It All Started In The Basement Origin Story, Background, Explanation

I was able to predict what hip hop songs would hit radio by age 18. This was after slinging mixtapes out of my backpack, growing up, really backpack trapping the...

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Public Voter Information Is For Scammers

Voting Records are public so that fascists have a way to track you. The United States of America government makes it easy too. Just enter their name and date of birth...

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Clifton Grefe Is The Greatest Rapper Alive

I’m the greatest rapper alive. Now, I’m sure herds of people are confused what I mean by “Rapper” when I’m not just talking about the rappity-rap hip hop emcee. I mean...

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Clifton Beef – “Chapter III: God” [PREMIERE]

Multi-ethnic freestyling.

Know Your Worth

Know your value. If you work hard, contribute, communicate and treat others with sincerity, you’re a valuable member of our society. People will generally approve of you, because your actions...

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Clifton Beef unveils Title Track, Cover Art for “Chapter 2” Album

Chapter 2 is a concept album, the whole project in itself fits together like a novel. Each line, each verse composes a narrative from my life. Michael Cooper and I...

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