Scandinavians, Moors, Romans & The Dark Age

The “Dark Age” is racist terminology but not how ya might think. Sooo, around the time that Jesus was born, 0, times were a rough fer da “civilized world” of...

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I’m Not A Nazi But America Needs Me To Be

First off, The Basement is the only gang I claim (Basement Made). My people are those who align with The Mission. I’m for real, for real like that. Anyone that...

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Hasan Minhaj A True “Patriot Act”

Hasan Minhaj is one of the only people worth listening to on The Internet. I don’t mean all that exists online, of course, because here in Madison, Wisconsin, where I...

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Clifton Beef – “Chapter III: God” [PREMIERE]

Multi-ethnic freestyling.