Clifton Beef – “Chapter III: God” [PREMIERE]

Multi-ethnic freestyling.

Why Wisconsin Voted For Donald Trump: The Coastie Privilege

I’m proud to announce my first book on this monumental day in our history (January 20, 2017). As we move forward, there is a lot to be done. Everyone I’ve...

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Clifton Beef reveals all on “Outer Space” Dedication with Anthony Lamarr

HipHopDX premiered “Outer Space“ this morning (September 9). As my first major post, this is bitter sweet, but it’s also a message that needs to be public. We lost a...

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Why (New York) Hip Hop Needs Charles Hamilton Back

Charles Hamilton was right there with “Brooklyn Girls,” and then everything happened. He had some questionable rap battles, incessantly crept on Rihanna, caught the fade from his girl on film...

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