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Sierra Marie: So Bad She’s Good

Sierra Marie Basement Made Baddie Minnesota spread legs on bed

Sierra Marie has the style and attitude of a Baddie but she also has atypical qualities. She’s a trailblazer and does what she wants, not what is currently the norm. As is more common in the Midwest, this young lady breaks gender roles by playing sports with the boys, and goofing around, when she could be doing “Lady” stuff, taking more selfies and whining about ex’s. We here at Basement Made deeply appreciate exceptional Women like Sierra Marie.

The Minnesota native is a model and promoter, but she also has a history in teaching. She’s for the kids and that’s awesome. This is a new age and I’m excited about it. Now a woman can strong, beautiful, funny, athletic, loving – and employed – and it’s all seen as sexy! At least in the Midwest it is… Enjoy the following exclusive gallery from this Good-Bad girl that we all thought was impossible.

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