UPDATE (7-2-17): Photoshoot from Griffith Park deleted.

I have to get this out. If I had known Nicole Samra was a jersey chasing, coastie cum dumpster – I never would’ve given her my time of day. “I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself for the way this turned out,” she told me after I found out last week. Turned out? This bitch didn’t even apologize for fucking the 4 men she admitted to cheating on me with and already got to taking down most of our photos. I’d be willing to bet she’s taken at least 10 different dicks over the course of our 16 month relationship. Now it all makes sense. Nicole, also known by her alias “Naughty Nikki”, has little appreciation for her craft, those closest to her, and her body. This actress is fucking her way to the top of Hollywood and gives a bad name to all the genuine, hardworking women in this industry. Nikki is a Hollywood whore.

I tried to pay attention. We hooked up after my show on May 12 of last year. She approached me after I got off stage, and I liked that, so I bent her over on the venue’s vacant downstairs bar. Even though Nikki seemed like a groupie at first, it turned out that we had a lot in common. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, as I was new to California, and she told me a story about how she was fresh out of a long term thing. We both agreed that we had a strong connection on a mental and physical level and wanted to pursue a relationship, so we started dating.

I was at the office a lot at the time but I saw her for breakfast almost every day after that night. We talked and I went to see her play 4 days later. I also remember making a point to ask her early on whether or not she was with or talking to anyone else. She said no, insisting that she’d only been with 2 men for her entire life. I figured, “fuck it,” she seemed like the perfect friend and lover.

We shot a music video starring the both of us at the top of July and then celebrated the 4th together. We partied all day and watched the fireworks in Griffith Park. We premiered da site, performed for each other, took photos for our portfolios, helped each other out with auditions and couple parts and shared industry information.

I went on hikes with her, we took trips to the beach, and recently flew up to Northern Wisconsin to spend a week with my family. We dressed up as Star Wars characters for a gameshow and played Donkey Kong on Super Nintendo. Sometimes, she’d be off the wine and me the OG – and we’d dance, go out or get a cheap hotel room. Others, we’d just Netflix and chill. Ahhh.

I treated her like a goddess – my queen. I showered her with compliments daily, told her she was sexy and beautiful and that I wanted her and loved her. I brought her flowers and gave her as many orgasms as she could handle. She expressed the same love back to me, and assured me that she was mine. My girlfriend told me it was so good that she couldn’t even think about anyone else.

I talked her through her job transitions, held her when she was scared and offered to help her with rent or groceries when she said she was running short. She always told me no, that it was ok, and that she’d get another website to build, do some background work or try to pick up hours from her other job.

We both agreed to get over the petty shit along the way because we “loved” eachother. I was concerned about her more than a few times, though. I’d get pissed when she went out and ignored my calls and texts – sometimes when I really needed to get a hold of her – and then see photos of her at bars popping up the next day. These were usually with guys I had never met, and I didn’t like that she was drunk and in those situations.

Either way, we celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving together. All was good. Then she made out with her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend at her 30th birthday party in front of everyone and did several nude shoots in a matter of months. It seemed like she was trying to be bad but couldn’t admit it. She insisted that her behavior was fine and it didn’t matter what I thought – that she was just being an independent woman. Like many California girls, Nikki often confuses her privilege with adversity. It still wasn’t enough to end it, though. I could deal.

Nicole said that she just needed time with her friends and I was being overprotective – like her ex-husband who was “convinced that she was cheating.” Apparently, he did some terrible things to her too. She wrote a letter to me telling me this and how much she loved me, but also describing how scared she was because I was so perfect for her. I gave her space. “If you don’t trust me, this relationship won’t last long,” she said. “I’m not a cheater.” Why wouldn’t I believe her, I had no reason not to. “I would never do that to you,” she said so sincerely.

It never got physical when we fought – not once. I never verbally assaulted her – not once. I tried to converse with her and she just started crying. I gave her easy outs countless times too, because I’m busy and don’t have time for games. But instead of finding her backbone and telling the truth or breaking it off with me, Nikki said she’d been honest and faithful, and that she’d just been stressed lately. Like a teenage girl, she put the blame on me when I asked her difficult questions. She’d say that I made her feel “bad” for her loose, careless behaviors. The actress plays the victim whenever she can.

It was usually fun when we went out though, so when I lined up the film premiere last Thursday, I was excited to see her. We went to the party and left a couple hours later to have sex. It had been over a week. Then she insisted we went to a karaoke bar to meet some people. I didn’t really wanna go but I did to support. So there we were listening to one of her “friends” Danny going on and on about his new show that he apparently just got 20k or something in funding for, and was talking about putting her in the show.

She turned to me and said, “See it’s all strategic,” so I put up with it, assuming what the girl meant was that she really wanted to be a part of the played ass pilot he was dragging on about – that I should be a team player and deal with the manchild’s overinflated sense of accomplishment every once in a while if it meant her getting the part. I played along.

But then Nicole’s other “friend” Ian knew where she lived at the end of the night… He said it out loud a few times to let everyone know. I found that strange. She told me that she left her phone in his car when she was out on a different night, and later got a Lyft back to her place. My girlfriend told me that no one knew where she lived. I didn’t feel right about it, and now I’m sure they both went home with her that night and double-teamed her.

These two asked us to let them know that we got home alright. I still told them sure, trying to be polite. Nicole got a few texts while we were on our way back. She was too fucked up to do anything, so I texted them back that we got home safely. I was already a little suspicious, and then I saw the texts from her other clients right near the top of her messages. This was the first time I looked.

A week and a half ago, Nikki fucked a stranger that she met on Tinder. That night, we filmed an audition together and I headed to work for the evening. I told her I’d call her after to see if she was awake. Not but a few hours later – the woman I just took on her first ever vacation – fucked Shahin the “Modeling Agent” who she met on the app the night before. Of course she didn’t answer my calls, she was drinking semen from the cool dating app guy.

I asked her how her night went the next day. She said, “Fine, watched a movie and went to sleep.” I asked if she was feeling better, because she had been “sick.” She told me, “I feel ok, I’m just gonna take it easy today.” I offered to bring her food or medicine, give her a massage, or watch a movie with her. “That sounds lovely but I kinda just wanna hang alone tonight, clear my head,” she said.

“Don’t take it personally at all please….I just need some down time ya know.” I told her I understood. “Ok baby, I didn’t want you to think it has anything to do with you.” I told her I was there for her and I hated it when she was sad. “I know baby, I love you for that. When I’m sad sometimes I just gotta be alone for awhile.” I read on and saw that she fucked this guy all the way through Wednesday – the previous night.

I also saw that “Naughty Nikki” started fucking her 46-year-old director Darin as soon as she was casted as a featured extra in his pilot at the top of last year. She continued reaching out to him through June, July and August while we were together. Later on in our relationship, we decided that our first date was at the Dresden in late May. I was ok with that. Then recently she’d been saying that she knew she loved me in August. Either way, she’s a cunt, and got right back to her plan a couple weeks after both dates.

Nicole kept getting her hair done in Orange County, sucking and fucking all while we dated. She said she only let this particular woman touch her hair. “Naughty Nikki” planned out and hooked up with this overhyped, mildly talented old man every time she went down there. I scrolled down and saw that she was just texting him, planning to fuck this man again last night. That was all I could take at the time, but I know there were more. Look, she just got her hair done and is happy and proud of it on Instagram. I hope you’re having fun jizz bucket. Go suck some more shriveled old man dick.

After trying to lie her way out of all this last Friday morning, she eventually apologized and called herself a “coward.” She shouldn’t discredit herself though. Nikki, you’re so much more than that. Racists and misogynists are cowards. You are a leech, quick to sucking. I have a problem with people like you. You’ve given a bad name to yourself, but more importantly, to those that treat their craft with pride and integrity.

Nikki briefly apologized for “hurting me,” even though I didn’t say that she did, and then the lady of the night started taking down all remnants of our relationship. “There really is no acceptable excuse for my behavior,” she said. “I don’t expect you to ever forgive me.”  Now I realize why she would only ever show me appreciation in private, and never in front of others or on social media. She’s a whore, and I’m sure she’s been maintaining critical Johns all over Southern California for years. Her two best friends – Sam the recently unhappily married whale and Felicia the brainless Hooters lifer – are cheering her on too. Both are 30+ years old. It’s a team effort with these pro hos.

Nikki didn’t have to pay rent until 30 years old. She’s never taken the bus and I finally see why. The actress went to a private Baptist college and sells herself as “The Girl Next Door”, but secretly sells her body to get ahead. She’s a pathological liar, immature and privileged, unappreciative and lazy. I was the rock, several years younger than her, the one who went through the mud in Wisconsin, who used his public education as a launchpad, the independent, street and book smart self-made artist that handled his own serious issues through his craft – and maintained the relationship. Obviously, I never cheated on her. This ain’t even about us, though.

Nicole Samra is an industry whore. I caught her in the act. These hos are stereotyped the norm out here and this one plays the role perfectly. Now I know the truth, and I could care less if all of Los Angeles ran through this bustdown ass ragdoll. Us legitimate artists really have to watch out for this type of person. Nikki certainly ain’t Basement Made and I was mistaken for publishing so much work on her. I didn’t sign up to date a prostitute or build what I have to support this behavior. That’s a no-go. This bleach blonde Cali girl with fake tits is latching onto whoever she can, lying and fucking her way to the top of Hollywood. I wouldn’t doubt that she takes cash or credit. She’s as fake as it gets. Go get you a stain, just don’t take anything she says seriously.

Nicole appears in Cineplex Studios’ “Hawaiian Sovereignty” trailor as Agent Gina. The show is being advertised in several markets and season 2 is already in the works. The actress continues to model as well.

Nicole heads an all female cast in the karaoke-themed music video for AWOLNATION’s “Woman Woman”. The ladies appear with little make up and zero clothing in the Red Bull Records production, in an effort to draw attention to natural feminine beauty. She looks beautiful.

Nicole Samra is Superwoman. The young actress had the cape and everything when I met her in this Spring. She’s beautiful, talented, smart, and won’t take “no” for an answer. The stage and screen star has built an impressive resume and now looks to land a role with some real character. She does it for her family over all, though. This bitty fought her way to Hollywood and ain’t stopping anytime soon.

She wants to play a dramatic role. Nikki told Basement Made that she desires to play a “real person” on camera, to be “relatable,” and to be given the space to tell her story through a meaningful character. The actress has done many student films and independent projects, and appeared in the “Wonder Women” play in Hollywood. Speak to Nicole and you’ll hear the undying passion in her voice. It won’t be her that misses an opportunity to prove herself. She looks up to Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, and this actress will get her shine. Both of her parents lost their homes in the housing market crash and she’s hustling to buy em their homes back.

Nikki’s love for her craft is inspiring but she still takes time to be a woman. She’s active and runs to keep her body tight. Her legs have me stuck. Maybe it’s the baby oil she uses every morning… or maybe it’s the Southern California sun that she soaks up laying on the beach. Her skin is butter. “I want my body to be attainable”, she tells me. Nikki works out but doesn’t feel the need to excessively restrict her diet. She maintains her figure and eats well. The actress has Irish, Indian and Mexican roots and she loves Indian and Mexican food.

She saved up and bought a pair of beautiful titties with her own cash. They look great. The Riverside County native wouldn’t ever change her face with cosmetic surgery, though. She likes to show off her curves, like any other woman. “I dress how I feel that day”, she says. Nicole can pull out the most random assortment of clothes. The stage and screen actress changes her look day-by-day to play a range of roles at work, and it shines through in her everyday attire.

Nicole studied at California Baptist University and continued her education at South Coast Repertory. She’s developed NicoleSamra.com and countless other freelance projects for large-scale firms. The artist has also done promo work, acted in commercials, filled in for background work and hustled busy serving jobs to provide for herself on her journey to the big screen. I’m a fan.

We took a few photos of Nicole this past weekend (November 23, 2015) in Griffith Park – a natural place where the young, aspiring actress feels at peace in an eclectic Hollywood. There’s no need for Photoshop here. Nicole Samra is always on.

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  1. CC 3 months ago

    “She saved up and bought a pair of beautiful titties with her own cash” – No she didn’t…I paid for them. Reaching out to you bro

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  6. Randy 2 years ago

    My Friend, it is obvious that you are hurt. I strongly suggest that you immmediately delete this post and all related. I am an attorney, and it is clear that you have set yourself up for both civil and criminal action. I would have a very hard time defending this. Do what you will, but remember that you have been warned.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Nah, I’m good. I’m actually glad I found out she’s a ho. And Randy, I know we just met, but I can already tell you’re a terrible “attorney” if you’d have trouble defending the unfiltered truth. Forgive me if I’ll avoid any and all advice that you just gave me.

  7. Karina 2 years ago

    Always looking for new talent. This makes me never want to hire/work with you. Next.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      I’m glad you agree. Strong women need to take a stand against people like Nikki.

  8. Harry 2 years ago

    You realize that when people search your name, this is what they are going to find? No one is going to hire you or take you seriously. Do yourself a favor and take this down before anyone else notices it.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      You know what people are going to find when they search your name “Harry”? Nothing. You don’t even have the spine to put your full name or email to your comment.

  9. Seriously 2 years ago

    You need help. I mean, seriously. Have you considered therapy?

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Thank you for your concern “Seriously” but I’m currently not considering therapy, since I don’t need it.

  10. #IMWITHHER 2 years ago

    Sounds to me like she is much, much better off without you (if this is how you process your feelings when you’re hurt by a girlfriend, I can’t imagine how you would react when you get hurt by the industry) – slut shaming is never okay, and I hope you come to understand that.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Oh, I’m sure she is. Now Nikki can suck all the industry dick she wants. But you’re not even strong enough to put your real name… “#IMWITHHER”. You’re invalid. It should be obvious to everyone reading this that I’m more intelligent, creative, harder working and more resilient than whoever the faceless person is who took 15 seconds to write a comment. I think maybe you need to look up the definition of “slut shaming” too, ya know, so you at least understand what you’re trying to argue. Try educating yourself, it can be fun.

  11. ManChild 2 years ago

    Seriously? Using your platform to slut-shame someone? You’re going to go on & on for paragraphs, insulting & attempting to disgrace this woman – because she hurt your feelings? What, did she bruise your poor, fragile little ego? Grow up. Handle your feelings like an adult, not a petulant child.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      A. Yes.
      B. No.
      C. No.
      D. No.
      You don’t even have the courage to put your email or name. L.o.L. And I need to grow up… You do realize how contradictory you are right?

  12. This is Garbage 2 years ago

    sounds like she’s just living her life – are you jealous bro?

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Nope, I’m good. Thanks for your input though “This is Garbage”. Is that your birthname?

  13. Tired of whiny boys 2 years ago

    Wow. This reads like a bunch of bullshit lies. Is any of this true?
    Even if it was this is really a stupid thing to do. It shows YOUR immaturity and says way more bad about you than her.
    If you have any self respect you’ll take this trash down.
    Nikki … Way to get rid of this loser.
    You go girl.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Sall true. Did you do any fact checking or just assume that I’m wrong because I’m not a part of your high society? Thanks for your input “Tired of whiny boys”.

  14. WhatIsThis 2 years ago

    Mate, how much time did you put into this? Spending like 40-something hours meticulously crafting, editing, and finally deciding to post a piece like this is insane. If you were out and about leading a normal life while creating there is no way you were even dateable in the first place. Nobody goes flippantly full crazy. This is not the first time you did something deliberately emotionally abusive.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Spent a couple hours on the update. That sounds like a great story you made up, though. Actually, strong women absolutely fucking love me. It’s the weak ones backed by people like you “WhatIsThis” that don’t like me. It’s the people like you that make up that kind of fantastical shit that confuses people.

  15. Boofuckinghoo 2 years ago

    This is clearly just a whiny little sob story written by a tiny, TINY little man with no sense of self-worth. I didn’t even get halfway through this garbage slut-shame piece of hate-speech, and I don’t need to. Clearly you were NOT “giving her as many orgasms as she could handle” because she felt the need for satisfaction elsewhere. Also, all this really accomplished was outing you as the mentally abusive narcissist that you are. Feeling the need to control your partner in any relationship by demanding them to be accessible to you, and only you at all times, getting angry when they go off and pursue interests outside of you, getting angry when they build friendships or cultivate professional leads without you (all of this is of your own description, btw… I could probably go on further, but I couldn’t stomach reading another letter of this incessant drivel) these are ALL signs of an ABUSIVE PARTNER. So good for you, Nikki! You did what you needed to do to end a terrible relationship in your life. You did what you needed to do to end it PERMANENTLY. From one independent woman to another: congrats! You did it! Now run like hell because I hear meth makes you real fast, and I’d hate to see this little bitch catch up to you.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Sorry “Boofuckinghoo” but I’m a big, BIG man, and I know I’m worth a lot. I can tell that you’re one of the privileged, removed, undeserved aristocrats that comfortably compartmentalizes those less fortunate than yourself, unknowingly preventing actual progress, but standing up whenever mainline media tells you to. Again, you need to educate yourself on what is slutshaming, and also look into something called fact checking.

      No, I’m not an “ABUSIVE PARTNER” either, but kudos to you for attempting to completely destroy my public image, as if I’ve had the same advantages as you, and I didn’t have the shit kicked out of me as a kid. Where I’m from, your kind of talk is earned, not slipped in quickly with no trace back to who said it. The way you speak takes a truly empty and ignorant mind. You also said that I use “meth” and called me a “little bitch”… You can’t even maintain your ideals for a full paragraph.

  16. Clifton's Conscience 2 years ago

    This was all a mistake, I am so sorry for how Clifton is acting – he is supposed to be exceptional, but he has been exceptionally awful and I’m trying really, really hard to get him to understand how stupid it was to post this slut-shaming bullshit. DEAR LORD WHY ISN’T HE LISTENING.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Who are these children commenting on this shit?

  17. DerpyMcDerpDerp 2 years ago

    You’re 27 and think this type of behavior is appropriate, nay, favorable towards you? You’re not a rock, you’re just a petrified piece of shit. I hope you wake up tomorrow and realize how idiotic this was and you delete the blog-style slut shaming lunacy on your website.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Appropriate to who – to the commenter named “DerpyMcDerpDerp”? Hahahahaha, and you’re deadass. I recommend educating yourself. Maybe do some research on what is “slut shaming”.

  18. DerpyMcDerpDerp 2 years ago

    You sound like a whiny little prick – get over yourself and move on. If she was so worthless why are you spending SO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT on her? Delete this bullshit and MOVE ON.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Nah, I don’t filter my art or the truth for your comfort, but thanks for the input “DerpyMcDerpDerp”. I spent 2 hours on the update and it’s staying up. Cry on.

  19. truth teller 2 years ago

    This entire piece is a slut-shame. It is really unsavory and disgusting that you would write this about another human being despite them cheated on you. The names you call this woman are awful, and it is people like you that are truly ugly and despicable. I hope that you come to your senses and remove this post, because it really speaks volumes about the kind of man you are, and not about her character at all.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Well, mr. or mrs. “truth teller”, the very first thing ya said is not factual. Go learn more good please. I’m sorry your fragile sensitivities were offended by fact and strong language. If you’d like some more validation for your self-fulfilling prophecies, I’d recommend checking out mainline media and new age feminism – they cater their agenda to blind roleplayers such as yourself.

  20. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    tell me more about your white man struggle.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      I never said anything about a “white man struggle”. Please learn to read “Falloffa Cliff”.

  21. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    Unlike you, I’m sure Shahin had a big dick. Not to be confused with the fact that you ARE a big dick.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      How would you know? Actually, I have a notoriously huge cock. Thanks for your input, though.

  22. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    I know your tiny little brain can’t wrap around this, but men and women can have friends of the opposite sex.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      I never said they couldn’t. Learn how to read please. Maybe look into something that is commonly called critical thinking as well.

  23. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    “and gave her as many orgasms as she could handle” – obviously not enough since she had to look elsewhere.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Right. I guess I’m more speaking to the time that we spent together, ya know, where most of the sex happens in truthful monogamous relationships.

  24. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    I’m glad that you admit that you went into her phone, and completely invaded her privacy.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Yap, first time I did it.

      You’re saying I shouldn’t have “Falloffa Cliff”?

      By the way, she also gave me a UTI from the last time we had sex.

  25. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    you look like a meth head.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      How old are you? I don’t smoke meth. Also, where I’m from, “meth” is a serious issue. I recommend educating yourself before speaking with such glaring privilege.

  26. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    go back to Wisconsin.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      I do love to visit here and there but I think I’ll live in California for a bit. By the way, you sound like Donald Trump.

  27. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    You know how I can tell how little you are? Real performers don’t give AF what other people post — they don’t even moderate comments. You’re too much of a coward to let everyone know what you really are.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Again with the “little” thing. Not quite understanding that. I’m 6’3″, have a big cock and have accomplished more than you will your entire life. That should be pretty obvious at this point… but I guess not.

      Remember to use your brain. I moderate comments to keep the spam out. Thanks for the input “Falloffa Cliff”. Also, pretty inconsiderate to tell someone that comes from a traumatic background to commit suicide – dontcha think?

  28. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    you are garbage. hot, hot garbage

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Haha, you crack me up “Falloffa Cliff”. At least be creative though, c’mon…

  29. DerpyClifton 2 years ago

    if you died tomorrow, and this was the legacy you left behind – would you be happy? no one would care or be talking about your music. no one would care or be talking about you as ‘an artist.’ all they would care about is how apparently someone cheated on you and you couldn’t handle your shit. figure it out ClifBar. stop being a tool.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      That’s an interesting fantasy “DerpyClifton”, but again, you’re wrong. This is nowhere near the most significant or popular thing I’ve ever done.

      And you’re really backing a lying whore over a genuine working artist?

  30. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    “go get you a stain” what does that even mean?

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      It means that I’m fine if other people want to pursue sex with my ex-girlfriend / prostitute.

  31. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    I hope you fall on your face and break all your teeth. Oh wait, I heard you already did that. Wishes really do come true.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Praying on the death of others “Falloffa Cliff”? Wow, new age feminism certainly is interesting.

  32. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    I think it’s best to clarify what you mean when you say you treated her like a queen. Were you referring to Anne Boleyn or Marie Antoinette? I NEED TO KNOW. I am going to give you a little (undeserved) credit and assume that you know who those women are despite the fact that you are a slut-shaming piece of human garbage.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      I said “my queen”. Please learn how to read. I do know who those women are, but I’m not a fan of those cultures, so neither.

  33. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    WOWOWOWOWOWOW you have the shittiest grammar. As an angry, (clearly) uneducated white man, you are Donald Trump’s target demographic. #whitemanthuglyfe

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      The first thing you typed is grammatically incorrect… I can promise without a doubt that I’m more educated than you. Also, I’m not “white” as you’re using it, and I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. You also attacked me for my social class – and then called me a “thug” – attempting to marginalize me using your privilege and create a false reality for whoever reads this page.

      Grow up child. Go educate yourself with knowledge, not gossip and social theory. Try to avoid what others have convinced you is independent thought and maybe see if you can use that squishy thing sitting inside your skull to make decisions on your own.

  34. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in season. I know that kind of dumb shit matters to basic bitches like yourself.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Thanks for letting me know “Falloffa Cliff” but I don’t shop at Starbucks. Ya know, since it perpetuates vulture culture like yours.

  35. Falloffa Cliff 2 years ago

    Tell me more about how this is the first time she has had to pay rent in her life, but you have been living as a glorified SQUATTER for the last half a year.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Ok… if you insist. This is the first time that Nicole Samra has had to pay rent in her life, at age 30 years. I started paying for my housing when I was 18. Not sure what a “glorified SQUATTER for the last half a year” is though. Help me out?

  36. DerpyClifton 2 years ago

    This speaks more to your own inadequacies than hers; you just sound like an immature little twat.

    1. Beef 2 years ago

      Nah, I disagree. And “immature little twat”… seriously? That shit sounds like sumn a whiny little British boy would’ve said in the 1900s. You’re old and outdated, whoever you are.