This new BJ The Chicago Kid will hit home for all the good churchgoing Americans that like to get lit the night before. Released at the top of the week (September 15), BJ and featured artists Buddy and Chance The Rapper speak to progressive Christians on “Church,” who often find themselves balancing a life between traditional values and modern temptations. If ya grew up in the land, you can probably remember a time when you knew you had to get up for church the next day, but still elected to get bopped and smash pussy anyway.

The video, directed by Scott Lazes, is darker in color than one might expect. I think that’s a mistake. At the very least, there should be a contrast between the bleak church scenes and those of the female in the bright dress. Otherwise, shooting the artist and reverend alone in the empty church is a good way to show the cognitive dissonance behind the concept.

BJ’s first single off the In My Mind album, “That Girl,” is just some generic pop trash. This is good though. Look out for the Motown-backed project to drop this Fall – OG Maco, Chance The Rapper, Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar are set to appear.

“She say she wanna drink, do drugs and have sex tonight
But I got church in the morning”