Clifton Beef – “Chapter II: The Fall In” EP

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Title : Chapter II: The Fall In
Release Date : February 22, 2016
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Each record on this EP is about a specific woman, and each woman represents a certain type of love. I showed ya The Hustle, now I’m goin deep. I call it The Fall In. Everyone knows that uncontrollable feeling of falling into another person’s life. Love gets a bad wrap and I too am guilty of pushing it to the side, to get out the more unpleasant parts of my life. Also, women didn’t look at me until I got accepted into college, which kinda had me jaded for a while. This is my first project for the lovely ladies – the real ones.

I recorded “Sushi & Eggs” and “Nightswim” with J|D, who I met in Hollywood. We got on the same wave at our house, talking about Fiji, God, the local tail and such. Quickly, we laid out the rest out the two records, using the concurrent distractions as motivation. Leona Harper and I met a couple times back in Madison but this is our first record together. We love talking weed, sex and profound shit. Michael Cooper and Scattered Brains handled the mixing on The Fall In.

Check out the videos for “Good Brain” and “Nightswim” below. For da full story, read the play by play. Released on February 22, 2016.