Ashley Webster Basement Made Baddie grey leggings

This breathtaking green-eyed, bronzed creature hails from the small Southeastern Wisconsin town of Twin Lakes. You can be sure she’s got all the boys out there thirsty for a taste of her deliciousness. Ashley keeps it in the gym and you can bet she’s eating good. I have a thing for fit girls, and as you can see, this Wisco Gal is getting huge gains in her ass, legs, abs, arms and back. Her smile is just as flawless as her figure.

She’s feminine and sexy as hell but also athletic. Those curves could ride on I-94. Up in Wisconsin, we’ve never really been about the Skinny Girls. But Fit Thick… now that’s just fantastic. The strong women of the Midwest are more than just mighty in Mind and Spirit, they are also mighty in Body. Ashley also reps the squad: Packers, Badgers and Brewers. She doesn’t necessarily identify as a “Model” but she has natural talent in the craft. Enjoy this exclusive gallery from the Basement Made Baddie.

One thought on “Ashley Webster: Fit Thick

  1. carlos 5 years ago

    Very tone, perfect shape. keep posting she looks great