Chaos NewMoney just went acappella one time for the doubters (March 3, 2016). Aasian Andy recently re-launched the “Definition of BARS” series with Sincere Life and I could see it going for a while. These videos put lyricism and street performance at the forefront, which is an easy way to give talented artists some shine.

It’s almost been a year since the tragic Tony Robinson murder. Listen as the artist delivers an updated perspective on his life, pays homage to the young god and speaks to the suits. Chaos snapped from the beginning but I fuck with this flow later on too:

“Shits so real it almost killed me
Worried about these wack ass police in this crooked ass city
But this is our town and our people
And since I’m new money, I’ma bring they ass a sequel
Look dummy, I used to spend lunch money so I ain’t look bummy
Now I could I could hit the club in my drawers and your bitch would look for me
That’s honesty homie, that’s all I ever say
Now all my ex’s talking about some, “He’s the one that got away”
Bitch you wasn’t with me when I was trapping out the Days Inn
Same clothes for days then, i wasn’t wearing J’s then
And now you wanna treat us like made men?”