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Mikayla Xiong: Hard Headed

Mikayla Xiong Basement Made Bitty Wisconsin car selfie

It ain’t hard to tell the Appleton, Wisconsin native has passion. Mikayla Xiong has range and she shows it in a several ways. First, she works at Empire Inks with her uncle, grinding at the family business. The artist is “Hard Headed” and reps the family’s clothing line of the same name. I fuck with the style. We support these positive efforts at Basement Made as well.

Mikayla is a Katniss Everdeen of sorts, with that country and city fusion of styles that comes with the territory. This character is real, though. Some would even go as far as calling this young lady a Baddie, but I think this is the type of woman ya gotta play catch up with, a fighter, and a critical voice. Ms. Xiong is quite the eye-catching candy. Who wouldn’t want to listen to her talk through those luscious lips or watch her trained hands create a masterpiece?

The artist is also working on her modeling now. Mikayla, the Fox of the River Valley, has a gorgeous set… of brain hemispheres. The Wisco native is stunning, and comes with a strong work ethic, but she’s also creative and business minded. Mikayla will bring a new light to that area. Enjoy this exclusive gallery of the young Bitty on the come up.

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