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FeFe Fresh: Pretty Girls Link Up [EXCLUSIVE]

FeFe Fresh Pretty Girls Link Up cover photoFeFe is a baddie with a plan. The tantric R&B singer-model came out West from small town Fremont, Ohio and embraces her independence, as a strong Midwestern-raised woman. I’m proud to present this artist as the first Basement Made Baddie. Also, happy birthday to a young queen!!

Born into a Catholic Sicilian family, FeFe loves her Italian foods. “Wine and pizza is my kryptonite”, she says. “Shout out to pizza”. She’s funny. The artist’s family also placed a lot of importance on education. “I had to go to school, that was expected of me”.

So the student in her went ahead n graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Strategic Communications – not a bad way to teach yourself the mechanics of a music career. FeFe explains that she didn’t want to study her art in college out of self-respect. “I didn’t want anyone to tell me my art is wrong”. Dope. And even though she didn’t really have a choice, Fe told me “I love to learn”.

She’s got a good head on her shoulders but it’s her throaty voice that’ll make ya want to fuck. “I love making music for people to make love to”, she tells me. On “Me U & Hennessy FEMIX”, the artist sings:

“I hop on top, then I take it out for a ride
A freak for my baby, I’ll let you go deep inside”

If that wasn’t enough, FeFe’s body is a gift from God too. I asked the pizza-lover to explain how she got her flawless stomach and ass… “I was a hooper my whole life”, she says. So ball is life for this one. She’s done some dance classes too but generally likes to keep it balanced between the athletics and her arts. “I actually suck at dancing”, she jokes. “I’m sexy walking in my heels and trip. I’m the most awkward sexy chick ever. I’ll try to twerk and get a butt cramp, ya know?”

The woman in FeFe wants to stand up for her female counterparts too. The blue eyed beauty preaches “Pretty Girls Link Up”:

“A couple years ago, I made a vow to myself to stop hating on other girls from the jump.There’s so much competition between girls – bulling – and that’s not how i want to interact with females. It’s empowering other people and ambitious women. The passion within itself, and then to link with other females.”

Incredible, I created this section of Basement Made for that exact same reason. She thinks the consensus in Hip Hop goes something like – “It’s either like you’re a sex goddess or ya know… or a voice and nothing attractive” – and I agree. This bad bitch explains further, saying, “If youre aspiring to be a video vixen, you better go out and be the best video vixen you can be”. That’s powerful. Women should have a choice to be a Bitty or Baddie, just like men can choose to be a gentleman or thug. If you’re using your body to progress professionally, ya better be the best you possibly can.

“What makes me a baddie? I’m really embracing the positive and negative sides of myself. The bad and the good. All at the same time. I wish i would’ve listened when people told me be yourself. You move here, and you just start listening to other people, it’s very easy to take what people say to heart as what you should be. Everyone has a suggestion or idea of who you should be. That’s what makes me a baddie, just owning it.”

Check back tomorrow for a new visual from FeFe Fresh. She’s dropping her new record “Freak For My Baby” soon also.

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