It All Started In The Basement Origin Story, Background, Explanation

I was able to predict what hip hop songs would hit radio by age 18. This was after slinging mixtapes out of my backpack, growing up, really backpack trapping the...

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Madison Mayors not from Madison or Wisconsin

The Ho Chunk Nation flag will now fly in front of the Madison Municipal Building in Madison, Wisconsin. Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said the “the City of Madison is located on...

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Grefe Gravy – “Rattenkönig” [LYRICS]

Beef · “Rattenkönig” “In America In America, uh All praise the rattenkonig In America, it’s all praise All praise to the rattenkonig In America, all praise the rat king Don’t...

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Beef – “Conservative Justifies Systematic Oppression” [PREMIERE]

Statues are falling across the land and it’s all the rage. Peep the newest lyric video satire to learn about the ways in which separatists and the like deliver their...

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This is what mass conspiracy sounds like, according to Beef of Mad City, Divided States of Americunts (Cunts). Beef · “The MAD Tape”

Madison Protest Turns Violent After Generations Of Systematic Murder [EXCLUSIVE 30+ MIN DOC]

First off, I want to give a special thanks to all who helped make this video possible: Clifton, Beef and God. Now that that’s outta the way, I’m fina go...

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