Taylor Johnson Basement Made Bitty triple jump

This skinny thick beauty moved to the amazing city of Madison, WI to tap into our brainpower and athletics. They stay making gorgeous ethnic mixes of Scandinavian-African girls up in Minnesota. She also hoops and she’s a Sconnie girl. Dat ass doe… it’s like ¡POW! Got the upside down exclamation point on that shit, because yes, it’s that amazing. That’s what happens when you’re an all star Triple Jumper for one of the top athletic programs on planet Earth, although Ms. Johnson took initiative from the jump, joining the illustrious Kangaroo Track Club.

That being said – like most Sota ladies – Taylor is all about her red wine. She hails from the affluent Twin Cities suburb of Chanhassen. Dat ain’t no lower class ass der, no-siree-bob. Still, they get capital T’d off expensive red wine up der, getting Minnesota Wild. I know this because I dated a girl from Stillwater for my first 2 years of college… Crying Jordan… Anyways, we appreciate your presence over here in grimy ole Wisconsin Taylor. Ya look great in red.