Clifton Beef – “Chapter II: The Fall Out” EP

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Title : Chapter II: The Fall Out
Release Date : July 2, 2017
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On the other side of The Fall In, comes The Fall Out. Getting involved with someone knew is easy. It’s exciting and fun. Recognizing when a relationship has run it’s course, though, is one of the hardest parts of perpetually giving your love to others – without expectation. Even if you might think you can remain friends after what you had, thinking, maybe, you were strong and knew too much of where you were going to give your all to another person, there might’ve be people, parties and money that stood in the way of you two. For me, it’s been lifelong. Almost everyone I’ve ever met before 2017 wanted my love to die and lie as deep in the ocean as possible – drowned, lost and forgotten forever. Double Major.

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