get disability and adversity because I have glasses. And you don’t even have glasses, sad fag baldie brokie.”
  185. Chicago style humor – the non-existent and/or foul entirely and/or Black only but nuh uh and/or entirely stolen from Wisconsin or a Wisconsinite.
  186. “I’m a picky person. I should be taken seriously ever on any topic except for when explaining how much privilege I’ve had and how out of touch I’ve been.”
  187. “I’m an uncontrollable liar and have done nothing impressive ever in life and so that’s who you are and all the alternate reality friends/allies/team that I made up for you.”
  188. “How old are you? That matters in more that 1% of all conversations.”
  189. “But you said you were perfect in that one song and I saw you make a mistake so I need to fraud and abuse forever for any reason because I’m brave and a good detective. More slavery. More lying. More faking. More anti-work, anti-merit, anti-qualifications, anti-rights. More scamming.”
  190. “Your authentic accent is fake. What about WOW county Catholic Charlie Berens’ fake Scandinavian Wisconsin accent? That’s real. I know things. And he’s actually funny.”
  191. “You know who makes good podcasts? Privileged fags and cunts and allies.”
  192. “But what about the opportunities I had access to and you didn’t? Why didn’t you take advantage of those non-existent opportunities? You missed your non-existent chances, White Boy Nazi Nigger Hipster Hobo Retard Criminal.
  193. “I bet Cliff is punching the air because _________.”
  194. “The Grefe Problem.”
  195. “More scamming because he likes to be scammed and he deserves it and and it’s so fun and funny and and woke and pragmatic. He’s like the joke of the town how could we not. Everyone try to spot him, stalk him, yell at him, and steal more photos. Steal any little thing off him for points – shirts, shoes, beaters, underwear, t shirts, jeans, whatever. Take it all. Assault him for a bonus. Murder and rape and worth max points. More scams are always a plus. Lies are clutch. Annoying is key. Stalking is a necessity. Straight facts. You never lied.”
  196. “I’ve been a prostitute sex worker for nearly my entire adult life, taking monetary and social currency in exchange for porn or sexual acts, and lying about it to family, friends, and jobs, lying about it when asked, but taking full advantage of the whoring scam, and the huge societal advantages of being a woman in America, and tearing down men as a sex altogether, stealing property from males if at all possible, lying about any man whenever possible, and I know what it means to be a hardworking independent strong woman with value. And ew gross who said ‘he’ was allowed to speak anyway? He can’t sit at our table. Force him into more slave jobs and rip him off religiously for his entire life but nuh uh cuz I said so. And wow look at that Karen over there, she’s old, and I’m young, and I will be different significantly than that Karen when my young Karen self starts adulting and glows up and transitions to a full grown Karen, and then I’ll just make up another fake life story, number 9,348 in the fake life story catalog/true story autobiography, to pretend that’s not what happened.”
  197. “A rapper from Wisconsin? Are you serious? What a joke. The working class state? The center of progressive and republican politics? The outspoken culture? No, no, no. We need them from the out if touch privileged cultureless places where they have huge advantages and very little real life experience outside the comfort of their bubbles. Always.”
  198. “You like country music more than anything and make country music or should make country music because that’s not the music you grew up on, not your favorite type of music, and not the type of music you typically make.”
  199. “Be proud of me, I’m scamming you.”
  200. “You’re perpetually self-destructing.”
  201. “This is his list if grievances lol kitty kats.”
  202. “Yea but that one punk bitch you talked to once or whatever?!”
  203. “I don’t trust statistics, only ‘reality’. I don’t trust math, numbers, science, logic, fact, history, experience, integrity, merit. Only ‘reality’.”
  204. “But the oppressor cult is so fun funs doe my G no cappity caps.
  205. Scamming jokes.
  206. Jealous insecure simpleton stalker vigilante terrorism.
  207. Childish reaching and competing to decide ‘who had it worst’.
  208. “But what about if I’m passive aggressive at work with my coworkers, at home with my supposed loved ones, and in public with strangers. Does that make me a real person, me never being a real person in any/as few as possible situation(s)?”
  209. “Yea but like the other famous Cliffords and Cliftons so not really the one true God of all the world’s religious and secular texts past and present are we?”
  210. Trendy pseudo scientific explanations for supporting fascism, slavery, torture, scamming, stalking, passive aggression, fake life story, etc.
  211. “Fake local culture, fake Madison culture, fake Wisconsin culture, and fake American culture, fake hip hop culture, fake working class culture, fake office culture. That’s ‘the culture’ and/or ‘pop culture’.”
  212. “But what if I pretend to be ashamed and then continue scamming you?”
  213. “Porn is the devil’s work. And it’s all gay. And everyone that watches it is gay. And an abuser. And racist.”
  214. “It’s not our job to do our jobs. That’s your job. Duh. Idiot. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed and not the sharpest knife in the drawer or whatever.”
  215. Robotic drone like rattling off of stereotypes and tropes as a way of life.
  216. Life lessons based on my life, or using my life as the backdrop, not from me, not from someone who knows me, as if I’m already dead, like they’re referencing me from a book, or as an intangible digital item, dehumanizing me as a stoner musing, or a philosophical idea.
  217. Forcing retard and retardation into conversation over disable and disability. Like it’s a freedom of speech issue, brave, sticking to what one believes in through some invented plight, more accurate wording for describing disabled people, or it’s more PC according to the PC police — who are not disabled but are absolutely self retarded. More politically charged Nazi brand behavior from fake elite elitists.
  218. “I had no foresight then and I still don’t but yuh huh cuz I said so. Gimme gimmies.”
  219. “Any American in a comparable age range to Clifton Grefe has more authentic bars that they wrote, and as diverse an array of flows, published, spanning a comparable time frame, with as wide reaching audience, and has never received an offer of any sort from any record label on Earth.”
  220. “He’s clearly one of a kind so of course he’s exactly like those one people whoever they are.”
  221. “Sure he calls big women cows or whatever other lie we’ve added to the scamming.”
  222. “Listen, I hate quality individuals as next as the next guy, but ___________.”
  223. “You keep telling us who you’re not but you never say who you are.”
  224. “Dont shout out fake people because everyone is fake but not like some are but zero people you have mentioned but not or whatever but yea and fake personality fake experience fake life story boom gotcha giiiirl stop it no don’t and yeesh take a joke its not serious do you even know everyones innermost intentions based on subjective changing criteria I come up with and nobody really knows anybody but cmon man for real like what.”
  225. “We’re incessantly immature and perverted, so actually, that means that you’re incessantly immature and perverted, didn’t you know that? I thought everybody knew that.”
  226. “If I knew he was going to be this much trouble from the beginning, and by trouble I mean a top quality worker in the whole organization, I never would have hired him, like everybody else.”
  227. “We needed to toughen him up, and by that, I mean torture him for his entire life for no reason or any reason.”
  228. “No we’re not one of the worst scam cults to ever exist in American history. Only in our lifetime. Or whatever. Doesn’t even matter. More scamming.”
  229. “But what if I’m a snake and many people consider my outward appearance attractive? What about if I’m a pretty rat? How about a lovely pig?”
  230. Pointless culture abusive gossip about how I talk, walk, stand, sit, eat, breath, anything. Anything to be the greatest frauds and abusers in life as possible. Even if it’s just the smallest, pettiest, most pedantic, smallminded, immature, passive aggressive, Z type personality thing.
  231. “He’s literally a poet, an internationally published artist, an award winning lyricist, and we rip off his style constantly. He’s unpoetic.”
  232. “You never know what a person is thinking, unless you ask, which I never do, and listen, which I never do, with this specific person I’m passive aggressively referencing in whatever way.”
  233. “The suburban fascists say no way Jose though. We stand with fraud and injustice. Police brutality is a critical component in maintaining justice and sometimes people get caught in the crossfire with no justice whatsoever and that’s a good thing or sad or whatever. A thin blue line — insert any combination of abuser speak word and phrases to close it out.”
  234. “But I was a server or whatever for a couple years in college or whatever for some extra money or something or whatever
  235. “You write a blog. Blog. You’re a blogger. Blog. Blog. Go run your blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. Blogging. Blogger. Blogs. Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. You do a blog. Everyone has a blog. Blog. Blogger. Blog. That’s his blog. He posted in on his blog. I didn’t stop developing at Y2K. My brain hasn’t been fried for the last 20–120 years.”
  236. “I have had office job opportunities available to my average to below average self since birth, play fantasy football, go to the gym, and jerk off my penis to completion to male humans or have consensual sexual relations with male humans and then say I don’t, so I am athletic and have real big boy job and am heterosexual.”
  237. “No means yes, ever, in any serious direct literal situation, and it ever has once a single time in history to legitimate people.”Under no circumstances should you ever say please, thank you, or im sorry to Cliff. Avoid it like like you intelligence, creativity, effort, and honesty.
  238. Facists spewing anti-woke anti-semite anti-midwest anti-working class anti-community anti-science anti-fact anti-art anti-merit anti-rights anti-justice anti-equality anti-freedom anti-Clifton Grefe nonsense.
  239. “I have freckles.” – someone with fake freckles
  240. “You sound like a broken record. Ride the midnight train out west and rootin scootin cowboy Seattle. Yeehaw cowboy Wisconsin. Horses and saddles or something. Get em Tex and slick talking city slickers and a good ole boy and a yeehaw and butthole sniffing and separatism and conservative Abrahamic religion. Go the mountains of Colorado country mama and get groovy with the know how and hip to the scene funny man DJ.”
  241. “That was like ______ years ago! Too late. Scammer gang til death.”
  242. Joking about who torture victims block on social media.
  243. “You have to he careful what you say about somebody because you never know what they’ve been through or if your non-expert anti-expert judgements are the truth, like mine.” – classic didactic fake advice that they don’t follow themselves consistently at all.
  244. Heavy emoji use in place of culture, independent thought, personality, comedy, anecdotes, deductive reasoning and communication skills.
  245. Parents more immature than their kids, sometimes by several decades, still claiming to be superior to them for whatever reason comes to mind.
  246. “But how much money does he have / does he make while we’re all scamming him? If the slave made more of our scammer-made scammer-backed Monopoly funny money American dollars we could take him seriously.”
  247. Using a deep voiced Scandinavian midwest accent or that of a deep voiced disabled person with a noticeable voice impediment to represent what a non-disabled stupid person sounds like in every scenario regardless of who the bozo purportedly is or what they literally sound like. More fascism.
  248. “Yes obviously praying is better than paying and literally doing something about it. It’s better, actually, cuz then I can be a fraud and a fraud at the same time and then double negative so it cancels out. But God knows and God listens to be because I’m a lifetime bully and put on a front most of my day for no legitimate reason and I’m obsessed with flirtatious ignorance, gluttonous embelishment, and whatever it takes to be pointless and avoid taking action on serious issues that have global effects. More fascism.”
  249. “But I’m a faggot and you can help me not be a faggot if you were just a little bit faggot like me or if you entertained me being a faggot just a little bit. I know you’re not a faggot but who really knows, right, faggot? I hate people comfortable with their sexuality and that’s what makes me so brave and survivor and buttoned up and grown up. More fascism.”
  250. Some kind of That ’70s Show false representation scam. Probably similar to Little House on the Prairie and Happy Days. Cultureless idiots trying to portray the heart and soul of America from coastieland, not paying respects in person, no profit sharing for the culture vulturing, not hiring on majority or even significant Wisconsin cast or crew. More fascism.
  251. Diddy, R. Kelly, Brett Favre, Quincy Harrison fans — after finding out that they’re disgusting filth.
  252. “I feel like shit every time I see him. Hear him. His name. I hate how it makes me feel to pretend to feel like a legitimate person.”
  253. Weird chameleon like adapting interpretations of materialism and naturalism and how it applies to my life.
  254. “Complain about every single insignificant whiny gossip of an interpretation of a slight inconvenience and every single bitchy annoying pestering harassing tormenting torturing privileged fake first world fake elite real slavery possible. Every. Single. Day.”
  255. “Now I say he hates fat people, or whatever, and that’s my primary excuse now for scamming him out of millions of dollars that we legitimately owe him according to federal and state law.”
  256. “It’s just so fun to make you sad. I love to see you that way. It makes my life complete.”
  257. “You don’t use LinkedIn right.”
  258. “I’m going with the classic I’m not from _______. I’m from _______. So _______. Obviously I have the experience and clout to say this. Duh. I don’t. Obviously I do.”
  259. “But you have a nice butt butt so you can’t blame us for wanting to sexually harrass, assault, and rape you. That’s classic American culture.”
  260. “We all decided on the perfect shared fake story so we can all be on the same page as we’re scamming you. If ever questioned about why you’re scamming Cliff, just refer to the colloaborative scam storyline.”
  261. “What do you expect? A country not built on integrity, full of people with no integrity, to suddenly understand what integrity is? We only pretend to be about it for our entire lives, that’s all.”
  262. “Have you ever just looked at someone and hated them for no reason other than how they naturally look? I would be better off to the universe dead.”
  263. “Give credit for and to his identity and physical body to anyone or any entity other than he himself.”
  264. “Ok now establish him as the eye of the storm, scary, but ultimately not making any motion.”
  265. “Be a good artist and steal everything possible from others whenever possible, change it slightly, then say you came up with the idea entirely. Don’t site sources, don’t ever give credit, lie at all costs unless you have to tell the truth for some stupid artistic integrity antifa whiteboy nazi hipster working class fag or whatever.”
  266. “I want to chop your dick off and take it with me.”
  267. “I’m from da gutta folk. So skreet I’d n been so massively privileged that I ain’t een had my head blown off entirely by a series of 45 cal hollow points and my body eaten alive going through riggamortis — for scamming others my whole life and calling it smart, clever, creative, or hard work.”
  268. Using lack of personal intrinsic value and utility, and offspring, as excuses to abuse going through actual real life struggles and those making significant accomplishments without massive privilege and advantages of slaver fascist scammer Americans which is squarely who they are but nuh uh cuz mommy daddy saidy said so.
  269. “I care about his family. Keep going at him as a member of that family, though. Say that you are disgracing him or use whatever downward slanted language is best to both pretend you care about his family and also attack his entire family and ethnicity and geographic region all at once.”
  270. “More good business/literal fraud! I learnted so mucht in the toptedy #1 rankeded skool in the whole wide wuuuuursldz and wooorked sooooo hardsy hards!”
  271. “Hey guess what day it is? Opposite day for the nth day in a row where n is my exact age or as close to it as I can get it.”
  272. “Carpe diem. Be the most pathetic lazy weak slow parasite as possible and take credit for anything you didn’t do and didn’t earn and use as much historic privilege and ignorance as possible to pretend like you improved yourself as a unit that day.”
  273. Fake body language experts. Fake spoken language experts. Fake etymologists. Fake psychologists. Fake sociologists. Fake biologists. Fake chemists. Fake physicists. Fake doctors. Fake professionals. Fake scientists. Fake mathematicians. Fake statisticians. Fake experience. Fake effort. Fake input. Fake output.
  274. “Yes I know what ‘the people’ want because I’m not one of them, I don’t mingle with them, don’t live with them, don’t work with them, have little to no experience with them, don’t respect them, and don’t know what they want.”
  275. “I shook my head, made a bitch face, and grumbled or scoffed, so I’m an adult and kept to myself/did nothing at all respectable in a serious situation.”
  276. Some kind of obsession with smacking food loudly with ones mouth open around me, pretending that it’s not obvious and intentional, with the intention of upsetting me. Especially with potato chips.
  277. “All that is uncorroborated. I checked with the liars and they lied so yea that’s what’s true. I also did some absolutely childish level research and found nothing, which means that I’m not a total dumbass.”
  278. “He’s not my hero. He’s not my race. He’s not my gender. He’s not my sexuality. He’s not my income level. He’s not my family. He’s not my friend. He’s not my occupation. I’m going to keep scamming him and it’s all good because he’s not _________.”
  279. “Let’s all purposely mispronounce his name every time we say it if possible. Any of us are cultured or experienced in life, and obviously, we’re all colorblind and ‘just plain get it’.”
  280. Anybody that likes tight wet juicy fruity pussy as much as you is definitely gay.
  281. “We pretend mean gay as happy in certain situations. Sorry not sorry. Stuck in the 1st grade here at age 18-120. Just can’t quite get the basic fundamentals of life quite yet.”
  282. “He’s a one hit wonder or whatever and we scammed him out of everything including his identity so wow good job loser try again and beat the odds or whatever rapper boy. More music from you specifically, more art from you specifically, more writing from you specifically, more work and production from you specifically, more attacking, abusing, scamming you specifically.”
  283. “Pervert. Asshole, dick, balls, boobs, pussy. Sexual confusion and frustration.”
  284. “Let’s keep him on the very edge for his entire life and then fake like we never did that and have ever allowed him rights, opportunity, and justice, at the same level as the standard white, brown, black, blue, orange, red, etc units.”
  285. “What if like we give you your flowers by continuing to scam you and continuing to not permit you justice, rights, and opportunity?”
  286. “But seriously seriouslies though. For realsy realsies. Chicagoans work superdy duperdy hardsy hard hards!”
  287. “We seriously need to think of more ways to try and murder and scam him. We have worked way too hardsy hards for allsy thisy this. Gimme gimmies!”
  288. “Now is not a good time for this. You couldn’t’ have had worse timing.”
  289. Less successful but monetarily richer artists acting like they’re not less skilled and more privileged and it’s been that way for my and their entire lives.
  290. “I saw your ankles in dress pants and other 1940s style happy go lucky doo dee doo doo just believe in yourself u rah rah America bumpkin stuff.”
  291. Absolute dumpster sludge sparkly clean ivory tower humans providing their input on anyone not squarely in their culture.
  292. “Dude there are two types of people in this world — _______________.”
  293. “Worship fat people and dumb people — separately — but make sure that you do indeed pray to the Gods of chunky and stupidity. Like or else you have no respect for anything. Pray to the bigot God and sexually confused God as well. All the legit ones at least.”
  294. “Yea but one of the Black units said it… so…”
  295. “Either inject yourself into a part of his success story if you think he’s a ‘winner’ or establish yourself as a critical part of his downfall of you think he’s a ‘loser’. It’s all a game. It’s all trolling. Cheesy. Corny. Goofball.”
  296. “I’m so proud of you my racist, sexist, heterophobic, homophobic, xenophobic, classist, whiny, abusive, gossipy, fake, lazy son/daughter. I couldn’t be any more proud of my bringing down Earth as a whole culture.”
  297. “Ok fine let’s give him a chance. Do it like this — never give him a chance. And keep all the scammer money. And continue the assault on him physically and socially. Forever. But nuh uh cuz we said so wink wink. It’s a fun gamey game for the adulty dults. Ages 14 to 120 all welcome. He’s not considered a full human being, maybe like 1/5 or so, so he doesn’t count and he is too young and too old to play in this game as always.”
  298. “We’re all a ‘slave’ to ourselves, its all the ‘news’ cycle, and ‘school’ and ‘rap’ are ‘traps’ and other hippie dippie nonsense. He’s enslaved to education or some jibberish.”
  299. “He’s trying to hard to be complicated.”
  300. “You should really consider joining the pointless fraud abuser/abuser fraud scam gang of journalists in the pointless fraud abuser scam gang office or whatever! They totally have any integrity or work ethic or whateversy whateva! Get that money boiiiii! Emoji meme fake insightful flashbang of a sensory overload to mimic significance.”
  301. “You’re so performative. Perform more for me and I’ll consider permitting you basic rights.”
  302. “Right but we’ve always been permitted rights and the rights to money we made so we have lawyers and privilege culture connections etc and you are supposed to also and have security and management and entire groups of people to handle one smart part of one part of your life but you don’t wow more scamming. And I often need billions of people to stand on in order to perform basic everyday tasks. I work hard, ever, and have earned any money legitimately, ever.”
  303. “Yes he needs my fake advice from my pointless fake idiot orifice obsessed fraud fake self.”
  304. “Stalking prey and sniffing their butthole is so fun, though. You’re a dog, animal, savage, wildman.”
  305. “But I want to be on the wrong side of history for everything! Or for everything except for like 1 or 2 or 3 things or whatever is lazy and sociopath and scammer and abuser friendly!”
  306. “Why would be better off in Chicago or Milwaukee or a bigger city? There are millions of pathetic weak pretentious expectant undeserving sheltered immature unoriginal slow morons in those places and the suburbs around them.”
  307. “I don’t trust China or Asian countries. My daddy said so because the Cold War, War on Drugs, Gentrification, White Flight, heroine, whitie rock n roll, and crack cocaine golden era of hip hop, or whatever.”
  308. “Let’s play the ABC game – Anyone But Cliff.”
  309. Weakness, pathetic, lying, fake = strength
  310. “That’s a stupid tattoo. Sign of the devil 666 xxx kkk boobies ballsacks racism rape sexism sexual insecurity. Video games and bleach blonde hair and trips across the world using privilege preaching life lessons.”
  311. Discriminating against intellectually superior humans, like Elon Musk using “woke mind virus”. Literally dumber people, literally considered more knowledgeable, because they have classically unearned American money or status.
  312. Scamming = hard work
  313. “But the Ottoman empire ended so… And so did the Native American empire so… And same with the Black empire so…”
  314. “I don’t see ‘it’. He doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor. Call ‘it’ like I see ‘it’. Now be good for mommy and daddy and spread your anus for my boyfriend while I watch what you really want.”
  315. “Like how does he keep falling for scams? Like target him with generic idiotic anti scamming info, because that’s what he means and he’s asking for help and we’re giving it to him. Continue pretending like we don’t know what he’s talking about. And then fake more. And then celebrate more. And then we’re considered legitimate people ever. Scammers are smart anyway. So are the office worker typey type cally call meetsy meeting bots.”
  316. “Yes the journalists that have covered Clifton Grefe aka Beef in the news did a quality job reporting. They went to J school probably and didn’t pay for their education at all and had no real life experience before their first major opportunity for livable wages. And they don’t at all in the slightest in any way follow a journalism code of ethics, but yes they do, and they’re ‘nice’ people or ‘not nice’ or ‘selfish’ or ‘not selfish’.”
  317. “Thats not priority. Less important things first, always, as usual.”
  318. “Oh ‘we’ really needed to hear ‘that’.”
  319. “Obviously we’re very ‘proud’ people of our anti-accomplishment culture and so we have to protect our pointless demographic that has been holding the world back for at least our lifetimes.”
  320. “Some day, you will, at the very least, understand the importance of whiny gossipy entitled cunts. Jedi mind trick wave. Something I saw in an Instagram caption or fortune cookie. And Chinese people are not to be trusted, and neither are you, and you like Chinese people, still, especially Hmong and Thai and Vietnamese, and the browner ones, so, yea… Communists and socialists are obviously the enemy ‘here’.”
  321. “I work hard because I’ve never been on SSI, Disability, Unemployment, Foodshare.” – lazy, uninteresting, bot, lifetime fraud and abuser.
  322. “No matter what, always say he never told me, he’s never said anything, he was always quiet like a mouse and rat somebody poison him, he never @ me, he never dm’d me, he never called me, he never texted me, he never wrote anything about it, he never rapped or sang about it, he never posted about it on his various social media sites, he never applied, he never submitted, do whatever it takes to pretend like you were unaware of all the glaringly obvious widespread scams and abuses being directly at Clifton Grefe specifically.”
  323. “But what if all us Blacks continue to gang up on him too though, as we have since he was born? Thats justice too right? Black Lives Matter. White Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter.”
  324. “I stole his medical records too, and Amazon account, and Social Security number, and credit score, and I watch him through his windows, and I Apple tagged his car, and I shared his dick picks he sent when he was 15, and I manipulated his grades with my teacher buddies, and I vow to never provide quality service at UW Health and Meriter hospitals if at all possible, and I make sure the police are on him all day every day if possible.”
  325. “He’s setting a trap for me and trolling because he’s not and I’m a shit person but nuh uh.”
  326. This is what happens when _________” — uninformed answer spoken as fact.
  327. “Hey, and send more dumb clueless troopie troop meatheads to fight our battles for tough and resilient usy us. I would never join the military. Respect the troops.”
  328. “Lets try to murder him on his walk in to work again. He deserves that at least.”
  329. Jokes about herpes, AIDS, crack, and meth.
  330. “A life of disgusting privilege, racism, rape, sexism, poison your neighbors, tear down the working class. Now turn that into a Billboard Hot 100 hit for another one of our pointless fake scam artist industry plan units.”
  331. “Cmon pussy go get those millions of people that have attacked you all together while you were in poverty, abused for life, mentally and physically disabled. Get em boy. Scamming and slavery forever! And nuh uh that never happened cuz we said so. And that’s ‘over now’ or something and stuff and I work too or whatever or something or stuff.”
  332. “He wears a lot of hats. He has his hands in a lot of things. Yea, he’s reached out… He’s trying.”
  333. “He thinks he ‘got’ us as if he has ever for a single moment of his life been playing one of our ‘games’ of life. We’re adults. He is not. More slavery. More scamming. More fraud. More rippoffs. More lies. More identity theft. Celebrate our culture yall yall yall nahmean bozo hella cap bruh 2nd amendment zesty manchild boytoy dingdong citygirls.”
  334. “You’ve always been into _______ and not art, music, film, television, acting, producing, rapping, drawing, painting, dancing, designing, and more lies about who you are as a person, and more lies about your past and who you used to be, and predictions about your future based on your continued enslavement under myself and my team and the other lies I’ve fantasized as reality.”
  335. “Yes I don’t understand basic money management, or economics, your life, or what the working class is, to the point I think it’s a fake concept, and I have financial or life advice for you.”
  336. “We’ve had different lives so our lives are the same and we’ve had different career paths but our career paths are the same. More adolescent-preteen level thinking that requires almost no effort at all to grow past mentally.”
  337. “Yea but misinterpreting everything you say on purpose, lazy effort, below average reading and critical thinking skill, fake insight, pretend expertise, interpolating nonsense into intelligent dialogue, transposing phrases, syllables, and characters like an immature child, parroting status quo fascism, lying, and of course, scamming, and the rest of our fake and/or pointless culture.”
  338. “But like what if we swap in Desi Indians for Native Americans to cover the diversity base and use the Indian term ambiguously to continue glossing over how disgusting America is towards Native Americans?”
  339. “You seriously need some friends sir mister man boy. I’m a fraud and thats my culture and I have fraud friends so making friends as a non-fraud is the same and you’re uncultured.”
  340. “But you didn’t list your pronouns on your LinkedIn so thats means you’re a female and a transexual and homosexual and bisexual and I’m allowed to misgender you however I please because you’re a CIS male or White male or whatever and I’m LGBTQ+ and/or Proud Boys and/or Old Boys.”
  341. “I pretend know why I know he did that or put that there. I never asked! I pretend understand! More scamming! More fascism! More slavery! Buh nuh uh cuz I said so!”
  342. “Let’s play the Guilt Trip Game.”
  343. “Let’s play the Body Shaming Game.”
  344. “Let’s play the Retard Bashing Game. He’s so strong. Definitely that retard strength. Like a savant but not because he’s not actually good at anything and I know this because I’m not self-retarded and senseless due to my privilege or any reason whatsoever to ever attack mentally or physically disabled people.”
  345. “Just one more day of slavery, baby Cliff thats all. Just one more. Just one more night under the moon. One more night in the real streets. Just one more night of torture. Just one more _______.”
  346. “Clifton, seriously, face to face, man to man, as a professional/adult/friend/etc, I have thought about this a lot. I think the best solution to your problems is… we scam you more.”
  347. “Colorful language but is it colored or not colored and no color but colored people and uncolored people and colorblind but not colorblind.”
  348. “This is all a test he set up for us a long time ago when we all started attacking him by the millions as once when we had everything from birth no effort required.”
  349. “There is no culture in Wisconsin and/or Midwest.”
  350. “You’re not Norwegian, you’re a sweet Swede boy.”
  351. Claiming that any scam ever in history was lawfully and consciously agreed to. Saying some types of scams are legitimate or legal. Pretending that scamming takes hard work, effort, dedication, commitment, hustle, other lazy dumb weak bigot privilege demographic excuses.
  352. “The other basement. The other definition. Not like our culture assumes and booty booty butthole closet gay rapist party downstairs with trust funds and Xanax or whatever. Not like backside bunghole black hole anus video game party never leave the basement like our culture. He’s uncultured, he doesn’t even know. Will somebody try to murder him or rape him or rob him or scam him again for fuck sake? And no of course thats not real. Im real. What does real even mean anyway. Philosophical musings the less based on reality the more realistic.”
  353. “But what if me and my bros follow you around the gym staring at you? Is that like being grown and tough and real and sexy and smart or whatever?”
  354. “You know what the world needs right now? More scamming Clifton Grefe.”
  355. “You know what the world doesn’t need right now? More scamming Clifton Grefe.”
  356. “By singling you out and mass scamming you we are holding you accountable for things you didn’t do and then not recognizing things you did do arbitrarily but nuh uh cuz we said so and that’s real life.”
  357. Any reason literally in the entire universe to not allow me justice, rights, equality.
  358. “But I’ve only been a parasite to Earth for like 10-80 years and my death would be a sigh of relief to millions but nuh uh cuz you’re meanie and grossie and poorie and retardie and dirtie and smartie and skillie. You can’t hold that against me for like any sort of extended period of timie time.”
  359. Complaining about loud music.
  360. “Keep up with us. He’s not permitted by our fascist society to be an artist or have basic rights. He was assigned at birth to slave and it is our job as literal slavers to literally continue literally enslaving Cliff. But buh uh cuz racism and he loves our black-white jail rape culture lolsies but he wont admit it. And like where’s the I’ve been working on the railroad and where’s your chains and black and white striped suit and stick n bindle and wild west ride em cowboy and New York City genius or whatever low brainpower low bodypower low emotional power culture is saying now.”
  361. “There’s something wrong with pretty poor people. Like I can’t trust then for some reason. I’m a huge fascist but nuh uh cuz I says so.”
  362. “I need to attack you whenever possible because I’ve been given endless opportunities throughout my life for being a fraud, abuser, and having a below average skillset, and you haven’t, so fake stories, fake reasoning, and fake revelations. Abuse the intelligent. Abuse the skilled. Abuse the oppressed. Raise up the worst people that the world has to offer and say they worked hard for ‘it’ or whatever.”
  363. “Torture Cliff for multiple generations of your family. Everyone join in on the scamming and torture. Fun for the whole family.”
  364. “Ethnicity only exists if you exist in the sweet smooth stereotypical Mediterranean olive skin tone range. For light skinned and darkskinned people, you are Black or White, other racist foolishness. And obviously the most ethnic and interesting people on earth, without question, are the Jews. And they’re the Whitest people to ever exist on Earth, so that’s what’s real. Always has been that way. Always will be.”
  365. “Baby boomers aren’t the biggest drag of a generation to ever exist in America. The most privileged generation ever based on actual statistical data and they will be forever be missed for their endless atrocities as an age group. The general attitude of the Zoomer generation is super different from Baby Boomers too.”
  366. More fascist lies about how Amway and multi level marketing are scams.
  367. “You should be ashamed for being bald. Shame on you.”
  368. “Privileged advantaged people, who have needed to literally clock less time, doing easier tasks, with lower quality production and quality output, to have the same opportunities at their disposal, are actually elite and superior.”
  369. “Get down on your knees and beg us. Then we’ll add more to the mass scamming/scamming mass.”
  370. “Yea but this current job or whatever is pretend justice right?”
  371. “I can only handle him in pieces. Like, I mean take certain pieces of him and turn them into your entire career, or create another whole career from that piece. Then take another. Extract his flesh and soul like piece meal. Make it subtle, like a disease spreading tick.”
  372. “He obviously spends a lot of effort in keeping his cool and not lashing out at anyone personally so let’s all put the extra effort into acting two faced and chaotic towards him and/or going at him personally in every which way.”
  373. “I’ve been lying to my kids about you for my entire life and this is what’s best for children based on my hideous culture’s filth of a history — lying.”
  374. “Have you ever stopped to think that the anus and feces lover cult has something revolutionary to share with the world? Like, they’ve been doing this for centuries, but nuh uh, cuz racist rapist sexist xenophobes are new or whatever, and really though, have you ever stopped to think about how much you love fart smells and the feel of a rectum around your dick over a vagina? Like the whole you can’t force us to be straight or gay, but we can force you to be gay or bi because we’re literally the one all powerful God as a unit and we smite you en masse but nuh uh cuz we said no. You love shit stains and plunging toilets and scraping off little turd nuggets from your leg hair. Rape and child molestation and sex trafficking and sexual assault and child abuse and sex slavery and abusing one’s sexuality for societal advantages forever! And also forcing homosexuality and bisexuality on a heterosexual. Buttholes and diarrhea. Also, you’re being homophobic because you’re not obsessed with the literal part of the human anatomy the asshole or the odor of fecal matter. And lastly, everyone likes the smell of their own poop and booty toots. Also you are gender fluid no matter what you say, and can never be a heterosexual man exclusively.”
  375. “It’s only been like thousands of years of slavery dude, or like 34, or whatever. Doesn’t matter, slavery is illegal. Didn’t you see that in the fake news from the scam of a country known as the USA?”
  376. “Let’s steal his entire youth and adulthood from him and then leave him with death from birth. Continue as planned. Other Americans fake get that and stuff or whatever.”
  377. “Duh get a scam lawyer and take it to the scam courts and go in front of the scam judge and the scam panel and do the scam American justice system thing again.”
  378. “Taking the moral ‘high’ ground like ya know a teenager would joke about during a mass scam and slavery. High like weed like he must be high to come up with all these ‘stories’ and other fascist Earth would absolutely be better off without my entire bloodline.”
  379. “Sure we fake care about our constituents and citizens or whatever. Yea totally take life seriously at all in the slightest or what not. How many more fake false entitled out of touch moronic statements to I need to make to end this conversation? Racism? How about sexism? What about heterophobia? No, how about homophobia? Does xenophobia play here? The classic classism? Make sure to keep scamming at all costs because that’s what we pretend he wants or some other slaver apologist excuse.”
  380. “Let’s keep pushing those ‘Madison is the best place to live in America’ specifically as an excuse to frame, belittle, dismiss, and further mass attack Cliff Grefe by the millions. Hit the other minorities too, the more afflicted and at risk the better. Cost him millions more of his money that we’ve stolen with our incompetence, cluelessness, ignorance, privilege, etc. And if he doesn’t say etc that means he thinks he’s being completely exhaustive in that statement and other daily dumbass calendar excuses.”
  381. “No obviously we don’t owe him money for every zeptosecond that we’ve blocked him from his career. That is entirely illegal but nuh uh cuz I said so. Scammers rule, legitimate people drool.”
  382. “He’s very heavy handed. Speaking of hands, does he have big hands or small hands? Which hand does he jerk off with? I would never shake that untouchable ghost’s hand. Let’s chop off his hands like the good old boy slavers used to do. Do you think he wants to put his finger in my bunghole? Do you think he puts his fingers in his bunghole? Do you think he loves fingering buttholes and then sniffing and eating the poop off his fingers? What’s that mark on his hand? Gay. And Nazi. And stupid. I don’t get it. I get it. Let’s brand him with a 666 up on a cross or strapped on a hospital bed or in the basement on the chopping block or whatever works.”
  383. Life lessons based on my life, or using my life as the backdrop, not from me, not from someone who knows me, as if I’m already dead, like they’re referencing me from a book, or as an intangible digital item, dehumanizing me as a stoner musing, or a philosophical idea.
  384. “I heard you’ve cheated on an ex girlfriend before and I heard that you’ve had anal sex with a woman before so __________.”
  385. “Let’s keep betting on ‘it’ like the prison guards in Orange is the New Black.”
  386. “My fake condolences. Sincerely.”
  387. “You’re high all day every day. How could you ever know which way is up?”
  388. “Just read between all the multidimensional lines in the whole universe all at the same time and make sense of our religiously fake selves all at the same time and have all knowledge of the world in all languages at the same time and be more powerful than God and cure cancer and sadness and poverty and hunger. Duh.”
  389. “You need to join the idiot fag cunt club.”
  390. “Gays and non gays comfortable with their sexuality don’t know what you mean by fag and are hurt by it.”
  391. “Women and non women who are not terrorist abuser fraud fascist slavers don’t know what you mean by cunt.”
  392. “I choose to be offended by your words because I’m an uncultured trash person. You’re cultured white trash. That’s symbiosis. That’s science. Document that flyover state middle America corny cheesy goofy campy parody working class slave. But don’t. But do. But yes. But no. Ya. Nah. Maybe. Agree to disagree.”
  393. “For sure I was his fake friend when he was my real friend. See, I am a whole scam of a human being. Cliff is the opposite. But nuh uh cuz I said so. Ew gross honesty and skill and wisdom and innovation and genius and coming up from the bottom but no jizzing in male human being anuses for sexual pleasure? No non-human being anuses either? Fucking nasty. And gay. And animal abuse against beastialists.”
  394. “We just wanna be the Diddy and Quincy to your BWC playboy. Just let us watch and abuse women, and then say you’re a cuck and abuse women.”
  395. “Somebody called me a namey name and cheaty cheaty cheated on me and touched my butt butt without permission a couple times when I was showing as much skin as possible in skin tight clothing feeling them up telling them I want to fuck them. So resting bitch face karen culture forever but nuh uh ew bitches and karens or whatever.”
  396. “Some other side point, and even more reasons we owe him money, and more scamming every second this continues. And more complaining. And more abusing and lying. And more scamming. More excuses. More fraud. More pretend value that these people have had at any single point in their entire lives.”
  397. “No, obviously we don’t literally legally owe him millions of dollars based on our system of law — for police brutality, unfair hiring practices, false representation, slander, libel, identity theft, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, physical property theft, intellectual property theft, no miranda rights, arrested on false charges, terrorism, invasion of privacy, tampering with mail, vandalism, stalking, hacking, workplace discrimination, harassment, physical assault, sexual assault, attempted murder, attempted rape, aiding and abetting, entrapment, lacing drugs, lacing drinks, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, child abuse, conspiracy, right to quiet enjoyment, and others.”
  398. “But what’s the big reveal? More scamming and provoking. More pushing him to the edge. More slavery. More fascism. More terrorism. More felonies. More breaking whatever federal and state laws against Clifton Grefe that millions want to do. Whatever goes. Never tell the truth if at all possible. Be the biggest racist, rapist, sexist, heterophobic, homophobic, classist, whiny, gossipy, stalker, fake, lazy, punk, cunt, fag, redneck, cracker possible.”
  399. Fascist/pretend capitalist tips and tricks for being the best lazy, fake, and bully. Classic fake American culture.
  400. “He doesn’t like food.” – slaver fascist that has never worked a single moment in life
  401. “Let’s do him like Theon Greyjoy. Ole drowned God viking looking ass. String him up and chop his bratwurst off. Then have a ceremonial ritual meal to eat the fish stick with some tartar sauce. Kanye West wannabe ass.”
  402. Sludgesacks of one type lumping me in with anti-education flat Earther mass shooting conspiracy theory sludgesacks of a different type.
  403. “He’s either mentally disabled or a genius. One or the other. Any of us are intelligent enough to make the distinction, if we want to create one, or force this idea down everyone’s throats.”
  404. “He’s just like those BLM people. All he wants is money. All is wants is to embezzle and scam money from us like he doesn’t do to us and we do to him.”
  405. People that hide that they’re married to appear single, those that cheat on wife/husband.
  406. Fake news mainline corporate station style or fake inde influencer social media style.
  407. “Old people are smart. Young people are smart. Middle aged people are smart. Americans are smart.”
  408. “Yea but we pretend care and pretend don’t care about everything possible in life, and my life based on a lie of a person, myself, so… gimme gimmies moresy moreses? More unqualified morons. More anti-progress. More lunacy and silliness and then it’s opposite day so flipsy flops heehee hoohoo I make more than minim wage and I deservey serveses thatses.”
  409. “Just get killed dude. Then we can pretend we ever gave you a fair chance or justice or anything of the sort. We just gotta keep scamming you bro, that’s just how life is, or whatever.”
  410. “Yes and obviously scam him forever and never inform him of any of our secrets. Pretend like “we all have to figure ‘it’ out” or some other folklore lie fantasy gossip. Literally expect him to be a God or supreme type of human being with superhero abilities. Literally expect Clifton Grefe specifically to have God like superhuman abilities like mental telepathy and invincibility, and expect him to have some sort of Genie like in Aladdin to grant him 3 wishes or something fantastical.”
  411. “Racists still forcibly designating Native Americans as Indians. Still doing the whole ‘they got the casinos’ thing that pointless entirely disposable human beings do. Pretend land of the free pretend home of the brave. Pretend informed, rabidly and religiously.”
  412. “White slaves are a myth, unless they’re Jews of course, and obviously they could never be slavers. Slavs are a joke, unless they’re Jews, or Catholic, of course.”
  413. “I’m jealous because you’re better than me and it’s just natural selection for a huge mass of people to all single out one person and scam him however possible for as long as he lives because he’s harder working and more genuine.”
  414. “Madison is the #1 best place to live in America according to our culture and Milwaukee is the #1 worst place to live in America according to our culture and there’s nothing fishy about that at all either. Or some folks works hardsy hards and others dontsy donts.”
  415. “Let’s question him more than anyone else because he’s more truthful than anyone else, and Honest Abe, scam him more, and no one should question us, the biggest liars on planet Earth, the mass hivemind overlording over him, enslaving him.”
  416. “My husband/wife who claims to be heterosexual is bisexual but he’s not bisexual. And I use gay interchangeably with bisexual. We have children. He is sexually attracted to males and females but he is not gay at all. Definitely not bi, if anything. You know who is gay? Hardworking people. Anyone with honesty. The talented and skilled. Geniuses. Innovators. Leaders. Fighters. Survivors. Super gay. You know who’s not even really gay? Openly gay people comfortable with their sexuality that don’t use it their sexual orientation to create terrorism and slavery and torture and abuse. Those are fags.”
  417. “Let’s use him as a stud detector. Hey, can you tell if I’m hard?”
  418. “Don’t attack him, bully him, abuse him, etc.” – things that female Americans pretend to say to abusers they witness attacks in person on me and have the power to stop the terrorists and criminals with almost nonexistant effort, do the opposite and encourage physical and mental assault on me, then lie about later, and make up another fake story to add to their fake life story catalog, as I have have protected women as a sex for 100% of my life physically and emotionally, and have never a single time personally insulted, gossiped about, or physically hit a girlfriend of mine, literally, based on factual information, factual data, factual actions, factual occurrences
  419. “More fake accents, and fake stories, and fake self-made messages, like the realest rappers ever with the fakest life stories and careers ever — Drizzy Drake and gang gang!”
  420. “Wait, I have to hold myself accountable for my words and actions? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but then everything in life isn’t handed to me without me putting in any significant effort into it wahhhhhhh.”
  421. “But you used to circle jerk with your basement bros like we used to do and you didn’t used to do. And you didn’t lie about and we did lie about it but you’re lying and we’re not lying.”
  422. “It’s not fair he can read so fast. He taught himself how to read, and went to public school in Wisconsin.”
  423. “Midwesterners have no accent, it’s a Swedish accent, obviously. Norwegians don’t exist and/or don’t matter and/or are the same.”
  424. “That’s a run on sentence, so…… I’m still a pointless life form. Cliff hasn’t revolutionized writing and pulled it away from Grammar Nazis more than anyone/close to anyone and given it back to the people more than anyone/close to anyone.”
  425. “He’s acting like anything he says or does hasn’t already been done. Like, seriously, slavers are colonialists and racists and scammers and rapists have done everything and there’s history of that back to our pyramids that we didn’t build all the way up to our ivory towers today that we didn’t build.”
  426. I’m pretending like I’ve never ‘been in on’ a mass scamming of an individual though and mass scam sounds like he wants us to keep scamming him so I’m going to join in on this one too and continue lying about major parts of my life every day.”
  427. “Madison is all fags, cunts, and rednecks, bro.”
  428. “Scamming people makes the world go round. It is what it is. True facts. Get over it. I myself, and the people in my bloodline and/or our allies, have been scamming people for hundreds of years and saying we have ever worked hard in our lives and/or we are witty or clever.”
  429. “Lets play the copycat game. Somebody somebodies oncey once saids that thatsis the most sincerestest formest of flattsy flattery.”
  430. “I have ever once or ever will a single time have anything insightful to relay to you about life but say the opposite.”
  431. “Is nobody going to say ‘it’?”
  432. “Starlink, Google, Forbes, America the land of the free.”
  433. “But is there more money and justice and representation in it for me though?”
  434. “Then don’t talk shit then bro. Show me your bulge bro.”
  435. “I can’t get into it. I guess he’s all buckied out. Time for a nap. I call the police on people for playing music too loud for my eary ears but I’m strong doe 4 real schlat twin slime.”
  436. “I’ll crack his back.”
  437. “I’ll take out his knees.”
  438. “I’m blonde.” – bleach/dyed/bottle/fake/wig/unit/dumb/chemical/peroxide blonde.
  439. “I’m going to shoot you. I’m not going to shoot you. Now you respect me or will and I ever deserve respect.”
  440. “Why don’t you be like a real rapper and sell disastrously destructive meth, crack, heroin, fentanyl, oxy to your own community and the surrounding area? Or at least lie about it? Or murder people for childish reasons? Those people are real and respectable to the maximum level in America. And they work hard. Like, boner for real. I work really hard.”
  441. “Yea yea I’ve heard the whole college is a scam schmuck schtick before. Kitsch. Klutz. Kvetch. Oof. Yasss betch.”
  442. “Real men _____.” – rapist racist scammer
  443. “Hey since you’re so good at math, what’s zero plus zero, because that’s all you’ll ever have.”
  444. “He is the definition of fake news.” – Fake news staff and fans of mainline corporate scripted British-Irish-Jewish-White-Etc slanted news.
  445. “I want to make ‘the list’. Lets play ‘tease’ and ‘telephone’.”
  446. “If he doesn’t post it with subtitles and straight to his website when the video drops, he’s not taking ‘it’ serious.”
  447. Scoffs like pffft, pshhh, tsss, humph, ugh, ahhh in response to serious things I say to them – especially surrounding adversity. 
  448. “I wouldn’t let him near my children.”
  449. “He’s disgruntled. He’s a disgruntled employee. He’s a bad employee.”
  450. “He’s a grouch. Don’t talk to him. Or just say ‘hi’ and that’s all that’s ‘safe’. We decided that’s what is true without him as always.”
  451. “You don’t have any friends. Who’s fault is that?”
  452. “You can dish it out but can’t take it, huh? You want to have a circle jerk real quick? Or would you rather I try to murder you? Seriously man, I’m never serious, but take me serious because I’m adulting, or else.”
  453. “You never leave the house/basement.”
  454. “No one talks like that for real.”
  455. Fantasies about how I bullied anyone in my life. A particular obsession with placing my out of touch uneducated whiny privileged fraud abuser little brother in this fictional victim role.
  456. “I’m from Chicago, or the Northside, or the northern suburbs of Chicago, or Wisconsin – same thing – and ‘we’ are all geniuses compared to stupid Wisconsinites and/or Clifton Grefe, because we have been handed everything for our entire lives, have no understanding of reality for any sort of American majority or the working class, being a punk Stan FIB bitch is fun as fuck, and so is fascism – especially with my rainbow friends who give me passes to say and do whatever I want as long as it fits into their oppressor plan as well. I mean, seriously, get some allies dudeski.”
  457. “I for some reason am an expert in this area and can’t say it publicly with sources or attribution of any kind because ______. And this is not fascist at all what ‘we’re’ doing.”
  458. “You’re unqualified, not good enough at one thing, this is why people study one subject, champ. Bud. Bucko.”
  459. “Where are you hanging out that you’re meeting these people? Tell me so I can tell you I don’t believe you.”
  460. “Move. Leave. Die. Kill yourself. I’m going to kill you. Someone is going to kill you.”
  461. “It’s all relative.”
  462. “It’s all perspective.”
  463. “It’s all rhetoric.”
  464. “It’s all semantics.”
  465. “It’s all about who you know. It’s all nepotism. I guess I got lucky.”
  466. “The world totally wouldn’t be better off if we rid it entirely of paparazzi forever. And you ever approved of it a single time in your life.”
  467. “You don’t like eating, so stop eating if you really are God or whatever, and you shouldn’t ever be eating steak or any premium foods. You should only ever be eating food pantry and survival foods like noodles and soup. You don’t deserve vitamins either. And you don’t know how to cook anything. And you should lynch yourself from the top of the Wisconsin capitol with your dick and that’s art and good business and super hard. And you shop sales and that’s gay and you should be robbed of everything you own especially when you’re skin and bones and down. America has ever been ‘the land of the free’.”
  468. “But I want to be an abuser from literal moment #1 in your presence and then be or pretend to be genuine later on and I’m an adult and I say that I have integrity and/or work ethic and/or I’m cultured, etc.”
  469. “I think he’s missing ‘the point’. What’s ‘his point’? Repugnant.”
  470. “Nobody cares about ethnicity.” – longstanding racist
  471. “I’m a perfectionist so I have to be.” – prefect, fraud, clueless, inexperienced, etc.
  472. “The Cliff problem. The Wisconsin problem.”
  473. “Mass shootings are hilarious and I don’t believe in them. Go Cubs. And Cliff is a pussy he would never mass shooting anyone, loser. Go rape a white girl or something, fag. I make more than zero to minimum wage. Hick.”
  474. “Any American born in this country has been through this level of scamming in America in this lifetime other than Cliff and hasn’t had any justice at all to this day.”
  475. “False prophets.” – religious zealots with high likelihood that they call chubby thick and materialists real
  476. But, like, tall, and tight butthole, and bald, and like, anal beads, and light skin, and like, diarrhea and large intestine and colon.
  477. “You’re too intense for me. Too much. You scare me.”
  478. Comparing me to Joe McCarthy.
  479. Saying I’m a wannabe Jason Statham or Louis from Suits or some other bald male with European and/or Middle Eastern ancestry and male pattern baldness.
  480. “He’s bald so he’s shooting blanks, and that means he smokes crack, and he’s a Nazi, and he’s gay. I mean, just look at him.”
  481. “This is how it works, son.”
  482. “He’s just realizing this now. This is all new to him, give him a chance. I remember my first time in the city. He’s slow. He didn’t even know. He never said anything.” – abusers, scammers, stalkers, terrorists, habitual liars
  483. “I’ve been a complete cunt my whole life, fix me! Or else… Jk. But seriously. Beef me daddy. Or not. Fag.”
  484. “I attacked him to his face and he didn’t Beef me or whatever. He’s fake. He needs to Beef every single person ever to exist, fight them, debate them, have sex with them, and let us watch on camera without his permission.”
  485. “He’s being parabolic.”
  486. “Lower class and middle class and upper class and lower upper class and middle lower class and lower middle upper class and upper lower middle class and mid middle upper class and quarter upper lower middle low upper mid low lower upper up class. I’m not standard classist sludge.”
  487. “Crass.”
  488. “He’s trying to be an enigma because I said so and so that’s reality.”
  489. Making the word “fraud” a playful, fun, game word.
  490. “I can’t listen to his voice.”
  491. “I can’t look at his face.”
  492. “I’m ethnic.”
  493. “What race is he?”
  494. “Ewwwww fighty fights and sweary swears and smokey smokes and sexy sex and toughy tough conversationy sations.”
  495. Pretending that the victim of their abuses asked for their fake help, or needs their fake help.
  496. Contemporary separatism.
  497. “How can I still be scamming you if I’ve been scamming you for years or decades? That doesn’t even make sense. That scam took place then and I’m still scamming you from that and adding others on top whenever possible but nuh uh cuz my fascist alliance said so.”
  498. Low talent, high fake, high cunt rappers from New England, California, and Chicagoland, stealing more jobs and opportunities from locals, oppressing whenever possible, siding with police and colonialist culture.
  499. “Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan are super hard and tough compared to Milwaukee, or Wisconsin. There’s more opportunity and money and wealth and power in the surrounding non-Wisconsin cities and states, and they’re represented significantly in the media in many forms, but there is a high number of Black people in Chicago and Detroit, numerically, so its super real and rough and hard and street smart and gritty and tough.”
  500. “He thinks he’s Martin Luther or Martin Luther King, Jr. or Martin Lawrence.”
  501. “You know whats quality music? Whatever they made in the out of touch upper class with lifetimes of advantage and no stories or work ethic of their own, privilege passed down for generations, pointless revelations, hollow life lessons and advice. That’s really smart too.”
  502. “You have less chances in life coming from the city or a larger city or a city closer to the ocean coastline. I understand basic economics.”
  503. “You who has integrity? People that went to UW Business, Journalism, or Comm Arts schools. Ya know, those without a shred of integrity. Liars and scammers but nuh uh cuz they said so and they work really hard but not at all in the slightest when compared to peers legitimately. And seriously dude, boobies and bootyholes. Facts. Or ‘Pussy, Money, Weed’ – Lil Wayne. And good business and watch out for scams and we tell the truth or whatever and have original ideas or something.”
  504. “Yea but give me more of whats unnecessary entirely or none of my business so that I can allow you rights or not depending on my mood and how much clout as they call it in New York will be get me and superfluous superficial entitlement that gives me more privilege and self-retardation on top of what I was born with and spoon fed my entire life.”
  505. “But I have red hair or Black skin I’m a disgusting human being entirely and that’s cool.”
  506. “Yea but making fun of disabled people and those fighting through adversity is fun, or funny, or we all do it, or they asked for it, or ‘God Did’, or whatever. And obviously I’ll never come clean with what I’ve done and will be a fake human being for my entire life but I’m real and that’s what’s up.”
  507. “Yea but isn’t ‘this’ all your culture? My private scam abuser fake culture interpolated into your authentic publicly known culture? More nitpicking and whining and excuse factories please.”
  508. “You’re stupid.” – someone with less information in their brain, less knowledge, less wisdom, less education, less street smarts, less experience, less originality, less work ethic.
  509. “Hip hop is for Blacks only, especially mega privileged racist bigot Blacks. And Black people can’t be racist and reverse racism or some other bs colored people to people of color eternally transitional culture.”
  510. “But what if I do as close to nothing as possible? Is that respectable? What about pretending to work? How about taking credit for your work? But how about pretend complimenting you for your work? What if i compliment others instead of you for their lesser work? What if I believe in the religious right for me personally and my demographic to not work while you do? My religion says that I should have slaves and I deserve to have my head attached to my shoulders. What if I did some work for like 0-99% of the day? What about like Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays? How about if I’m a fascist but that’s what I call you?”
  511. “You need to take the throne like Robert Baratheon and be a man and conquer like a real Viking and rape and pillage for the booty. Arggg, matey. Captain Hook and Peter Pan. Delusional fantasy fully immersive 4D experiences. Ooo did I just get poked in the butt? Pillsbury Doughboy and a pack of Tums ya know what I mean? Huhuhuhuh.”
  512. “Let’s do the ‘play pretend’ game.”
  513. “I love a good comeback story. Keep attacking and lying about him for as long as possible.”
  514. “Don’t ‘entertain’ him. He ‘entertains’ us. Continue with the fascist vague wishy washy fraud rhetoric.”
  515. Low talent, low life experience, low integrity, low effort, low brainpower, gossipy, passive aggressive, fake, racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc people offering closeted advice and pretend advice on my writing, while scamming me, without valid credentials, from a lifetime of absurd privilege.
  516. “He’s cranky today. More scamming.”
  517. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” – non-working class clueless idiot terrorist
  518. “But what about fat people and fat people attacking skinny people all day every day?”
  519. “It’s not illegal for me to illegally stalk someone, though.”
  520. “Lets play the legal-illegal game.”
  521. “He’s sus zesty cap, because I’m a liar and a fraud and pathetic excuse for a human being, and obviously a lifetime bigot and abuser, so that’s what he is under our mass scamming and torture and slavery and fascism. And he has a fake voice because I’m uncultured and out of touch with what people look and sound like in the outside world not lost in a digital fantasy fake effort fake talent fake wisdom fake experience fake personality world. Redneck fag scammer squad forever.”
  522. Some racist explanation on how they’re big supporters of causes I literally speak and literally act on to support and they don’t but they do through their job sometimes because it’s not their place or something, because they don’t know what they support, or why, and don’t have any experience facing the issue at hand, or adversity, and pretend I’m like them to make their waste of life seem like its been valuable.
  523. “Yea we, and by we I mean literally every single service in the Madison area, totally provide Clifton Grefe average to above average service on a consistent basis as we do non Clifton Grefe’s. And there are literally zero others but nuh uh cuz really I’m you if you really think about it and you’re me and were all the same but you like don’t deserve rights or justice or equality for whatever reason I or we come up with and thats true facts. Zoomers are super smart and conscious and resilient and adaptable too not the opposite. Wanna finger each other’s buttholes and then wipe the butthole poop smell under our noses to save it for later?”
  524. Gatekeeping with no sense of merit or integrity outside of personal bubble of lifetimes of privilege.
  525. “The older I get, the more I hate people.”
  526. “Everyone moved on without you.”
  527. “Yea but something about Neo Nazis and that’s you and that’s not torture and slavery and that’s funny but not funny still cuz we smart and woke or not woke depending on who’s listening. And we haven’t been doing this to you for 100% of your life or whatever. We understand adversity at all yea sure now quiet down and listen to us idiots talk hardee har har super serious though or else.”
  528. “We’re over it.”
  529. “You’re just paranoid.”
  530. “Scandinavians, Germans, Slavics, Middle Easterners, Asians have ugly accents.”
  531. “All male dancers are gay and want/need to be raped.”
  532. “I worry about you, be safe. You need to be careful, now. Times have changed son. Watch your back bro.”
  533. “Only someone obsessed with butthole would mention butthole so many times. So what about the butthole??? And poop and sexual harassment and sexual assault and rape and jail rape and racist rape and consensual male homosexual intimacy and farts???”
  534. “You can’t be a comedic genius and a genius in other categories at the same time! That’s not fairy fairs! And I would know because I’m unskilled, untalented, closeted, and lazy!”
  535. “But more pretend history and pretend culture that we teach in our private schools to pretend people… so…”
  536. “I fake contacted him too. Did you not do that yet but did and said you did but didn’t but really did didn’t?”
  537. “He wouldn’t ever say any of this to anyone’s face. I don’t know him at all. Never have, never will.”
  538. Making up more fake online and offline life stories and personalities for me, more fake profiles, fake voices, fake quotes, etc.
  539. “There is no such thing as context. There is and there isn’t. Like killing a person. It’s always murder. I’m a tiny brained inferior organism wasting time and resources.”
  540. “Fighting your own battles? Wow that’s so like antifa or midwest or old or self-enslavement or something. Get you some slaves boa. Being weak is strong. One day you will learn that. It comes with age.”
  541. “Is this Punk’d or Undercover Boss? Can I get in the background??? Where is Ashton Kutcher?”
  542. “This is sticky, and by that, I mean either difficult and/or semen-like. A pretend understanding of the complexities in life mixed with immature perverted closet gay jizz hybrid rhetoric. For centuries.”
  543. “Taint. Bunghole. Butthole. Butt. Ass. Booty. Asshole. Anus. Sphincter. Anal. Poop. Shit. Rimjob. Busting cheeks. Gang rape. Eating ass. Hairy ass. Ass hair. His farts smell like ______. Go walk up on him, see what he does.”
  544. “Relax bro, I’m not scamming you that badly.”
  545. “You have anger issues. Hey, does our harassing you every single day of your life help?”
  546. “Hey, you really ‘lost it’ there. Does my pathetic excuse for an existence mean that I win?”
  547. “We’ve never had ‘one’ like you before.”
  548. “When are you going to realize everyone here hates you.”
  549. Cult mindset. Zombie culture. Talentless, spineless sludge sacks of negativity and lies.
  550. “Work smarter, not harder.” – lazy wimpy dumb slaver that never does their portion of the work or produces anything of lasting quality
  551. “I buzzed my head temporarily and I’m speaking in a lower register so now ‘I’m bald’ and understand hip hop and plight.”
  552. “If you’re a writer, then why are you not writing more?”
  553. “If you’re a rapper, then why are you not writing more?”
  554. “If you’re a web designer, why are you not web designing more?”
  555. “Give me more, and more, and more, and more, and more on top of more when you have nothing left to give – for less than nothing.”
  556. “This is some elaborate plot to take down UW or America that he’s been planning for years. It was his plan all along to be scammed and abused and attacked and ignored from birth, and then ‘flip it’ on us.”
  557. “He thinks he knows how to do everything. And he thinks he can do it all at once.”
  558. “I saw him smiling, so it’s all good. I heard he laughs too, so…”
  559. “We’re never going to give you what you want.”
  560. “I wouldn’t hire you.” – first interaction with teacher from portfolio class from final semester at MATC. Pretends that she doles out “tough love” or some cunt culture shit.
  561. “I use those words differently or use others in place of these or have a different accent so I’m right because I’m not valid in this conversation but oh well.”
  562. Patriot Act and Five Eyes justifiers.
  563. “You stink.” – classic racist-classist-xenophobic speak.
  564. “But you didn’t save my friends life so you’re not God or Jesus Christ or our savior or my favorite character from a book or show.”
  565. “Where was this guy when __________?”
  566. “‘You’ can’t say that.”
  567. “Are you trying to get fired?”
  568. “You need the FBI.”
  569. “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” – I daydream of a world where every single person that says this pops and their guts go flying everywhere like fireworks.
  570. “You sound like you fried your brain with all that weed.”
  571. “You sound like you lost a lot of brain cells from all that drinking.”
  572. “This is classic _________ behavior.”
  573. “_______ wrinkles.”
  574. “You’re just a kid.”
  575. “I’m going to tell my kids _________.”
  576. “He’s just another one of those whiteboy rappers/struggle rappers/Soundcloud rappers, pretending to be Black and hood. Somebody torture, scam, rob, rape, and murder him, and employ ‘protect him at all costs’ phrasing if necessary”.
  577. “Is ‘it’ really that serious? It’s not that serious.”
  578. “What about more stalking and nitpicking and cherry picking and whining and pettiness and annoying and gossiping and lying – on top of the scamming? Is that work good fix justice I ever worked hard a second in my life?”
  579. Anything about white power or white people being superior in any way at any point in history.
  580. “You know how many millions of dollars he should be compensated for 13 years of nonstop torture from millions of people around the world? Less than zero dollars and zero cents. Keep scamming, keep attacking, keep lying, keep abusing, forever. Make him as much like EdTV as possible. Thats equality and justice and rights or whatever. And make sure to keep lying and scamming, if you didnt catch that part. And be sure to keep scamming as well. And lying. And scamming. And lying. But if you don’t have much time… you definitely have to keep lying, and scamming.”
  581. “Lets use him as the archetype for a new harmful bigoted generalization, and again, and again, and again.”
  582. “But like the foul disgusting gross useless pointless people on X are so much different than those exact same people, the best they can get it, on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Shade Room, Juicy Campus, Myspace, Vine, Youtube, Google, other religiously fascist terrorist scam digital cults, etc.”
  583. “Office culture people are in any way shape or form hardworking compared to manual labor and service labor and should be paid a cent more in any of their positions than the most entry level slave field street job.”
  584. “But what if I’m an annoying immature little fake adult? Is that grown and smart and strong and fun?”
  585. “Alcohol reveals who someone really is.”
  586. Abrahamic religion idiocy.
  587. “But I had kids or got married so I’m safe. Phew. Blessed.”
  588. “But what about that pointless idiot from that part of Wisconsin who has had opportunities given to them with no effort or skill or nuance for their entire life? They’re legit. And they fake don’t know who you are and fake don’t actively directly contribute to their culture’s fascist alliance every day. They’re for real and take ‘it’ seriously, because they don’t.”
  589. “Less rap, more racist and perverted jokes! Less rights, more scamming!”
  590. “He passed the vibe check.” – unintuitive unobservant uninformed untrustworthy person
  591. “Sure Americans are smart compared to Chinese. Or hardworking. Or genuine. Or fun. Or interesting. Or kind. Or skilled. All the whities and brownies and blackies, yea, super good or whatever. You know what makes even better tho on god no bs? More scamming.”
  592. “He’s afraid to sue because he won’t win. More expectations put on literally no one else, more fascism, more slavery, more joking about mass scamming an individual like it’s a game.”
  593. “How about another week of slavery? You could use it, again, repeatedly, for life, still.”
  594. “You like the write? I couldn’t tell by the thousands of articles and songs and sketches and videos and shows and jokes you’ve written. I couldn’t tell by any of that over the last 20 years or by the research papers and books and features that you’ve written on your independent online publication. So fake hard to tell and figure out. I’m well versed in ________.”
  595. “Just like be a job creator and create a job for yourself and other things that have never been available to you.”
  596. “Lets play the rape game. Human trafficking is legit too. Same with stalking and child porn. Socipathic abuse of ones own sexuality too. All good stuff there.”
  597. “He is so skilled in so many areas, he actually has no skill in any area at all. It cancels out. Like more intelligent = less intelligent. Stronger = weaker. Favt = fiction. Reality = fantasy.”
  598. This is so hard to read, because I’m not a good reader, and also my fascist background and intentions…so…yea…”
  599. “Democratic regression, Andrew Tate, Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, Russell Brand, Logan Paul, Andrew Schulz. Any of them are intelligent or more informed on life in general or harder working or experienced compared to Beef. And any of them share the same political views as he does. Or even close. Anywhere close on any spectrum. Yea and you know who we should fight you with next? Take your shirt off and show me your boobies go best friend. Critical race theory. Cracker whitie peckerwood ghost redneck hick hillbilly bumpkin, non Wisconsin, non midwest, non Clifton Beef culture but it is cuz ‘we’ said so.”
  600. “But what about if I’m out of touch with reality which is essentially synonymous with social media and I’m also obsessed with social media?”
  601. It’s embarrassing to play music out loud from my device and or dance to music that isn’t squarely in line with my most sought after stereotype. Im into art and music and reading and whatever or something.”
  602. “Omg youre such a hot sav gym daddy. More scamming.”
  603. “Could you stop bobbing your head, dancing, humming, whistling, rapping, singing, reciting spoken word. Thats very nazi like. And bisexual. And super hipster ganster snowflake criminal scumbag pretty boy fake real. Ya know? Nah fam.”
  604. “Jews have ever once in human history even for a zeptosecond been the leading progressive and/or anti-slavery/fascism/colonialism/oligarchy/monarchy/authoritarian/american capitalism voice on earth.”
  605. “What if if we act like you have rights? What if we stifle your rights with fascism or whatever we call capitalism. No cap. All cap.”
  606. “Who cares? fascist America is a quality country or ever was or ever will be.”
  607. “Isn’t the butthole like the best whole though? Way better than mouth kissing too. Kissing is so old school. And gay.”
  608. “Zoomers don’t even talk like that. Gay.”
  609. “Continue working to infinity and then you can have basic rights never. Thats only fair that you never had what I was born with or was able to work into.”
  610. “But what if we’re all dumb and call you dumb for being smarter than most of us combined into one person but nuh uh cuz we have money and fake life stories.”
  611. “I’m just different. Straight up folks. Pure fraud. But nuh uh. And you’re just another of the same. Yuh huh.”
  612. “Take a joke, bitch. And can somebody sew his mouth shut and permanently lock him in the basement or a closet where that feral animal belongs already?”
  613. “I’m a liberal.”
  614. “I’m a conservative.”
  615. “I’m a libertarian.”
  616. “I’m alt-right.”
  617. “I’m a centrist.”
  618. “That’s not really a scam.” – lifetime scammer.
  619. “You’re a joke to everyone – and that’s not terrorism, torture, slavery, or fascism.”
  620. “What are you Italian, or Irish, or White?”
  621. “He’s just another fringe troll conspiracy jibberish.”
  622. “If you don’t like ‘it’, then stop.”
  623. “You’re our best kept secret my sweet little boy.”
  624. “Do you expect someone to read this drivel and be impressed by it? What is the goal here?”
  625. “I used to be like you when I was younger – green, wet behind the ears, naive.”
  626. “He talks about being straight so much, he’s probably gay. Will someone try to rape him again please? And send me pics.”
  627. “He doesn’t understand sarcasm.”
  628. “‘It’ is all about sexual frustration.”
  629. “That’s what happens when you rap to pay the bills.”
  630. “That’s what happens when you’re only in it for the clout.”
  631. “That’s hilarious.” – not accompanied by laughter.
  632. “Put one in his head or his asshole. Don’t matter to me. Same difference.”
  633. “He’s constantly contradicting himself.”
  634. “Dumb blonde. White privilege. Skinhead Nazi.”
  635. “Fake beef and other variations of beef and not everyone is talking about you beef when they’re talking about beef.”
  636. “He doesn’t like passive aggression so physically attack him more and verbally assault him to his face more.”
  637. “What a hot mess, messy, mess, mess up.”
  638. “Don’t you think it’s time to approach ‘this’ a different way instead of making all these pointless lists because that’s all you do or whatever?”
  639. “Yea but what about more lying? Then we’ll be closer to the truth or whatever.”
  640. “I drive an expensive car so I worked hard. I’m not a standard fraud-abuser unit that came out of the people factory the same as all the other units.”
  641. “More agism and body shaming. Make sure you hit him with that for the entirety of his life too. Always tell him he’s too young and too old to be doing something and that it’s just the unfortunate part of life being a double edged sword or other nonsense.”
  642. “How can we steal more from him and say that we’re not and never allow him justice for anything we’ve attacked him with? We literally have many of our scams written in plain sight in the media, in company and government documents, for all to see, and bask in the mass torture of Cliff Grefe.”
  643. Obsessively pursuing meaninglessness as a prime goal in life. Seeking to achieve privilege, ignorance, and laziness at maximum levels. To be the fakest and most abusive pointless organism the Earth can host.
  644. “Yea we had sex or I sucked his dick 10,000 times or whatever but it was tiny and crooked in 8 different ways and he can’t get it up and it’s gross and stinky and disfigured and covered in herpes and AIDS and gonorrhea which thankfully I did not get. And he was always abusing me and beating me and raping and assaulting me and asking me for money and cheap and fake and insulting me. Or that’s all a lie, as usual. You decide.”
  645. “Yea but I’m a fake scientist with real credentials and I’m fake whenever I possibly can be and have no morals, don’t hold myself to any code of ethics, have as integrity as possible, and I’m only accountable if I have to be, but nuh uh cuz money monies and daddy daddy mommy mommies and historic privilege and whining.”
  646. “You should be into fat women because you’ve never been fat. You should be into dumb women because you’ve never been dumb. You should be into fake women because you’ve never been fake. Agist, body shaming, intelligent shaming, authentic shaming, skilled shaming, cultured shaming, independent shaming, etc.”
  647. “Only racists hunt and fish, and other closeted middle school level intellect and non sequiturs.”
  648. “No no no because I sound like a classically trained moppy floppy coppy coastie British-Jewish-Americunt aristocrat fascist and that means that I’m a good writer. And because you write how you talk, and have actually been immersed in street level culture, and know about the language that a variety of real people use in their real lives, you don’t know how to write. And you’re lying, even though constant malicious entitled discriminatory lying is a central tenant to my belief system and life goals. Master degree or whatever excuse for my incompetence plays best in my favor.”
  649. “Racists that are racist based on racist system, and furthermore those that have racist power over others but say they don’t, can’t be racist because they have different skin tones.”
  650. “He uses other people’s content and then gives them credit and/or doesn’t take credit for their work so that means he’s a fraud, scammer, thief, and should be categorized as a terrorist criminal stalker fag and should be euthanized.”
  651. “I feel that. I’ve been through that.” – never been through anything comparable
  652. “Let’s play ‘The Name Game'”.
  653. “We’re good. They’re good. He’s good. She’s good.” – someone with lifetime filled with opportunities for advancement and/or in any one of their career fields
  654. “No, you’re not a minority, you punk, asshole, slave, bitch, poor, idiot. You’re exactly like everyone else the best you can get it, like myself, remember?”
  655. “Performative. Sensationalist. Cryptic. Dogmatic. Pontificating. Pompous. Posturing. Self-aggrandizing.”
  656. “I hate farmers.”
  657. “He’s afraid of the truth.” – Lifetime scammer
  658. “That’s ‘his’ truth.”
  659. “We value peaceful and blah blah blah this blah blah blah has no place in our community.” – fascist’s view on fascists but they’re not fascists they’re fascists and they’re uglier and smellier so fascism but nuh uh cuz no way and typical racist, sexist, xenophobic, fascist, classist, heterophobic, homophobic, lifetime abuser, fraud, scammer, passive aggressive, gossipy, two faced, flaky, etc
  660. “He doesn’t even follow his own rules and he’s constantly contradicting himself.” – liar, with low ability to learn new information, store information in their brain for extended periods of time, make sense of factual data when it conflicts with their non-factual and inaccurate worldviews, formulate complex thoughts using literal experiences and literal numbers.
  661. “More mental health centers in place of rights, justice, and opportunity.”
  662. “Address every single complaint that we attack you with every day, based in reality or not, or else you’re hiding something and you can never be trusted.”
  663. People that think American currency is distributed based at a higher rate to those with higher intelligence, skill, or work ethic.
  664. “How disappointing…”
  665. “I’m blacker than him. I’m whiter than him. I’m browner than him. I’m yellower than him. I’m redder than him. I’m oranger than him…”
  666. “Those people, meaning myself and those people. Sorry, I’m a pathetic excuse for a human being and have trash integrity and trash communication skills. And I don’t know how to be my own person, because I’m so privileged, and that’s your fault, on top of everything else I perceive as negative in my life, because I’m an idiot. I don’t know how to take responsibility for my actions and I’m pretend working on that.”
  667. “Cliff you have seriously had big advantages your whole life and so many opportunities. I’m talking about myself and projecting my insecurities unto you though, duh don’t you get it retard. Nevermind, jk. Take a joke. Seriously, though. Oh my God, never. Grow up boy. Thousands of us doing this to you every single day. Millions overall. We win. Figure it out big boy. We only scam you by the mass because we think it’s what’s best for our society as a whole – more slavery, fascism, torture – that’s what we stand for. We fake stand on business.”
  668. Fake efficiency, pretend production.
  669. “Don’t do whatever he’s doing, keep assaulting him by the millions, and scam millions more off him, and then say he comes from millions in some way. Trust fund culture.”
  670. “You know you sound crazy, right?”
  671. “But seriously, though, do you like my butt butt, booty booty, cheeky cheeks, though? Is it cutesy cutes? I went for a run or go to the gym or whatever.”
  672. “He’s so hard to swallow. Pass! I would bully him alongside my family, friends, community, and nation, though. Let’s use him as a scapegoat for literally any problem of mine personally or those from our collective cult.”
  673. “That’s not how you say that…” – Grammar Nazi with other Hitler Nazi tendencies, who has called me a Nazi previously
  674. “Only talk about your own race Whiteboy! You are a traitor to you own kind, you faceless White of the Borg entity!”
  675. “This nigga Cliff…”
  676. “I deserve my position because I…”
  677. “Lets make him do more now with the fake possibility of permitting him ownership of his past. More slavery!”
  678. “He’s a late bloomer.” – fascist slaver scammer abuser fraud idiot
  679. Obsessive religious rabid need to force the Italian ethnicity on me or the Italian accent or Italian culture. Greco-Roman fascism fake gangster pursuit of the bottom of intelligence obsessed pervert culture.
  680. “HIPAA, Privacy Act? Whatever dude. You’re a slave. We all share whatever we want about you in any form in any slanted form we decide is fact at that time. Any of us have every worked a single second of our lives totally dude.”
  681. “You don’t even have a case.”
  682. “He’s just doing this right now because other people that worked superdy super duper hard and stuff and earnedy earned all of their money monies because of real life so Clifford just wants a piece of the Big Red Dog.”
  683. “I have immigrant parents so I’m allowed to be a disgusting waste of human life.”
  684. “I do not have immigrant parents so I’m allowed to be a disgusting waste of human life.”
  685. Making new excuses every day if possible.
  686. Getting offended by and/or attacking person giving genuine care. Being a cunt while providing service, knowing you are their only option. And you ‘can’t’ say cunt ever for any reason whatsoever under any circumstance and other select words that ‘we’ decide.
  687. “Lets play the word game. Lets play the vocabulary game. Lets play the adlib game.”
  688. “Make him do more internships and slave work, while doing our jobs, and pay him zero to minimum wage if at all possible from birth to death.”
  689. “Yes, I’m standing directly in your way, and have been your entire life, sitting in your chair, collecting you paychecks, but nuh uh yuh huh, and do something about it pussy, or not you Nazi broke boy nerd thug hipster, and beg me, and don’t you want to touch my peepee or my chichis or my bumbum? I wear a blacky black hat sometimes and black hat hacker fufufu.”
  690. “Heebeejeebees. Skin crawl. ‘It’ is a sign. Horoscopes. Reality TV. Old wive’s tales. Aimless sexual confusion taken out on those comfortable with their sexuality.”
  691. “Who does ‘he’ keep calling ‘they’ anyway? ‘It’ is tough. I’m not wishy washy flip flopper wet noodle bustdown NPC personified though. Anybody want to go to 10 froyo and Italian ice places in a row, then tapas, and fufu drinks, D&D, Reddit, and piano jazz culture?”
  692. “He doesn’t have ‘the right look’ and ‘the right sound’.”
  693. “Literally any person in America deserves an entry level writing job more than ‘he’ does.”
  694. “You should love it when women are always staring at your crotch while you’re making a point to never look at them at all, especially not chest, and absolutely not ever the crotch unless you want to end up verbally or physically assaulted, harassed, canceled, convicted, jailed, libeled, and slandered, if possible.”
  695. “He’s just making ‘it’ worse for ‘the rest of us’.”
  696. “It’s racist that he knows Spanish. It’s racist he would even study Spanish. And he doesn’t know Spanish, and that’s racist. And gay.”
  697. “He’s compensating for something” — someone compensating for something.
  698. “He can’t hate me because I’m being scientific and skeptical, and pessimistic.” — Human scam.
  699. “Have you heard of that rapper or producer from the west side, downtown, south side, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, Monona? They’ve had huge opportunities their entire life that they did as close to zero original work as possible for and are as fake as they come. You should be them.”
  700. “I’m fake observant or tried to be genuinely present at one point in time or for some segment of my life or a second or a few minutes or whatever. Tens or hundreds or thousands or millions or billions of people over my life have listened to me and respect what I say even though I literally do not know what I’m talking about.”
  701. “He walks to the beat of his own drum. Beating off. He’s in his own world. Retard. He’s on a different level. Broke.”
  702. “When I wear green contacts, my eyes are that color on my drivers license and census data too. Same thing when I wear heels, I’m tall. And when I shave my head, I’m bald.”
  703. “‘He’ is ‘one of those’.”
  704. “Not that deep. Its not that serious. I used to…”
  705. “Just becauses you writesy writes something in a piece or list or whatever slanted version of article I come up with doesn’t makes it trusey trues. Wah. And you’re not really writey writing cuzy cuz boo hoo I’m a real person and I deserve ______.”
  706. “I went out this weekend and got fake clouted up so ___________.”
  707. “I asked him ‘r u ok’ to his face or whatever so __________.”
  708. “He’s clearly hiding something.”
  709. It’s the way you said ___________.”
  710. “But… I take more picturey pictures. I’m for serious yo. Press a button art is the finest most pure releastest form of art. Photographers are the best most awesome greatest supurb artists to ever grace this beautiful planet we call Earth. Respect the low effort in life cracker peckerwood redneck whitie photographer cult.”
  711. Jokes about privilege.
  712. “I hate people ‘like him’. Classic misdirection and guilt tripping. He just says ‘all of this’ to distract people from what he’s really hiding and wants to hold ‘this’ over ‘our’ heads because he doesn’t really do anything.”
  713. “Let’s keep attacking and abusing and oppressing him until we find the sweet spot where we can torture him and not give him any rights and he’s either given up or been disabled and compartmentalized to the point he can’t progress in his career at all and nobody listens to him and we pretend he likes it. Or he’s dead.”
  714. “Can we run him out of town? Scam him more as a group? What else can we steal? Who physically assaulted him last? Anyone try to ‘test’ him lately? Who’s all watching his every move trying to make him slip up however possible? Is he on the latest blacklists or what? This is not the right for you. Not the right neighborhood. Not in my backyard.”
  715. “He thinks he made it. I thought he would be ‘successful’. I bet he’s proud of himself too. Too much, probably.”
  716. “I attacked him as a self-identified nerd because I live in a fantasy world, and don’t understand reality, and pretend he is the evil monster or whatever, even though I have always been a bully, and useless life form, and he’s not at all what I’ve painted him as my entire life except brief moments or periods and it’s opposite day every day so wear your shirt inside out hehe. And penis head, and scrotum. And areola, and smooth baby faces, and mushroom penis head, and poops, and my vernacular is fantasy world but reality or else you’re lame and gay, and xenophobic, racist, gossipy, passive aggressive, etc culture, like you said but see I can do the same thing and that’s what I’m doing is further exercising my right to be as meaningless and negative as possible.”
  717. “Punch me so I can scam you more and try to have you assaulted and raped by the police.”
  718. “This is what happens when you try your whole life to be cool. We can tell ‘it’ is not real.”
  719. “Lets use Clifton Grefe as a tester for people, a consultant, a reference, the voice of the streets, reviewer, but don’t give him credit, don’t admit it, don’t pay him for it, and lie at all costs, still.”
  720. “Don’t look at females or you’re a rapist stalker creep. Look at females or you’re a pussy fag loser. Same goes for talking to or about females.”
  721. “He just needs a friend/girlfriend or some other non-issue, that will not get me justice or rights, that he’s never once said is a need.”
  722. “I want to take a vacation in ‘your world’ with you as my slave and then say that I conquered you as someone who is unproven and weak like David and Goliath or something ridiculous.”
  723. “In my less informed, less expert opinion __________.”
  724. “Tampering with your mail, specifically, is ok sometimes or anytime we feel like it. Throwing away your mail, stealing it, opening personal letters, etc. That’s just fun and we all do it or you did it or whatever.”
  725. “You already said that. I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you. It’s not illegal. It’s not illegal. It’s not illegal. Grow up.”
  726. “That was painful.” – something not painful at all in the slightest
  727. “Yes let’s make sure that one of the most powerful organizations on Earth, UW-Madison, is part of an illegal criminal terroristic bigoted torture scam culture partnership cult with Google, the media, state and federal government, entertainment industry, law, police, and they are all directly aiming at Clifton Grefe since birth. Hey, will more people steal his identity please also? And then always complain in some way that you ‘can’t do anything about that’. That is key and so real and authentic and independent thinker.”
  728. “Lawyers are intelligent and hardworking, especially those within 2,000 miles of Madison, Wisconsin.”
  729. “He just needs a gross prostitute / sex, which we say he is attracted to and desires, not what he has said that he wants for decades, consistently.”
  730. “He’s so weird and unique. He’s the same as everyone else. Let’s all steal his identity again as much as each of us can.”
  731. Prosecuted > Persecuted
  732. Jews > Juice
  733. Fags > Facts
  734. Fraud > Frog
  735. “You know what that positive driving force needs in my life? More negativity.”
  736. “Seriously though, how do we know that debilitating mental disorder isn’t just God talking directly to Cliff. And that’s not fair. That retard gets to talk to God directly and then complains about it? Wow. Gay. Nazi. Wankster. Criminal. Nerd. Terrorist.”
  737. “Daily attempted hacking Basement Made, daily attempted hacking social media, bank account, medical records, court records, everything, using in as fascist ways as possible but nuh uh cuz capitalism and I’m a fraud so I’m real.”
  738. “I will never own up to what I’ve done, who I am, what I stand for, the shit I do and say ‘in private’, etc, and I deserve any single material thing on this Earth based on the ‘work’ I’ve done.”
  739. “Smoking means ‘they’ don’t care about health. Drinking is safer and more healthy. Or whatever. Drinking and drug abuse haven’t been insanely huge endemic problems in Wisconsin for Cliff’s entire life. Those real issues are to be laughed at, as is Wisconsin and its people, and obviously, especially Beef.”
  740. “He’s a phenomenal interviewee as he’s been told many times by interviewers who will actually see him but nuh uh cuz I said so. And wow he got the job blocker tattoo when he was 25 so that means he’s had it since he was 18, and that means all interviews are done in person, and that means makeup doesn’t exist, and that means long sleeve shirts don’t exist, and we’re not out of touch bigot sludgesacks.”
  741. “Continue pretending that intelligent skilled Zoomers gave Cliff his whole flow, and not vice versa.”
  742. “Did you see the new 30 fraud abusers under 30 article? How about the Forbes list of fraud abusers?”
  743. “Let’s remove all links to his music from Google too. Lets continue pretending that Clifton Grefe, Cliff Grefe, Clifton Beefy, Clifton Beef, and Beef, are different people. Let’s do a shit job at our job and then say we do a quality job at our job and don’t do a below average job at our job every single day of our lives.”
  744. “Let’s treat him like absolute dirt as an intern and part time employee, and when we’re not sure if he’s going to continue working here, and then flip and pretend we have a spine or core anything we hold dear, any intrinsic value, trustworthiness, consistency, levelheadedness, emotional control, subjectivity, independent thought, etc. And I’m brown or black or white or penis or vagina or whatever. Or whatever.”
  745. “We need to be ‘killed’. Yea ‘kill’ me daddy beef. Heehee. Hoohoo. Please ‘kill me’ omg ‘I’m so dead’ ctfu smh oof yikes woah calm down buddy slave. And fake blonde hair is seriously so brave and original and authentic.”
  746. “We’re not all accomplices, joining in on torturing Cliff.”
  747. “I have some stupid writing advice for you too based on my non-experience and/or less experience.”
  748. More excuses and side point tangents that stem from incidents that happened after the mass scam, or before college, or after 10 years old, some timeframe or environment other than what is applicable most.
  749. “But we only had thousands of years head start! And our cultures are all foul and disgusting! Gimme gimmies!”
  750. “You should have both gotten face tattoos and not gotten face tattoos. You should also have sold crack to poor disabled oppressed people and also not done that at the same time. You should have also lied constantly in your music, and then also not simultaneously. All at the literal exact same time, and not. And that’s literally what I believe according to me and my fake culture fascist slaver scammer closeted pretend culture.”
  751. “We offer a pretend baseline for how we want people to be.”
  752. “I thought you would forget how pointless of a person I am. Please forget. I have kids. I have a family. I am an absolute waste of life and I have excuses! And who are you to dole out judgements on who deserves life? More scamming and excuses! And Dole banana and penis and BJ get it or nah IJS.”
  753. “Yea but I was permitted by our fascist society to make more than 35k a year before I was 30! Wahhhhh. And I’m a fucking moron. Wahhhhh. Gimme gimme gimmies!”
  754. Eyes glazed > donuts > sweet boy > law > butthole > rape vision on sweet bunghole promoted by U.S.A. > more fake jokes
  755. “That’s a good question. That’s a stupid question. That’s a good question. That’s a stupid question. I spend more than zero nanoseconds of my day determining if a question is good or bad.”
  756. Obsessively asking me if I’ve watched Godfather recently, or Goodfellas, Scarface, Sopranos, etc. Some bozo, Fonz, bing bong ting. And holy moly and schmutz and catch me outside how bout dat.
  757. “But what about the Westy west side and Foresty DeForest? And I’m Norwegian or Scandinavian or whatever and I have brothers.”
  758. “You don’t have the right to like vagina. You have been sentenced since birth to be gay no matter what you sexual orientation is. Do not ever look at a female because all you want to do is attack, rape, murder, and human traffic her. We will sexually stalk, harass, bully, and assault you for your entire life and we will say you like it regardless of what you ever do or say. America isn’t the most closet gay anti-self aware rapist country and culture on Earth.”
  759. “Writing about problems never did anything ever for anyone idiot. And especially not for those that started and run their own production company and publication. No way. Fascist.”
  760. “I don’t believe you but I do, ya know? Shut up I wasn’t asking you. You know what I mean? Don’t talk, that was rhetorical. Believe what I say. My religion is not be as pointless as possible over the course of my life and let me gargle the balls of the highest bidder and then say I didn’t.”
  761. “He doesn’t even like it when I experiment on him without his permission. Or when we do it as a group. It’s not fair to us. He’s a Nazi too so he deserves it. I heard him say Jew before too and that is not ok. More slander, libel, and propaganda, and that’s real.”
  762. “You’re not that big of a deal and that’s a good thing or neither good nor bad and all you ever wanted to do is be ‘Popular’ like that one song you did in Zooniversity that doesn’t mean that at all.”
  763. “He makes everyone an enemy so life is easier to understand. Excuses daily til death.”
  764. “Guys seriously, he’s been through enough. Lets put him through more.”
  765. “Who’s dead that we can give more money to instead of Cliff who is alive and is owed money by law? Or how about we allot more money to super privileged whiners with monumentally smaller issues at hand. But nuh uh cuz slavery and lying.”
  766. “You can’t say that word. Only we’re allowed to call you that. And only under our definition of the word, from our culture’s removed and non-working class perspectives. And we don’t even know what it means colloquially.”
  767. “How much money do you make?”
  768. “More picturey pictures.”
  769. Fantasy racism.
  770. “If you a scared muhfucka, go to church. Count your beads. Pay your respects. Be more materialistic and false. Gossip and lie more, be a standard lazy unit, or else God will be disappointed. Other standard slaver Catholic advice.”
  771. “He’s trying to campaign for office or some additional fantasy and false representation on top of the scamming and long list of other crimes we’ve been attacking him with that he hasn’t received justice for yet and then saying he’s actually committing those crimes against us because opposite day every day or whatever. Fake effort. Fake knowledge. Fake experience. Fake recommendations. Fake facts. Fake news. Fake work. Fake morals. Fake background. Fake personality. Fake skillset. Fake order. Fake objectivity. Fake resiliency. Fake ideas. Fake life.”
  772. Fake doing what frauds say I’m commanding them to do.
  773. “But what about butthole consensual sex and non-consensual butthole rape and consensual butthole licking and non-consensual butthole licking and consensual butthole fingering and non-consensual butthole fingering and consensual butthole sniffing and non-consensual butthole sniffing? And dicks and balls and male humans of course.”
  774. “I had no idea but I’m informed in touch at all with my surroundings and/or community.”
  775. “You had gay consensual sex with your first Black friend and that’s why you’re so into hip hop and African American Ebonies.”
  776. “And actually, you are attacking disabled people by calling your show Mentally Enabled. A. I’m not enabling you and B. You’re not disabled C. You are disabled and I’m enabling you D. Keep flipping things around until it fake makes logical sense to the status quo of illogical people or you’re tired of fighting. What I mean is you’re retarded but not disabled like I don’t want you to have rights for being disabled, and you shouldn’t be hired anywhere, and we should all attack you all day every day, still, and you should always be thrown to the bottom of American society no matter what.”
  777. “Some excuse for my words and my actions that I place on you to burden even though you are a fundamentally different person.”
  778. “Oh my Gawd are you like kidding me? Jews are so much more insightful and colorful than Native Americans and local cultures. Or else.”
  779. “Seriously dude just start serial killing people. It’s Wisconsin, bro. Start killing these fags so we can arrest you and put you with the fags in jail.”
  780. “He was mean to everyone when he was drunk.” – more liar lifers
  781. “Yes I have pretended to know whats going on in the streets or have any empathy for those who have had to fight for survival and rights in America for many years.”
  782. “I see why they didn’t hire you.” – scammer
  783. “And you couldn’t get an office job because you didn’t apply or whatever and you’re not qualified or whatever and I’m smart or whatever.”
  784. “You seem happier now. Are you good with us scamming you now or what slave?”
  785. “I totally get you. I did the whole pretend to try and learn and absorb knowledge but haven’t my entire life short of a few moments during some years in college that I didn’t pay for at all or whatever.”
  786. “Hey… we stalked you again and found anything… yea so… still no rights for you. And thats so funny you see it that way still.”
  787. “But what about if you shoulda coulda woulda and then you waited too long and then that’s the breaks and America the beautiful and freedoms and justice and stuff. And also ew. And wow. And no thanks. Lawyers are so goodsy goods at their jobsies. Same with those law enforcement popo peepees. Superdy duper real and at all respectable.”
  788. “But what about something we say is payment but it’s literally not?”
  789. “But I’m not compelling at all in the slightest and say this about everyone else and ‘it’ works for me and sorry, not sorry. I have ever worked hard for a millisecond of my life.”
  790. “Scamming and slandering and gossiping and enslaving and sexually assaulting and attempting to murder people is super brave if you’re doing it to Clifton Grefe and faking that you’re not. Then saying you are. Then saying you’re not. Etc. Terroristically covert when possible.”
  791. “He’s not into bend over and look at my butt or else you’re gay hos? Gay.”
  792. “His dick has been tainted by the black and purple and blue and redbone and yellowbone and lightskin and brown and tan and beige and red and yellow and cream and pink and orange pussy. Too much ebony and ethnic and mixed pussy, and not enough or not exclusively white pussy.”
  793. “Lets change the goalposts again. He likes football, right? He likes this game.”
  794. “You know who would have some valuable insight on ‘him’? Probably someone with no integrity – a longstanding liar abuser dumbass privilege culture unit.”
  795. “How about instead of justice for you, for someone else who has had immeasurably more opportunities, been though far less, and hasn’t done anything hardly at all in life, or tried. And buttholes, boobies, penises, testicles, vaginas.”
  796. “But instead of the millions of dollars we owe you, how about more scamming and torture and covering you up?”
  797. “Social, Sociology, Socialism, Socially Conscious, and Sociopath all mean the  same thing or pretty much. I’m educated or rich or street smart. Coastalites and white collar culture is more intelligent and cultured. Capitalism and fascism have nothing in common look it up in the Webster or Oxford or Urban Dictionary.”
  798. “It’s like he’s proud of being scammed, and fake interpret it like that endlessly, and spread that diseased mindset, scam more, continue scamming, and say you’re not and ‘I don’t know who he is’ and ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about’. Low IQ, low knowledge retention, low cultural knowledge, low attention span, low merit, low skill, low talent culture is elite and superior and sigma alpha.”
  799. “At ‘this’ point, what does he even want? Attack and scam him more and then say you’re not and you have no idea what ‘that’ is or who ‘he’ is.”
  800. “You know what’s woke and justice and good business and capitalism and education or whatever? More lying, scamming, and fraud.”
  801. “You should’ve gone to business school, and journalism school, and communications school, and arts school, and graphic design school, and video production school, and audio production school, and had it all paid for you, or had us allow you a non-slave job while you’re going to school, and avoided the masses of people around you making a psychotic effort to scam you constantly from birth and I totally fake get that.”
  802. “‘He’ is trying.”
  803. “Yea that person with less skill and experience that was permitted the opportunity they didn’t need and you did, yea they worked really hard for that, and we should listen to them more and you even less.”
  804. “UW-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, America, and all the various individuals, should be allowed to scam you because _____________.”
  805. “He’s a heterosexual? Gay.”
  806. “Yea but child molesting, child porn, sexual assaulter, rapist, sex trafficker, kidnapper, human trafficker, sex slavery, body shaming, stalker, paparazzi are good preparation for adulthood for children. It shows them the real world. And target Clifton Grefe too.”
  807. “Super informed people with intellect and work ethic have the American privilege accent/coastie accent, ever.”
  808. “You’re not really an artist. You shouldn’t be an artist. You’re only an artist if you were born into an easy life and never had to work for anything, and you have a white collar bureaucratic college degree, and you’re a classist materialist that is permitted livable wages in your profession.”
  809. “I’m a cunt, and thats cute, ever, for a split second.”
  810. “He doesn’t understand our system of law. It’s a scam and in today’s world what it comes down to is certain individuals are targeted by the fascist cult and we’ve come to accept that. That’s just how it is and it’s right and justice and liberty and freedom.”
  811. “You need to calm down. You should be thankful we’re showing you how bad the worst people on Earth can get, and many of us are in Madison watching you every day. We’re in the walls. You should be humble.”
  812. “Oh yea you’re right, we are the worst most pointless abusive lazy etc demographic of humans on our planet, woops, oh well. Moving on. Nobody cares. My family is legit. Blue blood. Blue money. Red state. Red blooded American. Skam Klan 4 Lyfe.”
  813. Oppressors victimizing themselves in trendy viral wom ways. And generic rapper reference or vocabulary pulled from a community they’ve spent no time in at all and don’t understand at all.
  814. Trendy minority and disabled bashing. Typically from pretend culture pretend cultured people.
  815. “Everything is not a scam. More scamming.”
  816. “Forcing Christian perspective or Christian affiliation on any person or group that speaks of values, morals, integrity, work ethic, merit, skill, talent, rights, community, progress, positivity.”
  817. “Cringe. We need more fraud. Fake news. More conspiring is the move. Cynicism.”
  818. “He’s just being ridiculed, embarrassed, tortured, laughed at, made fun of, bullied, tested, pressed, pressured, put in his place, stood up to, manned up, proven wrong, elited, conquered, daddied, colonized, assimilated. Frame it like he ‘needs this’ or we broke him like a horse or something like that and frame the word framing to frame him further. Find whatever excuse and rhetoric to enslave, scam, assault, and defraud him. Americans work hard and our economic and law systems function well. It’s not centered around cheating and abusing quality human beings for the sake of entirely disposable nasty fake flakey dumb weak skilless pointless human beings. The cultureless, personalityless, talentless, anti-science, anti-math, anti-art, anti-intelligence, anti-strength, anti-progress, anti-justice, anti-rights, anti-community, anti-independence team knows what they’re doing.”
  819. “For real! Be ok with us all scamming you for the rest of your life! And it’s funny! And kill yourself! And no opportunities in your field? Someone kill him! And pretend what’s the scam? And pretend what’s your career field? And pretend what happened? And pretend I know somebody. And pretend wow that’s too bad. And pretend I will never support them again. And pretend that’s not cool. And pretend we get it! And pretend we all work hard and bad stuff happens like this all the time and you just have to move on like the rest of us. And pretend life lessons. And pretend opportunities. And pretend morals. And pretend keeping one’s word. And pretend hard work. And pretend going by the rules. And pretend advancing those that have earned it. And pretend merit. And pretend qualifications. And pretend experiences. And all that pretend stuff is literally real fact.”
  820. “Be a man. Be proudly scammed in front of the world.”
  821. “Let’s play the pretentious pretend cultured game.”
  822. “Wow you didn’t age well. More scamming and torture and pretend remediation.”
  823. “Haha now see your life is the same as Piccolo Pete. Or whatever.”
  824. “Yes but you didn’t give us your permission to take your photo, or share it. But yes you did cuz we said so.”
  825. “Work on your style. We needa steal anuntha one from u fam and turn it into another industry plant.”
  826. Comparing incomparable circumstances as alibis for continued attacks and fraud.
  827. Some sexually insecure inferiority complex obsession with saying I need a father figure or bro and using that mindset as an excuse to stalk and harass me.

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