Drake – “Views”

The fourth studio album from Toronto, Canada OVO founding artist Drake (April 28, 2016). He’s been a big part of the scene up there for many years now. This is his testament for “The 6”.

This is a smooth collection. Drake’s voice cuts through the mix, and he has the lungs to keep the track going. He’s known for biting flows and sounds, which Meek Mill and others called him out for not that long ago. We know he doesn’t write at least some of his music, and as a Hip Hop artist and supporter, I feel that harms those that always speak for themselves.

Drake’s music is always on point, though, and he did this one nearly alone. His production is the finest in his synthy Trap with R&B tendencies. Drake has finessed his style of Hip Hop into pop radio, so now, producers line up to make the next “Drake type beat”. Just look on Youtube, they’re all over.

This tape also has a lot of Jamaican Dancehall on it, and I think it can be good to incorporate music, old or new, to make new good music. Kanye West has played a big role in incorporating different cultures into his heavily sampled style. Drake has been working with a lot of folks and repping the fuck outta OVO and his city in the process. He’ll be known for bringing it in.

Drake had a lot of music, so he dropped it. Now, he’ll move forward onto the next project. That’s how it should be. I think it’s time we all look at the music for what it is and then the artist as another entity. Views is a full album of quality rap from Drizzy, inspired at least partially by the changing of seasons in Toronto.

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