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Vanessa Chantal: Mad City Bad

Vanessa Chantal Basement Made Baddie workout

Vanessa pushes her own terms. She loves to party and wants you to buy her things to earn her time. But even though the West Side Madison native has some of the new age feminist attitude that’s popular on that side of town, she’s also a fan of the working class Packers and intellectual Badgers. The lightskinned dame also shows pride for where she’s from. She even puts down the bodycon dresses for a Carhartt and flannel sometimes.

That ass, though… I’d probably buy her a reasonably priced lunch if I got to touch it. That’s the kinda ass ya gotta hold onto – like the clock ran out, you’re down by 7, you got the ball and you’re running for the end zone. Hold on tight boa, and don’t fumble that, because some other dude will be right on by to scoop it right up. Vanessa says, “New weave; who dis?”

Enjoy the gallery of the Basement Made Baddie.


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