Lucki Eck$ – “FREEWAVE” EP

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Release Date : October 18, 2015

Announced and unsheathed on October 18, 2015 at midnight CT… Lucki Eck$ talks guns, thots and xans on the disgusting FREEWAVE EP. This is drugged out thug music at its ugliest, with bars of a different kind.

The grimy Chicago emcee takes it takes it a knotch up with his alternative style. Lucki is a Drill artist with an affinity for the Chopped and Screwed sound, which pours out on the leaned out FREEWAVE in a different way. The FREEWAVE EP presents a union of the two regional sounds – a collection of dirty, bass and sample-heavy freestyles.

Lucki Eck$ has a heavy slur and talks a lot of street shit – like rappers from Houston, New Orleans or Memphis – but he moves different. The Drill rapper maintains a low key presence in comparison. Watch this video of him going in on the Three 6 Mafia-sampled “Freewave 1.”

He seems faded and cool overall. Lucki Eck$ doesn’t shoot a lot in public either, and that’s how most people are in Chicago. In general, Midwest folk don’t dance or flash in public much. Lucki will say some shit on the Three 6 Mafia-sample:

“Bitches be on dirt, like some headstones, won’t give her one
Bitch I’m wired up like that cable guy, ‘Get er done’
Styrofoam stacking got the coffee sippers sick of us
Wresting prices blood, in my mouth I look like Viscera”

And he’ll just be rocking around a room or sumn. Or at most, he’ll be holding a pistol and a double cup. The songs are nasty and wild but Eck$ won’t be going fufu for none.

Listen to the lyrics, though. Rappers like Chief Keef, Lil Durk and Lil Bibby speak on the streets but they don’t have bars like that. Lucki Eck$ has a way of finessing gangland speak in with other parts of his life through his monotonous, care-free voice. The lyricist even takes time to look at himself on a couple tracks. On the cold and introspective, pulsating “backhome” beat, Lucki goes:

“I can’t go back home
Bitches over with, I gotta block her from my momma phone
Told all of my business, she know of my father to the board
Rolling off a hit, all that xanax made that last summer cold
Forgot who made me me, forgot my mom, my whole summer gone
Back to school, she ready, get from far from me as possible
Bitch I’ll go on tour, I’ll be your city – that’s impossible
Math star, black thoughts and feelings, mental obstacles
Been through this like five times, I still don’t know what I’ma do
And now I’m still stuck on my last high
Don’t think I got the courage to do that again
Fuck the rules, look who raised me, I now how to sin”

Lucki Eck$ - Freewaves 3 and 4

The rapper has a more serious tone on the following track too. Both tracks have titles, which makes it seem more personal. His flow is laid all the way back on “newer me,” talking lost love over the beautiful cloud beat:

“Now I’m a newer me
Finesse the nigga, he on joe line talm bout sueing me
New phone, who this? Another newer me
This bitch talm bout call my phone, ‘What you gon do for me?’
And you know I had to send her like a newer me
Geeking bitch, I’m in her face, she still pursuing me
Three phones – one, no I don’t give out that number
I can’t talk now, I’m too busy, this my trap number
I think I missed my flight, being the newer me
Another mood mood swing just when she think she used to me
Then I switch up with that newer me
Then I hit her with a newer me”

Eck$ can go that way if he wants, he just chooses not to dive all the way in. His Drill flow can get repetitive for that reason, but these are also freestyles. He’s wavy as long as these bars and beats are hitting, I just hope the next mixtape is filled with more concept records. If Lucki Eck$ can create songs with more direction, whether they sound like “backhome” or “Freewave 7,” I think he’ll be around for a while.

The mixtape stream and download are as follows:

Watch the latest visual for “Freewave 7,” and recent “FREEWAVES 3 & 4”

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