Clifton Beef – “The GRIME TAPE”

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Title : The GRIME TAPE
Release Date : April 8, 2013
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After releasing the final records for the Chapter 1: The Sun & Moon mixtape last September, I started working on The Grime Tape. At first, it was intended to be my second solo mixtape, but since all of the tracks are original productions, I made the decision to sell the project as an album.

Chapter 1 was intended to be a biographical portrayal of my life outside of Zooniversity, regardless of where the production came from.

The Grime Tape is my creation, my sound – unmatched.

Alternate Art:

Clifton Beef THE GRIME TAPE alternate cover art basement madeclifton beef the grime tape cover art basement madeReleased April 8, 2013.

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