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Rashida Beal: Soccer Bitty

Rashida Beal Basement Made Bitty Wisconsin dog by the beach milwaukee

Rashida Beal is a Badger at heart. She comes from Germantown, Wisconsin (Northwest of Milwaukee) but made her way to the Twin Cities to play NCAA Division I Soccer for the University of Minnesota. The U of M won the Big 10 Championship this past year and went on to play in The Tournament.

Rashida Beal is a blessing on the field and off. She’s studying at one of America’s finest institutions and plays a big part of the local community as a College Athlete.

Rashida also has the thick legs and fit body of a top notch competitive soccer player. Look at those treetrunks. She’s definitely stopping traffic wherever she goes but this Bitty has a sunny demeanor and bright future ahead. Sport is but one tool in this Multi’s arsenal. If only words and a gallery could do her justice.

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