UPDATE: Arcani deleted the original video and re-released it under ELEVATOR (February 1, 2016).

Arcani and ATM are gearing up for the artist’s next mixtape. After FromUpThaStreet dropped a haunting “Lights In The Dark” beat, Arc followed up with another one his personal videos (January 11, 2016). This visual comes with his chilled-out but heavily lyrical Noah’s Ark single “Alone” – one of my favorites so far from the emcee.

Fromupthastreet directed the visual, showing that the two have been working on many projects together as ATM. Expect Arc, his blues, his trippy style of editing and his easy-going fashion to be all over The Midwest soon. Here’s one of his older tapes to peruse for now.

“I hate what they just did to bro
Smoking off this indigo
They say he leave next week
Lord knows I’ma miss him, though”