Mid-September, Still Waiting on May-July State Unemployment, Federal Pandemic Compensation

I just sent this message to the Wisconsin State Government (govinfo@wisconsin.gov) email a few minutes ago (15:03 CST). From what I understand, contacting them this way can elicit a response,...

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Beef – “Conservative Justifies Systematic Oppression” [PREMIERE]

Statues are falling across the land and it’s all the rage. Peep the newest lyric video satire to learn about the ways in which separatists and the like deliver their...

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Why Wisconsin Voted For Donald Trump: The Coastie Privilege

I’m proud to announce my first book on this monumental day in our history (January 20, 2017). As we move forward, there is a lot to be done. Everyone I’ve...

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Cliff the Rapper-Journalist

Thank you, thank you, hold the applause. All of this attention, I think the weirdo rapper-journalist should tell a story… Here’s sumn light. I taught myself to read and write....

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Clifton Beef explains “Old Thompson & Marb Reds”

Just a few days ago, I released The Depression EP off Chapter II, explaining a little bit of my struggle to the world (April 16, 2016). ATM Visuals (Arcani &...

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A Few Good Men is a band of wild but sincere individuals. Founded by Big Daddy Earl, Chaos NewMoney, Tha SB and Swisher Sweez, the group functions because all of...

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“Clifton Grefe brings Beef to the West Coast,” From The Daily Cardinal

Denzel Taylor of The Daily Cardinal pressed a profile story on Clifton ‘Beef’ Grefe today (October 6, 2015). Read the full write-up on Madison.com.