Boldy James signed with Nas’ Mass Appeal Records a few years ago. He’s gone over the more Boom Bap beats in the past, but he can do whatever he wants. And should.

Boldy tweaked on this Trapped out beat. This Detroit, Michigan player is a lyricist, a survivor. This is cold. Ricolette smashes the hook. The boxing theme is dope too.

“On the open road no pit stopping
No this ain’t my first rodeo
No, a nigga like me, I’ve been popping
In the hood, get into it
No Sprite, had to Mountain Dew it
Chopped it up n then screwed it
Before you could get your hands on it
I’d n already ran through it
Nigga hit me back, said his man wanted
Pump faking, I already knew it
So I turned them bitches back around
Ya know I had to Michigan U it
Unk taught me how to put them bricks back together
So I had to redo it
Mix it down n EQ it
On 6th Mile, running through it
32s on the Doodie Truck, got your baby mama wanna do it