Alyssa Muchowski Basement Made Baddie Wisconsin sitting on a log

Alyssa Muchowski is destined for stardom. The Baddie has the Wisconsin charm, growing up in the Fox River Valley, but is much more mobile than the typical native. She maintains her love for the outdoors wherever she goes but has already marked herself as a Traveling Model during college. She can adapt to any environment and look natural. It could be the Polish in her. The artist graduated from University of Western Florida a member of Alpha Delta Pi. Who knows where the world will take here next. And It smiles at you. Alyssa is what you would call Skinny Thick. She takes care of herself and she is looking pretty untouchable right now in the beauty department. That’s a healing smile. I see modeling in the future for this young queen. For now, appreciate Alyssa Muchowski’s decadence in this Basement Made gallery.