Rue The Poet – “Creative Space & Other Stuff”

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Title : Creative Space & Other Stuff
Release Date : January 1, 2017

This man has bars. Spark up n play this shit. I just did. Or not… either way this is some upper echelon Hip Hop music. There are no limitations as to where this emcee takes it. Rue The Poet raps straight through these tracks on his debut album, rhyming like crazy over the new wave Milwaukee Boom Bap sound.

This is Cream City music – Smooth, Jazzy, Smart, Tough, Soulful Music. Rue The Poet goes hand n hand with Mike Regal and Abby Jeane on the project. The artist impresses with Creative & Other Stuff. He’s got the skits and acapella in there too, and I, at least, always appreciate those. Rue is also going after Coasties (“Seinfelds”). This is quality rap.

On “Mista Nice To Meet Ya” :

“Maybe you can feel how I feel, you Seinfelds
Juggling a life of brief excitement and rhyme skill
Now that time’s still…
I’m serving burgers, let these fries chill
I’m ill”

Mike Regal and Sofa King on the beats. Mammyth with the mix.

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