Allan Kingdom will be credited as a forefather or Upper Midwest Hip Hop. The St. Paul artist sparked his local scene with a young ‘Ye feature and his coldhearted style of trap. In the True North documentary, Kingdom even draws a distinction between his hometown and the Twin Cities as they’ve been. “Minneapolis already has its scene,” he says. “Where as if you’re from St. Paul, you’re not connected to that scene.” The rapper-singer is truly an innovator that seeks to create his own sound in an unforgiving place.

Brother Ali and Atmosphere gave life to the Minnesota metropolis but Allan Kingdom will be the one to take the city mainstream. Keep your eyes on his collective The Stand4rd as well. The squad: Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, Psymun and Spooky Black (Corbin).

“If you’re going to be an artist here you have to be so good, that you don’t know any writers off of the jump, you don’t know anyone connected to the industry, but that you’re so good that the world just realizes it.”

– Allan Kingdom

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