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Georgia Ellenwood: Canadian Coastie

Georgia Ellenwood Basement Made Bitty hiking flannel green hat

Uffda…Georgia Ellenwood is so cold she gives the basement shivers. What we find most awesome about Georgia – is not necessarily that she is the pinnacle of physical perfection – but that she posts a lot less photos of her boobs and ass than her lesser fit peers. Regardless of how you feel about the current trends in younger generations, this one draws attention to other parts of her life around her body. Strong men like myself notice shit like that, as do the independent women of Wisconsin and the Midwest. We all know that she has the greatest booty in the land attached to the back of those finely sculpted legs. She elects to project another images more often to her followers, though. This young lady has bigger aspirations than fame of the flesh. But damn she has the flesh.

Before she turned to Wisconsin for her collegiate education and athletics, Georgia was living up nort in suburban “Van City” Vancouver, Canada. A self-described Coastie, the Bitty also says she is “not defined by her sport”. Of course, her athletic career as a Heptathlete and 3x All American is an inspiring part of who she is, but to me she’s centrally a natural goddess (minus the bleached hair) with a passion for the environment. Georgia is a testament to the female figure and, she has a passion for the outdoors, just as she does for the cracking urban life of “Mad City” Madison, Wisconsin. This time around we’re all welcoming Georgia into our midst.

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