¿Por Qué No Hablo Más?

Nunca he tenido la capacidad hablar hispana, si les dejas contarlo. No sepa por qué. Es posible que alguien no se tiene la experiencia, el vocabulario, conocimiento o respeto comprenderlo,...

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Soundcloud is The Best Streaming Service for Real Artists

How many times have ya heard someone slander an artist for posting their music to Soundcloud? I have heard it many times. They don’t have any reasoning outside the central...

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Grefe Gravy – “Rattenkönig” [LYRICS]

Beef · “Rattenkönig” “In America In America, uh All praise the rattenkonig In America, it’s all praise All praise to the rattenkonig In America, all praise the rat king Don’t...

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Beef – “Lineup” [LYRICS]

Some of us are thrown in the “Lineup” no matter what we do or say. By no fault of our own, we are considered the enemy of America, and forced...

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Cliffy Grief – “Neandertal” [LYRICS]

I had supper with my mother earlier this year at Sumo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar where she explained to me that she and my father both took DNA tests. I...

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This is what mass conspiracy sounds like, according to Beef of Mad City, Divided States of Americunts. Beef · “The MAD Tape”

Madison Protest Turns Violent After Generations Of Systematic Murder [EXCLUSIVE 30+ MIN DOC]

First off, I want to give a special thanks to all who helped make this video possible: Clifton, Beef and God. Now that that’s outta the way, I’m fina go...

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