Scandinavians, Moors, Romans & The Dark Age

The “Dark Age” is racist terminology but not how ya might think. Sooo, around the time that Jesus was born, 0, times were a rough fer da “civilized world” of...

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Beef – “In Plain Sight” vs. Eminem – “The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady”

Beef and Eminem just dropped some heat at about the same time – both speaking to highly controversial, off-color topics – as they tend to do. Who did it better...

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Grefe Gravy – “Rattenkönig” [LYRICS]

Beef · “Rattenkönig” “In America In America, uh All praise the rattenkonig In America, it’s all praise All praise to the rattenkonig In America, all praise the rat king Don’t...

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Beef – “Lineup” [LYRICS]

Some of us are thrown in the “Lineup” no matter what we do or say. By no fault of our own, we are considered the enemy of America, and forced...

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Cliffy Grief – “Neandertal” [LYRICS]

I had supper with my mother earlier this year at Sumo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar where she explained to me that she and my father both took DNA tests. I...

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This is what mass conspiracy sounds like, according to Beef of Mad City, Divided States of Americunts. Beef · “The MAD Tape”