Meraki – “Baeraki” EP

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Title : Baeraki
Release Date : December 28, 2016

Meraki has a beautiful debut EP here with Baeraki. The Milwaukee raised artist is much more than music, though. She’s a woman among boys. You’ll hear it in the music and hear it from her mouth. She preaches a lot of outspoken truth on this thing we call the Internet, in contrast to many of her peers who tend to get caught up in social traps.

Meraki is brilliant in da stu. She definitely has her own thing going, but also mixes some of that Soulection sound with some of the trap sounds of The Mil. This Baeraki joint is butter. Keep a close eye on this artist. She’s one that we should all be listening to.


Meraki Baeraki Tracklist Basement Made

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