Dad – “Father Figure” EP

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Title : Father Figure
Release Date : December 6, 2015
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UPDATE: Dad contacted me on da book because this piece “doesn’t represent [him] correctly” (June 20, 2016). The emcee deleted his old profile, so there’s no trace of his previous comments, but now assures the following:

The part about me proclaiming to be a role model to urban youth… I don’t think I ever worded it like that at all and it’s pretty cringey… I think I said something along the lines but definitely was worded differently… Definitely never called myself a role model dude… And you said self proclaimed as if I said that… I said something about giving advice to my younger friends not about being a role model to inner city kids or whatever, so it’s just about how you worded it I guess… I don’t want kids to follow in my footsteps I want them to learn from my mistakes like a true dad ya feel me, no role model here.”

This Milwaukee, Wisconsin based emcee loves that H Town sound. He hits with a leaned out flow and Mammyth mixes his records in the Chopped n Screwed fashion. Dad has the right voice for it too. His laid-back vibes are a saucy change of pace for Cream City.

When we spoke at the end November, Dad said “I was just meant to be dad man it chose me I didn’t choose it”. The emcee proclaims himself a role model for the urban youth of Milwaukee, although judging off all the people calling him Dad, it’s hard to tell who chose who.

The Brew City living, Houston-influenced emcee dropped Father Figure EP according to plan on December 6. The rapper has a couple more projects on the way…

“Everyone needs a father figure”

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