Lewis Is Dead – “VIOLENCE”

Band :
Release Date : February 29, 2016

Industrial, barren, spooky, cold – Lewis Is Dead. The tribal drums and overly auto-tuned singing on VIOLENCE reminds me of Kanye, but this artist takes it one step further with his delivery and introspective lyricism (February 29, 2016). “Balaclava” is by far the best song on here. I like the whole jam, though. Lewis produced most of it and I like where he’s going with the experimental style. This grimy production and dark lyricism is a thing of The North. Lewis comes from Willingboro, New Jersey. Watch out for this cat, he’ll be in your favorite artsy fartsy magazine soon.

“I had to change my muthafucking name to how I feel
Maybe there’s a future in a nigga getting killed”