Proponents Of Bullying Also Support Slavery [PREMIERE]

Bullying is a form of torture. Harassment turns to torture, if unwanted acts are done over a course of time to the same person or group of people. Torture turns...

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Rapper Reacts To Reaction In Genius – “Respect The Rhyme” Parody

I’m having some fun with a couple current trends in the newest addition to The Basement Variety Show series. First, I address the longstanding countrywide trend of glorifying trite, redundant,...

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White Man Quells Fears Of A Race War, SJW, Snowflake, PC Police

UPDATE (6:28pm): There were actually comments on the first video. And they’re interesting. I just had them on hold for review on accident. Check it out. This Coronavirus has brought...

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Democrats Be Like, More Celebrity Impressions

As we know, our president, Donald Trump, doesn’t take credit for bad things but does take credit for good things. Like a child. A manchild, that Americans elected, is president....

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Clifton Beef – “Texting Millennial Women”

Dating can be as cold and mad as a Wisconsin winter when it comes to forging an authentic connection with a millennial female. I call this short “Texting Millennial Women”...

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Clifton Beef – “Social Media Influencer, Viral Content Creator”

I have been planning to get a video series of my own going for years now but I kept on pushing to find a videographer to work with. Sadly, I...

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Clifton Beef – “Chapter III: God” [PREMIERE]

Multi-ethnic freestyling.